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A New Era Begins

Discover Empowered Magick

Magickal Destiny and The Holy Guardian Angel

Finally, discover the secrets of Holy Guardian Angel Magick.

Divination, Healing, and Evocation

Explore the deeper powers of magick.

Success Magick with Enochian Rituals

Discover the most anticipated book by Damon Brand and explore the hidden power of Enochian Rituals.

The Magickal Spectrum


Improve your results by combining rituals into a magickal spectrum.

Share in the Magick

Is there anything else you need to know about magick?

What is Magick for?

Is magick for solving problems? Or is it about taking control of your reality?

New Adventures in Magick
The person you are can empower your magick, and that is what we will help you to do.

Mystical Words of Power

In Mystical Words of Power Damon Brand reveals a groundbreaking form of magick. It’s easy to use but works in a completely new way.

The Missing Magick

There are rituals, hidden away in our books, that hold the keys to the best magick.

Getting Magick to Work Now

You know magick works, but what if you want your magick to work right now? There is a way.

The Worldwide Healing Ritual

On Sunday 14th October 2018 we empowered a group ritual. The ritual took place worldwide, with thousands of participants.

The Ritual for Greater Magick Power

This ritual offers you a connection to the underlying magickal power within yourself. It can increase your ability to get results with any magick you use.

The Answers of MagickAnswers

When things change, what you discover will range from the practical to the mystical.

The Unfreezing Ritual

The Unfreezing Ritual will loosen reality so that difficult situations yield to your magick.

The Identity RitualIdentity

Discover who you are, what you want, and how to get it.  The result is an easier, clear life, and one where your magick works more often and more powerfully.

Expert Magick for BeginnersBeginnersGuide

You have a problem. Magick can solve it. There’s now a guide to magick, for beginners and experts, along with news of future magick projects.

The Genius of Magick

Do the spirits know what you want? Finding the answer can improve your magickal results? This is our most recent post.

The Intimacy of Magick: Damon Brand Interview Part 2

Strange magick, weird results and what it all means. This is the second part of an interview with Damon Brand.

Magick is Your Guide: An Interview with Damon Brandmagickguide

An interview with Damon Brand about getting magick to work, his introduction to magick and some of his more interesting results.

Archangels of MagickArchangelsofMagickWP

Damon Brand’s long-awaited masterpiece of Archangel Magick is now available.

The Magick of IntuitionThe way of intuition

Without intuition, magick can be a lot of guesswork. If you don’t know how to trust your intuition, you are not alone. Intuition can be elusive, but it doesn’t have to be.

Three Stories of Magickeliantor

I’ll tell your three stories. One’s about a success. One’s about a big failure. And the last one is weird, but it taught me something about magick that I’ll never forget.

The Magick of Disbelief

Magick can work when you don’t even believe in it. Unlocking the secret of this puzzle leads to one tiny magickal adjustment. It can make everything fall into place.

An Angel Before Meanangel

The first time I stood in the presence of an archangel, I was overwhelmed. It’s a story I don’t often tell, and with good reason.

Transforming Failure into Magickal Successmajkf

A few simple ideas can transform failure into magickal success.

Indulge and Dream with Magickliving with magick

Magick is whatever you want it to be, and knowing this can have a big practical impact on your results.

Making Space for Magickreadbetweenthelines

Sharing magickal knowledge has brought us all immense pleasure. But this hunger for new magick has perhaps made some people miss the value of what’s already available.

Angels of WrathAngels of Wrath

Discover the Angels of Wrath in Gordon Winterfield’s final book for The Gallery of Magick.

The Magickal Shortcutshortcut

Is there a magickal shortcut? Combining magick can bring surprising results.

Demons of Magickdemonsbringpower

The magick of demons can lead to a life of success, power and extraordinary peace.

How to Say the Words of Magickmagicvoice

A video guide to pronunciation, and news about our new books.

How To Do Magick Badly And Still Get Resultsmoonoftomorrow

Magick can work when it’s sloppy, poorly planned and badly performed. When you understand why, there’s a chance your magick will work more often.

The Underlying DreamCrisisMagick

Discover your underlying dream, and unlock magick.

12 Ways to Increase Your Magick Powerlightwithin-copy

12 simple things you can do to improve the power of your magick.

Free Words of PowerMan with conceptual spiritual body art

Discover three new sigils for working with the Words of Power method.

Sigils of Powersigilsofpower

One hundred and eleven sigils to change and control your life, in a book by Adam Blackthorne.

The Harmony of Magickzannamusic

Zanna Blaise has uncovered a method for working with angels that brings something completely new to magick.

The Perception of Magickpercetionofmagick

You can treat magick as an experiment, an opportunity, a possibility, a hope or an expectation, but this is not the ordinary world.

The Abundance of Magickmasslayers

How much magick can you perform at once? This is so much more than a practical question, and hints at the true power of magick.

The Angels of Alchemycoveralch

When you have clarity within yourself, magick works more easily. That is what you get with The Angels of Alchemy.

The Art of Indirect Magickindirect

If there’s an area of your life that refuses to yield to magickal pressure, you may want to use Indirect Magick.

The Magick of Creativityart4

You can be perfectly creative without ever using magick, but if you use magick, you can access new levels of inspiration and creative output.

The Secrets of Money Magickmoneysecret

When you learn to control money, you are more likely to live in peace.

Magick to Recover Lost Lovetulips

Relationships are complicated, but when they end, magick can give you insight and hope.

Targeting Your Magickmagickrain

Magick can work fast and reliably, and after performing tactical magick, your progress can seem miraculous.

31 New Angelic Powers31powers

There combinations of angels that can give you access to a different style of power.

The Skills of Magickuniverse

How to develop magickal skills without consciously working on them.

The Alchemy of Happinessmessage

What’s really going on when you add magick to your life?

The Magick of ChangeSunLightAbove

Magick gives you more opportunities to know yourself because it satisfies your needs, and as your needs are satisfied you get a clearer view of your self.

The Power of Magickal Decisionmagiccorn

There are some decisions that can trigger a flood of magickal results.

Do You Believe In Magick?archofstone

The willingness to try magick, with an open mind, is often enough to get that first result.

The Truth About Magick That Works Cells

Magick works, but the likelihood of success can be improved if you explore these ideas.

The Past Can Empower Your Magickwatchtime

Magick takes the path of least resistance, and sometimes it is easier to change a few small events in the past to bring about change now.

The Spiritual Path to Material Successspiritual

When we thrive physically and materially, we thrive mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The Magick of Servitors

In servitor magick, you create a spirit to do your bidding. The results can be surprising.

Precise and Personal Magickfacing

Magick can be driven by pure desire.

The Power of Magickal Desireerotic

The more potent your desire, the more likely you are to get a magickal result.

The Pathways of Magickpathwaysofmagick

An angel may hear your call, but for the result to manifest you need to open the pathways to manifestation.

Making Contact With Spirits

Magick is often about catching the attention of a spirit that can bring the result you want. When you put it this way, magick sounds simple. Ask and you receive.

The Power of The Possible

When you want a result, you need to find the most suitable magick. This gives you freedom, power and choice.

Dark Magick for The Greater Good

An interview with author, Gordon Winterfield, about using Dark Magick.

Advanced Angel Magick

You want to improve the quality, speed and long-term benefit of each working. One way to do this is to combine two successful systems.

Finding Magick That Works For You

Effective magick doesn’t need to be complicated. You want results, because you have needs. Knowing which ritual to use is often the key to getting good results.

The Secret of Instant Magicksecretsi

Magick can take time, but there are a few tricks that can make it work faster.

Recharge Your Magickal Power

There is a tried and tested method that can improve your energy and approach to magick.

Inner Magick – An Interview with Zanna Blaise

An interview with Zanna Blaise, about living the magickal life.

Supercharge Your Magickal Cashbook – methods for increasing results with the cashbook.
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Banishing Your Lust For Result  – to learn about letting go of attachment. One of our most important posts of all time.

Banishing Magickal Lust

The Charmed Magickal Lifehow good can magick make your life?


How To Find An Angel – Damon Brand provides guidance on choosing the right angel.


Doing Magick For Others shows how to perform magick for other people.


A Touch of the Supernatural explores supernatural effects or side-effects.


The Magick of Candlesan alternative to using candles in magick.


A Rush of Occult Power – What happens when you perform ten different rituals at once?


The Invention of Magick – Can you make up your own rituals, or does magick have to be authentic, using ancient words and images?


The Balance of Magick – to understand why there’s no payback for magickal results.


Did Something Magickal Happen? examines where it’s a coincidence or a magickal result.


How To Experience Magickal Results – a reader explains how to get the most from The Gallery of Magick Books.


The Reality Pact – When you perform magick, you are making a pact with reality.


You Don’t Need To Believe in Magick – Some magickal systems work with belief as the main source of power, but belief isn’t even necessary.


The Power of Magickal Sounds – Sounds are an important part of magick, but it’s easy to get them right.


What’s The Big Secret? – Secrecy has power, but it might not be as important as people think. opensecret

Does Magick Work For Everybody? – The most common mistakes in magick can easily be cured.doesitwork

What Magick Are You Afraid Of? is helpful if something frightens or concerns you.


Five Ways To Get Magick Working: Part 1 The first of five posts exploring techniques to get what you want from magick.

Five Ways To Get Magick Working: Part 2 shows how to get involved with your magick.

Five Ways To Get Magick Working: Part 3show how to move beyond fear.

Five Ways To Get Magick Working: Part 4explores the self-knowledge that unlocks magick.

Five Ways To Get Magick Working: Part 5shows how to accept and welcome change.


How To Lust For Resultseasy ways to let go of desperation, making way for magick.