What is magick for?

Is magick for solving problems? For pushing your luck? For getting more money and pleasure? Could it be for changing destiny? Or is it all about discovering why you’re here and what you can achieve?

It seems like a weird question, but it’s been a guide for us. In each new book from this point on, we want to set out how magick can help you by understanding what you use it for.

Everybody finds their own way to magick, but this might sound familiar: You discovered magick because you had a problem to do with money or love. Or, you had a burning desire, to do with money or love. Or, you made an enemy, perhaps because of money or love.

I’m only half-joking, because money and love motivate people to use magick. For most people the magickal journey starts with problem-solving of some kind, which is ok. We’ve written lots of books that are problem-solvers.

What’s great is that even the most basic problem-solving magick always gives you a chance to go somewhere else. Every result shows that reality can be changed, and that’s amazing. I still don’t take it for granted and I don’t think we ever should. A sense of wonder keeps it all alive.

Sigils of Power and Transformation

But do you need magick?

You could read a magick book and think, ‘But hey, I’m good at what I do so none of this matters. I’ll be discovered, my efforts will be rewarded. If you apply yourself, things work out anyway, right?’ Well, yeah, some of the time they do. But not always.

Great artists remain undiscovered. Brilliant scientists fail to get a grant. The love of your life hurts you more than you believed possible. And plain old bad luck can kick you in the teeth over and over again.

Life is random and chaotic unless you tame the chaos. If you believe in magick, you have a way. Something that goes beyond effort and struggle. It’s a direct method of causing the change you crave.

You discover this power, and it can be tempting to use it way more than it’s needed. A minor problem comes up and rather than talking to somebody honestly, hiring the right person to help, or looking for a sane and obvious solution, you go straight to magick. Well, I get that, because I used to be up to my neck in rituals, but it’s not how I do things anymore. I don’t cast a spell to wake up in the morning. I set my alarm.

When you’ve used magick for long enough, you get to a point where you enjoy the texture of the chaos (without letting it get out of hand), and then you choose what you want, change what you don’t want, and plan for something better than most people can ever imagine.

Magick is not always about disruptions and turning your life upside down. If you like your life and you just want to adjust things, that’s a good way to use magick too. But if you do want a complete overhaul of life, that can happen. For most people, it’s somewhere in-between, with some problem-solving, some magick for finding out what really makes your life work. And then you might have to hold back your enemies while aiming for your dream.

When we ask the question, ‘What is magick for?’, it’s way too shallow to say, ‘It’s for everything,’ because it isn’t needed for everything. But it can be used for anything that matters, from paying the bills and solving problems to finding your purpose and discovering how to live. You’re not just reacting, but creating your life.

Archangels of Magick

The value of magick

Just because it works (most of the time) doesn’t mean it’s all easy. Some people are starting from a place of poverty or catastrophe, and it’s hard to move away from that. Some people find everything falls into place, except in one area.

Things work out if you persist, but even if you’re doing well, you’ll make mistakes, because magick exists in the real world, not a fantasy world. This is all ok, and with magick at hand, you can recover more rapidly when things get messed up. You have a genuine advantage over everybody else who’s making mistakes.

And this is why we write about magick, so that it can bring the relief, harmony, joy, power, and purpose you need. Magick is not for everybody, but if you are drawn to use magick, you will continually find out what it’s for, as your needs change and as your life grows.

What’s coming from us, between now and the end of 2021, is completely new. I know a lot of people have been waiting for Damon’s work on the Holy Guardian Angel, so let’s talk about that for a minute.

It was going to be a freebie, a short PDF with a ritual, but you know what we found? All the free stuff we gave out – free sigils, free lists of angel powers, and that sort of thing – it was barely used. A post about a new book gets seventy times more views than when we give something away.

People value what they pay for. Anything free seems cheap and meaningless. Damon’s putting the Holy Guardian Angel ritual into one of the books that I’ll describe later.

‘What?!? No Holy Guardian Angel yet? We’ve waited too long!’ I know, but the good news is you can start now.  Damon Brand wrote a message explaining where he’s at with all this.

A message from Damon Brand

“For some people, seeking contact with the Holy Guardian Angel (or HGA) is a lifelong dream. For others, it’s a curiosity. This message has been written to communicate two things to those who are interested. Firstly, I will publish a ritual for contacting the Angel in one of the final books. Secondly, there is no need to wait. All the magick you need to achieve contact has already been released. The final ritual will be an additional process that can help, but it isn’t essential.

I have often said that the Angel can come to you without any magick at all. If you want to make contact, all you need is sincere desire. With enough yearning, you don’t need any methods; you will find your way. That’s every human’s right, and everybody has the ability.

Many Western occultists will say this is sacrilege (because they know the One True Way), but I have seen many cultures and magickal traditions that have their unique ways of obtaining a connection to the Angel. It is arrogant foolishness to assume that there could only be one form of ‘high magick’ that could make this connection. Billions of people would be left out, and that isn’t the case.

Some people will dismiss what I say as a weak New Age attempt at watering down the grand traditions of high magick. There is no need for anybody to be defensive. I am not dismissing other methods, and if you like them, that’s fine, but I will offer another way, and if you want to begin the journey now, you can.

The first part of Mystical Words of Power could easily be Part One of a book about the Holy Guardian Angel. If you want to seek a connection with your Angel, the first seven rituals in that book will take you closer. Your Angel is already present, and you can become aware of its presence. Work with the rituals in a way that feels appropriate to you, not to seek contact with the Angel, but because the rituals are worth doing for their own sake. There are no rules about when, how often, or anything of that sort, and you should not perform them with the goal of attaining the Angel. Know only that when the Holy Guardian Angel ritual is published, you will have prepared yourself for contact in the best way.”

Thanks to Damon for that! If anybody’s disappointed, and going, ‘Oh no, a longer wait,’ remember you can start now, with something that’s easy. Be glad you don’t have to thrash about in agonized soul-wrenching isolation and crazed prayer for eighteen months, which is how it’s often done. Damon’s written a brilliant description of how the HGA is a big, upsetting failure for so many people, even when they’ve driven themselves half-mad to get there. He then shows why it doesn’t have to be like that, as well as the practical stuff you need, so that’s something to look forward to. And if you’ve got Mystical Words of Power, you’ve effectively got Part One of the HGA book, so you can get things moving. If you have zero interest in the HGA, it’s still a good book, and maybe the best so far.


The Final Books

Ok, so what about the final books from The Gallery of Magick? It’s going to go something like this:

There’s something really special from Damon for shaping reality around your purpose and your dreams. (Update: It’s out now. See this post: Success Magick with Enochian Rituals.)

And then there’s more to come before the end of 2021. How that all works has to remain a surprise, but I think almost everybody will love how it happens.

After that, Damon and myself will write the occasional book that might interest you. But we’ve tried to pack everything you need into the final Gallery books.

There’s just two years for us to get our books out to you, and it’s going to be a beautiful adventure.

Adam Blackthorne

PS: If you have any Great on Kindle credits, you might be able to get Mystical Words of Power free – it’s one of the books selected for the Great on Kindle program. If you don’t have any Great on Kindle credits, you can earn them by buying a couple of other Kindle books (US store only). See all our books here.



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