Did Something Magickal Happen?

When you’re using magick it helps to know what works for you and what doesn’t. That way, you can refine what works and possibly ditch the rest. The problem is that you’re not meant to watch and wait for results, so how are you meant to know your magick has worked?

Sometimes, it’s obvious. I get many messages from people saying they used the Magickal Cashbook to attract a specific amount of money, and when they least expected it the money turned up. Usually, this money turns up in such an unexpected way that it jolts you into thinking, ‘That must have been the magick.’

Equally, you can see from the reviews of my books (and posts on the Facebook page), many stories of instant success, where the result is so immediate and dramatic that it can’t be denied. I love these stories, but it’s important to remember that results can sometimes come to you so slowly that you might miss them. If you keep your house safe with Magickal Protection, you might only realize it’s worked when you move out safely, five years later.

When you do notice an obvious result, your next thought might be, ‘But was it just a coincidence?’ This is always difficult to determine. As somebody who writes magick books it’s tempting to say that every great result is obviously magick, and anything bad that happens to you is just a coincidence. Although that might sound like amusing arrogance, I genuinely think it’s true most of the time.

One of the most effective ways for magick to manifest is by having a series of coincidences lead you to your desired result. Sometimes, one huge coincidence brings you what you want straight away. By the same token, bad things happen to people every day, so when somebody writes to me and says, ‘I started doing magick and my cat got sick,’ I assume that cat just ate something bad. Magick is usually safe unless you deliberately go out of your way to attract trouble.

Sometimes, though, things look too good to be true. Recently, a reader kindly posted a review on Amazon and said, ‘Within 3 days of starting this program, I received $55,000 in unexpected income. I guess it works.’

It would be easy to dismiss that as a coincidence, but after a lifetime spent seeing this sort of thing happen, I’m inclined to believe that the person in question used magick at a time when everything was set to fall into place. You might think, ‘Of course you’d say that, you’re the author of the book,’ but it’s worth noting that my initial thought was a cynical one. I thought it was probably just a coincidence. It took me a while to remember that for several people I’ve known, money magick worked extremely fast and with that level of intensity. For others it was a slower process. (It’s worth noting that the review was taken down a few days later – maybe because the reader didn’t want people to know his personal business, or maybe it was never true. I have no idea. There have been many similar stories posted since then, however.)

A result as impressive as that might be a little bewildering for people who use magick for months before seeing real change. The magick does work, but for many the changes are slow and subtle, with a gradual shift toward becoming the sort of person who can let money flow. For others, magick can tip the scales and unleash wealth immediately.

Magick can manifest in such subtle ways that it’s difficult to know whether it’s working at all. This is why many people, including myself,  say it’s a good idea to keep a magickal diary. You make a note of the magick you performed and the result you wanted, and you can also note down anything you experienced while performing the ritual. This record can be invaluable, but only do this if it’s something you will enjoy, and only if you can resist the temptation to look back on it all the time. You don’t want to be checking back every few days to see if your results are turning up. It’s better if you wait a year or so before looking back, and then you can see what magick has worked for you.

I’ve found, like many others, that magickal amnesia is quite common. You might wonder how this is possible. If you do magick for something you care about, surely you’ll notice when the result comes about. You’d think so, but when you get into a routine of doing magick, the act of performing a ritual really does feel like you’re letting go. With the magick done, you focus on the real world and the magick fades into the background. There are many times when I have performed small magickal acts, and then later enjoyed the results without any recollection of the magick having occurred, until looking over my diary months later.

This happened to me in a big way just a few years ago. Despite spending the majority of my life in magick, I came to the end of that particular year and thought that a lot of magick had misfired and results hadn’t been all that I’d hoped for. My magick felt stagnant. But then I looked at my magickal diary. Every single ritual I had performed yielded exactly the result I wanted. Why didn’t I see that? Because I was undergoing great personal change which blinded me to my circumstances and the results. This is why a record of your work can be so vital. The realization about how blinded I’d become to the privilege of magickal power was a revelation in itself.

Some people keep a record of results, to compare to their diary of rituals. That is fine so long as you only record the results you notice, rather than writing, ‘No results yet’, because that sort of negative repetition can amplify frustration.

I also keep a separate journal in which I note down any observations, thoughts, coincidences, emotions or dreams that strike me as out of the ordinary. I review this every week or so, and sometimes the recurring themes I see in that journal help me to gain insight into my life and give me clue about where my magick should go next.

Despite all this, I’m not a big fan of journaling, so my own magickal diaries are nothing more than rapid, scruffy notes, but I know people who write down every detail in fine handwriting. The important thing is to do this in a way that helps you let go of the magick, while providing enough detail to make sense later on. A magickal diary will give you the opportunity to look back and see how far you have come with your magickal development.