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Our mission is to bring you the most practical magick in the world.

Several decades ago a handful of young occultists formed a group working to explore the boundaries of the possible. We experimented with countless magickal ideas, always aiming to discover magick that gets results. There are now seventeen of us in the group, and we call ourselves The Gallery of Magick. Over the decades we have refined our methods to create magick that works.

These  books are bringing results to thousands of readers. Magick has brought us everything we ever wanted. It can do the same for you. Please see the Facebook Page for updates, or subscribe to this site.

We will publish one or two books of practical magick each year. The following books are currently available:


The Greater Words of Power contains 31 Archangel rituals that help with creativity, influence, personal transformation, emotions and the mind. The magick is simple, direct and effective.


Sigils of Power and Transformation gives you 111 sigils to work on health, luck, money and much more. There are no angels, demons or any spirits in this direct magick.


Magickal Riches contains the most treasured secrets of practical money magick. It should be considered essential reading for anybody with an interest in financial magick.


Words of Power is the best book for fast and easy magickal results.If you’re new to magick, there’s no better place to start.


The 72 Angels of Magick reveals 72 angels, with over 200 powers. This book contains all the material from Magickal Angels and The Greater Magickal Angels in one volume, for a lower price.


The Angels of Alchemy reveals the powers of 42 angels, with the focus on personal transformation. This book also contains a method for directly evoking the angels.


Magickal Servitors provides a way to create spirits that work magick for you, enabling precise results.


The 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna Blaise provides you with over 300 powers to work on inner magick for outer change.

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The Master Works of Chaos Magick by Adam Blackthorne provides an alternative and approach to magick.


Magickal Protection is used to make your life and magick safe, but also frees you from negativity and gives all your magick more power.


The Magickal Job Seeker is used by those looking for work, or a change of job. In the reviews, people say that after months of searching, jobs come in days.



If you just want a quick burst of money for a specific purpose, then Magickal Cashbook is the way to go. It’s popular and effective.


Wealth Magick is a long-term working for serious occultists who turn the focus of their life to wealth creation.


Magickal Seduction was removed from sale for some time, but demand was so high (with copies selling for hundreds of dollars), that we have made it available once more.


Gordon Winterfield’s first book of dark magick is based on decades of experience, and is called Magickal Attack: Silence, Bind and Crush Your Enemies With The Art of Occult Warfare.


Adventures In Sex Magick is for extremely broad-minded individuals who wish to explore the energy of sex magick.


The Angels of Love by Zanna Blaise contains seven sigils for contacting angels that can heal hearts, increase passion and guide you to find your soulmate.


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Sigils and Talismans From The Gallery of Magick is a specialist book for experienced users, who want access to the physical sigils. Some images contain color.

To get started, try Words of Power or Magickal Riches. If you’re after something more involved or adventurous, you have plenty to choose from, and Sigils of Power and Transformation has proven to be extremely powerful, even if you are new to magick.



Our popular author, Zanna Blaise, is also a composer and she has produced an album of angelic music that connects you to angels. Unlike most New Age music, this goes from calm piano through to huge orchestral scores. You can listen to samples or download tracks at her website:


DISCLAIMER: Magick is not for everybody. If you are drawn to magick, you will get good results. If you are afraid of magick, you will not. The magick in Damon Brand’s books has been developed by The Gallery of Magick to get results safely. There is plenty of evil in the world, but there is no evil in these books. You will not be punished by karma or chased down by demons. But if you are afraid of magick or think that magick is evil, these books are not for you. If you’re uncertain, you can read more about magick on the website. If you feel that magick can help you take control of your life, then welcome the power that these books offer.

For the record, magick is not evil. You may be evil, and if so, then you can do great evil with magick. But you can also do great evil without magick. Hopefully you are not evil and you will use magick to improve your life and your self.

Contact Disclaimer: Consider all information on this site to be general speculation, and not professional or personal advice, to be used at your own risk.

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  1. Adam, I wish to know which ritual can be used to stop relatives from taking and/or using my belongings without my permission. This has happened again and again for years. I cannot stand it any longer. 🙂 Thank YOU in advance for YOUR help.


    1. With theft, I’d normally say Protect Your Possessions From Thieves in Magickal Protection, but it’s based around keeping people away from you and your stuff, so that might not work. Then it’s down to what sort of approach you want or feel is right. See the Targeting Your Magick post on this site. You might want to use Magickal Attack to bind, or something like Make People Warmer Toward You in The Greater Words of Power. Only you know whether this is a small disagreement in a loving family, or an all out war – you need to determine what would be most applicable for your situation. But if you’re asking, which book is best, to buy, again, decide what sort of outcome you want – something like the attack book will work, but you might want something more gentle, and then the Inspiring Others section in my book, Sigils of Power, might work wonders.


  2. this may sound silly (i hope not) .. but are there any spells for 1) making a celebrity fall in love with you? and/or 2) changing eye color?


    1. The eye color one has been asked here a few times – never knew it was something people wanted. In some extreme rituals (nothing we’ve published) eyes can appear to change colour, but only during the ritual. I can’t imagine anything permanent.

      Making a celeb fall in love with you is a slim chance. Not impossible, but you’d need to find a way to move in the same circles as the celebrity first, and then use other magick – even then, still a slim chance unless you are in a position to be appealing to a celebrity. Yeah, they get with non-celebs, but not that often. Might be a big mission, taking years. Might be more useful to look at what feeling you’re looking for, what you imagine you’d get from being with a celebrity, and see if there are other ways to get that feeling or those feelings.


  3. Damon, I would like to share my success story with the Protection book. I am in the process of transitioning careers. I have a large family with young children so medical coverage is a concern for my wife and I. We were under the impression we would not have coverage until I found a job that would provide it. With young children, a trip to the ER is not unlikely for simple things most adults get over relatively easily, which we have expereinced in the past. A trip to the ER can wipe a savings acount or worse put us in debth furthering making our transition difficult and stressful.

    Two of my kids are now sick with a stomach bug causing vomiting and in danger of dyhydration, which is common among little children, and can require a trip to the ER (Which has happend twice to two of our children). This stomach bug is highly contagious, common amonst kids, and very likely will spread to the other kids. My wife and I become very concerned and tried to prevent dyhydration with some success to prevent an ER visit.

    I used a pendulum to determine if a Protection ritual would help and which one. Our kids get sick rather frequently and we are getting tired of it. I did the Family Protection ritual and maybe a few hours later we recieved a call from a medical service provider. She called for clarification on our coverage becuase she was under the impression we no longer covered but our bill was processed. This prompted me to look deeper into it and I found out that I qualified for Transitional coverage for 6 months with similar benefits we previously held. This was a huge relief.

    I apologize for the long explanation but I am excited about the results. I know some may look at this as coincidental but I like to believe that magickal intent spans time and space. So my question/problem was answered/solved before I knew there was going to be a problem. Please accept my sincerest gratitude for what you and your group provide (Knowledge) openly. I look forward to future books.



    1. Thank you for the story – I like to hear details! The easiest way for magick to work is by lining up a series of coincidences, and it absolutely works on time that has already passed. This is why magick can sometimes yield a result within seconds of a ritual. The magick works on the past, to bring you a new present. Great stuff. I hope everything else works out.


    1. Knowing what you want is the first step, and is often overlooked, so this is good – really knowing what you want. After that you need to break it down into all the manageable stages required for this to happen. For long terms plans like this, angelic magick is often the best.


  4. I have just found you and am wondering. It sounds like Book A will be for magical initiation and inner development. Do you separate this type of working from a process for physical results or do the books you have published currently result in initiation and inner awakening at the same time?


    1. All books will be practical, apart from a much-requsted book of theory. This theory book will cover the history of my life in magick, along with details of how The Gallery of Magick developed our various systems, and will also contain a lot of practical advice. It will also have a lot of details on inner work.


  5. I’m just curious. There are so many angels, why these particular 24? Are the others good for support and requests as well, just not included in this particular area?


    1. We had to start somewhere, so we went with these 24 as they are easy to contact. There are more angelic books to come, though, as people want access to as many angels as possible. Thanks for your interest.




    1. Yes, it happens surprisingly often. If it does happen, it’s often wise to do the ritual anyway. I’ll write a blog post about this at some point to explain more fully. If it does happen, be glad!


  7. Hi, Damon. I would like to know for the Magical Cashbook ritual do I put the amount on a blank page everyday or do I use the same page? Also, the image that’s on the back of my cashbook do I use this in my ritual everyday?


    1. For each amount, start with a bank page, and use that page every day until you have that amount. You don’t need to look at the image on the back – you know it’s there. There’s no harm in glancing at it, but it’s not vital.


  8. Hello Damon,

    I bought three of your books so far on amazon. I already know that magic works. My problem is I plan to start the workings of wealth soon. I am the sole provider for a family of four, and although I have some stability, I am not earning enough to do the things I love or spend time with my family. I’m tired of being treated like a robot instead of a valuable human being. The hardest part is determining how much wealth I need which l think I’ve figured out. I am afraid I lose my job or incur some kind of accident or injury or someone in my family will and this holding me back. I do not want us to suffer because I wanted more outof my circumstance. What advicedo you have for me?


    1. Thanks for buying the books. Please see this series of 5 articles: https://galleryofmagick.com/2014/12/31/get-magick-working-1/ And also this post: https://galleryofmagick.com/2015/03/01/does-magick-work-for-everybody/ That might help. You might also want to check out this one: https://galleryofmagick.com/2015/02/19/what-magick-are-you-afraid-of/ because it addresses fear, and you are clearly experiencing too much fear for magick to run smoothly. Hopefully these articles will help.

      And to quote from the FAQ, “The book doesn’t say your life will fall apart, only that it will change. Change is good. It’s what you want. Disruption can occur, but it is usually just to make sure you’re on the right financial path – the magic won’t wreck your life. It is there to make sure you are pursuing the career that can make you wealthy and happy. You can do straightforward money magick and stay in the same wretched industry for 30 years. This book ensures that if you’re in a career or industry that makes you unhappy, you find a way out. But you are in control, and it is how you respond to the disruption that counts. Reflect deeply on what you really want and you will be fine’

      So, you won’t suffer to get out of your situation – it’s usually a relief. You need to be open, imaginative and confident. I hope that helps.


  9. Hi Damon

    I know this might sound a silly question but I have a question about the Magickal Cashbook, I just bought it last week, since English is not my first language I wanna clarify something, about the steps, should I do both “Empowering Your Cashbook” and ” Using your Cashbook to Attract Money” section every day? or I just do the “Empowering Your Cashbook” section once. And then do the “Using your Cashbook to Attract Money” section daily?

    Thank you for your help.


    1. It’s not a silly question if English is not your first language! Thanks for buying the book. You only need to Empower The Cashbook ONCE, and then the other section daily. I hope that helps.


  10. Hi Damon.

    I read in one of your posts, that you’re planning a book concerning creativity. Has this been written yet? And when is the planned release date?

    Also, I’ve wanted to be an author since I was 8 yrs old, I’m now 38, (you’d think I’d be published by now). Truth is, I re-read stuff I’ve written after extensive polishing and think, ‘Damn, that’s crap.’ And more often than not, my motivation is rock bottom. I yearn to make a healthy living (not particularly millions) from writing fiction.

    Are there any of your books you can recommend for me to:
    A) Boost my confidence.
    B) Help me to gain super imaginative ideas.
    C) Give me better writer skills.
    D) Shove a rocket up my back-side. (Not literally.)

    Also, because of my insatiable curiosity I have to ask. Are any of the members of the Gallery, famous or house-hold names? I’m obviously not after a detailed answer.


    1. The creativity book is mostly written, but final work is coming over the next few weeks. Magickal Angels has some rituals that could help, but Words of Power has rituals specifically for writing well. As for household names, it depends on the household. 😉


      1. Brilliant, thanks Damon.
        I was actually already looking at getting Words of Power, so deep down I must have known it would help. I’m thinking of buying Cashbook, too. Just to help me out with current cash flow problems.
        I look forward to the creativity book.

        Thanks again.


    1. The only book withdrawn from Amazon was Images From The Gallery of Magick. It is a specialised book, designed for people already familiar with my magick – in fact it was really intended only for the handful of people who directly requested it. Which is why I was baffled when it received on sceptical and negative review. If somebody doubts my magick so severely, why buy that book? Why not just buy one of the ordinary books?

      Anyway, the Images book sells well through CreateSpace, so there it will remain.

      But all the other books are still available, as ebooks and print books, through Amazon. The new books, when they eventually come out, will be available through Amazon as ebooks and print books. Release dates for all books have been set back, though, as we’re all busy at the moment.


  11. Hi Damon,

    I have purchased several books and I really love them. Thank you. I just purchased the Magickal Angels. Is it okay to have 2 rituals working at once? Or should I just focus on one issue every 11 days? I appreciate your input.


    1. It is Ok so long as you have the energy and concentration. Many people find it’s better to work on one thing at once – because otherwise you might send out the feeling that you are desperate for change. Magick requires a quiet confidence. Having said that, there have been many, many times in my life when I’ve had lots of magic running at the same time. So, go ahead if you feel happy.


  12. Damon,

    Many thanks for your books so far. After using one of the rituals in your Magical Jobseeker book1 once I was contacted by an agency about a job I’d not heard about the very next day and who has kept in touch with me since then. But, as for the Magical Cashbook, as of yet and about 4 different attempts have gotten nowhere.

    Other than following the instructions in your books, I have no clue at all about the magic you perform in your books but am familiar with runes and related practices. Do you ever use those and if so, will you produce a book on them in the future? Do you know if anyone has converted the rituals from your books into other cultures systems? I’m wondering if my lack of belief in the Judeo-Christian tradition is affecting my results.

    Thanks in advance for your time.

    Enquiring mind.


    1. Hi. Great to hear about the Jobseeker results. Your lack of belief or interest in Judeo-Christian beliefs is highly unlikely to be a problem, because we have this magick working for complete atheists. The usual problem is asking for too much at first, or not letting go.

      Please make sure you read these:



      And the series starting here:


      I’m afraid the runes are one area that I am not familiar with. I was during the eighties, but have forgotten most of it now.

      Best of luck.


      1. Hello again and thanks for your prompt reply.

        I wasn’t seeking an extortinate amount of money, just £24 (about $36) and been barely thinking about it during the day and when I did I followed your advice and focussed on the result.

        First of all though I did it for enough to start a new business but decided to scale it back so that I can build up in levels. I want to build ways that will open up options for income streams.

        I bought your new book, Power Words yesterday and used the last ‘recipe’ to try and help me become successfull at astral projection but it’s not yet worked…

        Do you have any suggestions for this please?

        Thanks in advance.


    2. Thanks for that. If you’re having trouble getting any magick to work, the main thing I can suggest is patience and confidence. I often say that it’s best to just keep doing magick, the same way you keep plant seeds – just with the assumption that it will work eventually. And then you are so patient you usually forget. That’s the level of patience that’s required. The irony is that the more patient you are, the faster the results. Sometimes magick can work in seconds. For astral projection, though, that is a huge request, and as you’ll note in the After The Magick Chapter, the magick works with your efforts – and that ritual in particular works on long term desires, so it can take time to manifest. In other words, you’ve done the magick, but you should then let go of the magick and simply put your effort into the best astral projection practice you know, consistently, or seek out a new one, to give the magick a path to manifest. The magick works for you when you work at something, so keep doing your astral practice and your efforts will be massively improved. But if you do it just once after the ritual the chances of instant success are much smaller. Normally, you don’t need to repeat rituals, but it might be worth repeating this one with all of the above in mind.


      1. Thanks for that. I’ve been trying to do it for years now (on and off) but will crack on.

        I don’t know if it’s my mind making me feel what I expect(or want) to feel when doing the rituals from your books or if it was an real but I feel a definite connection when working through your books. I do however feel I’d be well served if I new what these angels looked like because I don’t want to picture them differently to how they’d want to be thought of. If they don’t mind as long as the intention is right and genuine then I’ll carry on with how I’ve seen them.


  13. Hello and I just bought the book on Amazon–can the rituals be done while holding a copy of the text and following along? or should it be memorized and then performed…I am concerned about remembering all the steps involved. Thanks again


    1. You can just hold the book or ebook. For some books, it helps print the images out and use the book for the words, and in others some people prefer to write out the words and use the images in the books. Both methods work.


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