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The Gallery of Magick authors are Damon Brand, Adam Blackthorne, Zanna Blaise and Gordon Winterfield.

Decades ago a handful of young occultists formed a group working to explore the boundaries of the possible. We experimented with countless magickal ideas, always aiming to discover magick that gets results. There are seventeen of us in the group, and we call ourselves The Gallery of Magick. Over the years we have refined our methods to create magick that works.

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  1. I live a life of solitude in the countryside of Arkansas and one day in the fall I decided to try to communicate with an angel for my first time. I took Zanna’s book “Angels of Love” and Damon’s “Magickal Protection” with me deep in the woods to a favorite spot by a creek. It’s a place where a large oak has fallen and formed a natural bridge across the waters. Fox’s and raccoons use it, evidenced by their poop all on it. I sat in the middle of the oak bridge with the water flowing beneath my feet. There I performed a sword banishing ritual and then carefully pulled out the angels of love book and used the steps and sigil to evoke TRUMIEL. As I called out it’s name I had a thought of the number seven, and on the seventh time saying TRUMIEL, the sun shone down through the tree branches above me and lit up the brown water beneath my feet. The woods that had been stone silent sprung to life by a soft breeze blowing through the trees, the dry leaves chattered in a crescendo of sound. The wind ran across my baings like a loved ones finger. It was a moment of great beauty that I will never forget. A year later after purchasing and reading “Angels of Alchemy” I thumbed through the keys to evocation and read TRUMIEL’s. When I read that the angel is robed in copper and gold, I thought about the brown water that turned golden by the suns light. The angel appears in the shimmer of a heat haze, I again though of the suns rays shining down through the trees above me and lighting up the water below me. When I read that it is accompanied by the sound of wind in leaves I had the biggest happiest smile. I never once doubted that it was successful, besides, it did exactly as I asked it to and before I had even made it back to my house, but that part of the story is bland compared to the feeling I got out in the woods that day, sitting on a tree across a creek with the angel TRUMIEL caressing the hair across my face. It was beautiful! Thanks to all of you, and write all the angel books you want. I enjoy them too.

    1. Now that I love to hear! Those are special times when they come, and they can take away doubt, impatience and a hundreds of other things that hold you back. Great story. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Hi there, thanks to all at the Gallery of Magick. Oh the wonderful and adventurous stories I wish I could tell all of you over a pint of beer! Several center around your marvelous books too. Again thank you for your efforts creating them. I have them all. The point of this message is, however, that I have a few things I wish to contribute, but I’m afraid to. You see, I’m not going to tell my entire life story but, a few years ago I saw the alphabet in a dream, but it was curiously different. I forced myself awake and scribbled down all that I remembered. I went back to sleep and in the morning, couldn’t believe what I had written. I studied it over and was perplexed at the geniusness of it. In the months that followed, I would intuit two more things like it. I don’t want to say a lot about the exact details of them because my life turned completely up-side down and in an extremely dangerous way for nearly three years. The magick that is in these three images is most potent! I have found a criptic reference to one in Agrippas Three books… I want to share all that I know with the GOM, if you desire to know of them, but I’m also afraid to because, I don’t think pleasant things come to those who reveal them. What can I do? I want to contribute, but I don’t want to experience another three years like I just did. I have studied them for years now and the intelligence of them are way beyond my own. One of the images I truly believe is the most evil image that can be created. If I’ve peaked your curiosity, then tell me how we may safely proceed. Thank you.

    1. That you for the comments. Good to know. In regards to the alphabets, we never stop researching and experimenting, but my very strong intuition is that this is either personal to you, or something that should be personally pursued by you, rather than shared with us. I hope you understand.

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