31 New Angelic Powers

I am often asked if it’s wise to work with several angels at once. Sometimes, it is. If you’ve got a large problem that needs to be dealt with on many levels, you may use one angel to increase your ability, another to stop people from interfering with your project, and another to help make people accepting of your work. For example. That sort of multi-level approach can work well. Sometimes there’s nothing better than just picking a single angel to get the result you want. If that works, there’s no need to complicate things.

There are, however, many combinations of angels that can give you access to a different style of power. These combined powers work fast, exactly as you ask, or they don’t work at all. There is no middle ground. As such, they should be used only when you are willing to take that chance.

The method presented here is based on the magick in The 72 Angels of Magick. If you want to become familiar with angelic work, that is the book you want. (Although the title says there are 31 new angelic powers, there are actually 36 powers listed in this post.)


With the magick that’s presented in The 72 Angels of Magick, you apply a ritual to an area of your life, and you allow the result to come about in the most appropriate way, at the most appropriate time. When you use the combined powers listed on this page, you may get a faster result. If, however, the result is highly unlikely to happen, the angels will not move heaven and earth to achieve it. Use this approach when, and only when, you are willing to risk failure, but also when you want the result quickly. It works best when you suspect that reality only needs a small nudge to get the result.

If you really do want the angels to move heaven and earth, then the rituals that are set out in The 72 Angels of Magick should be your first choice. The alternative method being offered here is exactly that; an alternative. Think of it as an optional extra, that can be used when you feel bold and when the outcome seems reasonably easy to achieve.

There are many reasons that I have been extremely reluctant to publish this material. The main reason is that fast is not better than good. But I know that fast magick is a huge temptation to many people. You want results and you want them now. We often think that instant results are going to make us happy, but they aren’t necessarily as good as slow and satisfying results. Also, when people expect magick to work fast it can lead to an urgent expectation that turns into a lust for result. This desire for a rapid result can cancel out the magick. As such, I do not think these combinations should be used by beginners, or by those who are still working on getting their first result, or by the desperate. If you’ve already had some success with angelic magick (and that includes the magick in Words of Power and The Greater Words of Power) then these rituals can work for you.

The angels listed on this page, along with their sigils, can be found in The 72 Angels of Magick. You need to use the techniques from that book, along with the adaptation listed at the end of this post, to get results.

The angels are numbered from 1 to 72, starting with 1. Vehuiah and ending with 72. Mumiah. Take any odd-numbered angel, and combine its power with that of the next even-numbered angel, and you gain access to an entirely new power.

These combinations and powers are as follows:

Vehuiah, Yeliel – to influence those who may be cautious.

Sitael, Elemiah – to calm spiritual distress.

Mahasiah, Lelahel – to bring light to an enemy’s heart.

Achaiah, Cahetel – to be respected by those who work for you.

Heziel Eladiah – to make the secretive more open.

Laviah Hahaiah – to be well liked by strangers.

Yezelel, Mebahel – to silence those who would slander you.

Hariel, Hakemiah – to quieten those who speak against your plans.

Lavel, Keliel – to transform sadness to innocent hope.

Lovel, Pahaliah – to encourage trust in a relationship.

Nelachel, Yeyayel – to convince those who are not present.

Melahel, Chahuiah – to regain strength after illness.

Netahiah, Haaiah – to understand the schemes of others.

Yeretel, Shahahiah – to be understood without resistance.

Riyiyel, Omael – to ease feelings of despair.

Lecavel, Vesheriah – to communicate effectively.

Yichuiah, Lehachiah – to obtain the respect of an enemy.

Kevekiah, Menadel – to inspire a lost friend to make contact.

Aniel, Chaamiah – to find a safe path during troubled times.

Rehoel, Yeyizel – to maintain health while traveling.

Hahahel, Michel – to attract the attention of one you desire.

Vevaliah, Yelahiah – to have a financial decision fall in your favour.

Sealiah, Ariel – to confuse those who attempt to dominate you.

Eshaliah, Mihel – to encourage love to arise from friendship.

Vehuel, Daniel – to make others confident in your abilities.

Hachashiah, Omemiah – to feel more energetic.

Nenael, Nitel – to understand the real needs of your family.

Mivahiah, Poiel – to encourage gratitude for all that you have.

Nememiah, Yeyilel – to make a difficult project feel easy.

Harachel, Metzerel – to find something that is lost.

Umabel, Yahahel – to encourage forgiveness from a friend.

Anuel, Machiel – to tell a difficult truth without causing pain.

Damebiah, Menakel – to make an enemy slumber.

Iyahel, Chavuiah – to find courage.

Raahel, Yabamiah – to conceal your actions.

Hayiel, Mumiah – to encourage another to make a decision.

The descriptions of these powers are brief, but they are enough for you to know whether the power can be applied to your situation. It is not permitted for me to elaborate on these powers in any more detail, so please do not write to ask me for embellishment. It is enough for you to read those descriptions and sense how the magick could be applied to your life. Although some of the powers may seem obscure or irrelevant, they have surprising depth. Contemplate the angel names and descriptions, to gain insight into the true depth of these powers.

This is how you adapt the Master Ritual (using the example of the first two angels in the list):

Begin the ritual on any day, at any time. Perform the master ritual exactly as set out in The 72 Angels of Magick, but with these modifications. When you get to the part that says, “let my voice be heard by the great angel…” Change this to, for example, “let my voice be heard by the great angels Vehuiah and Yeliel.” Seal the command with the word of power, as instructed. Perform the visual scan for the first angel’s sigil; in this case Vehiuah. Speak the invocation chant for this angel, and sing the angel’s name three times. Then perform the visual scan for the second angel; in this case Yeliel, and speak the invocation chant for the second angel, and sing the angel’s name three times.

When you call to the angels, speak of the power listed on this page. So for these two angels, you would say, “I call on thee, powerful Vehuiah and Yeliel, who have the power to influence those who may be cautious.”

Continue the ritual as you normally would from that point. Perform the ritual for three days. The result you seek may occur immediately, or sometime after you complete the final working.

Although the instructions above are clear, when read in detail, I will now recount the summary of the Master Ritual, with the modifications highlighted.

The Modified Summary

Face East and continue as normal with the ritual until you reach the place where you imagine the orange and purple glow.

Make sure the angelic sigils are readily accessible. If you need to, flip to a new page in the book, you no longer need to see the Shem Talisman.

Scan your eyes over the letters in the square of both your chosen sigils.

Make the calls as described in the book, but instead of calling on one angel, you say:

let my voice be heard by the great angels ________ and ____________*

I seal this command with the word of power AH-RAH-REE-TAH

Visually scan the letters of the Invocation Chant in the black circle of the first angel’s sigil, in an anti-clockwise direction.

Speak The Invocation Chant for the first chosen angel.  Glance at the sigil and Sing that Angel’s name three times:

______ *, _______ *, _______ *

Visually scan the letters of the Invocation Chant in the black circle of the second angel’s sigil, in an anti-clockwise direction.

Speak The Invocation Chant for the second chosen angel. Glance at the sigil and Sing that Angel’s name three times: ______ *, _______ *, _______ *

Speak Your Request to The Angels:

I call on thee, powerful ___ * and ____* , who have the power to … (name the combined power listed above.)

Then continue to state your request, as instructed in the book. Close the ritual by saying: as you angels have come in peace, go in peace. It is done.

Archangels of Magick