A Trick For Manifesting Money

I’ve heard a lot of good reports about the Magickal Cashbook.

A few people, however, have a bit of trouble getting started, but there’s a trick that can kickstart the method. When requesting your first manifestation, go for something really small but incredibly specific. So if you need $500, just forget that for now. There’s probably some block preventing you from getting it, some doubt about the magick, or some fear that it doesn’t work.

Instead, try requesting an obscure amount such as 50c or $3. Something that feels so easy it’s almost pointless to do magick for.


This works because it’s such a small amount your disbelief falls away. You let go of all lust for result because who cares about 50c anyway? But when this specific amount turns up out of the blue, within a few days, it lets you know the magick works. And you might even get more.

Once you feel that, even though it’s for a tiny amount, it gives you more trust in the magick. It’s an easy and fun way to get things started. Think of it as an enjoyable way to do magick, rather than that you are testing the magick. The moment you test it, you lack trust, and that can short-circuit everything.

The Cashbook works well for most people if the instructions are followed closely, but if you’re having trouble getting started, give this a try, and it should get things flowing.

– Damon Brand