The Curse of Health Magick

I only want to write about magick that works, and magick that works easily and regularly. I struggled for a long time to find health magick, or any form of healing, that works as well as other kinds of magick. I have never wanted to cash-in on illness, and for years I refused to publish anything about healing magick.

When I worked as a sorcerer-for-hire many years ago I was often asked to heal people. I refused every time because I didn’t have reliable skills. People still offer to throw money at me for this sort of work, and it would be easy to exploit them. When people ask, I refuse, but I do a little angelic magick free of charge in the hope it will help them. I don’t know that it works every time, but it feels right to try. I also introduce them to the books we’ve published that can help.

For a long time, I found that my abilities in this area were limited, and I suffered some personal disappointments. I was skeptical, and thought that all health magick was peddled by charlatans and frauds. That has gradually changed, as I have seen the powers we have shared working so effectively. This has allowed me to rethink what can be offered to people, without exploitation.

Healing yourself with magick can happen quite readily. When you’re ill, the best thing to do is seek medical help. But magick can help you find good people to help with your healing and can support their work and your efforts to recover.

I have also had several medical professionals say that the power of hope is vital to medicine. We will never promise miracle cures, but I listed the healing abilities of several angels in The 72 Angels of Magick. I want to make it clear that if you have cancer, I can’t cure you. If you have flu, vaccination would have been better than magick. And so on. But we have heard some amazing stories of healing since the books have been available.

You can use magick to raise your general levels of energy, to improve your willpower (to lose weight, for example), and to live a more balanced life. I remain concerned that a book of pure health magick would be purchased by chronic pain sufferers, cancer patients, and others with conditions that may never be helped by magick. This is not a subject we have forgotten, and we continue to disseminate magickal knowledge without offering false hope.

Adam Blackthorne’s book, The Sigils of Power contains some rituals for personal healing and health, but these are for minor conditions (not miracle recoveries), and the usual disclaimer remains: we get sick, we die, and the best way to avoid ill health is to live a healthy lifestyle, rather than to rely on magick.

– Damon Brand