Magickal Success Stories

Many people asked for a page of Success Stories. When you know that magick works, it can help you get into the right frame of mind to perform successful magick.

Below, you will find comments about Gallery of Magick (GOM) books taken from posts on Facebook, this website, private messages and Amazon reviews. We know this page is not terribly well organized or frequently updated, but logging every positive comment would be a full-time job.

There are currently over six thousand positive reviews for our books on Amazon, with many more comments posted here and on Facebook.

If you ever doubted whether or not magick works, these stories should help you feel the excitement of magick that works.

The first comments are about Sigils of Power and Transformation.

The book has so much good stuff. Getting money out of the blue worked with my first try!!!!!!!. Unreal !!!

I did “Money from out of the Blue” this morning (Day 2) and I won $500 this afternoon on the Pick 3. I have been on a serious losing streak for almost a month. So this is definitely a welcomed “cash boost”. This magick is so simple and real that I feel like it’s what I’ve always done – just without the use of a sigil. When you get the book you will see what I mean.

 I like the fact that this book will be useful for years to come. It is very exciting to have such specialized and well-founded information to move forward with in Life. I have tremendous respect for the Gallery of Magick writers.

Extremely easy to understand. Loved how Mr. Blackthorne wrote everything so you can follow the instructions easily.

Their magick simply works!

This is an amazing book. I worked on two sigils yesterday and I had results today. II bought several books on magic but nothing really worked like the GOM books, it really is practical magic. I am very excited that finally I have more control of my life, thank you.

This book is a straightforward, easy to follow guide for sigils that derived on tangible -and in my case, immediate- results.

Have used a few of these sigils and have gotten surprising results. Much simpler than the other books, which makes it extremely accessible to beginners.

What a gift to all of us. In this book, you don’t work with any spirits, and it is very easy to use. I performed one ritual/work. The next day, I got the result. This for me it is the most amazing thing about ALL the GOM books. They really work, but this one was the fastest of all, so far. AMAZING!!


The Sigils of Power is well written and illustrated and an awesome book. For me, it works.

I tried the sigil “learn with ease” for my son. It is unbelievable that my son’s grades improved dramatically, for example his math quizzes and exams have been over 93% and two of them were 100%. But his math grade was D for last semester. So it is huge improvement.

I had immediate success with a healing of a long lingering flu bug, so it does work!!

It is completely revolutionary. After I read it, I tried one working. I had results in 12 hrs! Wow!

It worked on the 2nd day. This is literally a mind-blowing ammunition to improving one’s life!

Very revolutionary technique for performing magick. Every ritual is effective and only takes a couple of minutes.


The following comments were collected prior to 2017, and relate to all our books.
These comments don’t get updated often, and there are many more we could add.
Hopefully what’s here will give you an idea of how well the magick works.

I am flabergasted! Purchased your book on Amazon, ” Magickal Riches”, and did the magic for selling. Within just days, had two of my best sales online after months of none!

Best magickal books on the market. This works. I’ve been using magick for 34 years and this is the best methods that give instant results.

Out of the blue – I wasn’t expecting this result – but was told by my employer that they were offering me over 50K in company perks. I noticed the value was a little over twice what I wrote in the Cashbook. In this moment, I send gratitude to all. So thank you.

Today is the first day in a very long time I have peace, no ugly memories . None

This is the first review on magickal book I have ever done. It works instantly. My 35 year marriage was on the brink of divorce, then I started using this book. My whole life changed back to normal in less than 3 days. I’m going to work with the other books written by this author.

I have studied different forms of magick for over 10 years and have not come across anything as effective as the ritual in the Magickal Cashbook. My advice, be patient. It does work.

In February 2015 I asked for something impossible in 17 years. I followed all directions and the most important I Believe in every step and in the presence of Angels …One month later I was able to complete the purchase of my first home and got more than expected! Remember You have to Believe and be Grateful!! Thank you for this book!

Archangels of Magick

A masterpiece with no equal. The ONE book that you absolutely MUST add to your library.

This power has been made so much more accessible and so much more easier to grasp.

The Archangel book is beyond words. Beyond anything I expected, even though I had high expectations.

This is an amazing and complete book. I bought it and read as soon as it got released. I am still reading and re-reading it. There is so much here that resonates with my own experience and insight.  Three major areas of my life got unblocked! I am still in awe how it happened within 36 hours just by reading The Archangels of Magick. It was so easy and natural just like breathing. The powers described in this book are immense. You can build and rebuild your life!

Another great result! Performed the Discover New Jobs ritual from Magickal Job Seeker and forgot about it. Less than 48 hrs, I get an urgent message from a previous co-worker, saying a position opened up. Had an interview 5 hours later. Got the job! 🙂 I being Monday! Thank you all for these amazing books! 🙂

For years and years, I yearned for a safe and effective esoteric system. The protection book, far and away, surpassed my expectations. Simply astounding results. From the first day, I experienced tremendous relief. I am amazed and profoundly grateful that you all are making your findings public. What a tremendous service! The changes are mind boggling. I have labored for years, doing a minimum of an hour of intense meditation and inner work, daily. I undertook exhaustive studies and paid a great deal of money for personal development. And while that alone proved beneficial, the knowledge and systems that you provided have had a catalytic effect. I am experiencing something altogether different, something fundamentally different. My growth is nothing short of exponential, off the chart. I wake up, looking forward to the new day, rather than dreading it. A massive shift, indeed! I socialize with greater ease, even enjoying being around others. I can easily decipher the meanings of dreams. My memory is improving. I am cultivating a state of living in gratitude and seeing beauty everywhere. I have overcome terrors that previously felt insurmountable. For years I had visions of meeting my demise in a certain town. Recently, I went there, after doing many workings, and I did not get a scratch. Actually, I had a lovely time there. Only came across 1 unsavory character, and after doing a quick SBR, he left quickly. That surprised me. With the workings in place, and my willingness to travel there, the combination unraveled an intense curse. I cannot yet convey my delight, experiencing this terrible weight vanishing. For the first time, I now know that I and my loved ones are safe. I have broken curses. I have broken limitations. I have broken taboos. I have broken free.

I concluded the first ritual with Aladiah last June 21.  My request was so general in nature…I asked to be healed of my osteoarthrities.  At the time I performed the ritual, I had this terrible pain around the area of my left rib cage and my left shoulder, making it difficult for me to get a full night’s resful sleep. During the 11 days of doing the ritual the pain didn’t abate.  All I could do was trust and be patient. I woke up one morning and the pain and the stiffness were no longer there. My left side pain is gone without taking medication of any kind. Alleluia!!!

I want to thank you for your latest book, Magickal Riches. This one has worked the fastest for me. Increase your sales ritual results were too fast and co incidences were all in right places.


I began using the Magickal Riches book last Thursday for increased sales and to get people who owe to pay me. In less than 24 hours a client who owed paid out of the blue. I thought the money was lost forever as they disappeared.  My call volume has increased 70% in just 3 days! I have made double the sales I normally make on a weekend! Thank you SO much for sharing these books and the gifts they contain.

Your books are great, the magic is the simplest I’ve ever come across and your instructions are lovely and clear. So thank you for that.

I’ve nailed down several rituals from your Greater Angels book with astonishing results

I just wish to say thank you for writing these books. I did the ritual to End Bad Luck, with no real expectations. Well, I am bowled over how quickly things have changed across a range of issues on a daily basis for me. I am no stranger to Magical workings, however the Speed and Ease which these rituals work has astounded me. I have now purchased more Books to add to my shelf. I have to say Both the SBR and MPR have made a HUGE difference to me on their own, not only in my Home but my Neighbourhood and across the board in my Life. I am currently working on my Health issues. Again only Six days in on the ritual I can see and feel a BIG Improvement to my  Daily Health.

I’ve had 4 successes in less than a week with this book! So far I unexpectedly received cash, a check, an invitation to make a very easy $200, and the person who owes me over 1k called me tonight to say they’re paying up (and we’re not really on speaking terms). So about 1500 total and I didn’t work or sell anything, this all just appeared in my mailbox. I own and have had great results with most of this author’s books,especially the angel ones. I’m very grateful for his books. You don’t even need a candle, only the book. I feeI so at ease when using them too. I fully recommend his books.

I have had great success with the Magickal Cashbook. I have received money several times from unexpected sources. This month I have already received $2200 USD! The Magick works!

After reading Magickal Angels, I read words of power and completed  attract generosity from others and Make your money go further chant. OK within 2 days, my friend emails me and tells me, ‘I transferred you some money, $100, take it and buy something nice.’ All she said was for being a good friend and a great aunt. Magic Works.

I do not typically write reviews for items, but I felt like I needed to with this book. I recently moved across the country and was looking for a new job. I was very interested in one and was called in for an interview but ended up not getting the job. I was a bit stressed, but I always keep the mindset that things will always get better. This book (Words of Power) was sent to me as an e-book gift from my mom. I read the book in one night and did the “reversal of bad luck” chapter. I kid you not, 2 days later I was woken up from my phone ringing. It was the HR guy from the company I applied at asking me if I was still interested in the job. Two days later, he called me back and officially offered me the job. This book really does work and I promise it is worth it!

This is a fantastic book of Magickal working. It is one of the simplest and yet most powerful ways to gain an advantage through magick. I have seen amazing – almost incredible results from working with this book. The magickal words don’t take long to say and the results can happen on the same day. This is a brilliant book for gaining the edge in an age where most of us feel vulnerable to some degree. This magick works.

I have tried other forms of money magic in the past with no result, hell, you name it, the dumb mojo bag, trained money, “the money hand”, St. Expedite, “blessed” jewelry from ebay, green candles, nothin worked. But all I know is that since I’ve started working with Nitika recently, money has been pourin in left and right! Seriously, BUY THE DAMN BOOK, THIS IS REAL PEOPLE…

My salary is on fast way to triple hopefully within some 3 months. So big thumb up for your magick!! Many things that have to do with money and finances are just falling in their place constantly.

The Master Works of Chaos Magick by Adam Blackthorne

My ex boyfriend made contact within ten minutes after I completed my magick words of power to win an argument and to make someone kinder. He would NOT budge in three months!!!! THANK YOU!

I just wanted to share my experience with the Magickal Cashbook. First I need you to understand, I have had so many bad things happen to me that I fully believed that the universe hated my effing guts. I made my request every day that I was supposed to.  I don’t really know why I even tried. Maybe I just hoped I would get a little sign that I wasn’t doomed to be miserable and broke. Nothing happened, and I forgot about it because I’m a mom and moms get really busy and distracted. Then yesterday I was given a belated mother’s day gift of $100. This morning I learned that one of my utility bills is being cut by more than half! This afternoon I got what I thought was another bill; turns out it was a letter about a settlement reached in a class-action lawsuit, and there was a check for $109 in it!!! This kind of thing NEVER happened to me, never. This is amazing! It’s not that much money, but when your bank account is almost empty it sure makes a difference. I am so grateful for the book! Thank you thank you thank you!

The magical cashbook worked so well I’m dancing!

I used this book to attract wealth and I landed a six figure job within three months !!!

Wow. Less than 48 hours after finishing the 11 day ritual, my case was settled in my favor. Thank you. I have been waiting a lifetime for work that was easy to apply.

This saved my son’s life. Only just got this book today and I performed the rituals and two hours later my son survived an attempted robbery at gunpoint. Not a hair on him was harmed. I own all the other books and the magick really works fast. I am so grateful for this.

Firstly, thank you for your books. They’re thorough and concise and just overall great to read. I couldn’t even begin to describe the results I’ve seen which I will be eternally grateful for. After a run with some really emotionally draining experiences I knew this year something had to change. I wanted real control over my life and therefore made a pact with myself to seek positive results that would stick. I started a combination of the Sword Banishing, MR and Curse Canceler about a week ago immediately after a shameful separation that I’m sure, without the rituals, I would be reeling over for months to come. Only a few days into it and I felt like a new person. Normally w/out protection in such a state, any thought form or negative entity would have drained me alive, but I felt renewed and very protected. Sometimes I practice my ritual inside, but for a couple of days I went out at 4am and stood in the middle of the park belting my words of power. One night after belting I picked up my tablet and read the words “you are protected.” I then looked up at the sky and as if on Magickal cue a comet shot across the dark blue canvas with a furious beauty words cannot describe. The Holy Angels are nothing short of remarkably powerful, and as long as you have ‘Will’ they will show you the way.

I was up against some pretty tough circumstances, but I used the methods as described in this book and my interview could not have gone any better. The people who interviewed me loved me and I didn’t have to go through the final rounds of interviews, they just offered me the job. The books written by this author have changed my life and I am deeply grateful.

I have been getting incredible results from this book. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants surefire results.

Excellent book! I was hired for a new job. This really works.


My “middle child” teenage son and I have always had a strained relationship that would fluctuate from difficult to worst based on the circumstances. While working at home I would often get the relentless bursts through-the-door and yelling over fights with his sister that really affected everyone’s harmony. After years of feeling drained and really upset over not having a better relationship with him or being able to help him feel more valuable in the home, I came across Damon’s protection ritual for removing parasitic beings and used it in combination with ‘Appear More Valuable’ from Words of Power. Many people drain without realizing it, so this ritual is genius for help in that area. After dedicating myself for the five days, the change, though subtle at first, has seriously been for the better. I can now sit with him for long periods of time and talk about the day, something we couldn’t do before. He’s been way more helpful and sincere in his approaches, and overall it’s just been so much easier. I’m seriously grateful for the information in Damon’s books and I’ve only scratched the surface. His writing style is great and has probably ruined me for other occult books, and I’m totally fine with that.

My main interest in using this book is dealing with some very malicious gossip and jealousy in my workplace. It has already worked wonders in calming things down and turning enemies into friends. Thanks Damon and Gallery of Magick!

I am so HAPPY. The Words of power helped heal my relationship with my son and that to me is worth its weight in Gold. Thank you for making this book available.

The results I am getting from the cashbook are amazing. Things do work in mysterious ways. My bills have been reduced by one hundred pounds a month without me having to ask. I also got a rebate on my phone, gas and electricity. Thank you

Adding The Sword Banishing and Master Protection Ritual has made all the difference in my workings. Things are coming together much faster and it is more enjoyable.

If you invest the time to read this book through and really practice the rituals, you will get results, period!!!

Damon cuts through all the fluff and gives it to you straight. And like all his books – reminds us that there’s not need for Full Moons, colored candles & standing on one’s left foot to perform magick.


Saved me from a bad car crash. There is no doubt about it, the Angels from the rituals in this jewel of a book will protect you physically. You may not realize how extremely valuable that is until you are in serious jeopardy and wish that someone would come through to help you. If you are on the fence about buying this book, do yourself a GREAT FAVOR and JUST BUY IT. Do the Sword Ritual & Master Ritual and get the attention of these Holy Angels, because believe me when I say that you want them there for you during your time of need. The Master Ritual also has brought the requested peace and harmony into my life.

The magick in this book works! I use it on a daily basis. It’s easy and fast to perform a magick action. I hope you readers will use this wonderful book. I started out using Geof Gray-Cobb’s New Avatar Power many years ago. I could not get the results I wanted with that book and system. Damon Brand’s book, on the other hand, is easy to use and works! Thanks Damon.

Overall the book is great but what sent it over the top for me was the fact that a certain ritual actually increases the effectiveness of other magic workings. That in itself its a reason to buy the book!!!

The books written by this author have changed my life and I am deeply grateful.


Very impressed with the easy quick magic. I’ve noticed results within a few days.

Do yourself a favor and perform the “enhancing self esteem” one. I noticed immediate results.

This…This I love. This worked! And I enjoy the results I have gotten. 🙂

It works. This book really works! I really enjoyed this book. It is very powerful and extremely helpful.

STRAIGHT TO THE POINT! IT WORKS!!! THIS WORKS WONDERFULLY!!! Thank you very much Damon Brand, and thanks to the spirit of Nitika. I’m Brazilian and quite new for evocational magick, and I can say that I’m so glad with the results i got through the content of this manual. Damon Brand writes in a kind and warm way, and he really knows what he is talking about. Don’t miss that chance!!!

I’m not a beginner, but this brought me back to a simple practice without complexities that throw my mind off point. Thanks for helping me remember that Magick is fun and exciting. Thanks for supplying tried and true methods and reigniting my intuitive fire.

I was doubtful, since I am new to Magical and spirit work, but my intuition was forcing to go on. If you take the time and follow the instructions, you will achieve success. I am still getting results with my first “Cashbook.” Try it, you will not regret it.

I’ve worked with money spells for years successfully, but this book seems to be on another level from what I’m used to using (candle spells, talismans, etc.) I have been practicing magick for nearly 10 years, and in my experience it can be rare to see a spell manifest only hours after casting it, but it happened with this book the second time I used it. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.

I’ve been using Magickal Cashbook for about one month. It has produced immediate and consistent results. The magick in this little book works very well and very fast! If you need quick bursts of cash, this book will absolutely work for you! I’m a singer/songwriter who plays for tips, and the magick in this wonderful book has opened up a nice, steady stream of dollars. Very nice indeed!

Damon, I have been working with Magikal operations for quite sometime (years)and have had seriously big results with Cash Book and other magic recommended by you in your other works. So to everyone This Works! One instance: In working with Nitika, I received a direction about 6-11 days after beginning ritual and received more than I asked for but needed , 44 days afterwards. Be patient and don’t care when…. This amount was thousands (which excited me $7,500 to be exact).


I am so thankful to have found this book. I have used the Magickal Cashbook method time and again, and I’ve always gotten not only the amount I asked for, but more money on top of that. The Cashbook is very easy to make and it absolutely works. If you need cash, very quickly, then this is definitely the book for you.

Excellent. Best workings in a long time. And…they work

If you need help in your life, get this book. You will be amazed!

If you are looking to make contact with angels or cast spells using any of his other books you surely will get what it is that you are seeking.

With other books, I just get all sorts of great theories for the order of aeons, emanations, demons, with smatterings of how to evoke them but little to no clear info on how to do the magick. This book gives you angelic talismans, names, and the ritual required to evoke angels in a very simple process, requiring only a short amount of time.

Magick in this book, as my experience can attest, can be very successful.

His books are focused on moving you to USING and DOING Magick rather than just reading about it. Want to create some Magick in your life…for real? Start here.

Things have occurred for me that cannot be coincidence. If they are, then, a mighty coincidence has happened, 7 times or so.

This method works. I am so thankful to have found this book. I have used the Magickal Cashbook method time and again, and I’ve always gotten not only the amount I asked for, but more money on top of that. If you need cash, very quickly, then this is definitely the book for you.

This book really works. I don’t review much but feel compelled to review Damon’s books. I have two successful experiences already and know I will have more.


I purchased the book on Servitors. Now I read a few books on servitors before Damons but couldn’t seem to get anything going so I was actively waiting for Damon’s book on the subject. I read it twice through then got to work. Can I just say I am blown away by the results. It’s changed everything around amazingly! Thank you Damon!!

I have had great success! Servitor magick has actually been the most effective for me. This is my favorite magick.

I have not been disappointed with the author’s books. Damon is right on track. I have been involved for over 40 years, and I have not had anything work as quickly as what he advises.

‘Turning attraction into love’ has worked wonders within the past 11 days of the ritual and… there is smoothness, eloquence, happiness, harmony and joy in the relationship.

The best thing about your books is that they always have easy methods that don´t require too much space and paraphernalia.

I completed the invocation of Aniel in your your book “The Magickal Job Seeker” and the next day I found the career path I want to take. I just wanted to say thanks again for making this information available.

Somehow I was drawn to purchase two of your other books, and I’m happy to say that I saw results in only one day. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

Thank you so much for sharing your books with us. This has definitely given me a real boost and hope that from now on there may be a better way of getting those unpaid invoices settled. You have certainly saved our Christmas.

This magickal cashbook thing works! Well, I did the ritual once on the first day, and 8 days later, I check my bank account and find an extra £1300. I discover that the company from my old job (which I had left over 4 weeks ago and had already been paid my last paycheck) had paid me again by mistake!

Damon, just wanted you to know that I truly appreciate the Gallery Of Magick group for revealing a magickal process that actually works.

What I love about your books, is that I can jump right into it, while with most other books you have to either buy fancy stuff, or do some other things until you are someday ready to invoke/evoke and so on.


After doing the daily practice for about 10 days, I won some concert tickets at a raffle and I never win raffles. That’s a nice change for me. Thanks.

I want to tell you something wonderful just happened to me. To my surprise, today, after taking my daughter to school, at 7:45 am I received the exact amount of money I asked from an unexpected source!!! Isn’t it wonderful? I am very happy and grateful.

DAMON I have bought EVERYONE OF your books so far and had success with every SPELL I have tried… TRUE MAGICK THAT works every time I have used it………

I have enjoyed your books, and more especially your air of professionalism in the respondent comments that you have given to your reader’s remarks and questions. I believe you are the “real thing.”

The point and bottom-line is that they WORKED! And in the beginning it certainly was not because of any unusual, or extraordinary FAITH or BELIEF on my part that they would do so. If anything, I had more doubts than anything close to faith or belief that they would work.

The magick he shares WORKS!!!!

Concise and well written. Includes phonetic spelling for mantras. That is rare.

Definitely recommended if you are into practical goal-driven magick!

I was pleased to see not only the variety of rituals but the simplicity as well. Each ritual feels powerful without being too lengthy or complicated, which is important to me since I have to practice magick discreetly.

What an amazing experience I am having using this little book. More than one job offer and out of nowhere, kind of like magick 🙂 Yes I got the job! 🙂

With this book I believe that new golden dawn of magick will follow!!!

The other thing I like about this book is that the instructions are very thorough, yet easy to follow. This author is one of my favorites when it comes to the occult. (I’ve gone through many other books that are too boring, too daunting, or the magick doesn’t work).

I will be recommending Mr. Brands book to my friends and family.

Fabulous book! I am already seeing results in less than a week. The money’s coming!

This book was simple and to the point. Best of all, it works!

Give it a chance. This works. Lo and behold, 3 weeks later the money I asked for appeared in a very unexpected way and was even a little bit more than I asked for! I don’t normally write reviews but I feel compelled to out of gratitude to Damon and Nitika. So give this book a try!

A little jewel of a book! Easy to read and above all, easy to implement.

I’ve had great results so far. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to increase their cash flow.


Your rituals worked like magic for me.

The chapter for peaceful sleep was used and i Slept peacefully.

A masterpiece. This volume goes a lot deeper than the previous “Words of power” and can transform a personality to its core!

Powerful book. Love that it’s so easy to do this magick.

This might be my new favorite!

This book is simple, and straightforward. It is so simple, in fact, that if I had come across it as a neophyte, I would have dismissed it as too good to be true.

I have read a bit about chaos magic and this book is by far the best of them all in my opinion.

I love the way Mr. Blackthorne has so beautifully hacked and cracked the rather oblique chaos magick systems. I also appreciate his honest, realistic perspective along with his angle on evoking the emotional rocket fuel to power these rituals of directed intent.

I tried one of the spells and it worked within a couple of weeks. Adam should write more books!

Rituals that work immediately. Very simple and written with humor and candor. Great book for the novice and for the advanced too.

Glad I got this and has given me new perspective on how to work Chaos Magick. Highly recommend this book.


This little book seems so simple its almost too good to be true and it would be easy to dismiss it. But this is one of the most potent things I think I’ve ever read. It literally saved my life. I have followed the author’s advice and let the sigils take me on my own personal journey of exploration and as such I’ve strayed from some of recommendations around pacing myself. I have instead followed an intuitive path of insights leading me from one name to another and sometimes back around again to the starting point.

PRACTICAL, DESCRIPTIVE, SUCCESS, it WORKS, a FEW MINUTES, POWER, EXPERIENCE, and I have already found Good Things from reading it.

This is a very beautiful and very powerful little book.

I really wasn’t expecting anything quite as transformative as this.

There is more then enough information to get your working on the Sigils immediately with plenty of room to keep you busy the rest of your life.

This is a beautiful, brilliant book. I have studied all the Mystery Traditions, Occult, and Esoteric theories and systems out there, and this is one of the best I have read in 30 years.

This is a really Simple yet powerful book! I’m experiencing some very good results – especially in the area of improving my confidence!

Excellent material and easy to follow format. The first time I used the book I got immediate results, also the second time and the third time. As soon as i have some issue this is the first book I look at.

This is hands down the best book on this subject I’ve come across so far! The author shines through with considerable knowledge and background in her style of writing. Easy to follow directions and excellent explanations on all of the sigils. Definitely worth your time if your interested in this subject.

Very magickal and interesting, useful for inner and outer work.


I just would like to thank you for the wonderful book which brought my soulmate into my life. It was for years that I was looking for my soulmate. Now I have him. I did your rituals for couple of weeks, then my soulmate showed up. We are in love. I feel so grateful for the life, universe. I would like to say thank you and thank you for the amazing book.

I do think this is one of the greatest books that I have read and I know that it is going to bring a great many people endless happiness.

After performed several rituals from the book my soulmate finally comes up. I am so grateful for the author and the book. I am so excited for what is happening. Thank you thank you and thank you!

I so loved & appreciated this book!



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  1. I bought the words of power its my first time in magic an i would like some help seeing that i dont know much about it i just believe it’s real…

  2. I just wanted to share a success story (actually two!) that I’ve had with Magickal Protection, where it saved my life and possibly my six-year-old son’s life.

    Both times were with the Sword Banishing.

    The first time I was driving and felt my vehicle begin to slide and lose control. Traffic was heavy. And everyone was going fast. I just blurted out the first two angels’ names and said “save me!” and literally my vehicle found traction, and I was safe. Pretty awesome.

    The second time was a few months ago when my son and I went into the mountains to cut some wood for our winter stores. It’s something we really enjoy doing. I’d been to this spot plenty of times, as had my next-door neighbor, and each time it was a fun, safe trip. This time, my boy and I are out (and my dog), and I keep feeling really creeped out. Not sure why. But I don’t think much of it at first. Now, it takes a lot to creep me out these days, but I got really creeped out. Eyes were on me and my son. But I couldn’t find the source. So I had my son go in our truck and the dog too and gave my son the phone. I was thinking maybe there were some creeps in the area as I’d seen some pretty rough looking guys drive by. But at the moment there was nothing other than this horrible dread and the feeling of being watched, so I thought, oh I’ll just grab another log or two and call it for the day. (Smart move, I know!)

    So, I’m cutting another log when the urge to run almost overpowers me. The thought popped into my mind wether from instinct or something unseen, “Run! Now!” I had my saw with me at the ready, but I stepped close to my truck and began the SB. After the first two, I said “clear the area and protect me from any danger.” After I finished, the “being watched” feeling and the dread left. I mean it was like a light switched off–the feelings just vanished. So I decided, hey what the heck, I’ll just finish loading up my truck.

    I did, without any incident. I finished up, climbed back in the truck, and told my son “Keep your eyes open, because we might see a wild animal.” I’d seen a few moose the last time I was there.

    Literally, right after I told my son to watch for animals, a massive tom cougar walks across the road not a hundred feet in front of us. I’ve never seen one that big; this guy was pushing 200 pounds and stood up to my hip (I’m six feet even). And the overwhelming gratitude and power of the angels washed over me–and I knew, they kept me or my son or both (or even my dog!) alive and safe. We were being stalked by a massive cougar, and the angels protected us.

    This really happened just a few months ago. Now, I’m not advocating being stupid and looking for danger–but I do know that I was protected in my moment of need.

    And however weird it might sound, if I could, I would totally give each and every member of the GOM a sincere hug and a heartfelt thanks for sharing your knowledge. Thank you, GOM. Thank you, thank you, thank you! All of you mean the world to me.

    1. Hey Paul, thanks for taking the time to share those stories. Great to read, and so good to know it worked out for you. It doesn’t mater how well I know magick, I still feel amazed by these stories. Love it. Cheers, Adam.

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