Words of Power FAQ

Words of Power and The Greater Words of Power

by Damon Brand


This page is only for questions relating to Words of Power and The Greater Words of Power.



Questions are moderated and may take a few hours or more to appear. If yours doesn’t appear, it may be because it’s already been answered in the book or in this FAQ. Questions that speculate about theory won’t be posted as the focus has to remain on practical magick.

This page will be open to new questions from time to time. A thorough reading of the book and some patient contemplation will answer almost any question you have. Please read this FAQ and also read the main Gallery of Magick FAQ before asking a question.

Q: What’s the difference between Words of Power and The Greater Words of Power?

A: Both books use the same magickal method, but each contains a unique set of rituals and powers.

Q: Do I need to be able to read Hebrew?

A: Absolutely not. You will scan your eyes over letter shapes before speaking the sounds, but that is all. As the books says, ‘You don’t need to understand a word of Hebrew. You just look at the words and this activates the connection.’

Q: Somebody online said your book calls on Satan. Is it true?

A:  The book does not call on Satan, but uses divine names, divine words of power and the names of great angels, encoded in a particular order, to access powers that are safe and easy to use.

If you want to understand why people think Satan is involved, it is down to bad online research, so I will clarify further. The letters in the activation ritual are spoken as, KUH-RAH-SUH-TAHN. It is easy to assume this means Kara Satan. The Hebrew word Kara is ‘to bow down’. At first glance, it looks like you are being told to bow down to Satan. But you only get this if you work with the English. The sigil is, of course, written in Hebrew. You need to look at the actual Hebrew letters in the sigil. The letters of the Hebrew word Kara (to bow down) are Kaph, Resh, Ayin. There are NOT the letters in the sigil. The sigil letters are Qoph, Resh, Ayin. This makes the word Qara, which means ‘to tear’. Even if you can’t read any Hebrew you can visit these links, and you will see the the second line of our sigil most definitely contains the phrase ‘to tear’.

Kara, ‘to bow down’: http://biblehub.com/hebrew/3766.htm

Qara, as used in our sigil, is ‘to tear’: http://biblehub.com/hebrew/7167.htm

It should now be clear that the sigil does not say ‘To bow down to Satan’; it says, ‘To tear away Satan.’ Kabbalists have long held that this part of the Name means that you reject, remove or tear Satan away. Indeed, the phrase is considered so holy that it is included in many Jewish amulets and chants for healing and protection.

There will always be scaremongers online, and there will always be people who do internet ‘research’ and think that makes them an occult authority. Looking up ‘Kara’ without checking the Hebrew is a perfect example of flimsy online research. There are many people who do a quick scan of the internet and rapidly frighten themselves. Others just think magick is evil whatever we say. The simple truth is that the letters used in the activating ritual are derived from The 42 Letter Name of God, and part of that name contains the Hebrew phrase ‘to tear away Satan’ – this means the words are about aligning with your true will and overcoming evil within and without. It’s a safeguard within the magick.

Q: Are the rituals in The Greater Words of Power faster and stronger than Words of Power?

A: No. The term ‘greater’ refers to the fact that every ritual in the second book calls on archangels (and associated angels), to achieve a result that is in keeping with the true desire lies beneath your surface desire. The best and most powerful ritual is the one that’s most suited to your needs.


Q: How do I pronounce…?

A: As the book says, ‘Read the words as though they are plain English and you’ll be doing it exactly right.’ So EE is like ee in the English ‘been’. Find a common English word that contains the sound, and you have your answer. It is never more complicated than this. See The Power of Magickal Sounds and Pronunciation and Spelling FAQ.

Q: What’s written in the sigils? I doesn’t translate properly.

A: The sigils contain divine names and angelic names, in specific orders and will not translate well using software. You can find out more here: Pronunciation and Spelling FAQ

Q: How long does the effect last?

A: The length of time the result lasts relates to your initial desire, which is why the book explains the need to think about your problem and the relief you want. Imagine that you use a ritual to Be The Center of Attention. If you need to be center of attention all the time, that will happen. If you only need to be the center of attention for one week – perhaps at a conference or during a busy work time – that’s what you’ll get.  If it’s needed for an hour it will last an hour. But, if at any time you want it to stop, it will stop. You don’t have to do anything other than change your mind and the magick with recede. The magick lasts as long as needed, based on what you originally used it for, unless you want it to stop.

Q: Do I really only do the working once, no matter what outcome I’m seeking?

A: Yes. Once is enough. If circumstances change, you may want to perform a ritual again. If you do a protection ritual, but then have to spend time in a more dangerous country you may want to repeat the ritual because your circumstances have changed. Trust your instincts. As the books says, ‘You only need to perform the ritual once, but if, after a few days, you feel a strong urge to repeat the ritual, you can. There is no harm in performing it every day if it makes you feel better, but I often prefer to use it once with real commitment, concentration and belief.’ This last point is the key. When performed once it has a real potency that kicks the magick into action. But don’t forget the sections of the book that tell you what to do After The Magick. This is as important as the ritual itself.

Q: Am I meant to chant the words several times?

A: No, once is enough for each word.


Q: Do I only need to read the ‘activation words’ once, or every time I used the words of power?

A: Just once, as the book says. ‘The following ritual needs only to be performed once.’ So, perform the activation ritual just once, ever.

Q: Can I read the ‘activation words’ again if I think I made a mistake.

A: Yes you can.

Q: Do I read each activation word three times, or should I read the whole passage three times?

A: As the book says, ‘Repeat each spoken word three times before moving on to the next.’ This is only for the activation ritual. In all other rituals it is once only.

Q: Do I scan the letters right to left?

A: The book says, ‘Now scan each word in the sigil, looking at the letters silently from right to left.’ The visual scan is done from right to left.

Q: When I read the words out loud, is that read right to left as well?

A: No. The book says, ‘All you have to do now is speak the words of power. These are written below each box, and they are read as standard English, from left to right.’ So read the words out loud, from left to right, just as though they are English.

Q: There appears to be a missing Hebrew word. Is that a mistake?

A: In some cases there are vocalizations or words that do not appear visually in the sigil. This is all as it’s meant to be. (At other time, words that appear in Hebrew just once are read out more than once.)

Q: Which archangels are called in The Greater Words of Power?

A: Metatron is called in all these rituals. Other archangels are also called but often indirectly, through names and angels that connect to them. We will not deconstruct the sigils to explain all these calls, for two reasons. Firstly, it would make for a long, theoretical document that would add no practical value at all, and our focus is on the practical. Secondly, such a revelation would be against the secret principles of co-operative patterning that make this magick work.


104 thoughts on “Words of Power FAQ

  1. Hi
    I used the ritual “Make your enemy terrified of you”, followed by “Become the most lovable version of yourself”. Will these two rituals cancel out each other?

    1. No they won’t. They work separately, and even if you are perfectly loveable, your enemy will still feel the effect that’s been sent that way.

  2. I Adam


    Along side many of the GOM books I have Words of Power by Damon Brand. I have not really worked that hard with this book because I have several others on the go. However, I would really like to try working with the Sigil for ‘Gain Advantage, Obtain any Desire, for the Words of Power.

    The question is, exactly what can I expect from this Gain an Advantage… sigil? Is it strictly the information given with sigil or is it much broader. I am not so foolish as to think I can win the lottery or levitate, but can I apply this magic personally for myself in terms of appearance and becoming a confident qualified driver (who does not get butterflies on her driving test or fall apart on busy ,big complicated roundabouts and roads).

    I would like personal transformation power to be exactly as I want to be, to fly in the faces of bitchy nasty women who placed beauty curses on me since I was in my twenties. I am doing the Magical Protection and have complete faith in this wonderful book, but I want the power and the ability to rebuild myself after these curses are broken.

    As I mentioned on one of the other book pages I had a terrible illness that the GOM helped me get through with their sigils. I lost a bit of weight during this illness and to be quiet honest have no intention of putting it back on. This is because for years a part of the curse was ruining my figure. I’m 5’2 and they made me look terrible, would you believe some of these women are from my husbands church!

    This is just a part of why I am curious about the working of this sigil.

    How can I work it?

    Can it give you any desire (within reason)

    Look forward to your response.

    Viveen Daisy

    1. Hi there. It’s a great sigil, but not a cure-all that brings miracles. You see that – you say you know it’s not for lottery wins etc. The key thing is it works in three ways – one sigil for three results. You have to choose which result you want first. Gain an Advantage, Obtain Any Desire or Find Favor. I mean, yeah, in theory you could do all three for one thing, but it works best if it’s just one thing being targeted at a time. For the first, “It will not give you an overall competitive boost but it will give you an advantage in one specific area.” It takes some thought to get your head around that. It’s about a competitive situation, where you need an advantage over somebody, after already pursuing that advantage. The soccer example is a really good analogy, but you do need to contemplate it and see if it might apply. So that wouldn’t help with being a confident driver or with appearance. The second power, Obtain Any Desire is more likely to help you – it takes a broad desire and makes it more likely to happen. It’s a close as we get to a Bless Anything sigil, or a General Purpose Ritual, but the small print is important. The stuff about ‘slow’ and also being willing to let it happen in surprising ways rather than exactly as you want. Takes a lot of letting go. But yes, could work. The Find Favor aspect is really for influencing one person in one situation. So maybe during a driving test if you know the test official’s name in advance. But really it’s best when you’re in an organisation and need a bit of influence. Cheers, AB

  3. Hello Mr. Adam, I have a question pertaining one’s intention when working the ritual! So if someone was concentrating during the ritual on a person that , for example,he would prefer to be kinder toward him, and then unintentionally (or you could say paranoia/OCD) the intention shifted from the first target to another target! In that case, will the spirits be confused and magick affects the wrong target?
    Also, can we state our intent out loud before the ritual? Assuming that the spirits will hear us before engaging in magick so that there will be no confusion??

    Most appreciated!

    1. The better your concentration (in a relaxed, not forced way) the better it all is. But no, a stray thought won’t confuse it. You know what you actually want, and that’s why feeling are important too. They make it very clear. Yes, you can state your intent out loud.

  4. hi Adam,
    I have purchased the Greater Words of Power because I saw in the description of the book that it can help with musical ability and creativity. I am hoping the magick can help me become a much better guitar player than I am right now, maybe even allowing me to support myself as a musician and songwriter. My question is would it be disrespectful to also use other magic such as a mojo bag or trying a crossroads ritual in conjunction with the angel magick? Would this show a lack of confidence in the magick which would cause the angel spirits to not help me? Thank you.

    1. Hi there. Yes, you can mix other magick – it’s actually a lot more difficult to offend an archangel than you’d think. So long as the magick is all working in the same direction, which its what it sounds like, you’d be fine. Just be wary of doing too much, because you’re working from a place of doubt. This article is a must-read: https://galleryofmagick.com/2016/10/20/the-abundance-of-magick/

  5. hi Adam,
    Thank you for your quick reply. I appreciate your help and will be waiting anxiously for my books to arrive and will let you know how my Magick works out.

  6. hi,
    I am a novice at Candle Magic, essential oils & potions and I am also interested in using the principles of GOM and just purchased 3 books by Damon. My question is whether I can use the same space, room, & “altar” where I perform the candle magic to also practice the principles of GOM? Is there any inherent conflict between these disciplines? Thank you.

  7. Just wanna express my gratitude once more to this book & the greater words of power. People just don’t know how big of a relief it is, that when you want a project to go well you have a book written with wisdom & love from the G.O.M masters to go to and consult (and they also made sure they got all the aspects of life covered, from health to projects to wealth.HOW AWESOME IS THAT?).

    If I have kids of my own, I would teach them the G.O.M’s magick to equip them early on. I’m so serious. It’s like when your parents are both vegetarians CHANCES ARE you’d end up as one & therefore meatless meals won’t be as hard to fathom and do.

    Likewise with magick, oh how I wish I have parents who are practicing magickians. Nevertheless it’s never too late for me :D, so with that, with much gratitude, S.M.888

  8. Hi Adam
    I activated the Words of Power, but I did not do any of ritual afterwards because I was suffering from a migraine and was generally unwell. I left my room and went downstairs to let my children in after school and to generally relax.

    As I make my own candles some especially for spiritual work and protection. I lite one of my candles (white with sage added to the mix) and placed it inside a lantern during the activation of the Words of Power. However, on returning to my room later that evening I noticed the glass candle plate I used for the candle was completely smashed inside the lantern. It was in two halves with splinters of glass scattered inside the lantern. The candle wax was splashed all over the inside of the lantern. I did notice that the two halves was placed on top of each other with the top of the glass plate face to face with the bottom. This I find strange!

    Are the angels/spirit angry with me?

    Are they angry because I did not follow the activation with a ritual asking them to carry out some kind of work?

    Are the angels/spirits angry because I do the Sigils of Power and the Sigils of Power and Transformation as well?

    I would really like to know. If I have made some kind of mistake what can I do to make it right?

    I did struggle with the angel names during activation I did not vibrate the words I found it difficult. Could this have cause some kind of upset to these beings?

    Look forward to your response.

    Viveen Daisy

    1. It might seem weird, but take it out of a magickal context and it’s not – things break all the time. Especially when you have glass and heat! I can be so sure that this was not cause by magick, because the activation is not really an activation at all. That label just gives readers an easy way to digest its meaning. What you really do during that ritual is attuning yourself to the sigils. (It activates you, if anything, so you see the other sigils as magickal.) All you’re saying are divine names. That’s all the activation is. Of all the magick in the world, this is probably the least harmful. It’s never going to have a side-effect. Unless there was a demon living in your lamp, which fled. But, I’m not really being serious. Words of Power – there’s no safer magick. It’s just combinations of angel names and divine names. The combinations are the secret that unlock it all. But no, angels don’t get mad at you like that. They can be wrathful when commanded to be, but there is no reason an angel is going to be angry that you didn’t do magick. Their purpose is to serve those who ask – not the other way around. We don’t serve them. So I don’t think you made any mistake, and I bet it was just coincidence, and no angel or divine power is ever going to be angry because you found the names difficult. If you can’t vibrate them, just say them normally.

  9. My first book is The Greater Words of Power and I have done the activation ritual from ‘The Greater Words of Power’. My question is ‘is the activation ritual from ‘Words of Power’ the same as ‘The Greater Words of Power’? Do i need to repeat the activation ritual from ‘Words of Power’ if I have done the activation ritual from ‘The Greater Words of Power’? i am asking as it seems like I need to vibrate the words below the sigil in ‘Words of Power’ and but not in ‘The Greater Words of Power’

    1. The activation from GWOP will also work for WOP – it’s the same ritual with a few slight changes. If you want to do the WOP ritual too, it only takes a few minutes, so why not? And I’m not sure why you said there’s no need to vibrate the words in GWOP – there is! It says, “Say UB-AH-GEE-TAHTZ three times, before moving to the next line. Speak the next line three times…” And so on Did you miss that? It is the absolute essence of the ritual.

  10. Thanks so much for these books. I am wondering if for these, and other books too, but particularly for these, is it necessary to have bathed, a sacred space etc? I feel the most important thing is emotion, but there was a night however, where I think I took a salt bath before doing the Words, and it seemed strangely strong – I had intended for a certain circumstance to improve and then, though it was not in the same circumstance but perhaps one where the angels saw more promise, the words that had kept repeating in my mind that I wanted to hear, came out of the mouth of another. I don’t know if it was that I had “cleansed” my energy with that bath or if it was truly just such a heartfelt emotion… it certainly felt magickal, but it also was a bit restrictive as it makes me think something may have to be a whole ordeal to really work so effectively… I also have generally been doing up to three Words sigils for a particular situation, usually two – I find approaching different aspects of it maybe help me to access different parts of my desires and emotions. I also was thinking of possibly combining on intention from Words with a 72 Sigil, or other such combination – I know we shouldn’t overdue it, and also that it is good to make it a precise endeavor to know what works best for us, but just wondering your thoughts. Once in a while I find I feel an energy rising where I know that a certain ritual is the right one. But sometimes I have to explore..is this okay?

    1. Thanks, and you’re welcome.

      This is what we say in the FAQ: Q: Do I need to fast, cleanse, meditate, abstain from sex or perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of The Pentagram for your magick to work? A: No. It won’t do any harm, but it’s not required.

      I say, if it works for you, go for it. We keep it simple so people don’t think, ‘Oh no, so I have to bathe do I?’ You don’t. But if you, for whatever reason, get better results then no harm carrying on with your approach. Magick should be your own, so adapt as you see fit.

      And yeah, combining is fine so long as it’s not forcing or making it feel desperate. Combining is often the best way. Damon wrote this; https://galleryofmagick.com/2016/08/03/targeting-your-magick/

  11. Hello, Damon

    I know it’s a trivial quibble, but if you don’t mind, what is the difference in pronunciation between

    “AL’ and “ELL” and “EL”?

    I read them all almost the same way and worry that I might be doing it wrong 🙁

    1. For AL think of PAL without the P.

      For ELL think SELL without the S.

      In practical terms EL is the same as ELL.

  12. Dear Damon

    Thanks again. How about the recover lost ritual from your book? Is that appropriate to use as well? Thanks so much.

    1. It may be appropriate, but probably not before or at the expense of the work with the 72 Sigils, aimed at yourself.

  13. Hello Mr Bradley, I have been using the words of power book with great success so far. Lately when I read the script prior to going to the words I see the hebrew letters ignite and emit light, although I am not doing it on purpose (like igniting a talisman for example). Is this expected or am I doing something wrong? Everything I ask for is done, no complaints there at all. I am perplexed however as this was not happening before. I am referring specifically to the last page of the book ” Gain an advantage” – I would appreciate your input 🙂 thank you

    1. Glad to hear it’s working for you.

      This happens to quite a few people. It’s reported on these pages every few weeks, and is harmless. You’re certainly not doing anything wrong. If anything, it shows you have a good connection to the magick.

  14. Hi Damon

    Apologise as it is me again with a few questions. As you understand from my previous posts, I am currently having a relationship problem. Me and my partner are still together but the relationship is far from ideal- there is a person who is trying to break us up and the relationship itself is tainted with problems like a lack of passion, some arguments and insufficient commitment. However I know deep down we still care about each other. My question is would using the ritual ‘Recover lost love’ from your The greater words of power be appropriate for my relationship?Similarly can I use ‘Reunites lovers’ ritual from the 72 Angels? The way I understand it is that these rituals are more geared towards bringing back people together who have separated. In my case, i am not seperated from my partner just that i feel we are drifting apart and i just do not want this relationship to end in this manner. I really appreciate your thoughts. Thanks so much for your kindness and patience.

    1. The angelic magick in the 72 Angels can work well for this sort of thing, but also see the recent post on money magick, and how it used the 72 Sigils (by Zanna Blaise) to target the self as well – this may a step you need to take too.

  15. Hi, I have the greater words of power book and wondered if I can use the rituals meant for use on others, on myself instead? E.g. the ritual to encourage change, I would like to use this ritual on myself instead of on someone else. Will it still work? (Sorry if I double-posted, my original comment seems to have gotten lost in cyberspace. 😉 )

    1. Questions are moderated, so they don’t appear immediately – hence the double posting.

      I never say never when it comes to magick, so feel free to try that approach if you wish – but you should know that you are heading into the realm of personal experimentation. When it comes to personal change, I always recommend The 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna Blaise.

  16. Hi, I have the greater words of power book, and am wondering if I can use the rituals that are aimed at others, on myself? For example, to encourage change: I want to use this ritual on myself. Will it still work?

  17. Hi Damon,

    Good Day!
    I am a great fan of you after going through so much of your site and books. I have owned all the books your GoM has yet published.
    I just felt some hope after getting into so much of positive comments people are pouring over here and about your books. I was trying some magick from “Words of power” as I am going through a very difficult time. And it seems like not worked…still I have a great hope because there is nothing at this difficult time to hope at.
    So could you please let me know whether it will also work for Indian people having a different religion like Hindu. Now it feels like there is no place here for honest people, I have been cheated numerous times being believing, trusting people around me. Please give me some true hope and suggest me anything if I can make possible. And please post the reply to my mailbox, if possible.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Thank you. I’m afraid we can’t make private replies, due to time constraints.

      We need magick when times are difficult, but if this your first time using the magick, and if you feel desperation (often called ‘lust for result’) that can prevent the magick from working. Thankfully, there are many ways around this.

      Also, although the magick can work with astounding power, if you ask for too much from a single ritual, it can fail, which is why it can help to target your magick at all the aspects of the situation. There are details below.

      We have found that the magick works for people of many religious backgrounds, in all parts of the world, so that should not affect things.

      I will try not to offer hope, because I think of hope as coming from a place of doubt. The act of hoping suggest that you don’t expect, and getting to a state where it feels obvious, natural and easy expected that the magick will work, is better than feeling that a magickal result is extremely lucky.

      I would encourage you to continue with the magick, knowing that it has worked for many others, and that it can work for you. There are countless articles on this site that may help, but these are probably the most relevant at this point:







      It might also be worth reading the main FAQ, as also contains a few useful answers: https://galleryofmagick.com/the-gallery-of-magick-faq/

  18. I’ve purchased all of the GoM books from Amazon. So far have had results. One however has me a bit concerned. I used the be the center of attention from Words of Power. It worked! But, I became the center of attention when I was dumped out of a canoe and knocked out. I ended up with a concussion and not able to work, drive or read for a week…still the center of attention tho. Didn’t think there was supposed to be backlash or harm, did I do something wrong?

    1. There is no backlash – magick is not out to get you.

      In this article https://galleryofmagick.com/2015/05/22/did-something-magickal-happen/ I say, “Bad things happen to people every day, so when somebody writes to me and says, ‘I started doing magick and my cat got sick,’ I assume that cat just ate something bad. Magick is usually safe unless you deliberately go out of your way to attract trouble.”

      And that really is the case. It’s true that magick can make your reality more pliable, but it doesn’t open Pandora’s box, unless you deliberately aim to create disruption. Demonic workings can have a sting in the tail, sometimes, as badly worded requests can be interpreted all too literally, but Words of Power uses angelic power.

      You might get something out of these posts:




      Glad to hear you’ve been getting good results.

  19. Thank you.
    It’s basically what I was thinking but needed the confirmation.
    Thanks as always!!!

  20. Hello Damon,
    Is it ok to use Words of Power for different rituals for different desires in the same day?
    One after another, or hours apart?
    Also, if I am working with Magical Protection book or The Angels of Power book, is it better to do one ritual till the end and then start another?
    Or can different rituals from different books be done as long as it’s aimed at different requests?
    Can let’s say a few rituals be done from The Angels of Power over the course of 11 days or will it muddy the waters?
    Thank you in advance!!!

    1. Yes, but be wary of doing too much at once. If you’re trying to rush too much change, sometimes nothing happens. A patient approach can be better.

      This is from the general FAQ:

      Q: Can I perform several rituals at once?

      A: Yes, but please read this first: https://galleryofmagick.com/2015/07/03/a-rush-of-occult-power/

      Q: Can I perform magick from several books at the same time?

      A: See above. Also, it’s worth noting that many people find exactly what they’re looking for using one book alone, while others get the best results using combinations. You might, for example, use the Cashbook, Magickal Riches and the Job Seeker if that suits your circumstances. Other people want to try seduction at the same time as money magick. This is all fine, so long as you feel you have the energy to commit to the magick with full concentration. Given the relative ease of the rituals, that is fine for most people. When it comes to angelic work, the first book says, ‘One perfectly chosen angel will do a better job than three that might help the situation.’ This is true, but if you feel the need to combine several angels, or several forms of magick, you can do so. The most important thing is to ensure that you don’t do this out of desperation or to make the magick happen faster. It’s better to take a calm approach to getting results in stages than to do everything at once.

      With all that said, I know that many people use several Words of Power rituals at once, with success.

      If you;re doing three rituals on one day, a break of an hour or so between them is fine, but there’s no need to complete 11 days of one ritual before moving on to another. But be wary of burning out. Some people find that doing too much magick leaves them drained and more disconnected from magick than if it had been approached with some patience.

  21. Hello,Damon
    i did the activation ritual a couple time to make sure i did it right.
    Just so i under stand the book correctly you scan the Hebrew you get your emotion that it has already happen read words of power that’s it i have some of the words power list memorized so does saying them fast not recommended and trying to keep the emotion all the way through the list? iam able to look up at the Hebrew through the whole list.

    1. Consider the problem and how it feels. Perform the letter scan. Consider how it would feel to have the problem solved, and maintain that emotion as you read the words out loud.

      It’s best not to rush, but to allow the emotion to stay while reading the words out.

      As for looking at the Hebrew, the book says, “Between each word you may want to glance at the sigil. You don’t have to scan the words, but simply see the sigil if you can, for a moment.”

      1. thank you i understand it a lot better but with the activation ritual i don’t need to use any emotion right?

          1. would you recommend doing the activation ritual a couple times to insure it was done correctly?

            1. Only if you feel the need. A calm confidence and enjoyment is far more important than perfection. Focus on getting that right, rather than getting the details of the magick right.

              1. if some one is have a little trouble with the emotion part would you recommend them saying it to them self to get the emotion before the scan and before saying the words out loud?

                1. Perhaps, but it definitely sounds like you’re overthinking this, and worrying about the details. This will stifle the magick. It’s better to do magick, and learn what works, than to keep worrying about it. Many, many people get results from this book, because they just dive in and feel their way through the magick.

                  1. yeah i believe your right how often does a system never work for some one
                    or is that something that cant be answered?

  22. How do you get the spirits to know your targets? For instance, I want to appear valuable to my girlfriend, but the book makes no mention of me saying her name. So how do I cause the person to be known?
    This also applies to making a project go viral. Since I don’t mention the project name, how is it determined.
    Also, I want my girlfriend to feel the love I have for her so that all her doubts are cast away. Which ritual do I say? I am okay with her love for me, so I don’t want to use the seduction book. I just want her to feel my love deep within herself. This I believe will make her actions towards me lovelier.
    Also, how will the thoughts of a person be revealed to you when you say the words knowing about what somebody is thinking.
    Thank you.

    1. In the chapter, How To use The Words of Power, you are instructed to mull over the problem, and then transmute it emotionally – this is your communication. You are not just feeling that for yourself – you are sending it out. So if you want to appear valuable to your girlfriend, you mull that over, and notice how it feels. Then you do the letter scan. Then you move to the emotion of the problem solved (and that means you will imagine that you are no valuable to your girlfriend), and you feel the relief and gratitude and say the words of power. So it’s not like a conventional spirit task, where you name what you want done in the clearest possible terms. It’s based on your imagination and feelings, and that does the job.

      1. when you scan the letters your not focused on the emotion?
        sorry just a little lost when reading your answer.

        1. It’s not vital, but it helps to remain aware of the emotion during the scan. When reading the words out loud, you should remain aware of the transformed emotion.

    1. Zanna’s writing a book of magick for artists, but she’s very much a part-time writer. I’m not sure when it will be ready for publication. Hopefully this year.

  23. I purchased the Words of Power and it looks quite good.
    I would have liked to see something in there to enhance seduction.

    The other type of whisper or word I am trying to develop on my own, is one to paralyse or disable an enemy on the spot: to make him literally siezed by the spirits and frozen in place.

    Does your order know of such magic?

    Thank you in advance.

  24. I’m a lifelong witch and just bought this book. Is it weird that I don’t trust angels? They can fall, after all. The idea of requesting something from a being with that much power who may or may not be benevolent is…vexing. But I want to get past it.

    Anyway, I’m not totally comfortable saying these words when I don’t know what they mean. Can you please recommend a link or something, just so I can get a basic idea of what it is I’m really saying? Or maybe even just the normal spelling for the phonetic versions of the words? Because basically I’m saying the names of angels, yes? But which ones, and what do they actually mean/do? Is there another one of your book that maybe spells this out better? The activation ritual translations/explanations were helpful, but the rest of the words aren’t explained like that, and really, I’d like a bit more of an explanation if possible. They’re words of power aren’t they, so shouldn’t their power be enhanced if I understand them better?

    Please don’t get me wrong I am so excited about this magickal system I read the whole book. I just want to be able to learn a bit more before I start. I don’t want to be missing the point of this system of magic, but it’s just weird for me to use a system of magic that I don’t thoroughly understand

    PS: I get that the system is based on Kabbalah, but just researching general Hebrew Alphabet and Kabbalah didn’t really answer my questions. I appreciate any response you can give me and thank you for making this information available.

    1. Thanks for buying the book. It can be unnerving, but I hope most of these questions are answered here: https://galleryofmagick.com/pronunciation-and-spelling-faq/

      If not, let me know, and I’ll try to elaborate a little. But as that page points out, it can all get rather circular. If I tell you the meaning of a certain set of letters, you then need to know the history of how they were arrived out, how they were encoded again, why they work in combination – and we’d end up will a book so large that it would never get read, and certainly wouldn’t help the magick.

      1. That did help, thank you. I’ve read most of the other FAQs here too. I kind of thought that they were translations of letters and/or angel names, but somewhat different and arranged differently due to the smudging.

        I guess maybe I’m not looking for a direct translation so much as just a better understanding. I’m a very spiritual person, so I want to understand better and feel and work with the energies as closely as possible, if that makes any sense. Should I also purchase the 72 Angels of Magic book? Does it explain a bit better about what the angels are and do, maybe? Could you recommend a reference for Kabbalah that I could perhaps study? A link maybe? I’m also very familiar with tarot, so if the 22 letters do for the most part correspond to the 22 Major Arcana, that would at least give me a kind of foothold to get my bearings and understand what I’m working with. Do you find that there are at least some correlations? As a witch, I tend to want to convert anything angelic into something else in my mind. Like, do you find that angels are demons are minor gods are elementals are spirits are devas, or not? I want to purchase the 72 Angels book and the Magical Protection anyway, so if you think they might help me iron out these issues please let me know. I honestly just want to learn more.

        Though honestly, if I can case it in familiar trappings I will probably be fine for now. I believe you said it is all right to cast a circle, call the corners, etc. if it makes me more comfortable? I don’t usually do all of that though, I just make sure the elements are represented, channel reiki for protection, and then invoke Hecate. So can I also invoke Hecate, who I’m dedicated to, first? I read in another post that you don’t work very much with healing magic, but since I’m a Reiki Holy Fire Practitioner, I basically reiki everything. Is that ok? Reiki automatically shields the practitioner from causing any harm with the energy, but that shouldn’t interfere either, should it?

        Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.

        1. You can mix this with other magick, religion, beliefs or practices – there may be occasional conflicts, but it’s impossible to list (or even know) them all. You should be fine with what you list there.

          The 72 Angels book does not go into the theory of angels. Like all our books, it’s really about the practice, and I’m afraid I’m no longer answering questions about theory on this page, because there are thousands of books already out there. Also, I can’t recommend, because everybody has a different need. A book of pure theory might feel light to one person, and deadly dull to another.

          The approach you mention, of converting one thing to another, for the sake of magick sounds a lot like Chaos Magick. Although a lot of Chaos Magick can be very weak, some works. This weekend we should published The Master Works of Chaos Magick by Adam Blackthorne, and that might be the most useful to you.

  25. Hi Damon,

    Thank you for this wonderful book. I got a few questions that I wanna ask you,

    Does the ritual “Win a Competition” need to be done one time only? Or should it be done before every competition (In my case, a poker tournament.)?

    Same question for the ritual “Make a product go viral” – Should I repeat this ritual for every different product?

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you.

      Let’s say, for the sake of illustration, that you play three tournaments in one week. The ritual is aimed at getting a result from a specific competition, so you would perform this three times. Of course, you could say that each game is a competition, but I generally say that this should be aimed at one overall event. So I believe it should be performed for each tournament.

  26. Hi There,

    OK, firstly. Thank you. I have to admit that I started off pretty skeptical about all this, but this magick works, so thank you for sharing it with us. It’s brilliant and powerful.

    My question is this. You mentioned that you can use magick to help other people, with their permission of course. I’m a trainer and help my clients win more business. I’m wondering if I can use the ‘be valued’ ritual to help my clients win more business? Also, sometimes they have to send their powerpoint to their client unaccompanied. Can I use something to empower/enthuse their powerpoint with?

    Many thanks, Anonymous

      1. Brilliant, I have just bought the book so really looking forward reading it and hearing what it has to say. In the ‘doing magick for others’ section, on your site, you talk about how certain books require different approaches. Can you advise me which ‘doing magick for others’ will work best with Chaos magick (as though you are the other person, request based etc)? Or is it covered in the book?


  27. in the last ritual after you scanned the Hebrew words in your example you imagined that you were a pilot then read the words of power? do it understand that correctly? im a little lost a bit.

        1. If you’re finding this confusing, it’s really important to study the chapter called How To Use The Words of Power. All the details you need are in that chapter, so you just need to make sure you’ve read those instructions and then apply them to each ritual.

          And if you’re wondering about how to apply it to that specific ritual, note this phrase:

          “This magick works best when you have a heartfelt desire that has been on your mind for some time, and when you are willing to let the results manifest slowly.”

      1. and one last thing if i use this ritual for one thing how long should i wait till i use it for something elts?

        1. You can use it again at any time. If you’re new to magick, please check out The Power of Magick ebook. It’s free on the main Gallery of Magick FAQ page, and has lots of ideas that can help get magick working.

          1. ok thank you i thought you had to wait some time before you use the ritual for some thing elt i will read faq thanks

  28. Dear Damon

    I appreciate if you would reply to my post.I recently bought your words of power book. I’ve carried out ‘activation of the words of power’ ritual but I am unsure if I have done it correctly. In your book, it says ‘repeat each spoken word three times before moving on to the next line’. If you don’t mind, please clarify this for me. For example, should I say KA-RAH SUH-TAN 3 times before I move on to the next line or should I say KA-RAH 3 times followed by SUH-TAN 3 times and then move on to the next line.I have seen similar questions asked to you previously by another person but I am still confused. Thank you for your time.

    1. Thanks for buying the book. I hope you get a lot out of it.

      The key is the statement ‘before moving on to the next line’. Each line is considered to be one word. You can repeat the ritual if you want to.

  29. Sorry to bother you again Damon but I have a few questions…
    I ordered 2nd copy of Words of Power for my mom as I have had good experience with it and want her to use it for her needs as well.
    We were going over and talking about the book together when I realized that when I activated the words of power for myself awhile back, instead of repeating each word 3 times in each line, I did each line 3 times (1st line 3 times, 2nd line 3times, and so on, in order top to buttom).
    I just realized this yesterday.
    I feel ridiculous for making this mistake but it happened.
    But I still had results!!!
    What do you think I should do for myself?
    Should I repeat the activation the right way or leave it alone?
    It is each word not each line correct?
    Also is it okay that I talked to her about how to do it and basically just highlighted stuff for her after she read it to make sure she understands etc
    Thank you in advance

  30. Hi Damon. When you guys refer to primary sources as being at the source for your Magick are you inter alia referring to works like Shorshei Hashaimot?

    1. Primary sources can include such documents, along with widely known documents, such as the Sloane documents, and so on. But there are also sources, including obscure versions of well-known documents. We also have access to a private collection of material, which draws on other primary sources, collated from a lifetime of occult experience. So although not primary in the academic sense, it’s an original grimoire and collection of knowledge. That has influenced us as much as anything.

  31. I am realizing I hadn’ posted my question in the right FAQ, about the Word of Power “Make your Money go Further”. About these “mistakes” some people are supposed to do… I hope it is not a sort of spell of robbery? It is the point I don’t understand, as I wish the money I earn be earned in a fair way. Thank you for explaining!

    1. If it feels like robbery to you to obtain money by chance, avoid this ritual. If your bank makes a mistake and pays you more, is that any more robbery than the extra fees they paled on your account? Anyway, if you don’t want ‘luck’ to bring money in this way then look to other forms of magick. It is absolutely fine to earn money in a fair way, and the work in Magickal Riches focuses on this. In fact, that book has the best overview of the mortal question of money. Magick does not enable you to steal from others. It simply enables you to take more than you have now.

      1. Thank you for explaining! So actually, I should rather consider these ‘lucky mistakes’ as a fair rebalancing made by the Universe, and not as somebody who would be robbed in an unfair way. Do I grasp the concept well now?

        By the way, I am interested by the Magical Cashbook too.

  32. can you use the same ritual for multiple requests? and should you space them out like the last ritual from book ask for one thing then the next day for something else?

  33. Can i do the activation ritual for words of power again because i think i said one of the words twice instead of 3? Thanks

  34. I under stand I can say the words silently but does that work when doing the activation ritual as well?

    1. Yes, silently is fine for the activation as well, so long as you clearly imagine the sound of the words in your mind. Some people have performed the ritual twice – one silently, and once whispered. Normally I don’t recommend repetition for the sake of it, but if the ritual feels underdone when performed silently, this is an option.

        1. Yes, you can. This hasn’t made it into the FAQ yet, which is strange, because we’ve discussed it on here quiet a lot. So, yes, imagined words will work. I’ll add this to the FAQ now.

          1. Thanks it was kind of confusing, I just picked up angelic love and the 72 sigils of power and they all can be done by the silent in your head method?
            if that makes sense

            1. Some people find that saying the words creates a stronger resonance with the magick, but in theory the silent method should work for everything.

              1. ok i understand but with angelic magick the end of the ritual ti says you should think the name of the angle before saying thank you
                i think that’s where i got thrown off or ami just making this more compacted then needs to be? lol

                1. If you want to perform the ritual perfectly, then the instructions should be followed as set out. Anything else will be a compromise, and will contain contradictions such as that one. So, ideally, you speak the words, but the silent compromise will work in most cases. It’s very important not to overthink things, and to be confident about it. If you haven’t already, please read The Power of Magick, a free download on the main Gallery FAQ page,

              2. And my very last question is do you have any advice on how to approach the emotional part of all the ritual. i have read the blog post but i don’t think i have fully grasped on the concept.

                1. If you can’t generate emotions out of thin air, use memories that generate similar emotions. It’s actually quite simple. If you’re trying to transmute a feeling of loneliness into one of love, then you feel the loneliness that you actually feel right now. Then you imagine what it would be like to be in love, and you feel that as though it’s happening now. Imagination can lead emotion.

                2. i don’t think i have a good idea on how to tap into the emotional part of any of
                  the rituals any ideas would be appreciated i know i should have me this just one post

                  1. In some rituals it;s as described above – you imagine one emotion and then another. In Words of Power, it’s much easier. All you need to do is feel gratitude. If you’re finding the process difficult, I suggest you work with Words of Power first – and simply use gratitude as described in the chapter How To Use The Words of Power. But it’s absolutely essential that you try to approach this with some casual confidence. If you worry too much about the details, the flow of magick dries up. From your posts it looks as though you’re trying to attain perfection. It’s far better to dive in to the magick. Look at all the reviews, and the success stories on the Magickal Success Stories Page, and you will see that this magic does work. But it works best when you approach it with confidence. It’s better to get it wrong confidently than to get it right with doubt and fear.

                    1. Thanks I appreciate it,
                      I think after reading The Power of Magick I have a better understanding of it using gratitude at the end of the rituals in words of power and angelic love. I for some reason thought they where different having gratitude for what you just asked for and gratitude for the problem.you want solved.

      1. Please tell us if you will some of the tasks or situations which will be covered in Part Two.
        Thank you in advance.

        1. Details will be published here and on the website closer to the release date. Thanks for your interest.

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