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Words of Power, The Greater Words of Power, and Mystical Words of Power

by Damon Brand


This page is for questions relating to Words of Power, The Greater Words of Power, and Mystical Words of Power.

 Mystical Words of Power

We found that almost all questions being asked about Mystical Words of Power were already answered in the book itself, or on this page, or could be arrived at if you trust your own interpretation. There will be no separate FAQ for this book. If you need further guidance see The Answers of Magick.


Q: What’s the difference between Words of Power and The Greater Words of Power and Mystical Words of Power?

A: Both the first two books use the same magickal method, but each contains a unique set of rituals and powers. Mystical Words of Power uses a similar method but with a set of seven major rituals to empower the magick.

Q: Do I need to be able to read Hebrew?

A: Absolutely not. You will scan your eyes over letter shapes before speaking the sounds, but that is all. As the books says, ‘You don’t need to understand a word of Hebrew. You just look at the words and this activates the connection.’

Q: Is it true that the Words are from a book by Jacobus Swart?

A: No, that is not true. Our Words of Power method was in process long before any of his books were published. The source was largely Shorshei ha-Shemot (as discussed in the text since a small 2017 update), with several other sources including one from our own collection that has never been published, as discussed in the next question. J. Swart used similar texts to create his books from what we can tell, although in many cases it appears he used slightly different editions. There are small but significant variations in the content.

Q: Is it possible to use the concepts to make my own Words of Power sigils?

A: Some very small updates were made to Words of Power in 2017, and there is now a paragraph in the Appendix that states, “The rituals work by using combinations of divine names and angelic names. These are largely taken from texts such as Shorshei ha-Shemot. We have a vast library of ancient texts, and have studied those that we don’t own in the great libraries of the world, alongside our own privately inherited collection of materials. The interpretation of these texts revealed the essence of the technique.” Also, since 2017, there’s been an additional paragraph in the Activating chapter which notes that, “These words are derived from The Forty-Two Letter Name of God.” The Appendix also states that, “The final word in each sigil is a Name of God taken from The Seventy-Two Letter Name of God.” With all this information you could reverse-engineer the method, but what would be missing is the choice of angelic and divine names, and more importantly, the ordering method which was discovered in a treasured text from our private collection. Without this it is difficult to predict the long-term effects of a sigil. Even if you use Shorshei ha-Shemot, you wouldn’t have enough information.  You are, as always, free to experiment, but please be aware that it is not as easy as putting angelic names together in the hope that their reputed powers will blend in an appropriate manner. Despite its simplicity, the mystery behind the method is extremely deep. (If you purchased the book prior to 2017, these are just about the only changes made, so you don’t need to purchase it again.)

Q: Are the rituals in The Greater Words of Power faster and stronger than Words of Power?

A: No. The term ‘greater’ refers to the fact that every ritual in the second book calls on archangels (and associated angels), to achieve a result that is in keeping with the true desire lies beneath your surface desire. The best and most powerful ritual is the one that’s most suited to your needs.


Q: How do I pronounce…?

A: As the book says, ‘Read the words as though they are plain English and you’ll be doing it exactly right.’ So EE is like ee in the English ‘been’. Find a common English word that contains the sound, and you have your answer. It is never more complicated than this. See The Power of Magickal Sounds and Pronunciation and Spelling FAQ.

Q: What’s written in the sigils? It doesn’t translate properly.

A: The sigils contain divine names and angelic names, in specific orders and will not translate well using software. You can find out more here: Pronunciation and Spelling FAQ

Q: How long does the effect last?

A: The length of time the result lasts relates to your initial desire, which is why the book explains the need to think about your problem and the relief you want. Imagine that you use a ritual to Be The Center of Attention. If you need to be center of attention all the time, that will happen. If you only need to be the center of attention for one week – perhaps at a conference or during a busy work time – that’s what you’ll get.  If it’s needed for an hour it will last an hour. But, if at any time you want it to stop, it will stop. You don’t have to do anything other than change your mind and the magick with recede. The magick lasts as long as needed, based on what you originally used it for, unless you want it to stop.

Q: Do I really only do the working once, no matter what outcome I’m seeking?

A: Yes. Once is enough. (For Mystical Words of Power, follow the specific directions in the book.) If circumstances change, you may want to perform a ritual again. If you do a protection ritual, but then have to spend time in a more dangerous country you may want to repeat the ritual because your circumstances have changed. Trust your instincts. As the books says, ‘You only need to perform the ritual once, but if, after a few days, you feel a strong urge to repeat the ritual, you can. There is no harm in performing it every day if it makes you feel better, but I often prefer to use it once with real commitment, concentration and belief.’ This last point is the key. When performed once it has a real potency that kicks the magick into action. But don’t forget the sections of the book that tell you what to do After The Magick. This is as important as the ritual itself.

Q: Am I meant to chant the words several times?

A: No, once is enough for each word unless otherwise directed.

Q: Do I only need to read the ‘activation words’ once, or every time I used the words of power?

A: Just once, as the book says. ‘The following ritual needs only to be performed once.’ So, perform the activation ritual just once, ever. The same is true of The Attuning Ritual in Mystical Words of Power.

Q: Can I do it again if I think I made a mistake?

A: Yes you can.

Q: Do I read each activation word three times, or should I read the whole passage three times?

A: As the book says, ‘Repeat each spoken word three times before moving on to the next.’ This is only for the activation ritual. In all other rituals it is once only.

Q: Do I scan the letters right to left?

A: The book says, ‘Now scan each word in the sigil, looking at the letters silently from right to left.’ The visual scan is done from right to left.

Q: When I read the words out loud, is that read right to left as well?

A: No. The book says, ‘All you have to do now is speak the words of power. These are written below each box, and they are read as standard English, from left to right.’ So read the words out loud, from left to right, just as though they are English.

Q: There appears to be a missing Hebrew word. Is that a mistake?

A: In some cases there are vocalizations or words that do not appear visually in the sigil. This is all as it’s meant to be. (At other time, words that appear in Hebrew just once are read out more than once.)

Q: The Hebrew words are in the ‘wrong’ order in one sigil. Is that a mistake?

A: No, the words are arranged as visually required. Remember, you are not trying to read them (even if you can read them) but to scan your eyes over them as described.

Q: Was there once a sigil to help stimulate lust?

A: Many years ago, Damon Brand released a sigil on Facebook, which is still being shared online today, despite Damon’s request that it not be shared anymore. There’s nothing wrong with the sigil, but he feels that it would be better released in the context of a full description of its powers. That doesn’t mean anybody who used it in the past could have come to harm, just that he would now explain its use with more subtle and precise directions. He wants to make it clear that it is not used to hypnotise or influence anybody to feel anything beyond what they would normally feel. It’s power lies in increasing the speed at which lust between two consenting adults may arise. In light of this, he’s not going to republish it or make it available in the near future.

Q: Somebody online said your book calls on Satan. Is it true?

A:  The book does not call on Satan, but uses divine names, divine words of power and the names of great angels, encoded in a particular order, to access powers that are safe and easy to use.

If you want to understand why people think Satan is involved, it is down to bad online research, so I will clarify further. The letters in the activation ritual are spoken as, KUH-RAH-SUH-TAHN. It is easy to assume this means Kara Satan. The Hebrew word Kara is ‘to bow down’. At first glance, it looks like you are being told to bow down to Satan. But you only get this if you work with the English. The sigil is, of course, written in Hebrew. You need to look at the actual Hebrew letters in the sigil. The letters of the Hebrew word Kara (to bow down) are Kaph, Resh, Ayin. There are NOT the letters in the sigil. The sigil letters are Qoph, Resh, Ayin. This makes the word Qara, which means ‘to tear’. Even if you can’t read any Hebrew you can visit these links, and you will see the the second line of our sigil most definitely contains the phrase ‘to tear’.

Kara, ‘to bow down’: http://biblehub.com/hebrew/3766.htm

Qara, as used in our sigil, is ‘to tear’: http://biblehub.com/hebrew/7167.htm

It should now be clear that the sigil does not say ‘To bow down to Satan’; it says, ‘To tear away Satan.’ Kabbalists have long held that this part of the Name means that you reject, remove or tear Satan away. Indeed, the phrase is considered so holy that it is included in many Jewish amulets and chants for healing and protection.

There will always be scaremongers online, and there will always be people who do internet ‘research’ and think that makes them an occult authority. Looking up ‘Kara’ without checking the Hebrew is a perfect example of flimsy online research. There are many people who do a quick scan of the internet and rapidly frighten themselves. Others just think magick is evil whatever we say. The simple truth is that the letters used in the activating ritual are derived from The 42 Letter Name of God, and part of that name contains the Hebrew phrase ‘to tear away Satan’ – this means the words are about aligning with your true will and overcoming evil within and without. It’s a safeguard within the magick.

Q: Which archangels are called in The Greater Words of Power?

A: Metatron is called in all these rituals. Other archangels are also called but often indirectly, through names and angels that connect to them. We will not deconstruct the sigils to explain all these calls, for two reasons. Firstly, it would make for a long, theoretical document that would add no practical value at all, and our focus is on the practical. Secondly, such a revelation would be against the secret principles of co-operative patterning that make this magick work.

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  1. I’d like to say thank you to Damon, I used ‘Obtain any desire’ in Words of Power and very obviously on fast track to getting what i wanted. Let me explain.

    I have been trying for months, if not years to obtain the coveted 6 pack abs and it had been eluding me, there are many reasons to it such as my diet have not been good enough, and/or my training has not been hard enough, and well work and other aspects of life need my attention too, even though I am already quite fit.
    So after reading Damon’s advice on how to use ‘obtain any desire’ and several other books of GOM, I thought well, obtain any desire works best when the need is sincere and when you are very close to obtaining your desire and need a little push, I decided that since I am already quite fit, and my diet and training has always been consistent, maybe I just needed a little push – and well, guess what, It has been working well so far (I also target my magick by using increase energy level, improve my will power to eat well), and now every morning I wake up, I can obviously see that I am getting closer to obtain my desire – and it has only been two weeks. I also understand getting a 6 pack WILL NEVER happen overnight but a gradual process, but 2 weeks is a relatively very short time I believe.

    So thank you Damon, and the other guys at the GOM, you guys are awesome!

    1. Thanks. I will pass that on to Damon, and it’s great to hear you’ve targeted the magick and used it with patience and intelligence. It really helps! Cheers, Adam B.

  2. Hi
    I was just using the Words of Power: ” Make Your Enemy Terrified of You” and I notice that the sigil has only 10 lines whereas the words to speak below the sigil has 11 lines. Is this supposed to be this way? As I read the lines out loud, I would glance at the sigil on the same lines normally. Since this has a line missing, should I be glancing at the whole sigil instead of line by line? Am I doing it wrong all this while by glancing at the sigil line by line?
    Please advise. Thank you!

    1. Hi. There are some exceptions. In the FAQ above it says:

      Q: There appears to be a missing Hebrew word. Is that a mistake?
      A: In some cases there are vocalizations or words that do not appear visually in the sigil. This is all as it’s meant to be. (At other time, words that appear in Hebrew just once are read out more than once.)

      I hope that puts your mind at rest on that point.

      As for the actual method, please read How to use Words of Power (an early chapter), as that shows you scan all the words first, then generate the required feeling, and only then do you say all the words. Reading that again should make it clear. It does also say, “Between each word you may want to glance at the sigil. You don’t have to scan the words, but simply see the sigil if you can, for a moment.” – so no scan is required while saying the words. The scan of all the words done before. I strongly recommend a re-read of that chapter and hope that helps.

      Adam B.

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