Protection, Healing, and Financial Magick

We’re bringing out many forms of new magick in the coming months, and you may want to join us for the next stage of our magickal adventure.

Don’t worry. This website isn’t going away, and there will be new blog posts here from time to time, exploring how magick works and how to get better results. There will also be new books, but not for some time.

For now, most of our new material appears on my Patreon. Things there are getting exciting, with new Empowered rituals for Protection, Finance, and Healing, as well as many newly adapted powers.

When you become a member of the Patreon, you get:

  • A monthly Connection Ritual. With one brief ritual and a single sigil, you’ll be connected to a magickal energy stream sustained by The Gallery of Magick. You can enhance and strengthen all your magick and rituals with this power.
  • Feedback, ideas, and information from The Gallery of Magick to improve your workings.
  • Updates from Damon Brand to answer your questions.
  • Complete anonymity: you can use a pseudonym to join and post questions.
  • Additional posts that go beyond the books.
  • The Creativity Ritual, and The Intuition Ritual are ready for you now. There’s even a ritual to Conquer Lust for Result.
  • Empowered Angel Magick: A 244-page ebook that speeds up your work with the 72 Angels of Magick, with a faster one-day ritual.
  • A sigil for Empowered Protection Magick. It can be used to craft immediate protection that meets your specific needs. Use it as often as you like while you are a member of the Patreon.
  • A sigil for Empowered Financial Magick.
  • The Empowered Healing Magick sigil with three rituals. This can be used on yourself and to help others, even if they aren’t members of the Patreon. Use it as often as you like while you are a member. This is a significant step forward in the kind of magick we share.
  • The ebook Stillness and Light. This contains many newly empowered and adapted rituals.
  • The ebook Empowered Chaos Magick, with nineteen new rituals and sigils that empower the magick of the Olympic Spirits.

In addition to all this, there are more bonuses coming up, and this is the most exciting time to join us.

All the sigils are activated with simple rituals and clear instructions, and all are directly Empowered by every member of The Gallery of Magick. 

As mentioned above, the free ebook called Stillness and Light is now free, and only available for members. It includes:

New Words of Power: Expanded and Empowered Edition

The Unfreezing Ritual: Empowered Edition

The Identity Ritual: Empowered Edition

The Ritual for Greater Magick Power: Empowered Edition

36 New Angelic Powers: Empowered Edition

Even if there were no bonuses at all, this would still be the best value magick we could offer. And from what we can see, this is the best value magick that’s available anywhere.

We’ve been told there are some occultists charging thousands of dollars for this kind of work, but we’re sharing it for the price of a paperback. If this excites you, I hope you’ll join us and see how it’s working out.

We look forward to your company as we take these magick powers to the next level.

I’ve expanded this post (see below) to show feedback from members, which may help you to understand what’s on offer.

Kind Regards,

Damon Brand


If this all sounds too good to be true, or if you’re not sure of the benefits, I’ve gathered messages that help to show how it feels to be a member.

We receive many, many beautiful messages about Empowered Magick. A few people generously offered to share their stories here, using their real names. A few submitted with real names but asked for anonymity. I am so very grateful, and I have shared a small number of these below.

Once you are a member you can see daily messages, posted by many members, and there are always pleasant surprises. For some people, of course, there are problems and challenges, but that is always the way. Hopefully, the following quotes will help you to see how Empowered Magick is working.

“The Gallery of Magick books and their Patreon membership are far and away the best thing I have spent money on to improve my life. I have literally tried it all from meditating with masters in mystical India to shamanic journeying, rebirthing, affirmations, fasting, chanting, hypnosis, yoga, tai-chi, NLP, tapping and so much more. They all opened doors and some of the experiences were unforgettable, but for getting practical and consistent results from the mundane through to the spiritual the Gallery of Magick is the winner. When I heard about their Patreon membership I jumped at it. It has already accelerated my magickal practices beyond my expectations and I have a sense that this year will be my best yet.” – Helen Adams

“To all who are on the fence about this magick Patreon site, take a leap and join the rest of us who are benefiting from this magick knowledge and information.“ – Rosa Smith

“I felt an instant wave of positivity and strengthening of my belief in my workings. Midway through month 2 and I’ve achieved a significant work promotion I’d been working rituals to attain for more than 5 years. I appreciate that may sound too good to be true, but if you’re reading this then you know that Magick offers solutions to your problems and provides desires and wishes. Why wouldn’t you try levelling up that ability in yourself and leveraging a powerful connection?” – Matthew Miller

“I’m so surprised by the many synchronicities that have been happening to me ever since I joined GOM Patreon in December. I’m so grateful to Damon Brand and his members because I’ve been using the magick in the GOM books and the Patreon every now and then, but  magically every month, my clients come to see me although I’m only doing this part-time. The magick hasn’t stopped! Thank you so much Damon and all your team members.” – Stephanie Goh 

“From the moment I performed the first ritual at the beginning of December, I have felt my crown tingling. It’s like the magickal energy is continually streaming into my head. Thank you to everyone at GOM! Excited to see what happens next!” – Lorie McDavid

“If you are a fan of the Gallery’s work, I highly recommend joining the group. This is a very special opportunity.” – Monica G

“The work we are doing on this group has amplified my work in ways I could never imagine.” – B. Riley

“I immediately joined with no questions asked. From the moment I did, extraordinary moments continue to occur within and without my life experience.  Damon’s GOM offers a beacon light peak into awareness. The monthly exchange is extremely humble, undoubtedly invaluable speaking volumes.” – Carla Rose

“I signed up and got my first two sigils. I activated them. I saw tiny specs of light flying toward me. I felt a wonderful sense of wellbeing. The angels are here, they are waiting and willing to assist us, and the GOM has given us the means of communicating with them.” – Stephanie Suganuma

“I want to say that all of your work has changed my life in the most beautiful of ways. The Patreon membership imbues all of my magick with a lot of power, and I can feel a sense of unity and ‘togetherness’ when I work with the monthly sigil, as abstract as it may sound – when I work with it, i also get a serene, peaceful and timeless sensation, the moment of ritual feels like a moment that seems to step outside of time, a very special feeling unique to working with these wonderful magickal sigils.” – Cosmin

“Thank you so much for creating this important Forum through Patreon. The current Empowered Magick with the Connection Rituals are Potent and the Subtle Magick is very active. There is a renewed interest in my projects that became stagnant, and they suddenly appear to positively start moving forward! I applaud the amazing work that you have been doing, and admire your courage, putting yourselves out there to reveal spiritual knowledge that leads to positive life changes for others. What you provide is real! Thank you.” – F.O

“First of all Damon, thank you and all Gallery of Magick members for creating this Paetron. Two weeks before you went live, while walking my dog Blue, I had a moment of both thinking and feeling what it would be like to be in a room with all members of GOM, to be in the presence. I think at that point I was psychically reaching out towards healing, but towards trust, which is something I have in you and the Gallery of Magick. So it was incredible weeks after this moment to see you all had created this group. Since joining in Dec, life has become peaceful. Resistance from the outside world has stopped instead there is incredible harmony. In my work, it can be stressful and unpredictable, since dec, this has become balanced. I have energy and see great shifts in my clientele group. My studies, at post grad are a huge success. Never in my wildest dreams did I believe I would be achieving top grades in a complex science, opportunities are presenting themselves and I was accepted onto a major project recently which is not only exciting but is completely beneficial to further career change in a few years. Finances have opened up in the past two months, debts are being repaid, after years of stress and resistance, money comes in unexpected ways. Personal relationships are thriving, family are healthy, happy, protected.” – Lydia

“What a great way to bring people together. The content is succinct and worthy of saving. Joining has had a positive impact on my implementation of positive changes in life and work. Highly recommend.Thank you.” – Jasmine Abou-Kassem

And there’s so much more than this. I receive daily messages about success, which I can’t share for reasons of privacy, but when you join, you’ll meet some of these people and see how much there is to discover.

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