The Gallery of Magick FAQ

The Gallery of Magick authors are Damon Brand, Adam Blackthorne, Zanna Blaise and Gordon Winterfield.


Questions are moderated and may take a few hours or more to appear. If yours doesn’t appear, it may be because it’s already been answered. Questions that speculate about theory won’t be posted as the focus has to remain on practical magick.(We love theory, but there just isn’t the time to get into that as well as practical magick.)

This page will be open to new questions from time to time. A thorough reading of the books and some patient contemplation will answer almost any question you have.

The main FAQ appears further down the page, but if you have a book-specific question, please see these FAQs:

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The Angels of Alchemy by Damon Brand

Many questions and answers appear below.


How to Say the Words of Magick for easy pronunciation of magick words.

Targeting Your Magick to get the best results.

The Magickal Shortcut to discover the secret to combining magick.

12 Ways to Increase Your Magick Power gives surprising ways to improve your magick.

The Abundance of Magick for doing several rituals at once.

The Secrets of Money Magick when you need to get money magick working.

How To Do Magick Badly And Still Get Results is more serious than it sounds.

The Underlying Dream looks at getting what you really want from magick.

The Power of Magickal Decision shows the power of choosing what you want.

The Truth About Magick That Works gets you past frustrating failure.

Banishing Your Lust For Result  to learn about letting go of attachment.

The Balance of Magick to understand why there’s no payback for magickal results.

A Touch of the Supernatural explores supernatural effects or side-effects.

Doing Magick For Others show how to perform magick for other people.

How to Find an Angel shows which angel to use.

Supercharge Your Magickal Cashbook to get more out of your Magickal Cashbook.

The Invention of Magick to modify a ritual or technique.

Did Something Magickal Happen? examines where it’s a coincidence or a magickal result.

What Magick Are You Afraid Of? is helpful if something frightens or concerns you.


General Questions About Magick

Q: You’ve been doing this magick for decades, so is it really useful to beginners?

A: The magick was designed to be accessible for beginners, and streamlined to cut away the unnecessary dross, and then extensively field-tested by beginners and experienced workers.

Q: I’ve been doing magick for decades. Do your books really offer anything new?

A: From the messages we receive, yes. There might not be an enormous amounts of new knowledge, but hopefully you’ll pick up some workable ideas.

Q: I have some questions about translation, spelling and pronunciation.

A: Please see: Pronunciation and Spelling FAQ

Q: Can I perform several rituals at once?

A: Yes, but please read  A Rush of Occult Power  and  The Abundance of Magick . Also, see the next question.

Q: Can I perform magick from several books at the same time?

A: See above. Also, it’s worth noting that many people find exactly what they’re looking for using one book alone, while others get the best results using combinations. You might, for example, use the Cashbook, Magickal Riches and the Job Seeker if that suits your circumstances. Other people want to try seduction at the same time as money magick. This is all fine, so long as you feel you have the energy to commit to the magick with full concentration. Given the relative ease of the rituals, that is fine for most people. When it comes to angelic work, the first book says, ‘One perfectly chosen angel will do a better job than three that might help the situation.’ This is true, but if you feel the need to combine several angels, or several forms of magick, you can do so. The most important thing is to ensure that you don’t do this out of desperation or to make the magick happen faster. It’s better to take a calm approach to getting results in stages than to do everything at once. Please see The Abundance of Magick.

Q: Are you working with black magick or white magick or something else?

A: Magick is neutral, like a scalpel. You can use a scalpel to perform surgery, to attack and mutilate somebody or to sharpen a pencil. It’s how you use the magick, and your moral standing and sense of self, that matters. Magick is neutral and can only be evil if you make it evil.

Q: Somebody said your magick is all a form of Jewish Kabbalah. Is it true?

A: Anybody who says that has not read our work fully, or doesn’t understand Kabbalah. While it is true that many of our primary sources are ancient texts such as Shorshei Ha-Shemot, we have been informed and influenced by many other textures of magick. At first glance, the influence of Kabbalah is clear in our work, but there is much more going on in these books. Whatever sources we use, we only use and share magick when it has been found to have clear practical value, in spiritual and material terms. As such, we have no axe to grind or any single system that we try to promote, and nor do we work within the confines of one system.

Q: Is your work just a form of Chaos Magick?

A: No. Although we draw from many systems, Chaos Magick often works by holding a temporary belief that is then dismissed. We believe in the objective reality of the spirits we work with, so that’s that main difference.  The simplification found in Chaos Magick has been an influence on our style. You can find out more in The Master Works of Chaos Magick, and it’s also worth noting that Sigils of Power and Transformation uses no spirits at all, and yet is probably the most effective magick we have published.

Archangels of Magick

Q: Is this like The Law of Attraction?

A:  It’s quite different, but many people find that when Law of Attraction has reached its limit, magick is the next step. The New Thought movement, which led to the modern Law of Attraction (LOA), arguably grew out of the magickal tradition; some would say that LOA was influenced and informed by some magickal concepts, but was steered away from being seen as magick. This is very much open to debate, but it does appear likely given that there are some similarities to magick; in both LOA and magick letting go of desperate desire and feeling gratitude in advance will help results to manifest. In magick, you often (but not always)  seek the assistance of supernatural entities such as angels, and even when that is not the case, you are working with altered states and ritual practice that is about imposing your desires on reality, and this is often done by shifting your emotions, changing your perception of present time, and expressing gratitude to a spirit. We do not see reality as something created by every thought, and we do not believe that all negative events are attracted by negative thoughts – indeed, we often say that the deep range of subtle and strong emotions, even the negative ones, are an important part of life. Learning to shift emotions can be a hugely magickal act. Reality, as we see it, is not something you create with every thought, but a boiling froth of largely indifferent chaos, and magick gives you a way to impose personal order on that chaos. It gives you a way to connect with the soul of things, and the heart of reality. There isn’t the space to explain this well in a brief FAQ, but the results of magick are qualitatively different to LOA results. At it’s most basic, with something like Magickal Cashbook, the work may feel similar to LOA (if a little more ritualistic), but more advanced magick, where you actually sense the presence of an angel, is a world away from the teachings and beliefs of LOA.

Q: Can I do magick for other people?

A: You can, and it often works well if they don’t know you’re doing magick, because they have no resistance to the results. On the other hand, if you don’t ask them whether they want help, you might not be giving them what they really want. It is very difficult to know what you want from magick, never mind somebody else, so proceed with caution. Be sure you know what that person really wants, rather than what they say they want. With that said, doing magick for others can be a beautiful gift, and many people find their magickal abilities improve if they perform magick for others. The process is quite simple – instead of intending the result for yourself, your intend it for somebody else. You can project your emotions, or what you imagine their emotions will be, into the magick. There are many ways to do this, depending on which book you are using, but if you want to help others just trust your instincts and have a go. See Doing Magick For Others.

Q: Do I need faith or belief for the magick to work?

A: No, but it helps if you have a playful, open mind. Remember what it was like as a kid to play a game as though it was real. Approach magick with that sort of playful belief, as though it’s real, and it becomes real.Having said that, magick should not be so playful that it feels silly or trivial. The key is to approach it as though it is real. When you get in your car you expect it to start without concern. Approach magick with the same calm certainty.


Q: Can I modify the ritual using different spirits, meditation and other forms of magick?

A: Of course you can, but consider it an experiment. The magick has been simplified as far as possible and we cannot predict the results when you modify the process.

Q: Is there a ritual to lose weight?

A: There is nothing aimed directly at weight loss. When it comes to magick you need to break down the problem, and then tackle each aspect of the problem with magick. With weight loss, it is nearly always willpower that is the problem. You may benefit from Increase Willpower to Eat Well from The Greater Words of Power. There is also Dedicate Yourself To A New Skill in Words of Power, which can help with your personal dedication to a project. The Power To Improve Physical Health from The 72 Angels of Magick can support your efforts. There are other rituals in that book that also help with other areas of the self, and they may be useful. Also useful would be The 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna Blaise, as it covers willpower and also works with many areas of the self and the personality. But  these are not rituals that can make you lose weight. They can only shore up your own determination.

Q: Is there a ritual to help with sexual problems, such as erectile dysfunction?

A: This is one of the most commonly asked questions, and while it is true that some people have used angelic magick to improve health issues, there is no magick that we know of that can reliably help with such sexual health problems, and it is strongly recommended that you seek conventional treatments.

Q: I started doing the magick and things got worse. Did I do something wrong, or is it a backlash?

A: It’s never a backlash, but there are two reasons. One could be that your problem had momentum, and even if the magick works instantly, the momentum has to be slowed before it can be reversed – which means things may appear to continue getting worse. Give it time and trust, and the reversal you seek should come. A second reason is that if the magick affects other people in some way, they may offer some resistance. The resistance may last some time, or may yield. When things get worse, nobody can blame you for saying, ‘The magick made things worse,’ but it might help to know that this is a sign that your magick is actually working, is getting through, is stirring up the people around you – they feel uncomfortable and show resistance. Mostly, magick just plain works, and it’s all very simple. But if things get worse as soon as you start magick, trust that it’s a sign of resistance from somebody else who’s entangled with your affairs. Things should settle.

Q: Is there a way to make a ritual more powerful?

A: There are many ways, explored in many articles on this site, but one of the best ways is to choose what you change wisely. Don’t try to shift your entire universe at once. Work on aspects that need only a little shift, a small change. A few small changes soon build momentum and bring you rapid transformation. Magick can bring sudden and stunning transformation, and often does, but a wise occultist will learn to work on many areas that are susceptible to change. Cause change where change is most likely. Sounds obvious, but it’s very easy to miss this essential key to effective magick. Also, see this post: 12 Ways to Increase Your Magick Power


Questions About the Practice of Magick

Q: I missed out part of the ritual by mistake and only realized later. What now?

A: I cannot stress strongly enough the importance of actually reading the instructions in full, before you start. If you have missed part of a ritual out, you can carry on until the end, but be aware that the results may have been affected. Please ensure that you take the time to learn the ritual in full before starting out. The rituals in these books are simplified as far as possible, but you should understand all the elements of the ritual before doing the magick. Simplification can be a good thing, but it should not be assumed that the magick is so simple that it can be taken lightly. You can not rush the magick or expect it to work if performed without disipline and accuracy. Experimentation is encouraged once you are familiar with the work, but at the outset you should adopt a more thorough approach.

Q: I missed a few days of the ritual. Should I carry on or start again?

Ideally, you should plan ahead so that you can work the full number of days, in order, without any breaks. If you can’t do that, do what you can. Sometimes, rituals are repeated to make sure you’ve done sufficient repetitions of the ritual so that just one will be right. Sometimes you do several repetitions to make sure the spectrum of your emotions is communicated to the spirits. There are many other theoretical reasons for repetition. Which is why some rituals need no repetition at all, while others go for over a month. If you miss days due to unavoidable life issues, just carry on a best you can until you’ve hit the right number of days. (If the ritual suggests finishing on a certain day, make sure you do one ritual on that named day.) If you miss days because you became lazy or forgot, you should probably start again with more focus and commitment.

Q: Do I need to fast, cleanse, meditate, abstain from sex or perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of The Pentagram for your magick to work?

A: No. It won’t do any harm, but it’s not required.

Q: Do I need lots of candles, herbs and incense?

A: No. It’s not that kind of magick. One ritual involves a candle, but the candle is completely optional – you can imagine colored light instead and it works as well. We try to keep things as simple as possible. The more factors you put in place, the more you worry that you may worry you’re getting something wrong. But if it helps you get in the mood or feels important to you, go ahead.

Q: I can’t say the words of the ritual out loud, for reasons of privacy. Will it still work?

A: Yes, so long as you imagine the sound of the words clearly, and imagine that you are calling to the ends of the universe. For Demons of Magick and Angels of Wrath it is recommended that you say the words out loud.

Q: Is it OK to use sigils and talismans on computer screens, iPads, phones and other devices?

A: Yes. So long as you can see it, it will work. Any device is fine. Use the same device each time you use that particular sigil for the best results.

Q: I’ve been doing the ritual for a few days, and no results yet. What’s going on?

A: The more patient you are, the faster results come. When you can genuinely wait a year, you get results in hours. If you want results in hours, you might have to wait a year. Never write off a ritual as failed, because you never know when it will bring you a result. When you complete a ritual, move on to something else, and avoid lusting for the result. I often talk about the magick working instantly or in days because often, that’s exactly how it is. But it’s important not to get trapped into expecting an instant results. There are many posts on this website that can help.

Q: Can the rituals be written/performed/spoken in a language other than English?

A: Yes, but only change the English parts to your native tongue. The non-English parts should be spoken as they are written.

Q: Do the rituals need to be memorized?

A: No, you can read them from the page.

Q: What do I do with printed sigils or talismans once I’ve finished using them? Do they have to be buried at a crossroads or can I throw them in the trash?

A: Sometimes there are specific instructions on getting rid of a sigil, such a burning or burial, but if this is impractical (if you can’t find a discreet crossroad, for example) you can simply dispose of them and no harm will come to you or your magick. There is a key to this – stop thinking of them as magickal and then simply dispose of them. For angelic sigils, however, many people like to store them and reuse them. If you feel an urge to keep a talisman or sigil that is fine, unless the book specifically says that it should be destroyed.

Q: I used the sigils in the book (or the ebook) so how do I destroy them?

A: Stop thinking of them as magickal, stop using them, and leave them where they are.

Q: How often do I need to repeat the magick?

A: If the magic was well chosen, for a situation that was susceptible to change, there’s no need to repeat. If the magick completely fails, because you lusted for result or asked for something too far from current reality, you can modify the ritual and repeat. Otherwise, only repeat a ritual when the circumstances change. Repetition will not force a result out of nowhere, but choosing magick well, will. See this post.

Q: Do the current conditions affect how the magick works? For example, I want a promotion but my boss hates me.

A: The initial conditions of any situation will always affect the magick. If something needs just a tiny push, then any effort, magickal or something else, will have a big effect more easily than if lots of big pushes are needed. But we use magick because sometimes it can work when nothing ordinary seems to work – it changes reality through the supernatural. Which means the answer is yes: the initial condition will always matter, but magick can work anyway. Focus on what is most likely to change. If you want a promotion, do you work a ritual magick for a promotion, or would it be wiser to work on making your boss like you more, or changing the way you are perceived, or achieving a breakthrough at work? Targeted magick, well planned, can help you manoeuvre your way around the current conditions to get what you want.

Q: Some books call on the same entities, but the rituals are more complex. Why?

A: Each book gives you the simplest form of the magick that works for that particular style of magick. If there’s no need for the additional layers of complication, why add them? You are free to add in what you learn from other books, but this is entirely optional, and probably not required, because the simple versions work as intended.

 Sigils of Power and Transformation

The Gallery of Magick and our Publications

Q: What’s the best book for a complete beginner?

A: Words of Power by Damon Brand and The 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna Blaise are probably the easiest books to get into for a beginner. But you can afford to be led by your needs. If you are in need of Magickal Protection, Magickal Attack or Magickal Riches, there is no reason you can’t start there. All the books are suitable for beginners, and Sigils of Power has proven to be so safe and easy that it is well liked by beginners, and appears to get results for people more readily than anything else.

Q: Who are the members of The Gallery of Magick?

A: There are seventeen members of The Gallery, and those that have written books are Damon Brand, Adam Blackthorne, Zanna Blaise and Gordon Winterfield. Anybody else claiming to be a member of The Gallery of Magick is not telling the truth. Gordon covers darker material and Zanna writes about the more emotional aspects of magick, while Adam covers subjects on many aspects of magick. The books are all based on magick used and developed by The Gallery of Magick, so they reflect the work of The Gallery as much as they reflect the individual authors.

Q: What happened to your free eBook, The Power of Magick?

A: It’s been removed, because it only contained a small number of posts from this site – they are all still available here. We now recommend that readers absorb as many of the posts on this site as possible.

Magickal Riches by Damon Brand

Q: Where can I get free copies of the ebooks?

A: The free ebooks are available when you purchase new print copies through (no other Amazon sites work, unfortunately). If you purchased a print edition of a book, through Amazon, log in to your account and then go to this link, and hit the button that says ‘Find your Kindle Matchbook titles.’ Please note that it can take 24 hours or more for your free Matchbook to become available.

Q: Why aren’t paperbacks available in Canada anymore?

A: This is an Amazon issue, and one that they have said will be resolved in the future. For now they suggest ordering paperbacks from

Q: I want to buy your books but I’m having difficult ordering a book from my country. Can you help?

A: Thanks for your interest in the books, but unfortunately we can’t solve these problems any better than Amazon. You may want to contact them directly (to see if the books can be shipped to your address) via the Help button on their page. There are some countries that Amazon can’t deliver to, however, we do get queries from people saying they are having difficulty getting books shipped to a particular country, but at the same time many books have been delivered to the named country. As such, we can only suggest that there is a problem with the particular address or credit card being used. Amazon will be able to tell you whether or not a book can be ordered and delivered to you. Other options include getting a friend to order the book for you (in the same country or another one), ordering the book but using a friend’s address for delivery (with their permission), or using a different Amazon store closer to your country. You could even try obtaining secondhand copies of the book from eBay or other sellers, which might make delivery to your country easier.

Q: Can I just use one book or do I need to read them all?

A: Each book is completely self-contained. There is overlap, but each book can be used alone. If you learn techniques from one book and want to apply them to another, you may of course do so.

Q: How do we know you don’t pay people to write all those 5-Star reviews?

A: It’s quite easy to spot fake reviews. You click on the reviewer’s name or identity and see what else they have reviewed. Fake reviewers will tend to review several eBooks every day, and nothing but eBooks, on a mind-boggling array of subjects, and their reviews are quite general, being in the style of, ‘I really love this subject and find it interesting and well written.’ As you can see from the reviews of all The Gallery of Magick books, this is not the case; there are many long and detailed reviews. The paperback reviews are almost equal in number to the eBook reviews, proving that they are genuine – fakers only ever review digital products. A quick scan of the reviewers’ buying habits shows they also buy many physical products. These are, quite clearly, real people.

Of course, when somebody is successful, others will cry ‘fake’, and accuse you of being a fraud. This is inevitable, but misleading – you can see for yourself that the reviews are genuine. It’s also worth noting that Amazon publisher accounts can be closed down when fake reviews are spotted, so a serious publisher would not risk losing their ability to publish by dabbling in such tactics. The Gallery of Magick books have thousands of positive reviews, gathered over years, so I think it’s safe to say there’s no fakery.

If you’re uncertain, download the free sample or read it on the Amazon page, so you can form your own opinion. The magick clearly works, but you should find out if the style and content appeals to you before buying. If you remain suspicious and think it’s all a scam, then please just move along and don’t waste your time here.

Q: How can I contact the authors directly?

A: We are not generally open to private communication, due to the overwhelming number of private messages received. Several years ago, when our books weren’t very well known and there were only a few hundred people following this page and Facebook, we received 40 private questions a day. Now, with over 6000 followers (here and on Facebook), we’d get hundreds day. It already takes an average of an hour a day to answer public questions, so if we opened private questions, it would be a full-time job, and I’m afraid that’s just impossible for us.It’s worth noting that the vast majority of questions we have been asked (privately and publicly), are already answered in the FAQs, so hopefully you can find your answer on this site. The FAQ pages are closed to new questions about half of the time, as we are trying to encourage people to read thoroughly, and to try the magick out. Experience is a great teacher, and it became very clear that some people were doing far more asking and theorising than they were doing magick. The only way to get a magickal result is to do magick, and the books contain enough information to get results. If you have problems, read the posts and FAQs on this site. You will find answers.  We occasionally open to questions here and on Facebook, but we will close them down when they become excessive or too crazy.

Q: Can I do a Skype interview with you for my blog, or get you to appear at my convention?

A: To preserve the privacy of all members of The Gallery, I’m afraid this is not possible, but we are flattered by the many requests we receive. Also, we endeavour to keep everything we write on our own sites and pages, so that anybody falsely claiming to be us (in an occult forum, for example) can be rapidly discredited. For the record, we do not publish anywhere except in the books, on this site (, on and the Facebook pages of The Gallery of Magick and Zanna Blaise Music. Anything else you see out there – it’s not us.

Q: Do you run any official Facebook Groups? Do you post in any Facebook groups?

A: Absolutely not. We have The Gallery of Magick Facebook Page, which is open from time to time. Any other group is NOT us, and we don’t go there. There are some Facebook groups that explore our methods, but it should be made clear that none of these are official or approved, and no Gallery of Magick members ever read them, join them, run them or post in them. If anybody claims, on Facebook or elsewhere, to be a new member of The Gallery of Magick or a representative of ours, it is not true. We are aware that a few individuals are pretending to have joined The Gallery or to be friends of ours, but this is nothing more than wishful thinking on their part. As stated above, we do not publish anywhere except in the books, on, on and on the Facebook pages of The Gallery of Magick ( and Zanna Blaise Music ( Anything else that appears to come from us is a deception. Anybody claiming to be our leader is misleading you, because we have a round table, and no leader. All Facebook Groups are run by individuals with no connection to the actual Gallery of Magick.

Q: Can I hire you to perform a ritual for me?

A: The books are provided to that you can learn magick for yourself, so we do not perform work for hire. Some people out there offer to perform our rituals for you, charging hundreds of dollars. It’s your choice, but we know that at least two of these people, who claim to be experienced occultists, were asking us the most basic questions about magick just months before they started promoting their ‘rituals for hire’, so we know they are not the experienced experts they claim to be. If you do hire somebody, make sure they video the ritual or perform it live for you, so you know it’s actually happened. But the best advice is to save your money and work your own magick. It’s your connection to the magick that really counts.

The 72 Angels of Magick

Q: Did you know that somebody in an occult magick forum said some terribly negative things about you?

A: We stopped reading the forums a long, long time ago. They were useful and informative at one time, and may still be from time to time, but helpful sharing and discussion so often turns into posturing, defending positions and beliefs, attacking others, trying to win arguments or prove points, and it’s all very dull. If you believe what you read there and decide you don’t like our books because of it, that’s OK.

Q: I want printed copies of the sigils, but can’t print from the ebook. What do I do?

A: Most of the images are not available online. You can, however, use the images on a device such as a Kindle or iPad, and this works just as well as having a physical copy. Alternatively you can photograph the images on your device, or take a screenshot and print out from that. Physical copies are not required, but if you really want them you should buy the paperback, or the book Sigils and Talismans From The Gallery of Magick.

Q: Are you a recognized magickal order?

A: We are a small group of successful writers, artists, musicians and entrepreneurs known as The Gallery of Magick. Most of us grew up together. A few others came along later. We are not open to new members at present. We have worked to develop new technology in magick. Since 1982 only one member has left the group. If you know anything about magickal orders, you’ll know that arguments, schisms and disagreements abound, so this is quite unusual. For whatever reason, we have remained a group who – although we are not all the best of friends – continue to find magickal solutions to real-world challenges.

Q: I read that you share your knowledge because of certain ‘pacts’. What pacts were these, and are they dangerous?

A: When information is shared, there is often an obligation to continue the sharing process. That’s the extent of the pact. There was certainly no ‘deal with the devil’, even though the word ‘pact’ may conjure up that image for some people. It was more like a polite agreement made over dinner.

Q: What other books will you publish?

A: We now have a policy of announcing books only when they are just about to be published.

Q: Will you ever publish a book about obtaining Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel?

A: In late 2017, Damon Brand made this statement: ‘There is a way for me to communicate what needs to be communicated about the Holy Guardian Angel, and that is an exciting development, because for some time I thought it would be impossible to share the knowledge; it is, after all, an esoteric and much-misunderstood subject. I maintain that there won’t be a how-to book, because I am certain that many people are hoping that I will provide a quick, easy method. I can make it easier than it has ever been before, but I cannot make it easy, and any book that made such a promise would be doomed to disappoint. I have now implemented a plan to reveal the best methods that we know, without using any book, so that you can begin the journey to make direct contact with your Holy Guardian Angel. This communication does, however, require a lot of initial work from myself, and that means it will not be available for quite some time, so please be patient. I am only willing to release the material when it is absolutely ready to be shared.’

The Master Works of Chaos Magick by Adam Blackthorne

Q: Why are the images in my ebook really small?

A: Make sure you bought a genuine copy of the ebook directly through Amazon. There are unauthorized versions of the ebook available elsewhere online that contain small images, missing images and incorrect images. Needless to say, you will not get good results from such books. Some of these books also contain a link to this site, suggesting the images can be downloaded here. They cannot. The images should display correctly on Kindle devices, and any device running the Kindle app (such as an iPad or desktop PC or Mac). If you have a genuine copy, then on most devices, tapping (or double clicking) on the image will make the image expand to full size.

Q: Have you cursed illegal downloads?

A: We have cursed those who share the books illegally, and all who download illegally. But you should know that petty theft is the ultimate self-curse. If you steal books that cost a few dollars and then do magick, guess what happens? The magick amplifies the feeling of being a thief. You remain poor! You see the same people stealing books, year after year, and they never get magick to work the way it should. That curse on the self is stronger than any curse we could put in place.

Q: But shouldn’t this information be shared freely?

A: If you think that, you’ve never written a book. It takes years, it’s hard work, it costs money, answering questions takes many hours a week, and publishing is now considered an unstable and minor industry. In short, there are no big profits here. We do this for the love, but we don’t love it so much that we’ll put in years of effort without some reward. In all seriousness, we have considered giving the books away, but it would mean publishing one book every few years. We’d all be dead before the work was complete.

Q: Isn’t this curse just a myth? It sounds like a scare tactic.

The aim of the curse is not to ruin your life, but to make your magick less effective. It may work, it may not, but we are certain that pirates enter magick with a timid fear of money, which means that cannot thrive. We hardly need to curse them! Thankfully, we can see that 99% of people buy the books. This is good because the stolen books are full of distorted images (round images have been squashed and some images are blurred or incorrect). There are some pirate copies out there that contain misspelled words. The only way to know you’ve got the right magick is to buy it through Amazon. Does this make us greedy? No. It is common sense if we are to continue publishing. We keep the cost down to make the books affordable. If you can afford a device to read the books on (such as a phone, iPad or laptop), you can afford at least one book. If you want to judge the quality of the books first, Amazon provide free samples. If you don’t like what you see, don’t buy. Many professional writers move to working part-time, due to piracy. Their careers are being destroyed. Piracy is ruining the quality of work that is available to readers and robbing writers of careers they have worked hard for. Piracy is far from harmless. As such, we will always fight piracy in whatever ways we can – legally and otherwise. I understand that money is very tight for many people, but that doesn’t make theft of books acceptable. Just because it’s easier than shoplifting doesn’t make it OK. You are, of course, free to share a book within your home, with partners and close friends, or even give a book away. Deliberate theft will always be punished. People sometimes ask how they can reverse the curse if they change their minds. It’s as easy as deleting the pirated copies and buying the books you stole.

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Q: Where can I get hard copies of the images in the books?

A: Please see Sigils and Talismans From The Gallery of Magick. If the images you need are not in this particular volume, you will need to buy the specific paperback, but do remember that physical copies are optional, and you can easily use the sigils and talismans in the ebooks.

Q: I am desperately poor and need a copy of your books. You are wealthy, so can you give me a free copy of Magickal Cashbook or The Magickal Job Seeker to get me started?

A: We can certainly afford to, but it would be a breach of our publishing contract. More importantly, it’s not in your best interest. If you are genuinely so poor that you can’t even afford one book (which costs less than a basic lunch, or a pint of beer), then the level of desperation you’re feeling means that magick is unlikely to work as well as you want it to. It would be more effective to work on your immediate real-world problems, before turning to magick. Although magick can help you out of desperate situations, this ability usually comes later, when you have learned to be at ease with magick. Your first forays into magick should be done with a relaxed and, curious and confident open mind, rather than the desperate need for a result. Financial desperation can freeze your financial reality, and make change less likely. Although magick sometimes performs miracles for desperate people, it is rare when it comes to money. Please see: The Secrets of Money Magick. Also, there is absolutely no doubt that if you take the time to scrape together the few dollars required to buy the book, the sense of achievement and commitment will be more effective for you than if you just get a freebie. Freebies are easy to dismiss, and that would be a shame. The secrets in these books are priceless to those who learn to use them. For just a few dollars, you can change your life. I am not suggesting that you go without a meal in order to buy my book and make me a little wealthier. For the record, I abhor poverty and much of my time in the real world is spent trying to improve wages for the poor and find jobs for those who need them. So I don’t need your money. But I have heard many stories of people who found a way to scrape together the small price of this book, and never looked back. I hope this can work for you.


Q: I’ve read several books, but I’m not sure which magick is best. Can you advise me?

A: You need to trust your intuition. Nobody can know what you require as well as you know within yourself. Study the books closely, and try to sense if any of the rituals give you a feeling of potential or hope. If they do, they could work for you.

Q: There are books out there with identical titles to yours, and sometimes very similar author names. Are they related to The Gallery of Magick?

A: Not at all. We are aware of another Wealth Magick and a Magickal Seduction that appeared shortly after ours. There is also another Magickal Protection and a Words of Power. There’s no copyright on titles, but so there’s no confusion, The Gallery versions of these books are Wealth Magick by Damon Brand, Magickal Seduction by Damon Brand, Words of Power by Damon Brand and Magickal Protection by Damon Brand.

Q: Who writes the FAQs?

A: This FAQ was written by Damon Brand, and from late 2016 has been updated and written by Adam Blackthorne. Individual FAQs are answered by the individual authors, with contributions, editing and additions by Damon Brand, and after late 2016, Adam Blackthorne.

Q: Can I create a course based on your materials?

A: Anybody can teach the methods, but you are not allowed to claim authorship of the material, or include any materials from the books in any course materials, whether they are presented free of charge or commercially. It is fine to buy copies of the books to sell on to your students, but no other distribution of text or images is permitted. We do not endorse any courses or groups, so please do not claim that we have done so.


Questions About Money

Q: If I want to make some money, should I use Magickal Cashbook or Magickal Riches ?

A: The Cashbook is great for getting into magick and as you can see from the posts and reviews, it works quite readily. I believe Magickal Riches is the core book for understanding the relationship between money and magick, so that’s the one I like best.

Q: What’s the difference between Magickal Cashbook, Magickal Riches and Wealth Magick?

A: Magickal Cashbook gives one simple method for attracting cash out of the blue. Magickal Riches contains a Master Money Ritual, along with rituals that target specific financial areas, such as gambling, debt recovery, buying and selling, and so on. Wealth Magick is a long working aimed at changing your entire financial situation, and is only for readers who want to make wealth creation their primary focus.

Q: What can I do to make money magick more likely to work.

A: The best post we have about this is The Secrets of Money Magick.


When Things Don’t Work Out

Q: What if the magick doesn’t work?

A: Magick is only ever one factor in a situation, so it won’t always give the exact result you ask for, at the time you expect. It always works, however, in that it affects the situation and shifts the odds in your favour. If you see no obvious result, then the odds were really against you, or you were asking for something too far from your current place in the world. The key to all magickal success is breaking down your goals into reachable targets. Break your goals down into smaller, easier to achieve results, and work on them individually. If you want a promotion, don’t just do magick for a promotion – do magick to be a better worker, to look more appealing, to be a better team player or whatever is required to win the promotion. You can even bind your competition, of course. Break your goals down into smaller goals and magick works. Also, see this series of posts, and the next question.

Q: Why didn’t the magick work?

A: As you can see from the thousands of posts here, on Facebook, and the reviews on Amazon, magick works for most people. Know that magick works. Don’t test magick. Use it like you would use a screwdriver – assuming it will do what it was designed to do.

If it looks like the magick didn’t work, you might want to ask yourself, why didn’t the magick work yet? If you write off the results before you’ve given them a chance to work, you’re cancelling the magick before it’s had time to manifest. Although magick can work fast, patience is vital. It’s been said a thousand times before, but it’s worth repeating: when you are prepared to wait a year for results, they can come in an instant. When you are prepared to wait a month., they can come in days. If you demand instant results, you may have to wait a long time. Accept that the magick will work, and then stop hassling reality with your desperation for a result. There are many articles about this. Try reading these posts:

The Art of Indirect Magick

Banishing Your Lust For Result

The Pathways of Magick

It’s also worth noting, that when you use magick in an emergency situation, the results may not be immediately obvious due to the momentum of your previous reality. If you’re experiencing a run of bad luck, magick can stop that instantly; but you also need to be aware that you may be in such a tangled web of problems that it takes time for things to really pick up. You also need to do all you can to smooth your path. This is especially true with money magick. You might put money magick in place, and then get a run of bills, and wonder why you’re becoming poorer. This is often because magick has set things in motion, but the flow of your current reality is yet to be redirected. In short, give it time. (Also, for money magick, please make sure you’ve read The Secrets of Money Magick.)

If you’re completely new to magick it could be that you’ve approached it with too much desperation, or that you didn’t read the instructions correctly. I often say that imperfect magick is better than no magick, but people frequently rush through, skips bits and hope for the best. There is no substitute for sitting down with the book, reading thoroughly an understanding fully. These posts can help get your  magick working:

The Skills of Magick

Targeting Your Magick

Five Ways To Get Magick Working: Part 1

The Power of Magickal Decision

The Truth About Magick That Works

The Secret of Instant Magick

Q: What happens if I’m interrupted in the middle of a ritual. Will there be a backlash?

A: The worst that can happen when magick ‘goes wrong’ is that nothing will happen. The spirits do not suddenly turn on you because you were interrupted. If the ritual ends unexpectedly, the atmosphere of magick and contact is immediately broken, in most cases. So all that has happened is nothing – the ritual was never completed. It is best to simply repeat the ritual when convenient. The ideal solution is to plan accordingly, to avoid this, but otherwise, just stop and start again when you have privacy.

Q: My comment was removed. Why? Do you censor your pages?

A: We welcome many different opinions and points of view, from all races and all backgrounds, but this page and the Facebook pages are moderated to prevent flame wars, boring arguments and other debates that are best left in occult forums. If anybody is obviously trolling, repeatedly posting the same theoretical question, or being rude, angry, aggressive, abusive, or insulting other users of the page, then those comments are removed. In some cases we ban the user, because it’s easier than entering into a boring debate. Life is too short to waste on social media – try magick instead! This doesn’t mean we remove all negative comments. Far from it, as you can see. But we want to keep the focus on the magick, so we reserve the right to stop people from lowering the tone, in the hope that the discussions can remain interesting, rather than descending into personal bickering or soapboxing.

Q: Why can’t I post without logging in?

A: This is for practical and legal reasons.


Theoretical Questions about Magick

Q: What’s the theory behind all this? Why does magick work?

A: We do not discuss theory unless it’s absolutely relevant to practical magick. There are thousands of books on magickal theory, and our purpose is to provide books that offer unique practical solutions. That is where our focus will remain for now.

Also, there is no single theory. There are as many theories as there are occultists. Some people talk of access to divine power, while others think it’s down to quantum physics. Between those two extremes, there are countless theories, and nobody knows what is true. If I were to state my version of the theory, it would be just that. One theory.

When magick works, or when you sense the power of magick, it is to be expected that you will wonder how it works. This can lead to frustration when you search for answers, because there are so many answers on offer, but so few that are satisfying. Personal introspection on the nature of magick can yield great insight. The experience of magick, and your own connection to magick, is probably the best way to get an understanding of what’s going on in the background.

Q: What’s the difference between an angel and a demon?

A: This falls into the realm of theory (see above), and can’t be answered adequately because the answer is usually personal based on your own background, beliefs and so on. One person’s answer it rarely another person’s truth. There are countless books on this subject, but we prefer to focus on the practical, because any answer we give will only provoke debate rather than understanding. But you may find it interesting to know that those who work with both the angels and demons know that are both capable of wisdom or wrath. If demons disturb you, there is no need to get involved with them at all.


Q: Why do some rituals last five days, eleven days, thirty-three days and so on?

A: Timeframes are sometimes down to tradition, sometimes experience. One reason to repeat a ritual is that it ensures that any mistakes you make on any given day are less important. The timeframes suggested are the ideal ways of performing a ritual. If you only have one spare day to call on an angel, it’s better to make that call than to do nothing at all.

Q: Do I need to belong to a particular religion?

A: No. The magick is even used successfully by atheists. But only you can know whether you feel the magick conflicts with your religion. More important than religious belief, by far, is a willingness to open the pathways to change, to approach it with confidence, to be casual at the same time, and to be open-minded rather than testing it out to see if it works.

Q: You seem to ignore astrology. Should I time my magick to planetary influences or the phases of the moon?

A: If it matters to you or worries you, then go ahead and use planetary correspondences and timings, but unless specifically mentioned, you can work the magick at any time. We do.

Magickal Seduction by Damon Brand

Q: Sometimes you seem to shorten chants and words of power. Some of the Hebrew words appear to have the wrong letters. Are these mistakes?

A: No, everything has been checked and is written as it’s meant to be. In some places acronyms are used (which leads to the Hebrew reading strangely), and in others traditional words are  ‘smudged’ (swapping letters and so on) to create a specific effect. See also: Pronunciation and Spelling FAQ

Q: You mention commanding spirits, including angels, but should we really be commanding such powerful beings?

A: We could debate this for years (and occultists often do), but spirits of all kinds should be treated like workers. They are not there to be worshipped, but under certain circumstances they will work for you. A good manager does not shout at the workers, but nor does a boss bow down and praise the workers and beg them to finish a task. Your approach to spirits should be to give them their instructions, politely, then leave them alone to get on with the job. If you worship them, treat them rudely or keep checking up on them, they won’t work as effectively. The word ‘command’ does not offended spirits. A ‘command’ is a polite way of stating clearly that this is your intended result.

Q: If spirits are like workers, shouldn’t we pay them?

A: Some people think that making offerings to spirits is the key to success. After all, you would pay your workers. I find that spirits need nothing other than gratitude. They require that you appreciate the result. If you perform magick for a result, then realize it’s not the result you wanted, the spirits might not be so happy about that. In dreams begin responsibilities. In short, be careful what you wish for. Magick works, and you have to live with the consequences of your magick. So, if you want to pay a spirit, feel appreciation for the result. If you really feel the need, thank the spirit politely, but don’t worship or pray or offer blood or you’ll end up paying for a long time. There are many respected and brilliant occultists who disagree with me, so feel free to do your own research and experimentation, but I find that spirits love gratitude, and they love it when you enjoy the magick and the result. They especially love it when you put effort into the working as well. Although you need to let go out your lust for result, you need to balance your request with effort. If you’re trying to seduce, for example, don’t stay at home and expect miracles. That’s like asking somebody to go jogging with you and then standing still as they run away. You have to join in with the magick for it to work. Put in some effort, feel some gratitude and that is far more effective than offering incense, water, blood or food.

 Q: Are the works all your own?

A: Many of the ideas are drawn from ancient and texts, including private collections, and are inspired by modern methods, but the workings themselves were created by The Gallery of Magick. All ancient symbols, regardless of origin, have been redrawn by members of The Gallery.

Q: Is you work based on the teachings of the occultist Geof Gray-Cobb?

A: No, that would be a great exaggeration as he was only an inspiration to some of us in the early days. Although initial experiments were inspired by his work, it goes no further than that, and his methods, ideas and approaches to magick were entirely different to the ones that we have published. Gray-Cobb made the spirit Nitika popular amongst some occultists, but Nitika has been around much longer than Gray-Cobb, and is listed as one of The Genii of The Twelve Hours in the Nuctemeron (from the 1st Century AD). Gray-Cobb used some traditional Hebrew words of power, and we have used such words of power, but this is traditional in this style of occult work and our interpretation and pronunciation of these words is entirely different to his, as is the phrasing and terminology used in the rituals. Gray-Cobb was mentioned in a couple of my early books out of historical interest and respect for the inspiration he provided, but while his work was certainly fascinating at the time, it was only a starting point that led us to primary source materials that predate his work by many centuries.


Q: Is there a ritual to end poverty, end war and save the environment?

A: If there was a ritual for World Peace, we would be performing it. That is, if there was a ritual that worked. There have been many large rituals, over the decades, aimed at this. And people do use magick in politics. But there is nothing we can do to just cure the world, because magick is about affecting our sphere of influence. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do. The influence of one individual on any given situation can be enormous. But as always, with magick, the key is to see what you can change, and then break that problem down and direct the magick at those changes. When you change your own world, it has a ripple effect. So if you are able to change a few minds, or bring more peace to a place, or more rationality, that is good. But can you affect the feelings of Congress with magick? Highly unlikely. There are too many other factors in play. But you can affect the minds and hearts of those you know. The ripples will be felt. If you move in political circles, the ripples will be felt in more influential places. Magick is used by pressure groups, political campaigners and others who affect that state of the world, and it makes a difference, but it is all about finding what change you actually want to make, and then supporting your real-world efforts with magick.

Q: Can radionics be used with your magick?

A: We have no evidence of a beneficial effect from using radionics, but feel free to experiment.


Questions About Safety and Side Effects

Q: I felt anxious/tired/melancholy after performing the magick, and then several things went wrong and I had disturbed sleep/nightmares. Is this the magick going wrong?

A: A very small number of people find some initial discomfort when starting magick. The magick generally requires that you use emotional transmutation, and dealing with such deep emotions can stir things up within you. This is more likely if you have some resistance or guilt regarding the use of magick, or if you feel uncomfortable using magick to manifest money or other results. If you do feel uncomfortable, you can simply stop, and then start again at a later date and see if things improve. Many people, however, find that continuing for a few days helps them to get a clearer understanding of their emotions, and the discomfort soon passes. As for other apparent side-effects, these are most likely not caused by magick. As I once said in an article, ‘Bad things happen to people every day, so when somebody writes to me and says, “I started doing magick and my cat got sick,” I assume that cat just ate something bad. Magick is safe unless you deliberately go out of your way to attract trouble.’ See also: A Touch of the Supernatural.

Q: I think I’ve been cursed. Can you help me?

A: Most of the time what seems to be a curse is nothing more than normal life. Magick enables you to control your circumstances to get more of what you want with fewer dark times, so the best way to tackle a suspected curse is to begin controlling your destiny through magick. With that said, real curses do exist, and they can do a lot of harm. The protection book covers ways to stop and prevent curses.

Magickal Protection by Damon Brand

Q: I’ve been brought up to believe magick is evil, but I want to try magick. Should I?

A: Possibly not, but the only way to find out is to try it out. It is very easy to do evil in the world without magick. Magick itself is not evil, and the magick in the books was designed with constraints to make it safe. Trust your intuition.

Q: If I do money magick, will my parents die so I can get their inheritance?

A: The story goes that you do money magick, and then your parents die in a car crash so you get some quick money and you have to live with the guilt forever. While it is true that magick does take the path of least resistance, there are much easier ways for you to get money than by having your parents die. If you try to curse somebody to death you’ll find it very difficult indeed, so don’t expect death to happen due to a magickal accident. The magick in these books has been constrained to remain safe, so you can be assured that nobody you care about will come to harm. Magick is about controlling your destiny, not having awful accidents happen to your loved ones. See The Balance Of Magick.

Q: Will I be punished or get bad karma when the magick works?

A: No. We’ve been associated with magick and many occultists for a long time. We have seen people cast the most terrible curses without any problems occurring. We have seen people accrue great wealth and nothing goes wrong for them. Magick is about making choices and deciding what happens to you, rather than letting life happen to you through a series of random events and the choices of others. There’s no reason you should have to pay for that freedom. See The Balance of Magick.

Q: Do the spirits get annoyed if we keep pestering them with requests?

A: No.

MAGICK DISCLAIMER: Magick is not for everybody. If you are drawn to magick, you will get good results. If you are afraid of magick, you will not. The magick in these books has been developed by The Gallery of Magick to get results safely. There is plenty of evil in the world, but there is no evil in these books. You will not be punished by karma or chased down by demons. But if you are afraid of magick or think that magick is evil, these books are not for you. If you’re uncertain, you can read more about magick in the posts on this website. If you feel that magick can help you take control of your life, then welcome the power that these books offer.

SITE DISCLAIMER: Consider all information on this site, including comments and replies, to be speculation and not professional or personal advice, to be used at your own risk. The Gallery of Magick is not responsible for the consequences of your actions, and the information is never intended to replace or substitute for psychological or medical advice from a professional practitioner, and when it comes to issues of physical health, mental health or emotional conditions, no advice is given or implied, and you should always seek conventional, professional advice. The information on this site is provided on the understanding that you will use it in accordance with the laws of your country.


Questions will be open from time to time. There are extensive FAQ pages for each book; see the top of this page. Your are strongly urged to experience the magick for yourself. Experience gives you all the answers you need.  Most relevant questions have been asked and answered many times. Please read the FAQs all the way through before asking your question. Please note that questions, comments and replies may take some time to appear on the page.

379 thoughts on “The Gallery of Magick FAQ

  1. Thanks for everything you all have shared. Practical magick is such a rare treasure, i worry some may not appreciate how difficult it used to be to come by. Thanks.

    I have two questions that seem sufficiently complex to warrant a post, and while they may have been covered, i have reviewed this site and books as best i can, so…

    1. The advanced calling has produced…strange results for me. It is perhaps, my least friendly ritual, but i continue because of the brilliant design and purpose. But performing it leads to me seeing very disturbing images during the ritual…unsettling ones. No other GoM material has done this. I felt intuitively that it would be wise to ask you here about this, so i am. Why would this happen, any insights? Verrrry disturbing.

    2. I have a particular issue with my magick yielding partial results. Ive done insight magick in AoA regarding surrender and lust for results, zannas book in all sorts of ways, and some others ive forgotten. My desire is still there and i see movement…and the catastrophic backsliding. Im doing a lot of magick, but not out of fear, it seems required, but i feel like im plugging holes and new ones form. I trust magick and the desire is genuine. Any intuition on how i should move forward?

    Ive sought to answer both of these myself for some time, so i hope im not wasting time here. Ive had many lovely results. Thanks!

    1. Hi. Glad you’re pleased with results.

      When it comes to the Advanced Calling, it’s designed to give you mystical insights into yourself. How those are seen, felt, interpreted – that is open to so much variation. Now this doesn’t mean that if you’re seeing unsettling things that you’re an unsettling person, but that your initial foray into this form of insight is being interpreted this way. So it could be that – the mystical insight is difficult to interpret, and being seen in a way that feels very strange. It could appear unsettling because it’s new. Or it could be that it’s uncovering stuff about yourself that’s difficult to confront – again, doesn’t mean bad stuff, just things that can be overwhelming. This ritual can make people have the smallest experiences, where they just gradually get hunches about themselves, and for others the images and feelings are dramatic. It’s valuable stuff, but I’d say that if ever it’s uncomfortable, back off, give it come space. Contemplate what you’ve seen and then only go back when you’re comfortable. There’s nothing dangerous about it, but sometime it can take time to interpret what you’re seeing and to feel at ease with it. It’s not a form of magick that ever needs to be rushed.

      When you hit the sort of wall you’re talking about a good solution is to stop all magick, for a month or more. Just leave it be. That way you are forced rot focus on the mundane, and ironically that gives the magick you have done some room to stir things up and get them moving. Often you’ve done enough magick, but if you keep throwing in more, the magick can’t really build momentum as there are always new instructions. If you really want to keep going, then find one easy desire to focus on and work with that, but honestly, a break as is a great way. People sometimes just about forget magick and then, bam, it all unfolds and you realise that the magick has worked, and on you go. It sounds like you’re being tactical and dealing with underlying issues, so that’s not a problem, but sometimes it can just be good to back off and see how things unfold. And sometimes, yeah, a week later you go, ‘I’m getting back into magick,’ because you get real clarity about what’s needed. But worth taking a break.

      1. Thanks for your prompt and insightful reply. I think youre quite right, the magick is working harmoniously, but needs space to stop readjusting to more reality manipulation. My intuition was saying to surrender, but i thought it meant the whole desire, to which i said hogwash. I think its the angels and demons politely asking me to stop moving the target.

        I was primarily concerned that my reaction to the advanced calling was cause for alarm or super rare. Seeing that its not, im fine with continuing it. Just wanted to make sure it was working as intended.

        Thanks again!

  2. Hi Adam,
    Some time ago Damon opened and closed online school of magick. Are there any plans on reopening it? I know everyone in the Gallery of Magick is very busy, but maybe someone has an aspiration to teach or mentor. Also, maybe I missed it but I never heard how the world ritual went for G.O.M. It would be nice to know how it went on your side.

    Thank you

    1. The worldwide ritual was a great success for us, and from what we heard, for many others. As for the online school it was too time-consuming for us (30 or 30 techie questions a day, before we even got to magick) – to do it again we’d have to hire staff, and hiring people with enough knowledge about magick is very, very difficult. So for now, no immediate plans. It’s possible we’ll open it up for courses with limited appeal, for a select audience, maybe even by invitation, so we wouldn’t need staff to run it; we could do it ourselves on a small scale. There are some subjects that aren’t really ideal for books, but that some people might enjoy in a course.

  3. Hi… I’ve been working a lot with the DOM book. And I’m wondering, if I’m going to be petitioning 3 different demons in an afternoon, can I do the ritual opening once, then the core Ritual and license to depart for each of the demons in turn. Or should I do the opening each time for each demon? Many thanks in advance…

  4. $ Question for Gallery of Magick $

    Q1: When putting in requests to demons can we put a timeline or date?

    Q2: Are demons (or others) intuitive enough to figure out the specifics. For example I am dying to get this really expensive domain name. Do I word my request “I have my dream domain” or “I own the domain”? Or “I have a luxury car” vs “I have the new Mercedes Cl300”?

    Q3: I’ve read people have a hard time with the demons and influence magic. (I.e.: doing the magic to influence your loving boyfriend to propose, but instead you guys argue and it gets heated). Why do things like this occur? What could be the possible explanations? It makes me nervous to do influence magic with them in fear the opposite will occur.

    Q4: How powerful is the magickal protection? Like will I be protected against people that are high ranking in black magick or other forms?

    Sorry for all the random questions. I can’t help but to seize opportunity to ask the actual GOM!!! Love you guys work

    1. 1. Can be useful if essential, but also can limit results. Imagine you insist something happens by July, but the ONLY way it could actually happen was by aligning all events to bring a result by September. Better to get the result eventually than to miss the result. Use time with caution.

      2. Spirits of all kinds can be highly intuitive and can sense possible futures, but this is more about the limits you place. If you leave it more open, there are thousands of ways the spirits could potentially solve the problem for you, rather than just one. So more general can be more possible. BUT, some specificity gives power. I think you find the balance through experience. And sometimes through intuition.

      3. It’s way easier to change who you are and let people respond to that, than to influence people directly. Rather than trying to make somebody fall for your proposal influence, better to use magick to make the relationship everything it can be – shine and be great and bring all the openness and love you can, using magick to help. That works really well. Influence needs to be used wisely. And it’s unpredictable because you’re dealing with human beings. Curse one person and they will crumble, while others will retaliate. Use a ritual to improve love and some will retreat, even though the magick worked, because they have a fear of deep feelings. People are complex. But there’s also a lot of online disinformation about how things go wrong – you know, scaremongering and tales of woe. They usually don’t go that wrong, but the reality is that people are complex.

      4. Attack is rare, and that’s the main point that’s missed. Sustained attack is very rare. If you protect often you probably have more energy and commitment than any attacker, so you can remain protected. If something does slip through the general protection, the more specific protection can clear it out. Or you can use the divination and protection in the archangels book to get to the bottom of things. Mostly, though, high ranking occultists just don’t waste their time. Life is too good.

  5. Hello! I know it’s policy not to comment when the upcoming books are coming, but could you at least tel us what other subjects you have in mind?

    Also since Damon released for i believe it’s his masterwork Archangels of Magick, what other subjects could u be planning to write about?

    Are you planning to release theory books?

    1. I’m afraid not, for the same reason. If I once mention ‘subject x’ like we did with the Holy Guardian Angel a while back, there’s a mass of expectation and then disappointment if it doesn’t appear when expected. We’re not trying to be awkward or secretive for the sake of it, but just so people don’t get wound up when things go slower, or when plans change. Right now, nothing is in the works. Damon’s finished for the time being, I have to run this site so have no spare time for writing, and everybody else is busy (or not a writer), so I wouldn’t expect anything for some time. But we really, really appreciate the interest and excitement, and hopefully somebody will give you something to be excited about before too long. Right now, the new book should keep everybody busy with magick to use for at least a year, and it would feel dismissive of that book to put something else out too soon.

      No theory directly; there are thousands of books already. But there may be a history of our life with magick – Damon started that, a sort of bio of the Gallery. That’s the only other book we’ve mentioned. It would contain theory and ideas alongside the story of what happened to get us where we are.

  6. With the evocation ritual can we can ask for more than one request during the same session? (For DOM and new book)

    Regarding DOM. I know you want us to use intuition, however, I have a specific question about Sallos. “To inspire someone to feel a love…” Could I potentially use this and ask for a proposal? I know it’s not perfect. But if a proposal is what I’m seeking would this be the best use of my time?

    I have a slight terror about working with spirits. Like I’m afraid of them but not afraid. Like I don’t want to see or sense them, I just want to know they are there and helping me. Will this prevent my work with the angels or demons from going well? Speaking of terror, is there a particular ritual I could do to remove my weird fear of spirits and the dark? I’m like afraid of everything lol.

    Thank you !!!!!

    1. Please see Q: Can I perform several rituals at once? and Q: Can I perform magick from several books at the same time? They give an overview, as do the posts they link to. But generally, patient magick done in sequence is better than asking for lots of things at once. If everything is part of one problem, then yes, it may make sense, but asking for a list of different things shows a lack of focus, usually.

      Looks like your intuition took you to Sallos. I’d trust that.

      I strongly recommend reading the above FAQ because it covers many of your concerns. It also links to this: which is useful if you have a fear of working with spirits. It’s not uncommon, but hopefully that post and this FAQ will clear up some misconceptions, and that can be all you need, sometimes. If you remain afraid, despite all this, then it would be wise to build up with magick like The 72 Sigils of Power, which uses the underlying powers behind angelic names, then angels etc, and slowly build up to other stuff.

      – Adam B

  7. Q1: What route should I take if I want to experience an orgasm? I don’t have any medical concerns and I am young. I’ve just never had one. Would it be a waste to call on poiel to obtain any desire (such as a desire to experience an orgasm for first time)? Or is there another sigil, angel, demon, etc I should try?

    Q2: Can you use an entity for two different purposes in two back to back rituals? Ie: At 5am do ritual with Achiah to make my business popular, then at 5:30am when I’m done do another whole ritual with Achaiah to turn my enimies into friends?

    Q3: What would be the best plan of action to gain friends? I have like NO friends because I’ve moved around all my life. Now I’m planted firm, but in my twenties its hard to get or maintain friends because at this age everyone already has their set of friends.

    1. Hi. 1. If there are no medical concerns then a lot of people improve sexual enjoyment with Haniel – Damon’s new books, Archangels of Magick covers that angel and the associated powers. How you’d use that and integrate that into your life might not be immediately obvious and would be down to you. But that’s the best way to go, I’d say.

      2. Yes, but please see Q: Can I perform several rituals at once? and Q: Can I perform magick from several books at the same time? – they give an overview on the ‘too much at once’ problem that can occur. Just enough patience to make sure each ritual gets your full energy.

      3. Oh I know that feeling! There’s a sigil to Attract Worthy Friendship in my book, Sigils of Power and Transformation. Helps if you look at any other issues that might be affecting it. Some people (and I’m not saying you, but as an example) find it difficult to go out, try new things, etc., or get stuck in a rut and this exacerbates the problems, and there’s a load of rituals in there that help with general confidence and the things that can help!

  8. This has probably been asked before, but I couldn’t find it. Why should Angels, Demons or whatever help us or work with or for us? Thanks.

    1. Hi Julie. The problem is that a question like this can be answered in thousands of ways – and the are, literally, thousands of books out there trying to do that, without any single idea being accepted as true. To answer it would take a book, and even then we might be wrong,and it wouldn’t help the magick. So we say that if you want to use magick, your experience of it will probably give you better answers – you get a feel for how and why this works.

      It’s kind of covered above under: Q: What’s the theory behind all this? Why does magick work?

      “We do not discuss theory unless it’s absolutely relevant to practical magick. There are thousands of books on magickal theory, and our purpose is to provide books that offer unique practical solutions. That is where our focus will remain for now.

      Also, there is no single theory. There are as many theories as there are occultists. Some people talk of access to divine power, while others think it’s down to quantum physics. Between those two extremes, there are countless theories, and nobody knows what is true. If I were to state my version of the theory, it would be just that. One theory.

      When magick works, or when you sense the power of magick, it is to be expected that you will wonder how it works. This can lead to frustration when you search for answers, because there are so many answers on offer, but so few that are satisfying. Personal introspection on the nature of magick can yield great insight. The experience of magick, and your own connection to magick, is probably the best way to get an understanding of what’s going on in the background.”

  9. Hi Adam,

    Is there any magick for pets? I know I might risk sounding a little cuckoo… but I consider my cats my family. Is there any rituals for maintaining their health? Healing? Communication?
    Or I can use those that are designed for humans?

    I have worked with a few of the 72 Angels and Angels of Alchemy. To be honest I don’t feel much of their presence or energy during rituals. But recently I started working a few Ritual 1 with the demons and I love their energy, there’s a very strong sense of presence. It makes me wonder, does that mean I’m more suitable with working with demons since I’m more tuned in to their energy? The few times I work with the demon I don’t feel much, but I assume my request still went through?

    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Linda. Nothing specific, but I know lots of people adapt the rituals in this way. But often its a last, desperate measure when a pet is dying, and usually fails. But for general healing and communication, why not?

      Demonic energy is just a bit easier to feel, I think, so it doesn’t mean the results will be better. I could be wrong (about anything, let’s be honest! Haha) BUT, I think the extent to which you feel effects rarely has any effect on the result. You can do a ritual and feel zero, nothing and it gets a superb result. But if you find the feeling helps you connect and believe and let go, well that helps, yeah.

      Cheers, Adam.

  10. It was suggested by an acquaintance of mine to post this here. I’ve copied and pasted my original post from Chris Tanner’s Meeting of the Magickal Mind page on Facebook.

    I had a kind of WTF? moment today and it’s nagging at me so here it is. Yesterday I posted under a thread that Vince started saying I did my first two Sword Banishing rituals. Mentioned that I got slight chills down my back after I completed the ritual each time. Thought it was odd. It wasn’t totally creepy, kind of like the feeling I get when something is stopping by for a visit (happens a couple times a year). Not what I would call malicious but also not totally benign either. Kind of a feeling something is in the shadows checking things out it.

    Near the end of the Ritual, which I did right before doing the Master Money Ritual, at the point where I said NATZAREE-ELL and OZEE-ELL, the part where you pull the micro-sun from your chest and expand it for your selected area, a cloud went over the sun and the room darkened markedly. Was very distracting to say the least. I literally stopped for a moment and thought “okay, that probably shouldn’t happen” and kinda didn’t know what to do for a few seconds. I hesitated long enough that it was REALLY difficult to come around and visualize the big ball of light expanding/encasing me and the room I was in. I did it anyway but couldn’t really imagine it properly at all.

    What the hell is up with that? Was it a coincidence? Some might say there are no coincidences. Is something trying to block what I’m doing? That would piss me the hell off because it’s my f**king house. Dogs and cat didn’t seem to react as far as I could tell but I was trying to get my focus back so I could have missed something.

    I have a tiny feeling in my gut that some shithead attachment might be causing this. Have had a feeling for the last almost two years that I’ve got a suction-cupped, tentacled, monkey on my back. That image and those words pop into my head from time to time, which is why I started checking out the Protection Rituals.
    I almost bought some Stibnite last month but held off for some reason. I’m also still waiting on friends to get my St. Benedict medals blessed…..since 1.5 weeks before Easter fer cryin’ out loud…..going on 3 months now! Sigh.

    Some further details that may or may not be pertinent. I first started working the Master Money Ritual while on vacation last week at a beach house rental –

    (Chris mentioned that when you start working with Magick you light yourself up on the Astral big time.)

    Me – Funny you mention about lighting up big time. A day or two after starting the Master Money Ritual down at the beach something just felt a little off. I didn’t do it at the house we stayed in, usually on the deck or on the steps leading to the beach and a couple times in the truck in two different parking lots while I was out and about. I did clear my room with Sage when I first got there and it felt clean afterward, didn’t do it anywhere else in the house tho.
    Considering I was drinking a lot down there I just kind of blew off the feelings mostly. Although they happened when I wasn’t drinking. Big surprise there?

    – I’d be interested to hear any thoughts you might have on the above, regardless of confirming or dismissing what I wrote. Thank you.


    1. Hi. As you’ve probably heard, this usually works so well and so easily, that if there’s resistance it may be a sign of something else. Usually, when people think they’ve been attacked or cursed or have some sort of attachment, I reassure that it’s way less likely than they think – but the SB should just work. If it doesn’t, it sounds as though the actual ability to perform magick is being hampered. Which is a bit weird, as that’s a rare form of attack, only used when then other knows you’re up to something. In other words, I’m no wiser than you on what this/these events may be or mean. You don’t sound like beginners, clearly, so forgive me if this sounds too obvious, but sometimes starting magick or moving into new magick can stir up some stuff in yourself that may be resistant to it. If you hate and loathe money deep down, effective money magic can make you feel really uncomfortable – I’m talking about myself there, and how I was with it at first. It can also be that protection magick alerts you to an attack, and then you just keep going until you win. And sometimes it can just be that you’re very perceptive, and as the world changes and goes a bit unusual (because magick makes things less than normal)) you sense it and things feel a bit off. Persistence usually makes it settle, and if you intuit that there’s an attack or attachment, expanding and persisting with the protection seems to do the trick. Cheer, Adam.

      1. Thank you, it was very helpful and I appreciate that you took the time to respond and elaborate. J



  11. Hello GOM (Adam),

    I have a question.

    So at the moment I have determined I am going to win the jackpot lottery. I know, I know. It’s very frowned upon. I feel like in every GOM book there is at least one reference that says something along the lines of “but don’t expect a lottery win” or etc etc. and yes I’m aware that “randomly bouncing balls are far more difficult to control”.

    But someone has to win! The “odds” may be 1 in a billion, but again why can’t that one person be me? I’ve heard of the lady Cynthia Stafford that used LOA and meditation and whatnot to get the exact amount she wrote down. Then I heard of a guy who had a voice in his head to play certain numbers and he won. My uncle once won $250,000.

    Why do I want a lottery you say? Because I want $350+ million in one sitting (not saying I want to win the lottery in the next week, month or year). Just saying I want a large sum of money in one sitting and I actually want to spend a large portion of it. According to what I’ve read in the GOM books, there is nothing wrong with that. It’s almost like the books say you can get anything you desire; levitate, be psychic, see spirits, oh but you won’t win the lottery.

    All of that to say..I understand you guys discourage lottery winning because the “odds” may not be in your favor or that people expect to do a ritual then hit the jackpot. I don’t expect that. I will not think the magick doesn’t work if I never won. But I’m willing to TAKE THAT CHANCE.

    But my question is: Are there any rituals (with reasonable expectations) that I could do that would help things turn in my favor? (I have all of the GOM books) So far I am thinking:

    * Poiel- Obtain any desire (72 angels of magic) for the obvious purpose to obtain any desire.

    * Banish fear or worry (greater words of power) – because once I get out my head the worry or fear of not winning I can enjoy the process and be grateful while casually playing.

    * Silence the negative voice (sigils of power) – because I truly believe I can and will win. It is only a matter of time. I just have my subconscious giving me negative voices from time to time.

    * Yisrael (angels of alchemy) – I wanted to use the angel of imagination because I do believe in the law of attraction. If I can increase and make my visualizations more real I can have fun visualizing and it’s more likely to become a reality.


    * Chaho (72 sigils of power) – Results magic, to create a new reality. I want to make my visions of wining the lottery a reality.

    Just humor me pleeeease. IF you were trying to attempt what I am, would these be what you would go after. (Pretending that you believed that magic just could work for lottery). After I finish these rituals for this purpose, I will let go. And live my life. Trust me, I am not desperate just a determined person.

    Thank you so much.

    1. The reason we repeat it is that experience tells us two things; magick doesn’t help with this for anything other than smaller wins attained by a better ability to predict numbers, and large wins make people unhappy. Google it! People who suffered accidents and became paraplegic showed happiness scores that were slightly higher than lottery winners. So, even if the magick worked, we wouldn’t advise it. Most people aren’t prepared for that level of disruption. Even Damon’s book Wealth Magick, which only causes the level of disruption you seek, frightens the socks of people. Disruption! Arghhhh. So a lottery win is just hell for people who aren’t used to money.

      If you still believe it’s worth doing, look at the people who have become happy from it – they usually won amounts that were not the highest jackpots. And if you want to do that, then you could practice everything you say above, but also work on prediction. Get better at predicting or guessing numbers. Practice with smaller amounts and build up. If you see signs that you’re getting better at this, then you know it’s a worthwhile pursuit. But please bear in mind that the feelings you want to get from money, and even the money itself, can be attained in other ways – that’s what we advise. And just to be clear we have never said you can levitate!

  12. Hi Adam,

    Just wondering about if there’s going to be a book of astral projection by GOM’s. I wrote to Damon about this and he told that It may or may not happen but it’s still up for a discussion. I’m also excited for the HGA book coming soon! =D

    Thanks Adam.

    1. Hi JC. Almost certainly not. The truth is, mot of the books out there are about as good and bad as each other and the techniques work and we couldn’t improve on them much. What we would throw in would be the ritual magick that can assist. But that’s already scattered through the books. If you look for magick that can help with psychic powers, willpower, even creativity – there’s a lot that can free up this process. And then the standard techniques work. As for the HGA book, please see above: Q: Will you ever publish a book about obtaining Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel?

  13. Hello 🙂 First of all thank you very much for writing and publishing all those wonderful books and giving your audience the opportunity to ask questions! I would like to ask a question concerning Magickal Protection by Damon Brand. I started today with activating the sigil with the angelic and magick names and afterwards I started out with doing the Sword Banishing once. At one point I saw a blue/white light (like a lightning) appearing on the page for seconds which was a neat experience. Also I suddenly felt happiness arising when reading out loud the angelic names. I took those as positive and comfoting signs. After that I went outside to get some groceries and on my way I had a noticeable amount of quite annoying encounters with some harsh folks. Especially one old lady that I politely asked if she needed help with her grocieries. She screamed at me and got excessively angry for no visible reason. It was just the kind of atmosphere that I can’t stand. This happened although I was in a good mood and trying to help. So I was wondering if there could be ANY kind of link to the banishing I did before? Not to imply that the banishing was causing the harm. Rather to understand if there might have been another invisible process triggered through it that could lead to those annyoing encounters…I’d be happy to learn and understand those processes – if they are existent. I do realize that it just could be coincidence but being involved in the occult I try not to discount certain events as coincidences beforehand and to consider other possibilities as well…thank you in advance!

    1. Hello. Thank you for your kind words. I like your descriptions – very familiar. As for what happened, I’d say coincidence. It’s easy for me to say, I know. But what often happens is this type of magick makes you begin to see things and notice things and see the symbolism of everything. This can be good, and very useful, but also means you can interpret every non-magickal event as relevant. I still deal with a lot of crazed road-ragers and angry people almost every day that I go into the city – but none of them have harmed me in a long, long time. So you’ll never clear these people away, but you will be protected. But no, the magick wouldn’t be the cause, wouldn’t trigger or attract this. Sometimes, if you’re under attack, and you try to stop a curse, that person can retaliate (as mentioned in the FAQ for that book but something like this I’d say was just an ordinary, if horrible, event. The magick doesn’t open the floodgates to weirdness, thankfully. Damon wrote something about this ages ago, buried deep in the website:

      Cheers, Adam

      1. thank you very much for your instructive answers and the effort you put into this blog and the books…your knowledge has great worth and is such immense support to a lot of people. It hink you’re right and it must’ve been coincidence! I realized that the Sword Banishing has a very positive impact on depression. It helps to lift up your mood and spirit, which is amazing. (If you don’t mind, I asked a new question on the Magickal Riches as well.)

  14. Hi Adam,

    As you know, certain love/romance angels (Haniel/Anael, Asaliah, Chamuel, etc) can encourage the feeling of (romantic) love to flourish….and I heard that some romance angels can even encourage the feeling of love to flourish where there is none. How do they do that exactly? How is it possible that they cause the feeling of love to flourish in someone’s mind? Do they send an electromagnetic “love wave” to that person’s mind? Do they “whisper” subliminal words of love? What’s the exact mechanism?

    1. Hello there. I can only refer you to the theory section about, which says, “There is no single theory. There are as many theories as there are occultists.” I have thoughts, as do we all, but nobody really knows. In science they still haven’t a clue how the brain works, so anything magick adds to the mix is just guesswork.

  15. Is it possible to practice rituals from different books for different things. Eg one from Magickal Attack, another from 72 angels of magic, another from wealth magick, all the purposes are not related. Will it be effective, or will there be too much?

  16. Hi Adam, I have recently purchased Zanna’s book, the 72 Sigils… I tried the sigil for manifesting desire for a burning desire I have been having for a long time. However, when I look at the sigil, I still feel at first fear and discomfort and find it hard to shake that off but eventually I do get a glimpse for how it would feel for that to go away. My question is…if I have have these fears and doubts when looking at the sigil, will these fears manifest or does only the positive feeling manifest, when it kicks in?

    Many thanks!

    1. If you feel the change, that is enough for Magick to work. Doesn’t have to be huge. If you stayed in the fear and discomfort that would be less than great, but if you glimpse the better feeling, that’s all good.

      1. Thanks Adam…I have started to work with quite a few sigils by now, that I believe can help solve a more complex problem. I have seen that with some sigils, the good feeling of it happening takes place in about 10-15 seconds and I actually don’t feel the need to repeat them. Is this enough?

  17. Hi Adam,

    I’m a bit confused about something…would love some enlightenment please. In Damon’s book “72 Angels of Magick”, there are….well, 72 (shem) angels we can work with.

    But in Gordon’s newly released book, there are also 72 spirits to work with. Are they the same spirits/entities as the 72 (shem) angels? Or are they 72 completely different spirits? So the total is 72 + 72 = 144?

    I’m asking because I just wonder, how come the number is the same (72)…? Is that a coincidence or what? That makes me wonder whether the 72 spirits in Gordon’s book are the same as the 72 angels. Would appreciate the clarification….thanks a lot.

    1. They are most definitely not the same spirits. There are 72 angels and there are 72 demons. They are different entities altogether. However, for each demon, there is an angel most appropriate for constraining it, hence the numbering. Why this is the case is one we have to leave for the academics.

  18. Hi Adam,

    I’ve been patiently waiting for a decision from a bank (for a business loan), and now I’m under a bit of pressure, and I’ve been scanning through the GOM books to see if I could find something to help speed up the decision, and paint my application in a really positive light.

    So far I haven’t looked in 72 Angels of Magic, as I don’t really have 11 days, and the only other rituals that seem best suited are “Be given a chance against the odds” from Words of Power and “Be given a chance” from Sigils of Power.

    I thought I had seen a ritual somewhere that suited business matters, but I can’t seem to find it, perhaps you could suggest a better suited ritual?

    Thanking you in advance!

    1. Hello! Yes, this is something we’ve just been talking about – the point of magick is often to speed things up and yet everything requires patience. Another of those interesting (but possibly frustrating) contradictions of magick. The rituals you name might help, but you might also want to go about it another way and if you know the person in charge of the decision (or if you can find that out) you could use some of the Sigils of Power stuff to make that person warmer and more compassionate. Might work. And on a mundane level, one way to take the pressure off is to go to three other banks, do the same thing – but ask upfront how long it will take and state a deadline, firmly. Not always easy when you’re asking for money, but you have to remember they are selling you a service and they want and need you, not the other way around. I mention this mundane aspect because I had to use magick on my own mindset and confidence levels before I could see this and get to that point, and then things fell into place. Cheers, AB.

  19. Hi Adam,

    Which angels / archangels / words of power / GOM books would you recommend to help out with mundane / everyday issues such as:

    – Finding a parking spot
    – Making the rain stop / subside
    – Clearing a traffic jam
    – Getting a taxi during the quiet hours at night
    – Removing fatigue / sleepiness


    1. Sigils of Power has some stuff for energy and sleep, that sort of thing. For the everyday stuff, some people create servitors that can work on this sort of stuff. I’ve never found it to be really effective. You know, in some cities there’s loads of parking, and in others none – so the way I work is to create a life where I have more free time, park further away and walk. Or catch a cab. That is, it wouldn’t be worth doing a ten minute ritual when I can take a ten minute walk, or whatever it may be. But servitors can be used to sort of charm situations generally. Some people swear by them, but I’ve never found that shift this sort of mundane stuff much at all.

  20. Hello, I have been working with the 72 Angels with good results so far, except for a matter that is the most pressing and difficult for me. Result have been coming gradually in the past and then taken away…and then blocked again. I am working with Poiel again and have completed a ritual 2 weeks ago but I have a strong urge to start the ritual a second time now… is that ok? can it do any harm or undo the previous work, instead of making it stronger?

    1. Hi, good to hear you’ve been getting results. If things are blocked it can mean a few things. It can be that there’s something in you resisting acceptance. You can just do some self exploration, or use The 72 Sigils of Power of The Angels of Alchemy to remove those sort of inner blockages, if you have those books. Repeating a ritual is fine, but with Poiel we do always say to make sure it’s something that’s right on the verge of happening. People often go to Poiel because of the ‘miracle angel’ vibe, but the easiest solution isn’t always the best. It may be, and you may have thought long and hard about your angel. Generally, you only need to repeat if something has changed, so if it has, go ahead. You might want to see the questions at the top of this page about how often you can do rituals, and the link to the Abundance article. Cheers, AB.

  21. Hello Mr. AB.

    I’ve purchased and read 10 GOM books now…what a treasure trove! Question, please. What can I use to become/remain undetected? I’m seeking something that would apply to the following situations (from most to least important for my current circumstances): 1) Avoid being served court papers (as in if they can’t find me they can’t serve me); 2) Work magickally cloaked/undetected by certain entities (others’ familiars) and/or targets; 3) Be unnoticed while laying “tricks”; 4) Remain unseen in cover of night; 5) Avoid police (for me avoid traffic stops but others might like to know to avoid for other reasons); 6) avoid unwanted attention/sabotage in workplace by workplace bullies; 7) temper (not eliminate) attention received by certain people involved in my business (i.e. these persons refer customers to me so I don’t want to be totally invisible to them, but they also stick their nose in my business constantly and interfere in my customer relations). A single silver bullet for all of the above would be phenomenal. I realize some of what I have in the books comes close (e.g. stop a bully or remove unwanted attention), but I don’t feel that they exactly line up with what I’m seeking. Even a couple works, if they exist, like Remain Undetected and Stop Others’ Nosiness would work. I apologize if I’ve overlooked something in the books that would answer this, but I’ve actually now cataloged all the tables of contents for my books into a single file for my own quick reference for when I have a particular issue to solve. Any work(s) you recommend from any GOM book would be great–please reference in which book I should refer to. If I don’t already have it, I will buy it. Thank you so very much in advance for your help!!!

    1. Adding on to the above…can you comment on how a work to become noticed by one party (e.g. a potential employer/customer/lover) would affect a work to remain hidden/undetected by another? Would one work affect the other or would I get jumbled results if working these at the same time? Can’t help timing of the events–I have a great business opportunity that I want to stand out for but I also want to be invisible to the people attempting to serve court papers and those who are trying to stir up trouble in my business by filing a lawsuit (and opportunistic, greedy, self-entitled people who want to take what I’ve worked hard for).

      1. HI, thanks for that. Before I go any further I have to point out that in the front of each book it states that the magick must be used in accordance with the laws of your country. It would actually be illegal for me to give you advice on how to do something illegal. I can, however, answer hypothetical questions about what magick works and when. To the second part first – yes, magick to make you like low and not be seen can contradict the desire to be seen by others. But you need to ask yourself, does the business opportunity actually require you to be seen – that is, will you be in a crowded room, competing? Or competing in some other way? If so, you want to stand out, not lie low. If you’re the only one going for the opportunity, not a problem. There are other approaches – rather than trying to lie low and take attention away from yourself you could bind the people who are trying to harm you, or even go all out and attack. This is down to personal choice and the way you want to go about it, and what you feel will work given what you know about the situation and the people. Usually, targeting magick is a good idea, but in this case, I think a silver bullet or overall blessing might be wise to lie low. But that will mean you need to counter it with something to be acknowledged by the right people. Although there may be some contradiction, it could work out. So there’s Be Noticed by People of Importance in my book, Sigils of Power and Transformation, which could help with business. Lots in there that might pacify and distract enemies, or even work with their compassion (if they have any) – to make them find peace. Disarming them this way can be gold. Or go for Gordon’s Magickal Attack and bind or even curse these people if you think that would help more. In Magickal Protection, the Protection Against Unwanted Attention ritual is more for that getting-home-late-at-night situation, but could be used for a general dampening when you’re out and about. And Become Less Conspicuous from that book is probably the one you’d want to focus on most.

        1. Dear AB, thank you for your very prompt reply. I suppose I might have come off inadvertently as a bit of a street thug by the way I wrote some of my post. The truth is I am a degree’d professional who owns my own legitimate business and have worked very hard for all that I have. 🙂 I didn’t mean to imply I’m using the above for illegal purposes (although being able to drive fast in my car without getting a traffic stop may come close). May I clarify? In my above post, point 1 refers to a situation in which I a girl answered my Craigslist post to do odd jobs around my home (organizing linens, unpacking boxes) and then odd tasks to help me catch up on my business admin. She helped me out for a couple weeks, but then did some things that endangered my home, possessions, dog and she became erratic, dishonest, and unreliable. When I attempted to sever relations, she became very retaliatory trying to damage me and my business in any way she could imagine including attempting to get others to sue me and filing complaints with government agencies. None of it has stuck, because there is no legitimacy to her claims. Needless to say she is not a well person mentally. I have done 3 GOM rituals to get her to go away. Meanwhile, she has now filed a federal law suit against my small business claiming she was my permanent employee, that I owe her wages, overtime, penalties, etc. I paid the girl her due in cash and a check while she did the odd jobs–amounting to a few hundred dollars. Now she wants thousands. I don’t want to pay thousands to an attorney to defend nor do I want the hassle as I am painfully busy as it is. The quickest end to a law suit is to not begin it in the first place; hence, why I’m trying to lay low for the 90 days period during which her lawyer will try to serve me papers. The Court will dismiss if they do not serve papers in 90 days. I had a closer look at Become Less Conspicuous and agree this is the ritual for Point 1’s situation. However, I’ll also be doing work to be noticed among other candidates (online resume submission–I’m hiding the appropriate sigil in my resume) by human resources/hiring managers for a dream position, want to competitively recruit sales people for my business, want my real estate properties to stand out against others for sale and rent. Will working to be less conspicuous thwart these other activities? What if I print out and incorporate that ritual’s sigil in a candle spell with a “name paper” or copy of the papers that they are trying to serve in order to “target” my inconspicuousness to that only? I did read the instructions for this ritual in the book just now btw. I just want to be sure that it is ultra targeted and will not counter my other work (and that my other won’t make it easy for this nutjob or her attorney to find me). The book’s instructions caution this ritual may make be invisible in other areas-that wouldn’t be good. :-/

          Point 2 – magickal cloaking for work in the spiritual realm? Point 3 – laying magickal “tricks” from root traditions and for those when we toss something in someone’s yard (from a GOM ritual) or ritual disposal. Points 4 & 6- would like to be unseen by the crazy neighbor lady, fanatical homeowner’s association, jealous business competitors/observers, and criminals in a neighborhood I have to frequently trod for one of my vendors. Point 5 – in other traditions Law Stay Away is common but wondering if there is something in GOM collection that would be longer lasting. Point 7 – how to deal with nosiness and interference without complete dismissal?

          On a separate topic that I’ve been thinking about for several days: What is the best method to keep love simmering with my past love (who is still stuck with a woman from his past) while we remain without contact until I am ready to move things forward with him? We had the most amazing, rare connection but I couldn’t bear what he was offering at the time so I quietly walked away. We have not communicated in nearly eight months. I would like to keep the love connection strong while I work on myself (and hopefully he will resolve whatever with her meanwhile). I’ve considered the rituals in Zanna’s The Angels of Love as well as those in Damon’s Magickal Seduction, 72 Angels of Power, and Sigils of Power (Recover Lost Love/Maintain Love over Long Distance). Basically keep the love strong and door open during this pause.

          I’m sorry for all the questions, but I am an eager student and quick learner!

          1. Hi, no I get it, people often come here and don’t explain all the details (which we wouldn’t expect), but we just have to be cautious – imagine the storm if we helped somebody commit a really bad crime. Oh yeah, in regards to speeding tickets, you might not like this, but the only thing I ever found to work was driving at the speed limit! Set off two minutes earlier, makes no difference. Boring answer, I know. As for the rest, that’s rough, and yes you can add in something else, but just be wary of piling on too much magic to force a result. And yes, you do have to seek a balance between invisible and not. See this You may already have done enough, and just need to ride it out. Or lift the game and go for an all out attack. Frankly, that’s what I’d do at this point. Bind and possibly curse the attacker, or like I said above, work on compassion and calm, and make that person just lose the energy to attack.

            And I can’t really answer that question about keeping it simmering, as the rituals all tend toward making something happen; it either does or doesn’t, to some degree or other. But, you know, feel free to experiment. Something from the 72 angels could help to keep things warm, while you work on yourself, which is a very good plan BTW, and one not enough people do, but leaving somebody free to change can mean they change. So, tough call, and you may just want to keep warmth between you. There’s lots of magick across the books for that, and that could leave the way open for something else in the future.

            1. Dear Mr. AB, thank you again for your reply. Having spent enough time in courtrooms to last several lifetimes, I completely understand your point. Your comment to just drive the speed limit made me laugh out loud! ;-D I have read the article you’ve suggested before. In the instant case, I have thrown the 3 most applicable rituals not knowing which nuance would most stick (like throwing mud at a wall and looking to see what sticks). I have perused a sample of Mr. Winterfield’s book considering binding and cursing. My hangup is working with demons (although perhaps I’ve inadvertently done so in the past on one ritual where I forced a nasty neighbor who constantly meddled with me for her enjoyment–at the time I performed the ritual, I invited whatever into her home that wanted to assist in the goal and kept out anything contrary–the upstairs bathroom flooded the following week while they were on vacation and they moved out 6 weeks later permanently). On the other hand, I’ve never had hesitation to send back anything sent to me, so if anyone sent me demons, guess what they got back?! Thank you for commenting on the love issue as well. An aside, I’ve begun daily practice with the sword banishing ritual–last night I was with friends and on the return home, our driver delayed accelerating when the light turned green by about 2 seconds, which averted a potentially horrendous fatal accident in which a car was speeding through the intersection from our left side running the red light. I truly attribute this near miss to protection from angels and the sword banishing ritual (which I had done just before leaving to go out that evening). I’ll include this in my Amazon review of the book. Lastly, over the past weeks, I’ve been sleeping many more hours than normal and sometimes have fuzzy brain. Could this be a side effect of the magick? It reminds me a bit of how I felt after my Reiki attunement. Could be natural causes perhaps, but I am pretty healthy and adapt well to prolonged stress. Mr. AB, I am mindful of the volumes of correspondence you must get, so I am very grateful for your taking the time to respond previously. I hope my inquiries also help others here. All the best!

              1. Thank you! And I love that story about the near miss. We have heard some amazing stories about people avoiding accidents, especially car accidents, with the Sword Banishing, and that is so good to know. Wonderful! Yes, that fuzzy headed feeling can happen from time to time, for some people – sometimes it can feel like exhaustion, but brief, and other times it can feel like things are dulled, or heightened. Thanks again, and reviews are really appreciated, so cheers for that. Oh, there’s a bit more about the side effects here


  22. hi Adam,
    I ran into this **************** while searching for something. I know GOM distributes their books through Amazon, at least that’s where I bought mine. This site just doesn’t look right – seems like an impostor.

    1. Thanks very much for pointing this out. Yes, more imposters. Our legal team always get these people, even if it takes time, so thank you very much, once more, for giving us the lead. The only place you can buy new copies is at an Amazon store – either for ebooks or paperbacks. (And this isn’t just about profits – these pirated copies are often incorrect, incomplete, and the sites claiming to be us offer no support, and spread lies. So they have to go.) Cheers, AB

    1. Some people use the Protection sigils – you protect your home, you leave the sigil in your home, that sort of thing. But there’s no real benefit to wearing them outside of a ritual. AB

  23. I debated on posting this, but my experience has been so awesome I couldn’t resist. This is the latest after some other great experiences since I started with GOM. I’ll be sure to post this at Amazon reviews, too. I started buying the GOM books only a couple weeks ago. So far I’ve bought (if I may abbreviate) Cashbook, 72 Angels, Protection, Seduction, Love, Sigils of Power, Words of Power. I made it through about 8 days of 11 on one 72 Angels and did two rituals from Sigils of Power (quiet neighbor and return lost love). Other than that I’ve done the rituals at the beginning of the some of the books to activate them for when I’m ready to do the works. I believe a resulting “side effect” is that my “spiritual help” is nearer to me than before and I am able to more clearly hear them (claircognizant) and they have recently helped me accomplish some things just based on my thoughts without rituals, plus more! Today’s examples: 1) I was thinking of selling a property and got a call out of the blue yesterday from a buyer prospect who saw it today and plans to make a solid offer. Buyer saw 5 other properties right before mine but apparently likes mine best. I never even listed it for sale! 2) On my way home, I stopped for gas. While paying at the register (I normally pay at the pump), the scratch off lottery tickets caught my eye. I have not played a scratch off lottery ticket in about a decade. I last played the lottery about two years ago. I’m just not into gambling. However, after glancing at the tickets, about 30 different types in the case, my spirit help told me to buy a particular $3 one. I scanned the $1 ones because I just don’t like to spend money on this type of thing, but then heard in my mind, “No, play this one, the $3 one.” I did (just this one ticket) and said to the store clerk this one is a winner. The clerk scratched and held it to the machine and I won $60!!! 3) Then, later my niece called me. We speak a couple times a year. She lives a few hours away. I answered, “Hello, niece. You are pregnant. Is that why you are calling?” She said, “Yes, how did you know?” LOL! Truly she had not even been discussing trying to become pregnant ever before and I have not spoken to anyone else about it either. GOM = pretty amazing stuff! I feel like my psychic pipes have been cleared. Also, for whatever it’s worth, my dog will not stay in the room when I perform other rituals, but she’s totally comfortable lying next to me during GOM rituals. Animals are sensitive and attuned, so I have extra confidence there is no “bad stuff” in GOM rituals. I even had the Virgin Mary appear a couple of times to my right during the angel ritual, and I’ve “seen” a couple of angels during the rituals. One is represented by blue and the other red. Sorry for long post but this is exciting. The only “complaint” I have about the GOM work is that there are SO MANY fantastic rituals that will have a positive impact on my life that I get overwhelmed about which to do first…like a kid in a candy store. I wish I already have done them already. I probably won’t recognize my current self after all the work I plan to do within the next year. GOM, thanks for publishing this amazing collection and having done so thoughtfully and responsibly. You guys are totally phenomenal.

    1. Hey there, now that is a great story, and thanks for telling it. Glad your inner debate ended with you deciding to tell us all. For some people, the magick has just been ready to burst out, and all it takes is the right pathway and you’re off. I hope it stays this way. I mean, inevitably, magick leads to more potential and more discoveries and life continues to have its ups and downs, so the magic might keep you busy. But you can’t ask for a better start than this. You know it works, you’ve felt it and experienced it. That never leaves you!

      If you feel overwhelmed – yeah, we get that. It’s one reason we’ve slowed up a tiny bit with publications, so that things don’t seem too much like a trivial consumable, and to avoid overwhelm. (But every time we say that, other people say, ‘Give us more! We will never be overwhelmed.) So it’s all coming out, slowly and steadily.

      Thanks again. Cheers, Adam B.

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