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Welcome to magick. There are lots of questions and answers here, but we promise it’s worth taking the time to read them. Magick can bring your protection, power and potential. We love sharing what we know, and we hope you find that you need. This page is a gateway to the help you seek.

The Gallery of Magick authors are Damon Brand, Adam Blackthorne, Zanna Blaise and Gordon Winterfield.

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The following FAQs cover general subject areas and specific books. There’s too much to keep it all on one page, so we hope this helps you to find your way around. (The authors can’t be contacted directly and if you want to know more about that please read The Answers of Magick.)

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Practical Magick FAQ

Archangels of Magick FAQ




Chaos Magick FAQ

Demons of Magick FAQ

Angels of Wrath FAQ

Magickal Attack FAQ

Magickal Cashbook FAQ

Magickal Protection FAQ

Magickal Riches FAQ

Magickal Servitors FAQ

The 72 Sigils of Power FAQ

Sigils of Power and Transformation FAQ


Words of Power FAQ

Magickal Seduction FAQ

Adventures in Sex Magick FAQ

Wealth Magick FAQ


About the Authors FAQ

Fears and Problems FAQ

Magickal Safety FAQ

Magickal Theory FAQ

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380 thoughts on “The Gallery of Magick FAQ”

  1. Thank you adamblackthorne for your advice. I did the rituals today and added the Center of Attention ritual for good measure.

  2. Thanks for everything you all have shared. Practical magick is such a rare treasure, i worry some may not appreciate how difficult it used to be to come by. Thanks.

    I have two questions that seem sufficiently complex to warrant a post, and while they may have been covered, i have reviewed this site and books as best i can, so…

    1. The advanced calling has produced…strange results for me. It is perhaps, my least friendly ritual, but i continue because of the brilliant design and purpose. But performing it leads to me seeing very disturbing images during the ritual…unsettling ones. No other GoM material has done this. I felt intuitively that it would be wise to ask you here about this, so i am. Why would this happen, any insights? Verrrry disturbing.

    2. I have a particular issue with my magick yielding partial results. Ive done insight magick in AoA regarding surrender and lust for results, zannas book in all sorts of ways, and some others ive forgotten. My desire is still there and i see movement…and the catastrophic backsliding. Im doing a lot of magick, but not out of fear, it seems required, but i feel like im plugging holes and new ones form. I trust magick and the desire is genuine. Any intuition on how i should move forward?

    Ive sought to answer both of these myself for some time, so i hope im not wasting time here. Ive had many lovely results. Thanks!

    1. Hi. Glad you’re pleased with results.

      When it comes to the Advanced Calling, it’s designed to give you mystical insights into yourself. How those are seen, felt, interpreted – that is open to so much variation. Now this doesn’t mean that if you’re seeing unsettling things that you’re an unsettling person, but that your initial foray into this form of insight is being interpreted this way. So it could be that – the mystical insight is difficult to interpret, and being seen in a way that feels very strange. It could appear unsettling because it’s new. Or it could be that it’s uncovering stuff about yourself that’s difficult to confront – again, doesn’t mean bad stuff, just things that can be overwhelming. This ritual can make people have the smallest experiences, where they just gradually get hunches about themselves, and for others the images and feelings are dramatic. It’s valuable stuff, but I’d say that if ever it’s uncomfortable, back off, give it come space. Contemplate what you’ve seen and then only go back when you’re comfortable. There’s nothing dangerous about it, but sometime it can take time to interpret what you’re seeing and to feel at ease with it. It’s not a form of magick that ever needs to be rushed.

      When you hit the sort of wall you’re talking about a good solution is to stop all magick, for a month or more. Just leave it be. That way you are forced rot focus on the mundane, and ironically that gives the magick you have done some room to stir things up and get them moving. Often you’ve done enough magick, but if you keep throwing in more, the magick can’t really build momentum as there are always new instructions. If you really want to keep going, then find one easy desire to focus on and work with that, but honestly, a break as is a great way. People sometimes just about forget magick and then, bam, it all unfolds and you realise that the magick has worked, and on you go. It sounds like you’re being tactical and dealing with underlying issues, so that’s not a problem, but sometimes it can just be good to back off and see how things unfold. And sometimes, yeah, a week later you go, ‘I’m getting back into magick,’ because you get real clarity about what’s needed. But worth taking a break.

      1. Thanks for your prompt and insightful reply. I think youre quite right, the magick is working harmoniously, but needs space to stop readjusting to more reality manipulation. My intuition was saying to surrender, but i thought it meant the whole desire, to which i said hogwash. I think its the angels and demons politely asking me to stop moving the target.

        I was primarily concerned that my reaction to the advanced calling was cause for alarm or super rare. Seeing that its not, im fine with continuing it. Just wanted to make sure it was working as intended.

        Thanks again!

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