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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Who is the spirit Nitika?

A: Nitika is neither an angel or demon, but is thought of as a genius spirit or ‘personified virtue’. Nitika is a very gentle yet powerful spirit, and is listed as one of The Genii of the Twelve Hours in the Nuctemeron, attributed to Apollonius of Tyana from the First Century AD. Nitika was made known to English readers through a translation by Eliphas Levi in his 1897 book Transcendental Magic. The magic of Nitika has been around for a long time, but remains relevant and workable today.

Q: Instead of paint, can I use colored card? Can I use lined paper in the cashbook? Can I use crayons or pencils? Which is the best product to use? Is a spiral bound book ok? Can I glue sigils to the cover?

A: Yes to all of these, and so long as the colors are approximately correct, it doesn’t matter what you use. Most importantly, you may need to read this article, to ensure you’re not overthinking things.

Q: What color should the spine of the Cashbook be?

A: It doesn’t matter, but you can avoid black as a tiny number of people found this affect results slightly. If it is black then simply paint it or tape over the spine if it concerns you. If it doesn’t bother you, it can be left black without any ill effects.

Q: If I print the sigils on white paper, do I need to color them as well? What size should they be? What color ink should I use?

A: No. The system is extremely robust and works easily. So long as you can see them, any size is fine. Any ink is fine. Again, please see this article to avoid overthinking or worrying about the details.

Q: I made a mistake/spilt some paint, when making the Cashbook. Should I start again?

A: If you can still see all the text and the sigil, don’t worry about minor mistakes. It’s not a sacred item, but a tool. So long as you can perceive the sigil and the text, it will work. If you start again, there’s no harm done. A casual confidence is vital, and is far more important the precision.

Q: When I’ve finished with a Cashbook, how do I dispose of it?

A: Stop thinking of it as a magickal item.When it no longer feels magickal to you, it is safe to trash it as your would any other notebook – this might take a second, or a few days. If it never feels unmagickal to you, you can wrap it in black cloth, put it in a box, or something similar, and leave it for a few months where it won’t disturbed. When you come back to it, the book should feel quite ordinary and can be disposed of in the trash.

Q: I just received $2400, but I used magick to get $2300. Is this coincidence or a magickal result?

A: Magickal results are usually close to the amount you ask for, so yes, this is a magickal result.

Q: I just received the exact amount I asked for, but as an increase to my credit card limit? Is this magick?

A: It could be, but you may need to ask Nitika to ensure the debt can be paid. If you are the sort of person who is able to pay off your credit card, every month, you can welcome this. If not, and if your credit card accrues debt, then you should follow up this result by asking Nitika for money to enable your credit card to be paid off in full. That way, you can use the ‘money’ that’s been made available. This quirky twist seems to happen when it’s the easiest way to get ‘money’ in your hands, but most people find it only happens once. Treat it as a sign that you’ve made contact with Nitika and keep working.

Q: But couldn’t it just be coincidence? Wouldn’t I have got the money anyway?

A: Magick usually works by shifting coincidences in your favor. If you dismiss coincidence then you are dismissing your magick. Enjoy your results and you’ll get more. Also note that often (but not always) results come after three days, three weeks or three months. Keep good records and you may see this pattern in your results.

Q: I seemed to get a magickal results, but it wasn’t the exact amount I asked for. Should I wait, or start a new ritual?

A: If the result felt magickal, consider it complete and start a new ritual.

Q: I tried to get $10,000, but nothing happened.

A: When starting out, aim for an unexpected amount that would surprise you if it turned up out of the blue, but don’t aim for something impossible. The amount you aim for might be $20 or $10,000 depending on your current earnings. If you’re poor, $10,000 won’t turn up first time. Start small and learn to trust the magick. I get emails from people who have built up slowly, and they are now attracting large amounts. I also get emails from poor people who tried to win $10,000 in the first week, and that will never work. Always push the magick just a little beyond your current possibilities, but don’t aim for something that’s too far from your current life. Many small improvements are better than one big win.

Q: You seem to ignore astrology. Should I time my workings to fit more closely with planetary influences?

A: If it matters to you or worries you, then go ahead, but I know that astrology turns off a lot of beginners, and I’ve tried to streamline the system so that it’s connected to the right astrological currents without needing exact timing. Keep it simple when you can.

Q: Somebody said you were using the wrong sigil on the cashbook.

A: Everything in the book is correct. In an early version one sigil was mislabeled, for a few days, and that is all. The sigil has always been correct.

Q: If Nitika is a good-natured spirit, why has your sigil been constructed to constrain?

A: Beginners will use this book without the usual magickal safety-nets (such as banishings), and Nitika has free will. The sigil has been constructed to keep things safe, and to guide and encourage Nitika.

Q: Is Nitika male or female?

A: It depends who you ask. You may get a sense of this as you go. Personally, in years of contacting this spirit, I have sensed no gender.

Q: The book says to ask for dollars, but I am in in another country. What should I do?

A: Simply write in your own currency.

Q: I can’t find or understand the meaning of NAH-KAH.

We use the Hebrew word NawKar, which can be pronounced NAH-KAH. (For those with an interest in Hebrew, this is spelt Nun Kaph Resh.) This word usually means ‘recognized’, but when stated in the active form it can mean ‘to recognize’. So you are saying that you ‘will recognise’ God. Google the phrase “Strong’s Hebrew H5234” for more details.

Q: Is it ever worth doing the Cashbook ritual for more than 11 days?

A: There are a few reports of this working. In general, I believe it is better to do magick for a short period of time, let go and move on. If you do a lot of magick you let go of the results more readily, and the results are more likely to manifest. Some people, however, report success when they consistently make the request day after day until it manifests. Feel free to try this, but at this stage, consider it to be experimental. Also, ensure that this approach doesn’t lead to frustration or disillusionment – only try this if you have a calm confidence, and a detachment from the need for a result.

Q: Do I create a new circle on a new page each day, or a new circle on the same page?

A: Please re-read the chapter called Using Your Cashbook to Attract money, and follow the steps exactly as set out. You create a new circle each day on the same page until the ritual is complete.

Q: I’ve been doing the ritual for a few days and no results yet. What’s going on?

A: The more patient you are, the faster results come. When you can genuinely wait a year, you get results in hours. If you want results in hours, you might have to wait a year. Never write off a ritual as failed, because you never know when it will bring you a result. When you complete a ritual, move on to something else, and avoid lusting for the result. I often talk about the magick working instantly or in days because often, that’s exactly how it is. But it’s important not to get trapped into expecting an instant results.

Q: I tried for some time and got no results? It works for others, so what’s going on?

A: There are many posts on here that can help. The most important one is: The Secrets of Money Magick.

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And the series that starts with: Five Ways To Get Magick Working: Part 1

If you have rad these, it may be worth considering your level of frustration. If there’s any sense of frustration, it’s worth giving up to an extent. This doesn’t mean  abandoning the magick altogether, but truly letting go in the sense that you no longer care about the result and no longer try to get one. When there’s zero frustration, the doors to magick open. If the only way to get to zero frustration is to stop, then stop. And then look back in a few months and see if something did turn up when you least expected it. But try to avoid thinking of it as failed. When you declare that magick has failed, you can seal that failure. Leave the way open for a result. Think of it as a work in progress that you’re leaving alone. I understand that you buy a book like this to make money, fast – which happens for many people – so it’s frustrating if it doesn’t work, but you will see lots of stories here and on the website where people found that something made the magick click for them. For many, it works instantly without effort. For others, the first result is the hardest, but once it comes, everything flows.

Q: I noticed that the cover of Magickal Cashbook was changed in early Feb 2016. Are the contents the same as before?

A: Not entirely, but you don’t need to buy the new version as the changes are very minor. If Amazon consider the changes major they update the e-book for everybody, but they haven’t done that in this case, because mostly it’s just a slight re-ordering of information. A few words have been changed, to reflect my current practice, but it is nothing that requires you to purchase the book again. What you have will work. The latest version of the sigil, which has become more effective over time, can be found here.

This page is only for questions relating to Magickal Cashbook. 

Comments will be open from time to time. If they’re not open now, come back in a week or so.

Please read the FAQs all the way through before asking your question. It will take a while for your comment to be moderated and to appear on the site, and replies may take even longer. All questions (from late 2016 onward) are being answered by Adam Blackthorne as Damon Brand has moved on from here. If your question is too far off topic, too theoretical or too crazy, rude or weird, we may not publish it! This is just to make life easier for us. Always read the FAQs first!

77 thoughts on “Magickal Cashbook FAQ

  1. I was into the ritual for 3 days and going for the 4th day until I was detained for 2 days. I never did continue. 1. Im puzzled whether i am to continue or mark it as finished. 2. Is it dangerous or harmful if I never completed the 11 days?


    1. You can carry on and hope for the best, but I’d write it off, let go and try again. You’re working with very safe spirits here – the most dangerous thing that can happen is that noting happens. And if that’s the case, let patience rule – then things do happen! Cheers, AB.


  2. Hello Damon and/or Adam,

    I have few questions about building the Cashbook.

    First though, I bought a Black Moleskin journal and some Gray and Orange Acrylic paint for the Covers. The Front cover and Spine came out great…..They are both completely Gray with a few nice smooth coats using a brush. But I’m having the hardest time painting the back cover Orange? I’ve applied several coats to make sure the Black was covered. The Back cover seems to soak up the paint and the Orange is being more difficult to mask the Black and provide coverage than the Gray was on the front. The coverage is uneven because the Orange is almost translucent for several coats with the Black underneath bleeding through and soaking up the paint.

    So my first Question is: Should I just keep going with the paint until it’s completely and totally Orange with NO hints of black shading showing through? Does it matter that the Orange Back cover is going to be really ‘textured’ and uneven because of SO much paint layers with a brush. I’m trying not to overthink things. It looks ‘basically’ Orange now after like 6-8 coats but ‘some’ areas are not as Orange as others because of that Black underneath persistently trying to come through. But I’ve put SO much work into building it already that I don’t want the undertones of black under the Orange to affect the success of the ritual. Is it fine if the Orange Back is ‘Basically’ Orange or should it be completely totally Orange with no hints of the original Black cover underneath? Should I start over trying something different with other materials or Keep painting?

    My Last question about this specific journal is that it has a 1st ‘page’ that’s thicker cardstock almost like a 2nd cover and not really the 1st page of regular paper. Should I write the Ritual down on that 1st cardstock ‘page’ since it’s ‘technically’ 1st OR try to tear it out or skip it altogether and write the ritual on the 1st real regular paper page?

    Any advice here would be appreciated. Again I’m trying to not overthink things but I want to make sure I followed the basic the steps correctly and do the Ritual right with a properly constructed book and full confidence. I have to FEEL confident doing magick. Any doubts about how well I’ve constructed the book will sabotage my efforts I feel. So I just need to know how specific these cover colors need to be and where I should write that opening Ritual……the 1st Technical cardstock page….or 1st paper page?



    1. Hey Jaimie. I completely get that you have to feel confident coming magick, but the confidence needs to come first. If you tell yourself you’ll only feel confident with a perfect cashbook, you are setting yourself up for failure as you’ll always be able to find fault with it. I’ve cobbled together the ugliest cashbooks you can imagine, with covers that are more beige than orange. They still work. And that was in the early days, not after loads of experience. So It doesn’t matter about the colours, and you can write on the third page if it feels right to you. I know this all goes around in circles – you want to feel confident, but you feel more confident if it looks good etc. But although the cashbook is a tool, it is only that – a physical representation of the contact you’re making with Nitika. And that’s all that counts. If you make contact, it works. The book is a way to make that happen, and it can be very far from perfect. If so, why make a book at all, and why not make it purple? Well, the book and the sigils and the writing and the colours, they do all combine to make something that assists that contact, but each detail is only that – one detail. Trust me – if it’s a bit orange and has the writing somewhere, it works. But work on the feelings, the emotions, the confidence that it will work – that is what really counts in magick. There are loads of posts on here are about it, and I hope they can help.


      1. Thank you so much for the reply Adam!! I’m usually very confident and perform The GOM rituals with Sigils or Words of Power with proper conviction and divine will and authority. I’m able to do this because I trust the GOM’s collective knowledge and KNOW your Magick gets results. The Sigils and Rituals and Words are LEGIT. So I’m always able to perform the Magick itself and transmute my emotions and feelings from what I desire to what I know I will receive and get great results. I work with confident knowledge that the Magick will work and I don’t care when it takes effect because I know it’s real and effective. I avoid the lust and get pretty fast results which reinforces just how powerful ALL of your collective books together are….I have almost all of the GOM Books now.

        I was just kind of ‘off’ with my confidence here with the Cashbook….not because I don’t trust the Sigils or Ritual or Nitika….but because I was hung up on the actual making of the Book myself. ‘I’ was a new variable……not wanting my possible clumsy Book building efforts to affect the potency of the Magick. I was equating it to almost ME making a Sigil or Ritual itself from scratch in building the book and not knowing if MY work would be right.

        But your response has alleviated my concerns!! Now I feel confident again. As long as I get the ‘general details’ of the colors remotely close and write anywhere in the book it will work. I get now that the Book itself is just a ‘Tool’ really. A means to an end. The most important part is the Ritual itself and speaking directly to and making a connection with Nitika like I would other spirits in other rituals and express my will and desire and then transmute my emotions to the feeling of the result with gratitude!! Thank You so much for helping me to see that the construction of the book and how it looks is no where near as important as the performing of the Ritual itself properly.

        P.S. I just recently purchased your 111 Sigils of Power and Transformation. I’m reading the early portions right now and it’s just FANTASTIC. I look forward to working with it soon too. Thanks for providing us with another GREAT book. Especially including the Health Magick for the first time!!


  3. Mr. AB I hope you got my last message regarding an individual exploiting Mr. D. B’s work. Thank you I also copied & pasted the links of this individual. To me it’s just way beyond plagiarizing (I’m a student I know integrity when I see one). This individual is charging $200 profiting off from D.B’s work. It’s not a buy & sell situation – but an outright exploitation of the secrets of Magickal Cashbook. I felt the need to bring this to the G.O.M masters attention. That’s how I show gratitude in action. S.M.888


    1. Thanks for reaching out with that. The message has been passed on. We can’t stop people teaching their thoughts about our works, but if anybody creates course materials – from videos to notes, or copies of sigils, certain transliterations or ritual structures – then we call the lawyers in. But lots of people teach and ensure everybody buys the book legally, and only the book is used as a course material. If that’s the case and no derivative work is created, it’s probably legal. I don’t know why anybody would pay $200, though, when the book (and this site) are all you need. But thanks!


  4. I promised myself that every time I would be given “rewards” & “surprises” by the Great genius spirit NITIKA – that I would give credit where credit is due. So here it goes, 😀 yesterday I found 5 euros lying on the floor. & JUST seconds ago – the delivery guy made a mistake & gave me extra change of 6 euros 😀 *sigh* thanks Nitika I truly appreciate these surprises.

    I’m an expat living in EU & I rely on myself 99.99% of the time so to me this is a form of tangible love, support & protection from Nitika 🙂 . And because of the G.O.M masters generously sharing their wisdom – since then I have never felt alone anymore since buying all their books & most importantly : the feeling of lack seems to MAGICKALLY disappear. Now I can truly say I have unseen magickal support (from all the spiritual beings mentioned in all the books) that I can rely on. With much gratitude. S.M.888

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    1. Not from what I’ve seen – it’s cash only, and the important point being to take your focus away from the how and what. Focussing on a specific object does not work. You have to let it work in whatever way its will work, and as I see it, money only. Feel free to experiment.


  5. Out of gratitude I just want to publicly say THANK YOU NITIKA for the $3,000 you have given me. Thank you for the generosity & because of this I am now moving on to the Magickal Riches.The feeling of gratitude alone is priceless & something that can never equate into money. But MONEY IS GOOD TOO 😀 – thanks G.O.M for sharing your wisdom & undiscovered power that people can tap into. S.M.888


  6. Hi, Damon. First of all i want to apologize for asking questions about a book Magickal cashbook. As the questions have been answered several times.

    This is first time doing this magick .
    I have few questions.

    1) When i was doing the ritual i forgot to right/draw the currency symbol then on the next day i drew it back again. So i don’t know if the ritual would work or not because of this mistake.

    2) As you mentioned at many times that we should not ask for larger amount at first or second time or if we have no other source of income like business or a job. I’am in the worst situation right now, i need to pay college fees and debt or otherwise i will have to face jail because of bounced cheques of college fees. So we are wanting to get loan from the bank but every single bank has rejected our application in two years. Now i have no choice and no other source of income. I’am unemployed.
    Do you think it is right to ask for larger amount to Nitikar but in the form on loan ?

    3) I get so emotional when doing the ritual because of my current condition, is it okey ?

    Sorry for my English, it is not my first language.

    And i want to Thank you for sharing this beautiful gift of Magick with people who are seeking help in difficult time.

    Thank you


    1. Thanks for your questions. I’ll answer them as soon as possible – some time within the next day. Thanks for your patience. Adam B.


    2. Hello. Always glad to hear that people are using magick for the first time – it can be overwhelming, though. So much to take it. But it can also be simple.

      If you want more info, please read the whole of this FAQ:

      As well as the FAQ above, about the Cashbook. Lots of info that will help.

      For your first question, a little error will get wiped out by doing it correctly lots of times.. It’s simple, but should still be done as written. I’ve done a lot of magick incorrectly and got results, but I think the better you absorb the original method and understand it before starting out, the better off you will be. But then if you do make mistakes, don’t obsess about it, and know that overall the magick will be ok with a few minor stuff ups.

      Second question – it’s up to you, and hard to answer because we hear both sides. Lots of people ignore the advice, ask for large amount and get it. Cool! But lots ask for a reasonable amount and don’t even get that because they are too filled with lust and desperation. Being relaxed about it, and starting small is the best way to get it flowing. What you can do is break the rules and do a few rituals at once. Start with something really small and pointless. Next day overlap with a larger amount. And that sort of thing.

      Up above it gives this advice:

      “Q: I tried to get $10,000, but nothing happened.

      A: When starting out, aim for an unexpected amount that would surprise you if it turned up out of the blue, but don’t aim for something impossible. The amount you aim for might be $20 or $10,000 depending on your current earnings. If you’re poor, $10,000 won’t turn up first time. Start small and learn to trust the magick. I get emails from people who have built up slowly, and they are now attracting large amounts. I also get emails from poor people who tried to win $10,000 in the first week, and that will never work. Always push the magick just a little beyond your current possibilities, but don’t aim for something that’s too far from your current life. Many small improvements are better than one big win.”

      3) If the emotion is desperation, that’s not the best. Magick can make an emotion get larger. So try to hold on to the feeling of expectation and a calm belief that it will work. If you feel the emotion of relief, that can be as strong as you like. That will help the magick.

      There’s a tonne of material on this site, but the best ones are listed up above at the end of the FAQ. Read all those and you’ll have a really good understanding of magick that gets results. (Under the question: Q: I tried for some time and got no results? It works for others, so what’s going on?)

      But nobody wants jail and avoiding desperation is going to take a lot of faith and calm. Tough call, I know. So maybe be bold and confident and see what happens, but don’t rely on the magick. Expect the best, but if you sit there watching for the magick to make a move, the magick will be as still as a frightened rabbit. Do the magick, ignore the magick, and let it manifest in ANY way. Yes, it might be a loan. Might be something else. BUT, it’s for Nitika to find a way. Please don’t try to determine where the money will come from. Leave it completely open, and the spirit is WAY more likely to find a way than when you say where the money should come from.

      Good luck!

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  7. Hello,
    My question is, what to do when Nitika stops working for you?

    I have worked with spirit Nitika, with a modified version of the ritual written in Magical Cashbook, and it worked great.

    I admit the spell that you’ve written, in it’s original form, also brought success but through hard pain for others. I would receive money, but out of reluctance and later the person would resentment me for giving it to me.

    So I modified the ritual, and that worked much better. However, after about 2 months, either the spell stopped working or Nitika stopped working for me. I am new to NAP, your style of working with these angels, but not at all new to Magic itself. And I noticed I’ve never had such experiences in decades where magic just stops working. I’ve been doing your original, and my modified version, for the 10 days and my business has not earned money in 7 days. My modified version only seeks that my business income is boosted. Your original version brought money from people, but strangely did not have any affect on my business income.

    If there is not a spell to get Nitika working for me again, how do I get Nitika, and all of its essence, out of my life with LIGHTNING speed? Your book speaks of the greatness coming from these angels, however, not about when these angels go rogue and do as they please. Because when they do this, they create blockages and obstacles in those objectives which can have very dire affects left unattended.



    1. It’s just about impossible to comment on the effects you’re seeing because you’ve made up your own version, so I don’t know what might be happening. But the Cashbook ritual is not for business so much as money out of the blue. In fact, the book says that you shouldn’t seek the money from a specific place. To do so limits the effect. That could be the problem.

      Here’s a quote from the book: “The universe, or the spirits, can probably think of a thousand better ways to get money to you, so let it come in whatever form it wants. Be open to new avenues of income, and the income will flow.”

      Magickal Riches is the book that is aimed at building business sales etc,. You could use that, or use the Cashbook as set out in the book – name a reasonable amount and let it manifest how and when it wants, without demanding it come from your business.
      But if you want Nitika out of your life, that’s all you need to do – desire the magick to stop. Nitika does not ‘go rogue’ – although this personified virtue has a degree of free will, it is constrained by virtue and does not harm. But if you’ve had enough, get rid of your Cashbook, pay no further heed to it and the magick will have no effect. No need for any ceremony or spell; just stop doing it and forget about it.

      Adam B

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  8. Hello,

    I’ve been reading the FAQ and haven’t found an exact answer to my question. In the book it says that after we are done with it to expose of the cashbook. If we want to use it again it says we are to start a fresh page. A few questions, if we start a new page, should we tear out the old one after crossing out the amount? Also, do we have to empower it again, trace over the Nitika sigil, rewrite the 1st page with the circle on it or anything else?

    If you’ve answered these questions I apologize.

    Thank you for all your books 🙂 I’ve gotten quite a few of them and they are helping me a lot and also changing my perspective on how I see life.


    1. Thanks. Glad you’re enjoying the books.

      No need to tear anything out when starting a new page. And then you keep going, without having to empower the cashbook again.

      When it’s full (which should hopefully take some time), you dispose of it, and then create a new cashbook – which will include the full empowerment as described.


      1. Damon,

        Thank you for your quick response. More than half the money has come to me already, so I’m grateful and as I said earlier, really enjoying all the books I have gotten so far.


  9. Dear Damon
    I received your book a couple of days ago from Amazon UK. I live in New Zealand. I am in my 63rd year, and feeling it. Damon, I don’t know if you’ll reply to my question, but I’m putting it together anyway. We live in hope. Ever since I came out here to New Zealand in 1993, my health has gone to pieces. I am taking 12 prescriptions from my doctor, including three for pain, and one for serious pain, a medication called Pregabalin at $300 a packet, paid for by the government. I won’t go into details about the nature of my illnesses, and there are several, except to say that, among them is serious constipation. My stomach is so swollen I can’t bend down. I take doctor-only medicines in order to have a bowel movement, but they don’t work. My back, around the midriff, is also swelling up and pushing out. This is a far cry from the man I was back home, a long-distance runner, with medals. Now I couldn’t run to the front door if it was on fire. All in all, I am feeling pretty desperate, so desperate, Damon, that I can’t bear to look in the mirror. I can’t stand to see those eyes of mine, dulled by the pain and lack of sleep over the years. I get about two hours’ sleep a night, if I’m lucky. Anyway, the reason I write is to ask if you think Nitika would help me with my request for a fairly large sum of money, enough to totally transform and revolutionize my life to enable me to relocate back to the UK. I live on a hand-to-mouth government benefit, and buying this book was quite an expense in itself. Two or three thousand dollars won’t make much of a difference in the long run. I could last a month or so on that back home, but I need serious help in order to resuscitate and rejuvenate and revitalize my soul and relocate to a remote area of Britain, where I can heal, if that’s possible. I have never felt at home here, and that’s putting it mildly. I thought that I would eventually settle down and get to grips with the place, but it hasn’t happened. It’s a ‘strange’ country, I mean it, and I’m not the only person who thinks so. Would Nitika ‘know’ about my situation, the seriousness of it, and bless me accordingly so that I make a complete 180-degree about-turn in my life? Many thanks, Damon. I wish you well. — Peter.


    1. Sorry to hear about your problems. The magick can manifest in many ways, and for some people it works exactly as you’re hoping. If you’ve read the reviews, you can probably see that lots of people have found what they need, out of the blue. However, there are also plenty of reviews that say, ‘It doesn’t work.’ So what’s the truth? The magick does work, but it is less likely to work when there is desperation. (In fact, I’ve just asked our advertising copywriter to change the blurb for the book, to make this clear.) So, as you can probably tell, the magick works best when you are reaching for something that’s just out of reach, rather than a total financial revolution.

      The real key is learning to let go of your need for a result. The less you yearn, the less desperate you feel, the more likely it is to surprise you with something wonderful. So I would suggest working the magick for a relatively small amount, and when you se e that it works, you can build to larger amounts. You may get something out of this post: (Lots of books are mentioned in the post, but don’t feel you have to but everything if you’re under financial strain – you should be able to grasp the essential concepts without spending more.)


  10. Hi Damon, for when making the cash book – is the sentence, “Nah” and then the script of “Nitika. Nitika. Nitika…..” all the way through to “Go!” – are they each to be written on separate pages? I have these all on the first page of the book – is that okay?


    1. It sounds like you’re using an old version of the book, because the version that’s been out for some time has a photo showing that the text can all be on one page.


  11. I used the Cashbook and did not get a result. Although it was an amount that is needed for bills, I believe I was a bit over zealous in my first request and should have started smaller. However, in the book it says it can take 3 days, 3 weeks etc. It also says in the book that after you receive the funds you should “x” out the circles with the amount as you are done with them. Even tho I did not receive the amount now, shouldn’t I leave them un “x’d” on the thought that the magick could still be working? I am afraid that if I “x” it out and it’s still working, that I will end it. Can I just start a new page with a different amount? Is it ok to have more than one working at a time?

    Thank you.


    1. Thanks for buying the book. If it was an ebook, please make sure you bought it directly from Amazon, as some people are selling inaccurate copies elsewhere online.

      Somewhere in there it should say, “If nothing seems to have happened after eleven days, cross everything out on the money page, feeling grateful for your result (as though it really has happened) and start a fresh page as soon as you’re ready. Starting a new ritual can help you to forget about the previous one, which opens the doorway to success.”

      Try not to write it off as ‘did not get a result’, as that is like casting a Did Not Work spell. It’s far better to remain open to possibility.


  12. Hi Damon, I had a question with performing the cashbook ritual. When I empower my cash book is that a one time thing or do I have to empower my cashbook and do the ritual too for eleven consecutive days.


      1. Thanks Damon. By the way, I like the information you have on this blog. Keep up the good work and I wish you well in all that you do.


  13. Greetings Damon, I am really enjoying your books and have had such easy success with the Cashbook. Thus far I have always asked for very specific amounts, right down to the penny, to pay for bills and such. Of course, the result isn’t always in dollars, as in one case I was getting repairs done on my car and asked for the amount that was given to me as an estimate. As it turned out, some of the parts quoted were able to be repaired rather than replaced, which made the total cost outlay less but an amount that I had available. So I consider that as a positive result as the goal was accomplished.

    Now I want to receive money for needed dental work, but I don’t know how much it will cost. I really don’t even have a ballpark idea of what it will cost. Without knowing a specific amount, how can I work this? Since the car repair result, I know that even when I “think” I have an exact amount, it can work out that I didn’t actually need that amount after all. So I’m open to that being the case with the dental work, but I don’t know where to start. I have searched for an answer to this throughout the various FAQ and other answers and haven’t found it, but I apologize if this is a repeat question that I just missed finding the answer.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.


    1. Great to hear about your results. Thanks for sharing. When you need a general amount, and you don’t know the amount, it still helps to name an amount. At least with the Cashbook method. So ask for a set amount, and know that dental work happens in stages – usually – with long gaps between treatment and payments. So you might have plenty of time to get each amount as you need.


  14. Good morning Damon,

    I have already read many of your books and posts here and there in this forum, and am a little bit puzzled by the thread below about the “harm”.

    It is true that at the end of the ritual, it is written to ask the genius Nitika to not do harm to the loved ones, hence the innuendo that if we have to ask that to him… it’s because he could do.

    So I totally understand the thread and now I am worried too. If I just want to use the GoM books to improve my life, but without harming anybody else, does that mean that:

    option 1 -> I have to add something at the end, as Luis was suggesting, even though that may diminish the effect of the ritual as you said? or:

    option 2 -> just stick to the rituals as they are written, whatever the book I use, knowing the securizing “systems” you put into them can be trusted enough, be the entities are genii (Cashbook, Seduction) or demons (Wealth)?

    Thank you for “technically” precising that to me. 🙂

    Have a nice week-end, and thank you all for the nice posts!



    1. This genius spirits have more free will than most, hence the constraint, and so yes, in asking you are adding an extra layer of protection. Is it required? To be completely frank, I don’t think it’s that important, and it is left in partly out of habit/tradition, and perhaps because it adds security to those who may fear damage from the magick. Nitika is not a spirit that’s likely to harm anybody.

      The issue of harm is complex. When you get a job, twenty other applicants don’t. Did you harm them? When your business does well, by definition, the people you are in competition with suffer. Did you harm them? Or is this just the ordinary dance of reality? By performing magick you are asking for more access to material wealth. With a finite amount to go around, you are therefore getting more than somebody else. Only you can decide whether or not this is harm.

      This article may shed some light on the ideas behind this viewpoint:

      The magick will not wreak havoc on the lives of others, as to do so takes serious and deliberate intent. But it will give you more of a share of the money in the pot. You may or may not see that as harm.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you Damon, it is now much clearer! 🙂

        That “the magick will not wreak havoc on the lives of others, as to do so takes serious and deliberate intent” was exactly what I needed to know.

        So in fact, if this is just this “ordinary dance of life” that the magick can generate, for sure I will not see that as “harm”, as it is exactly what would have happened without the magick.

        So the distinction is now clearly established. Can I consider this distinction is not just valid for the Cashbook, but also for any other of your books, like Seduction, Wealth, etc…?

        All the best,



        1. Hi Damon,

          Finally no need to answer, I found the reply by myself thanks to divination, so it’s all good. 🙂

          I will now practice the Cashbook. 🙂



  15. Hi Damon,

    Well during my ritual I spontaneously offered an orange tealight to Nitika to be given when my result manifests. So far this spirit came through for me twice and quick too. Did I goof and make a trade when my intent should have been to give a gift?

    I read on the page where you explained getting a 4,000 debt paid in hours that if you start the business of making trades or deals you can wind up in a dangerous pact. I really meant to convey that I will thank the spirit with the feeling of gratitude plus a candle. Honestly I felt inspired to give more from being so amazed at the swift and specific results.

    Now I wish I just offered the candle the same way you suggest to offer the sexual energy when you want a debt paid. Can I switch to that next time? Or just stick to the rules as written from now on? How do I wiggle out of this one?

    Your books rule. Thank you!



    1. This isn’t the approach I recommend – there’s no need to trade or bargain or cajole. But if it’s done, I shouldn’t worry too much, because this is exactly the approach that many occultists swear by. Not my cup of tea, but see how it goes. A direct offering in advance can work (with no bargains truck, just a gift), and enjoying your result is the ultimate offering. So you might want to start a new ritual, performed as stated, or with gratitude in advance. If the tealight ritual does manifest, make sure you offer up your tealight. And then you can make a choice about whether to work that way again, or to keep it simple. Overall, nothing to worry about. It only becomes dangerous if you make a habit of promising and promising in exchange for results , because you then become a provider to the spirit, rather than the other way around.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, that’s fine.

      This might help too, from the FAQ above:

      Q: Instead of paint, can I use colored card? Can I use lined paper in the cashbook? Can I use crayons or pencils? Which is the best product to use? Is a spiral bound book ok? Can I glue sigils to the cover?

      A: Yes to all of these, and so long as the colors are approximately correct, it doesn’t matter what you use. Most importantly, you may need to read this article ( , to ensure you’re not overthinking things.


  16. Hi Damon Brand i have two questions for you

    1) In your book you say the magical cash book with Nitika is a pact ,does this pact involve something in the afterlife ?

    2) What we have to do if we finish the magical cash book ? Can we throw it and make another one ?

    Thank you 🙂


    1. 1) No. It only means an agreement made within the confines of the magick you perform now. So you agree to receive and enjoy the money.

      2) Answered in the FAQ above;

      Q: When I’ve finished with a Cashbook, how do I dispose of it?

      A: Stop thinking of it as a magickal item.When it no longer feels magickal to you, it is safe to trash it as your would any other notebook – this might take a second, or a few days. If it never feels unmagickal to you, you can wrap it in black cloth, put it in a box, or something similar, and leave it for a few months where it won’t disturbed. When you come back to it, the book should feel quite ordinary and can be disposed of in the trash.


  17. Hi Damon,

    As for the sentence of the ritual ending in “(…) and cause no harm to me or my loved ones”, can we add something like “and nobody else” to be sure, precisely, that other persons can’t be harmed either?

    Thank you,



      1. Thank you. Actually, behind my question was another question about all your books and what they offer to the practitioner. Apart from the techniques that are clearly aimed to harm people (f.i. using an angel to curse), can we consider that, thanks to the constraints which are embedded in the different rituals of the GoM books, we can use these magick systems (be they about wealth, seduction, etc…) being sure we won’t harm other people?

        I know the question may sound silly for some people, but in fact I don’t think it is, what is why I clearly mentioned above that I exclude from my question systems which are explicitely built to do so (like Magick Attack for example, it’s apart). That doesn’t mean either that I would be “opposed” to such systems, as I can perfectly try to understand that we may need to use such magick for example in a case of legitimate self-defense.

        But my question is more about all the rest. I don’t want to use the word “white magick” because I know all the debate that exists about this “color” nomenclature, but I’m sure you feel what I mean. After all, it’s certainly possible to use these ‘wealth – seduction – and so much other things’ – books without harming other people, right?

        Is it in this way the whole system runs?

        Sorry for this beginner’s question, and thank you in advance for the explanation.

        Kind regards,



        1. I think a lot of this is covered here:

          Although we obviously believe that a kind approach is required, we can’t control how people use magick. The systems we offer can be used to harm. Some would say that having more for yourself is harm. Others go even further and think that magick for the self, in any form, is wrong. I believe that when we better ourselves through magick we are more useful to others, and become less selfish.

          But magick itself is neutral, as discussed in the general FAQ.


          1. I see… Finally, what could do harm are not the rituals but the practitioner himself if he chooses to do so, via the inner alignment he will have or not with such a possibility. The magick will only amplify this positioning with regard to alterity. So the intent is key.


            1. This is a question very near and dear to me, as I used to be one who refrained from the intent to even harm a cockroach. As Mr. Brand said most sagaciously, even the most apparently innocuous ventures may possibly be at the expense of others.

              It’s a question that can only be answered by the Creator – why did He make the worlds thus?

              We can only adapt to the reality, and pretending to be “more righteous” than the Creator who made these laws of life, is foolish at best.

              I offer only my humble opinion, without intending any controversy.

              The Shem HaMephorash Angels and the genii are extremely powerful, and, it seems, a-moral.


              1. Hi, thank you very much for your input and this interesting conversation.

                Actually, wether the entites are a-moral or not, I think the only worry the practitioner may have when doing magick is “is there the risk I could harm others inadvertently?”

                I am not speaking here about the Magick Attack book, which is something specific, but about the other books.

                I would say that as long as one doesn’t want to knowingly harm others, I do not see where there could be any issue. Anyway I guess, especially given how these rituals seem to be built.

                The FAQ link above essentially speaks about the risk for the magus himself, which is fine, but not about possible collateral damages. Yet, it is precisely about how to avoid these possible collateral damages that I would have been happy to get an answer. I read somebody else in Amazon commentaries who seemed to wait for such a similar explanation.

                Can we consider the constraints built within the rituals are enough to do that?

                Thank you in advance for explaining, even though such a question should rather be in the general FAQ.

                All the best,



            2. Louis – a well crafted set of inquiries, and not those of a beginner. I think you intentionally or inadvertently point to the value of wisdom in Magick, if not in life itself.

              Therefore I would suggest you look into the works of Haamiah, Hariel, Hahasiah, Damabiah, Jabamiah and Yahehel, to name a few; that can help you increase and/or further fine tune wisdom.

              Wisdom and intelligence are not the same.

              Great path working. Keep going.


      2. I agree that it may limit your results, but not so much for the reason given, per se. As you have eloquently demonstrated in the past, the world is not in some karmic balance. There is no intrinsic reason that anyone comes to harm or even loss due to another’s benefit; including augmenting of wealth.

        This happens, almost exclusively, because we THINK it should. That thought is just another side effect of our belief in karma and what we perceive to be the laws of thermodynamics (which are deeply in question these days, anyway.)

        I’ve come to agree with your POV re karma; after many decades of capitulation. Don’t quit on me now!

        I am grateful for your works; including the writing, the Mage-work from which it stems and your deep commitment to a worldful of students and colleagues.

        Thank YOU again.


        1. When I said ‘it may limit your results’ that was not causally linked to the previous statement, but simply said because the more restrictions you place on your definition of a result, the less likely it is to manifest. (Super-tuned a specific requests can work, but for most people, the more general, the more expressive and creative the spirits can be in coming up with a result.)


  18. Re: Cashbook – to clarify: If I use a printed out sigil on white paper, and then glue onto silver front cover – is that okay – OR is it better to simply print the sigil out on silver/gray paper directly and therefore, the “blank” spaces within the sigil itself is silverish-gray instead of white? I believe this is what someone else was getting at on your Cashbook FAQ page, but still needs clarifying.
    Again – thank you for being of service by empowering those of the light to manifest abundance. In shared service. ~Angel


  19. Dear Damon,
    Thank you for your service. Since you are retiring, and I have not had a chance to read ALL your books yet – is there already a ritual for: attracting pure water, pure food and pure air into one’s life? The reason I ask is – having been a student of “occult” or “metaphysics” for years now, I am hoping that – since your magick involves INVOKING these “higher intelligent beings” – that there is something we can collectively do to INVOKE THEM to help us to purify our water, food and air because as I understand it – the more of humanity who invoke them – the greater THEY can respond…hope this makes sense….Peace, divine light and love to you… ~Angel


  20. Hallo, Gallery of Magick,

    Just how busy is Nitika?!

    I’d like to ask, please, in your experience is working for one amount of money and then going on to work for another amount of money even before the previous amount manifests a good call?


    1. Please search this site for articles about this. I can’t post links as I’m on vacation, and don’t have proper access to the site, but there are many articles that discuss this. One is called A Rush of Occult Power.

      Multiple rituals can be fine, so long as it is not out of desperation or urgency and impatience.


  21. Hi Damon,

    As for the sentence of the ritual ending in “(…) and cause no harm to me or my loved ones”, can we write & say rather “(…) and cause no harm to me, neither my loved ones, nor anybody else”, to be sure he will really do no harm to anybody? If so, is my sentence well written in English (which is not my mother tongue)?

    Thank you very much for precising!,



  22. Hi Damon,

    I have a small question regarding the book – in step 3 it says “close the book and gaze at the sigil of Nitika on the cover”. Do you mean the sigil on the silver front cover enclosed in a circle? Or the other sigil on the orange back cover? Thanks!


  23. Hi Damon.
    I seem to really want to use magick to manifest money (finally)…so have purchased all your money related books AND works of power.
    I have started the Magical Riches – Master Money ritual (and carried out others from words of power )
    I have acquired a nice notebook that I would like to use for notes and Sigils etc from your books. (I do have other magick notebooks too).
    I was thinking of using this same notebook as a Magical Cashbook – I suspect using the Magical Cashbook I create for other notes and sigils etc might not be a good idea.
    I had in mind to use the front end of the book for general notes and sigils and the back end for magical cashbook use.
    Can you advise on this please?
    Thank you … riche …


    1. The Cashbook should really only be used for one thing, ideally. I know that can be a bit of a pain, but the book itself becomes a dedicated magickal object, and it’s best if used only for one thing. Notes and other sigils would be best kept elsewhere.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks … thought as much 🙂
        I have decided to keep all my other notes and Sigils electronically or where they are in eBook …


    1. From the FAQ above:

      Q: Do I create a new circle on a new page each day, or a new circle on the same page?

      A: Please re-read the chapter called Using Your Cashbook to Atract money, and follow the steps exactly as set out. You create a new circle each day on the same page until the ritual is complete.

      I’m not sure if you’re using an old copy of the book, but it should now read:

      “When you get to the small circle that you drew, stop. Turn to the next blank page in your book and write the amount you want to attract. Use this same page each day, adding another circle each time you perform the ritual.”

      So I can’t really make it any clearer than that. You look at the circle on the first page, then turn to the next blank page, and then keep using that same page. In the latest version of the book there’s even an image showing exactly how it should look.


  24. Hi Damon, is the wealth magic we can find in your different books something really unharmful? I mean, as magic uses the path of least resistance, I hope there is nonetheless no risk, for example, that beloved people die because I would inherit or something like that we would of course avoid at all cost? Thank you for explaining.


    1. This is from the general FAQ:

      Q: If I do money magick, will my parents die so I can get their inheritance?

      A: The story goes that you do money magick, and then your parents die in a car crash so you get some quick money and you have to live with the guilt forever. While it is true that magick does take the path of least resistance, there are much easier ways for you to get money than by having your parents die. If you try to curse somebody to death you’ll find it very difficult indeed, so don’t expect death to happen due to a magickal accident. The magick in these books has been constrained to remain safe, so you can be assured that nobody you care about will come to harm. Magick is about controlling your destiny, not having awful accidents happen to your loved ones.

      You might also want to read this article:


      1. Thank you very much! I have tried to read all the FAQs but had missed this one. And as for the Word of Power “to go our money further”, I don’t understand the “mistakes” some people could do. Ii hope that doesn’t mean these people would be “robbed” in a sort of not-fair-play manipulation? Sorry if the question sounds silly, but I am still a beginner in magic and I don’t want to harm people.


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