The Art of Indirect Magick

Direct magick is the easiest way to get what you want. You perform a ritual to obtain a desire, and the desire comes to pass. But if there’s an area of your life that refuses to yield to magickal pressure, then you may want to use Indirect Magick.

With Indirect Magick, you perform magick for the feeling that you want, rather than focusing on what feels impossible. So if you’ve been trying to make more money, but deep down that just feels impossible for you, look at the feeling that having money gives you. Is it elation, security, a thrill, the sense of potential, or something else? It might be several things. If you can work out what the feeling is that you want to achieve, you can use magick to obtain that feeling. So rather than doing another money magick ritual, you would use magick to obtain the feeling of relief and security. When you take your focus off the money, the money manifest more easily.

One actor I knew found a way to make this work. Like most actors I know, he struggled to find employment in local plays and minor indie film productions. Every time he went to an audition, he desperately wanted the role he was auditioning for, and nothing was going to change that. It was pure pressure and desperate desire.

As you probably know, one of the keys to magick is letting go of desire, and avoiding lust for result. It’s OK to really want something, but if your magick is stained with desperation, you are actually feeding the magick with the energy of absence. You amplify the feeling of not having something.

My actor friend knew this, so he modified his rituals. Rather than working on getting the role, he focused on something just to the side of his result. From experience, he knew that every time he landed a decent role, he would go out to lunch with his agent, to celebrate. This would be a relaxed time, with lots of relief and laughter. So rather than doing magick to get a specific role, he performed servitor magick to get more lunches with his agent.


He knew that his agent wasn’t suddenly going to become more sociable. He knew that each lunch date meant success. But performing magick for a cheerful lunch was easy, and felt completely possible. Acting success felt painfully impossible, so he moved his focus to an enjoyable lunch. He felt no pressure when he pictured that lunch and the laughter. It seemed like such an easy thing to achieve. This magick worked wonders.

A couple I knew who’d been trying to buy a house, but failing to get a loan, stopped doing magick to convince bank managers and instead performed a ritual to have the feeling of a housewarming party. Yes, this was the same result, in a way, but it felt possible. This small self-deception can work. It was easy for them to picture a housewarming party. Much easier than picturing a tight-fisted bank manager yielding to their demands. It worked.

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In any kind of emergency, what you’re often looking for is relief, and a feeling of security. If you perform magick to attain that feeling, rather than focusing on the near-impossible problem, then you may find that the problem resolves in order to get you that feeling.

What magick do you actually use to get such results? The most adaptable magick is Chaos Magick and Servitor Magick, and this can be targeted directly at the feeling you want to create. I would also recommend working with The 72 Sigils of Power. In that book, you find rituals that work with feelings of peace, calm, joy, appreciation and relief, and these are the energies that fuel indirect magick. The Angels of Alchemy also contains rituals for personal transformation.



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  1. Damon, not sure what it is,i cant leave any comments on Facebook.I Promise to keep it short and not ask to much questions.Not sure what I did.

    1. Sometimes the admins block people from posting if they’ve been over-posting off-topic, promoting other products, being offensive, or in some cases, just when people are being rude or impatient. This is to prevent me having to deal with every little drama that occurs over there. So it might be that, but I have no idea. I’ll see if it might be unblocked. However, as you can see on this page, I am urging people to experience magick.

  2. Thank you Damon Brand and the GOM for sharing the Magick with myself and the World!. The timing of the article could have not come at a better time!. I just finished college and I am an EMT in Hawaii. I made a huge financial sacrifice to go back to school and follow my passion to work in an exciting career giving back to others and the community as I was a selfish , self destructing individual who couldn’t even save myself. Long story short , I was going to school full time and single father trying to be a good Dad to my children at the same time and dealing with both my childrens mothers at Family Court defending myself from evil , deviant allegations against my children so they could win and be awarded full custody and bank roll some serious money for child support for both my children. I was told many times by my Director of EMS that there will be a job lined up for me after I graduated because EMS Manpower had no Manpower and needed to fill out open positions fast. I did almost every ritual from your books day and night except Servitor Magick and Magickal Cashbook. Non- STOP RITUALS to get my job that I desperately needed to help me financially to pay for never ending legal bills fighting for my rights to be a Father to my children. Also I was in some deep debt. I was possessed man on a mission to work for EMS. I was desperate and could not be rejected for the position because of pride and mounting legal bills. and and it was on my mind 24/7. Well, I didn’t get hired after the last interview and was sent a rejection letter. I was broke , depressed , hurt and angry at the Universe. WTF!!!!!. Everything went to Hell after that . I got steamrolled in Court by both of my ex’s !. A real good friend who introduced the GOM to me told me that I desperate and sending out the wrong energy ( desperate, obsessed) to the Universe and God was protecting me WTF?. I really had reevaluate my life and change my thought process, learning how to have gratitude as I was working for EMS, WTF?. I thought my friend was nuts!. Well I did it and lied to myself I didn’t want the job even though in the back of my mind the thought was real. I wanted to curse certain individuals who got hired because they are not the most sincere people. Well , I have my own transportation buisness and enjoy it. I also lie to myself to believe that I already work for EMS. I speak to my passengers during rides as though I had a long day and working a little extra hours with my own business. The irony is I focused all my energy to make money to pay for my debts and for my children too. Magickal Cashbook is insane!!!. Money comes quick, fast and i enjoy that feeling. I always show gratitude to Nitika and the Universe as my buisness flows steady with customers. I realized I am my worst enemy due to the desperation, obsession, lusting for results and not enjoying the magick and the feeling of gratitude and feeling as the magick has worked. I got word that EMS is going to start hiring process again and deep in my heart the fire still burns for
    EMS. Thank You Damon and GOM!!!!. I’m patiently waiting for the Angels of Alchemy to be released .

    1. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the magick, and that the Cashbook is working for you. Letting go of desperation and lust is not always easy, but it gets easier. I hope the ideas in this post can help.

  3. Thank you Damon.
    I have been using the GoM magick for now more than 10 months.
    I will finish, next week, the Magick Wealth rituals. What a change ! I am looking forward to sharing my amazing results.
    Thank you for your dedication.

  4. Goodness, Damon, I was just pondering this concept this very week!

    I was wondering how to use magick to achieve a certain feeling rather than a particular result, for occasions where I’m not attached to a particular outcome, or more commonly, when I don’t know what I want, but I do know how I want to feel.

    I have been using the 72 Sigils in this context, to learn more about myself.
    But to shift the focus on the feeling (instead of struggling to make it fit to a certain outcome which to ask for) will, I’m sure, yield interesting results.

    Thank you as always, for sharing your knowledge.

    P.S.: I’m beyond excited about your new book! 🙂

  5. Thank you Damon, as always! I continue to learn much from you, again a pertinent part of… I look forward to your new book!
    I want your guidance, in order to obtain my stolen inheritance, I know who was resonsible, and she took it all, which angels can I work with to help me regain what was stollen from me?
    Love, light, and blessings!

    1. Thank you very much. There are many approaches you could take, depending on the style of magick like to use. If it’s angelic, then Kevekiah might be a clear choice. However, it really depends on the situation – do you want to make her kinder, or get legal action to work, or perhaps you want to make her feel guilty. There are rituals in the Words of Power books, and The 72 angels which could all help. If you haven’t already, please see these posts:

      I hope that helps.

  6. Iam so happy that in my life I have joined the world of magick. Please Damon I need you to help me on getting magical power that will help me make successful magik retuals . I am still having a problem with creating light from dark. What can I do to increase on the techenic of creating light from the dark

    1. Thank you, and it’s great to hear that magick is underway for you. Don’t worry about being able to see the light, in that ritual. Even just pretending that it is there can be enough. It’s more important to find calm confidence and detach from the results – the are many posts on this site that cover those subjects.

    1. Make it soon. So many Gordon fans here. Damon, what about The Magick of Influence by Corwin Hargrove – will Gordon’s book be the same as this, better, the worth buying while we wait?

    2. There are many factors at play, here. One challenge is that, for the book to be comprehensive, it helps to refer to magick that is not yet explored in other books; but that could make the book incomplete. As such, Gordon may move the influence material to a much larger volume that covers dark magick in general. There are other personal issues at play, which mean we can’t just put everything out at once. But over the coming weeks, months and years, there will be a lot of magick.

      As to that other influence book, I haven’t seen it yet. I try to keep up with most things that are published, although not everything and it takes time. Regardless, it is current policy not to comment on the works of other authors. Even if I give approval for a book, that can cause somebody else to feel left out, and so on. As such, it’s easier to discuss only our own works.

  7. Thank you for the great article. I will definitely use this technique to go around my mental blocks. I can’t wait for the new book! ‘The Greater Words of Power’ book is amazing and I hope that new book builds on it. I hope it will be released this September. If not, could you, please, disclose the timeline? Also, could you, please open comments again for the ’72 Angels of Magick’ book? I need to share my story and express my gratitude to Mahasiah.

    Thank you.
    I am so looking forward to the new book.

  8. One thing I do with magick that seems like it applies here is I spend time every day to focus on building and perpetuating a sense of bliss. I mostly use Hindu mantras and kundalini raising work for this; and I find that it works very well. Once you can tap into a state of bliss at will, it really empowers other magick; Also, the process of focusing on bliss and/or unconditional love tends to bring up (so that you can release) all the other bits of subconscious resistance that get in the way of other magick. (Focus on unconditional love and bliss will tend to “purify” the mind. To get to bliss and especially to maintain it you have to identify and let go of all the reasons that you have come to believe you don’t deserve to be happy and/or don’t want or deserve joy. But, really, who needs nasty stuff lurking around in their unconscious which gets in the way of happiness and success?)

    Once you get to a place where you can slip into a state of bliss, regardless of external circumstance, patience and letting go are pretty much automatic. You don’t need anything to be happy when you are already happy; you may still want things; but, there’s much less pressure to achieve anything since happiness is already yours regardless.

    I find that magick always flows much more easily in any form (and often without any form at all… Shit just happens and works out) if you bring yourself to a state of bliss, overwhelming joy and/or unconditional love every day, and especially before you do any other rituals. And, the amazing “coincidences” just start happening. Synchronicity becomes a daily occurrence. It’s like being in bliss just magnetizes you to happiness and blessings.

    So, I highly recommend that, especially if you find your magick stymied, you shift your focus to just finding joy. Remember that there is always joy to be found. It’s a very easy thing to achieve with or without magick. And, if you do simple spells for easily achievable goals, simple things like doing magick to see a beautiful butterfly, an awe-inspiring sunset, a double-rainbow… That easily attainable joy can make it easier to believe that you can use magick for other goals; and, when you know that one way or another you’ll find joy, letting go and being patient is much easier and the magick works better.

    Of course, the same principle of letting go applies, if you are desperate to feel bliss that desperation will block you from finding it. Desperation and “Everything is wonderful, right here and now” are very different mindsets and the more you try to force yourself to feel calm, peaceful or blissful the more you won’t… So, take my advice with a grain of salt. Sometimes the best way to find bliss is to forget about looking for it and focus on the physical. You’ll have to work out the right approach for yourself.

    1. Yes, some people do find this an excellent way to work. For others, getting to this state can take quite a bit of work, imagination and so on. Working on the state you are in can be very useful indeed.

  9. Thank you Damon, your books and articles are meticulously written and you are an amazingly gifted person. I feel blessed to have come across your books and bought every one of them published by Gallery of Magick. Your articles throws insight into indirect magick, which is something I could not have conceived. A big thank you!

    Looking forward, eagerly for the new book!

  10. Simply wonderful article yet again. This was so beautifully written, and is extremely helpful. I’m excited for the new book, Angels of Alchemy! Thank you deeply Damon (I’m elated that you’re writing!) and GOM.

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