The Magick of Creativity

There are few abilities so valued as creativity. For those who work in the arts, inspiration is not something you can wait for. Increasingly, creativity is a required quality in many lines of work. And when you live for art, creativity feels like an aspect of your very existence. You can be perfectly creative without ever using magick, but if you use magick, you can access new levels of inspiration and creative output.

Between us, we’ve already published quite a lot of material on creativity. If you’re interested in creativity, there’s lot of magick available in the books that you probably already own. If used wisely, these are the tools you can use to feel the breath of inspiration, find the confidence to start your creative project, explore the depths of your creative abilities, hone your talent and complete great works.

There are countless books written about creativity, and most seem to agree that you need to find the courage to overcome procrastination, apply some commitment, encourage inspiration by trusting it, keep going until the work is complete, and then work to promote your creation, while handling self-doubt and criticism. And then starting all over again. Here’s how magick can help.

Procrastination and Commitment

The blank page, the empty canvas, the hours of staring, waiting, putting off the creation – it’s exhausting. It’s far easier to get the work done, but making that leap into art can be almost impossible, even for highly experienced artists. Although romanticised in many novels and films, the frustration experienced by creative artists can be extremely unpleasant. It can be disheartening and depressing when your soul is yearning for expression, but you are certain you lack the time, energy, skill, talent or belief to do justice to your artistic impulsions.

Fear, stasis and bad habits prevent you from working, so if you tackle them with magick, your work can begin to unfold with ease. Creativity does not have to be a struggle, and when you learn to work with ease, you may wonder why you ever struggled in the first place. Getting to this point requires the moment of commitment, where you put fear aside and decide that you will create, no matter what.


If you work with  The 72 Angels of Magick, Hayiel can help you to be brave with your talents. Call on this angel to uncover your innate sense of bravery, to ensure that doubts about your talent are put aside.

If you own The 72 Sigils of Power, you can use Melah to find a sense of joy beneath apprehension. This sigil can also be used to promote clear thought, which can be vital when the first waves of inspiration hit you. The sigil of Shaah will help you to begin a venture with passion, and dedicate yourself to that undertaking. If you are plagued by fears and doubt, then use the Menad sigil to release fear and find courage. The sigil of Poi can remove doubts about your talent, and works especially well when used at the same time as the aforementioned angel Hayiel.


Using The Greater Words of Power you can use Increase Self Confidence, combined with Overcome Bad Habits and Mental Focus. That book also contains several rituals of creativity, which can enhance your skills. Putting those in place at the outset can be the ideal way to start. If you’re absolutely stuck, this book also contains The Road Opener ritual. When the blockage feels so complete that you’re not sure you can ever create anything, The Road Opener can make you see the path ahead. It might involve a surprising change of direction, or clarity and expansion regarding your current ideas. The Road Opener is one of the most profound rituals, and has opened the way for many artists to set out on a new creative venture.

You might only need one of these rituals to get started. Or you might need them all. If you feel the urge to create, use this magick to get things underway.



No amount of commitment is worthwhile without inspiration. Many artists have discovered that waiting for inspiration is the wrong way to go about creating art. It is better to work often, and allow inspiration to color and flavour the work when it can. So get working, but then use angelic magick to find inspiration on a more regular basis.

From The 72 Angels of Magick you can work with Lelahel to remove artistic blockages and experiment freely. For writers, Machiel can help you write well, and composers can call on Lavel for inspired composition.

In The 72 Sigils of Power you can use the sigil of Lav, for discovering the depths of art and music.

Continue Until Complete

Once you have started your work, you need to find the energy to finish what you have started. Using angelic magick you can call on Mumiah to see a project through to completion, and Menakel to obtain clear thought, when exhaustion and distraction become bothersome.

Yeyiz from The 72 Sigils of Power can help you find peace and silence to create, and Omem can help you achieve much in a short time.  Make More Time Become Available from Words of Power can be one of the most useful rituals, especially if creative work is not your main form of employment. This short and simple ritual can help you find the time to fit your creative work in around the rest of your life.


Production and Publicity

When your work is complete, you want to get it out there. That could mean networking and convincing gatekeepers, as well as having your work and talent recognised, and becoming well known for the work that you have done. Whatever stage your creative career is at, there are many angels from The 72 Angels of Magick that can help.

Aniel works to get your work seen by the people who matter, although to get to that point you may need to do some networking, and Heziel can help you with that by winning over the gatekeepers of your industry. Raahel increases fame and reputation, while Machiel can assist with marketing and making writing popular. If you’re ever lucky enough to be up for an award, Mivahiah can help you win. Lelahel can increase luck in relation to ambition.

The sigil of Veval helps you to be seen as a creator, and Mivah assists with your recognition as an artist. Perception is so vital, especially when starting out, so these sigils are fundamental to success. The sigil of Machi can help directly with popularity for your creative work, once it is out there.

You may also want to use Have Your Talent Recognised and Be Given a Chance Against the Odds from Words of Power.

It probably goes without saying that although these powers are intense and effective, they are going to work best when you have built your skills, worked professionally and created with passion and authenticity. Bad art will always be bad art, and no amount of magick is going to help promote it. Good art, when illuminated by magick, can thrive.

Again, be aware that this is a mass of magick, and you may not need all of it. I have known many novelists get a deal without ever using any magick, and I have known some who used only one or two rituals. Others needed a lot more. Don’t pour all the magick you can onto something, unless it’s really needed. Carefully chosen magick, that addresses the real points of need, is usually more effective than an overkill of magick that’s performed without real commitment.

Career and Criticism

When it comes to managing your career, there are many complexities, from the legal to the personal, and angelic magick can help, but there are too many issues to be covered here in full. It is worth mentioning that Veshariah can improve your skills as you continue to work, and can also help you to stay in control of your creative career. When you set out, all you want to do is sell your work, but in time you may want more control over the direction and structure of your creative output. During this time, the sigil of Metzer can give you a calm strength that makes it easy to deflect criticism. No matter how much praise you receive, there will always be criticism. And sometimes, there will be nothing but criticism. Your job as an artist is to stay true to your vision, and start the creative process all over again.


If you are creative, magick can help to inspire and nourish you, and help you to complete your greatest work. Although the magick described above may be sufficient to guide your creative endeavours, the next book to be published by The Gallery of Magick will contain several rituals that are of particular interest to artists. These include powers to pour beauty into all your creative work, feel passion for your projects, find better ways to work, and improve your imagination, along with many rituals of perception and intuition that help you know the best work to create, as well as the best time and place to sell your creative work. This forthcoming book is not all about creativity. It’s actually about personal transformation. But for writers and artists, there will be a lot of material that can bring a new level of grace and beauty to your creative work.

– Damon Brand