The Angels of Alchemy

In recent months it has become clear that one of the best ways to get magick working, is to work on personal transformation first. When you have clarity within yourself, magick works more easily. And that is why I’m delighted to announce the publication of The Angels of Alchemy. Here’s what it says on the back… Read More The Angels of Alchemy

The Art of Indirect Magick

Direct magick is the easiest way to get what you want. You perform a ritual to obtain a desire, and the desire comes to pass. But if there’s an area of your life that refuses to yield to magickal pressure, then you may want to use Indirect Magick. With Indirect Magick, you perform magick for the… Read More The Art of Indirect Magick

The Magick of Creativity

There are few abilities so valued as creativity. For those who work in the arts, inspiration is not something you can wait for. Increasingly, creativity is a required quality in many lines of work. And when you live for art, creativity feels like an aspect of your very existence. You can be perfectly creative without ever… Read More The Magick of Creativity

Targeting Your Magick

Sometimes, all you need is a simple ritual and you get what you want. Other times, there can be resistance, and then you may need to develop the skills for targeting your magick at the underlying problems. This can bring a solution faster than you might imagine. When magick works easily, with one simple ritual,… Read More Targeting Your Magick

31 New Angelic Powers

I am often asked if it’s wise to work with several angels at once. Sometimes, it is. If you’ve got a large problem that needs to be dealt with on many levels, you may use one angel to increase your ability, another to stop people from interfering with your project, and another to help make… Read More 31 New Angelic Powers

The Master Works of Chaos Magick

Many years of my life were spent in the world of Chaos Magick, and you could argue that I never completely moved on. One of the aims of The Gallery of Magick is to simplify magick. We do that, for the most part, using a complex methodology that involves evocation and contemplation, but I can’t… Read More The Master Works of Chaos Magick

Find Your Soulmate with The Angels of Love

It’s one thing to say that magick can solve problems and bring you money, but it’s quite another thing to claim that magick can help you find your soulmate. In a world that’s filled with loneliness and isolation, can magick really make a difference? We wouldn’t release a book that gave false hope. But I… Read More Find Your Soulmate with The Angels of Love