Three Stories of Magick

I’ll tell your three stories. One’s about a success. One’s about a big failure. And the last one is weird, but it taught me something about magick that I’ll never forget.… Read More Three Stories of Magick

The Magick of Disbelief

Magick can work when you don’t even believe in it. Unlocking the secret of this puzzle leads to one tiny magickal adjustment. It can make everything fall into place.… Read More The Magick of Disbelief

An Angel Before Me

The first time I stood in the presence of an archangel, I was overwhelmed. It’s a story I don’t often tell, and with good reason. Most stories about magick sound like they’ve been made up.… Read More An Angel Before Me

Transforming Failure into Magickal Success

A few simple ideas can transform failure into magickal success.… Read More Transforming Failure into Magickal Success

Indulge and Dream with Magick

Magick is whatever you want it to be, and knowing this can have a big practical impact on your results. You can dream and indulge and in doing so, find out who you are and how to get what you want.… Read More Indulge and Dream with Magick

Making Space for Magick

Sharing magickal knowledge has brought us all immense pleasure. But this hunger for new magick has perhaps made some people miss the value of what’s already available.… Read More Making Space for Magick

Angels of Wrath

Discover the Angels of Wrath in Gordon Winterfield’s final book for The Gallery of Magick.… Read More Angels of Wrath