The Past Can Empower Your Magick

Magick works through both directions in time. A successful ritual must affect many factors to bring you even the simplest result. To change current or future reality rapidly, the change must usually begin some time in your past. You can use this knowledge to enhance your magickal results.

When I say that magick works on the past as well as the future, it’s important to know that this does not mean that you change history. The events that have happened are set in stone. But when those events occurred, months or weeks ago, they may have been affected at that time by the magick that you are performing now.

It is generally accepted that the future is not a fixed point. It is fluid. Decisions and actions you make now change the future. As an occultist, you know that magick can enhance your decisions and cause change on a much greater scale. For really effective change, however, it is often necessary for your magick to change the past.

Archangels of Magick

This reality was brought to my attention in several ways, but one of the most dramatic occurred when rituals would yield results in seconds. Although most of my magick took days, weeks or months to manifest, there were times when the result came instantly. That meant that many real-world changes must have already been going on for weeks. My magick must have delved into the past, to make the changes where they were most effective.

Time is not always a factor. If I perform a ritual to urge somebody to contact me, there is no need for the past to be changed. All that needs to happen is a slight change of thought in that person, and the result is mine. But if I perform a ritual to obtain more money, what are the options? Sometimes, a rapid change of thought in another person will bring the result, so no time shift is required. But more often, many circumstances change to reorder my reality and bring the result through a series of connected coincidences.

On several occasions I have used influence magick on and group, and subsequently found out that the group I was trying to influence made a decision earlier that day, or even some days before. This has happened so often that I can not dismiss it as coincidence. Magick takes the path of least resistance, and sometimes it is easier to change a few small events in the past to bring about change now.

When you know that magick can affect the past, that knowledge can help you to improve your results. When performing a ritual, you are often urged to transmute your emotion. In the moment of now you feel as though the result has already come about. Although the spirits will do the magickal work to prepare your result, it is down to you to feel the result’s reality, in order for it to manifest. By imagining the future emotion of a result in the present, you urge that future to come about more rapidly.

You can take this further, by pushing the result into the past. This is where gratitude comes in. When you feel gratitude for a result, right now, you’re effectively pushing the result into your past. In the real world, we generally feel gratitude when something has happened. So the act of feeling gratitude for something wanted, as though it has happened, frames it in your consciousness as a past event. This increases the pressure of manifestation.

All that I’ve described so far is already built into the magick in my books, but it can be intensified once again with an additional technique. This technique does require a good, disciplined imagination, but it can be extremely effective. In short, you imagine the result as though it is a memory. Memories have a very specific feeling to them. When you reminisce it feels different to when you imagine, hope or speculate. So when you look at a wanted result in your mind, as though you are remembering it, you imbue it with all the sensation of a satisfying, remembered reality. This again intensifies the pressure on the past, giving your magick more outlets for change.


Take some time to examine how memories feel, and try to replicate that feeling when you picture your wanted result. You can do this during the magick, immediately after the section where you are supposed to feel gratitude. But one of the most effective times to use this is after the magick, whenever your wanted result pops up in your mind. It is well established that pondering on results, and hoping for them to come about is lust for result, and can stifle your efforts. And in many books I suggest that you think about the result as though it has already happened, to counter this lust. But with this additional technique, you actually feel, just for an instant, that this is a real memory. When you feel that you are actually recalling a result that genuinely occurred, rather than just imagining gratitude, it can compel your magick to manipulate time more extremely, so that the result comes faster.

This method is only the smallest variation on what has gone before, but it is significant. The only danger is that when I present a method that can ‘speed up results’ this might make you look for results more eagerly. Such eagerness can stop it all from working, so only use this technique if you are willing to let results come when they come. If you can do that, then the past may already have been changed by your magickal work today, to bring about the change you seek for tomorrow.