Success Magick with Enochian Rituals

Discover the most anticipated book by Damon Brand and explore the hidden power of Enochian Rituals.


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You don’t need to wait for the best time or the perfect economy. With magick working for you, now is the time to become successful. Even when everything is falling apart around you, magick can open the pathway to success.

You may have sensed you are meant for something more. You may have longed for success your whole life. Or you may feel the need to improve your life because things haven’t worked out the way they should. Whatever you seek from a successful life, magick is a gateway to your new reality.

If you have no idea at all what you want, that’s also fine. This is the beginning of your quest for success, and there will be new discoveries.

There is no such thing as a simple ritual to make you an overnight success. This is a system of magick. It is far more than a list of rituals that solve problems. With this book, you integrate a successful pathway into your life.

The great secrets of magick were delivered to a genius mathematician in the sixteenth century. After that, the magick was locked away for many years, then found again and shared in secret. Occultists have unraveled these secrets to the point where they have become practical.

The methods described here are based on a lifetime studying and exploring success, combined with the wisdom of the Enochian Angels.

Whether you are tired of the struggle, battling against competitors, finding it difficult to start or finish a project, uncertain of what to do with your life, or straining to get where you want to be, this book presents a form of magick that can unlock your dreams.

You can compress time, improve fortune, and open opportunity in a way that cannot happen without magick.

You will discover:

A completely safe system that protects you from day one.

Magick that can be performed without any equipment or supplies.

A streamlined version of Enochian Magick, unlike anything that has been published before.

Clear instructions that show every step you need to take.

A blissful sense of power from the underlying source of magick.

People may tell you that you cannot use Enochian Magick, but the angels said otherwise. The angels said that this magick should be used. We were told to use this magick to understand and experience its power. That is what you can do now.

You don’t need any equipment or special magickal skills. You only need a private space where you can perform the magick.

Centuries ago, in a set of strange and fascinating circumstances, the angels revealed an encoded magickal system to Doctor John Dee, a friend and advisor to Queen Elizabeth I. This secret magick was nearly taken by the flames of the Great Fire of London. It survived, and has slowly been recovered, examined, explored, and experienced.

Enochian Magick is no longer a historical curiosity but the essence of practical magick. Give it your attention, and it can open you up to a lifetime of success.

Whatever your age or experience, and no matter what you have gone through before, it is never too early or too late to find success. You can choose the life you have always wanted, starting now.


Get the ebook here (read on any device)
Get the paperback here.

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