Making Space for Magick

The demand for new titles from loyal readers is high, and we have been delighted to oblige. Sharing magickal knowledge has brought us all immense pleasure. But this hunger for new magick has perhaps made some people miss the value of what’s already available.

We don’t want to churn out books if it makes them appear cheap, disposable or anything other than special. To us, they are deeply precious.

The moment a new book is published – usually within minutes – we get asked when the next one is coming. And wow, that is such an honour. We feel really thrilled that there’s such enthusiasm for what we do, so thank you, sincerely! But it’s also a concern that some readers might get into a cycle of waiting for the next thing we publish, rather than working with the magick.


How things change.

The Gallery of Magick has been around in one form or another since the eighties, but we only began publishing publicly in early 2014. The stories we hear are outstanding. People who’ve never done magick get results. People who once gave up on magick get results. People tell us their lives have changed in amazing ways.

Across this page, Facebook and private messages (when they were still open) we have heard thousands and thousands of success stories that are mind-blowing, even to us, after all the time we’ve spent in magick.

As an example, just in the last hour as I came to sit at my desk, I read these, here and on Facebook:

‘Some results I had been seeking for years came in an instant with the rituals from your body of work.’

‘I performed that ritual myself and the results came hours later.’

‘I can’t even begin to describe what a burden these rituals have taken off my shoulders in terms of helping me to fix a relationship that is near and dear to me. I love this magick.’

Impressive stuff. That’s just now, and it happens all day, every day. We appreciate every single comment and review, and without those reviews, this would all die out. And reviews are a great way for us and new readers to see how well it’s working.

Magickal Riches by Damon Brand

Some people take a while to find results, and let’s face it, some never get it to work, while a few read the books and decide to never even try. And lots of people pick our brains to get the magick working. It’s led to a rich website, improved books and better magick all round.

No more angels?

It’s been said before, but after The Angels of Alchemy was published, quite a few people said, ‘Please, no more angel books,’ as though we were pumping out boring information. Given the decades of refined knowledge that Damon put into that book, it was a shock to us.

Looking for a new ritual or a better method is not as important as working the magick. We’d rather sell fewer books and see you go deeply into the magick.

And whose fault is this? Ours. Yes, it’s all our fault. Damon started out publishing books like Magickal Cashbook and Words of Power – books that are so simple they can make magick look trivial. The same happened with Sigils of Power and Transformation, by me! Our magick is so far from trivial. But it’s simplified it to the point where people expect easy, instant magick every month. And the danger is that the books sit on shelves, unused, or people get impatient waiting for the next big thing.

Impatience is the enemy of magickal results.

Into the Magick

Magick is an experience. We’ve been guided to make space for you all to work with the magick, rather than put more methods out there for you to process.

We’re not here for the money. Publishing is a business and we do want a financial return on the time we put into it, but this strand of publishing is not big business. But we’re not here purely for the fun of it. We publish the books because we believe in the transformative power of magick.

We believe in personal empowerment through supernatural means to uncover and obtain your true desires.

The project began as a way of fulfilling personal oaths, and it continued out of a heartfelt desire to share magick that we believe to be unique, simple and workable. Right now, weirdly enough, the only way to do that is to stop publishing for a while and bring the focus back to working with magick.


When we take a break, readers do more magick. Experience is a great teacher. So, every now and then, we take a break from this page and. We trust that you’ll be able to find your magickal path using our books, and the tens of thousands of words published on this site.

The Greatest Secrets 

Remember that there are over 7000 questions and answers on this site (with thousands more on Facebook). Yes, a lot are as boring as me saying, ‘Please read Chapter 3′ or ‘Please read the FAQ’, but some of it’s good.

For the really good stuff there are many detailed FAQs and over sixty posts that hold some secrets that are more powerful than anything you find in the books. 

– Adam Blackthorne


‘This book of Sigils works. Sometimes instantly. More often with a deep subtle power that gradually shapes your reality in a few days according to your exact wishes yet beyond your expectations.’

‘The simpler rituals are almost foolproof.’

‘I can say I have gotten EVERYTHING I ask for and more from the information contained within.’

‘The procedure is simple, clear and discrete, yet the results are powerful.’

‘This is the simplist magick yet! It works!’

This is a small sample of reviews, used here under Fair Use provisions.