The Power of the Possible

When you want a result, you need to find the most suitable magick. This is why there will always be lots of magick on offer, rather than one book. You can then choose the magick that’s appropriate to your needs. This gives you freedom, power and choice. But how do you know what’s going to work best for you?

When you’ve worked with magick for a while, this starts to become clear, because you find some results satisfying, others a little disappointing, and you also begin to see a world of potential opening up. There are some people who come to magick, however, with the hope that there will be one spell or ritual that solves all their problems. I get messages from people saying, ‘I am struggling with money and a difficult neighbor, while suffering from ill health and a bad marriage. Can you tell me which ritual to use?’ This is a bit like saying, ‘Can I have an instant miracle that lasts forever?’

Magick can do amazing things, truly amazing things, but it is a practice that you integrate into your life, rather than something you do once to change everything.

Sometimes, one quick ritual can have a life-changing effect. Five minutes of magickal work really can give you an instant miracle that lasts forever – sometimes. But that’s rare. It would be misleading to suggest that this is how magick works on a daily basis. If you want to get the best results from magick, you learn when to use the magick that’s appropriate to your desires and your true will.

One of the interesting things that happens is that your desires change, or clarify, as you work with magick. You realize that the miracle you were seeking would not have made you happy after all. A lottery win would have left you bored, because really, you wanted a promotion. Or, conversely, the promotion would not have made you happy, because really you wanted to start your own business, or become a writer, or travel the world.

It is easy to get caught up in habitual desires, and lose sight of what you really want, but when you start working with magick you begin to see the power of the possible. You see that life can be guided and shaped according to your will. Once you realize that, your dreams change.

It is exciting to spend some time with your thoughts, working out what you really want and knowing that you can get it.


When you realize that you can get what you want, you dare to dream in a different way. This doesn’t necessarily mean ‘thinking big’. Many people find that the dreams they once had – of riches and mansions – are nothing to do with the life they genuinely want. Others find that money is something that makes them happier than they ever thought possible. The process of inner change can be quite exhilarating.

Magick can clarify your perception and helps you know who you are and what you want. When you know that, and find the right magick for your immediate and long-term needs, everything falls into place.

One of the reasons that The 72 Sigils of Power has been so popular, is that it works directly on helping you uncover your real needs. But it’s true that all magick can help to uncover the power of the possible, and make you begin to see a world beyond the immediate.

There will rarely be an instant miracle that lasts forever, but working with magick will help you become open to the things you truly want. When you are open to possibility, a new reality is almost yours.