Three Stories of Magick

I’ll tell your three stories. One’s about a success. One’s about a big failure. And the last one is weird, but it taught me something about magick that I’ll never forget.… Read More Three Stories of Magick

Transforming Failure into Magickal Success

A few simple ideas can transform failure into magickal success.… Read More Transforming Failure into Magickal Success

How To Do Magick Badly And Still Get Results

Magick can work when it’s sloppy, poorly planned and badly performed. When you understand why, there’s a chance your magick will work more often.… Read More How To Do Magick Badly And Still Get Results

The Magick of Creativity

There are few abilities so valued as creativity. For those who work in the arts, inspiration is not something you can wait for. Increasingly, creativity is a required quality in many lines of work. And when you live for art, creativity feels like an aspect of your very existence. You can be perfectly creative without ever… Read More The Magick of Creativity

The Secrets of Money Magick

There is so much more to life than money, but money can give you so much more life. It’s my belief that financial magick can be some of the most spiritually uplifting work that you do. Far from being an indulgence of the greedy, it can be the magick of freedom. I sometimes get messages… Read More The Secrets of Money Magick

Targeting Your Magick

Sometimes, all you need is a simple ritual and you get what you want. Other times, there can be resistance, and then you may need to develop the skills for targeting your magick at the underlying problems. This can bring a solution faster than you might imagine. When magick works easily, with one simple ritual,… Read More Targeting Your Magick

31 New Angelic Powers

I am often asked if it’s wise to work with several angels at once. Sometimes, it is. If you’ve got a large problem that needs to be dealt with on many levels, you may use one angel to increase your ability, another to stop people from interfering with your project, and another to help make… Read More 31 New Angelic Powers