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These images are from Magickal Protection.





These images are from Magickal Cashbook.

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These images are from Magickal Seduction.





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92 thoughts on “Images

  1. Could you please show an image of the orange-rosy light used in Seduction Magic and in consecrating some sigils? Thanks for all the good your magic has brought into my life (even things I never specifically asked for that were better than what I did ask for!)!

    1. Damon used to have an image up here, but it was taken down because when we try too hard to explain, it makes people worry. It’s like putting out pronunciation audio – rather than helping people, it makes them panic that they’ve been doing it wrong. I think it was the same with that image – people just getting all worked up about whether they were doing it right, as well as the fact that any image is going to look wildly different on every device. Which means you don’t need it. You know what orange-rose looks like, really. Anything a bit organe and a bit rosy will be right. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and near-enough is good-enough with these sort of details. Keeping calm, confident and free of too much doubt or urgency is more important.

  2. @adamblackthorne Mr. AB I can’t reply to our thread IDK why. Anyway yes 😀 those where the books one is even being sold for $138 + the book the Greater Magickal Angels. Ok nice to know that, the executive decision to sell the books for $300 ++ didn’t come from G.O.M masters 🙂 *whew* and also there’s a replacement for those books. Well I guess part of business is that people can sell & re-sell SOMEONE else’s creation right? It’s commerce – we can’t take that personally. 🙂 BE SAFE S.M.888

  3. I have a question How do we get clear pictures of the sigils I can steer at my kindle and keep flipping back pages, and you have no area where I can print it so I can view it correctly? Can you assist me with this PLEASE?
    Also, several times after I do my Master 11 day I fall asleep! I normally have to take sleeping pills. But, I go through the stone arch I can visual see it and feel it, and I touch the gold corn, And the sun warms me, I feel the strength on the earth beneath my feet. And I am lying down because I am disabled. I smell everything which is totally awesome. Because my nose was is shattered, but I smell the earth and the corn fields. And, I lost my sense of smell. And I was able to go through several complete days but would fall asleep right after and I mean I did them when I woke up. So I changed it to night time which I don’t like. And Now after the orange and purple light come. I am out! I don’t understand if I am doing something wrong. Or, So I wake up and I repeat the sigil. Do I have to add extra days?

    1. Hi Carolyn. Sorry to hear this is causing you trouble, but I loved hearing about your physical sensations in the ritual. Most people can’t imagine that clearly!

      To make it easier, what most people do (I think) is write out the whole ritual, so there’s no need to keep flipping back and forward through the book. This is the best way to do it – and writing it out gets the whole thing to sink in, calmly, before you even start. In the book, in Creating a Ritual it says, ‘ You may find it beneficial to write out the entire ritual.’ I think it’s spot on.

      You can then print out the main sigil from here:

      Or if you have no printer, you can put it up on a screen, maybe. Or you can flip pages if there’s no other option.

      But as you read from your own notes, you can then keep the angelic sigil that’s in your Kindle right before you. If all goes well, no flipping is required!

      Falling asleep is a side-effect for some people, but rare, and very rare to be this intense. It might get easier as you go. (This is mentioned a bit here: It’s not dangerous, but it’s not as ideal as an uninterrupted ritual. If you fall asleep before the ritual is complete, how does it feel when you finish it? If it feel interrupted and loses the atmosphere, might be worth repeating those days.

      Being relaxed is good, but falling asleep can break the moment. Keep focussed if you can, and then get it as relaxed and laid back as you can once the ritual is complete – try not to worry about results. There are lots of posts on here about confidence and calm and why it’s better than worrying.

      You might find a few more useful answers here about this book here:

  4. Shem Talisman’s names and 24 angelic powers do not correspond,are there multiple names for one Angel and how do i go about Putting shem’s Talisman on Left and Angelic seal right if they Dont correspond,even in your example of Number 56 for Angel Poyell is difficult for me to correspond as Shem’s Talisman 2 Indicates the name Elohe? Thanks chops

    1. This gets asked a lot, so I should update the FAQ. It’s fine as it is. The talisman is not meant to contain a list of the angelic names, it’s meant to contain the words that are written on it (as listed in the book). So, yes, use 56, as the book describes, even though the word is Elohe. This is how it’s meant to be. Of course, you could experiment and create a talisman from the template using the angelic names, but then you’d have something new and different.

      1. hi damon, never done magic but i need a super goodluck spell to boost my chance in a scholarship to abroad scheme….kindly help. thank you.

  5. Hello Damon, I just bought 5 of your books, ‘ can’t wait to read through them. In the interim I need your expertise. My children, pets and I have been seeing this short cloaked being, one son saw two very tall ones. What could this be? After I questioned my sanity, I observed it w/o being spotted. I had a feeling of sheer terror and like it was up to no good. Is it the grim reaper? Djinn?


    1. The answer depends on so many factors, such as whether you were already doing magick, whether anybody has attacked you and so on. as such it’s impossible for me to make an educated guess. Such beings can easily be removed the Magickal Protection. Thanks for buying the books. I hope Magickal Protection was one of them. If not, just keep as much laughter in the home as possible. That’s enough to put off many entities that try to spook you.

      1. sir, I need really strong good luck spell to boost my chance in a scholarship to london…..please guide on book, what to do?thank you in anticipation.

  6. Hi Damon,
    I’m reading through your book “magickal seduction” right now and when I came across the images I couldn’t help but wonder what they mean exactly. I’m not big on doing magick that I don’t understand fully so if you could please explain what each image means for me that would be great. Thanks!

    1. Hi. Thanks for buying the book. The images are difficult explain without writing a whole book of theory, but they basic idea is that each spirit you contact responds to a sector words of power, the call of their name and a visual sigil. So, if you contact a spirit directly using advanced magickal methods, you can ask a spirit for the sigil, and then use that. Many of the images you see here were developed that way. Some were developed using other systems involving maths and so on – but they are all attempts to capture the attention of a spirit, and in many cases, to constrain it’s effects safely with divine words of power.

  7. Hi again, I was also wondering if
    1. it`s ok to start on ritual 3 in magical seduction, right after finishing ritual 2, or should I wait?
    2.Is it ok to work on one ritual from magical seduction and one ritual from magical angels at the same time?
    3. And can I do the same ritual as many time as I please? for exsample ritual 2 in magical seduction, can I start over again right after finishing the 11 days?
    4. Can I do more than one ritual the same day in Words of Power? Or is it best to do just 1 a day? How long should I wait before I can do the NeXT?

    Love Your books:)

    1. 1. You can mix as much magick as you want, but as the FAQ points out, make sure this is done with calm confidence rather than out of desperation.

      2. Same answer and covered in the FAQ.

      3.Yes, absolutely. Many do, and then after a while it gets so that you feel the vibe of the magic working without needing the ritual. That’s nirvana!

      4. Again, same answer. Try to be calm, rather than rush everything at once. A few regular and powerful results are better than a scattergun approach. The best way is to combine magick for one goal, then the net goal. But in theory, there’s no reason you can’t do continual magick from every book every day.

      Thanks for loving the books!!!!

  8. Hi, I was just wondering, I am trying out ritual 2 and 3 in magical seduction, do I have to say the Words out loud? Or can I whisper them or say them in my head?

    1. I think this is one the FAQ… not sure. If you whisper or say them silently, at least imagine shouting them to the ends of the universe. That will work.

  9. Hello Damon. Just purchased two of your books, fantastic! I just wanted to know if I am able to use the LBRP as a banishing if the need be? Is it okay to use it with your style of Magick? Thankyou.

    1. Yes you can. The Magickal Protection book will cover my preferred approach. I prefer to banish before a ritual, but not after. This is to clear a space and light up on the astral plane, so to speak. I only banish afterwards if there’s a problem. But feel free to use it if it works for you. I used it for a long, long time with lots of the magick that’s in the books and it served me well. Thanks for your kind comments about the books.

  10. Thank you for your quick response. I don’t wish to cause him any harm, and it’s a bit daunting that there will be ‘pain’. I’ll definitely get your Angelic Magick book.

    Thank you for your amazing books. I can’t wait to get the others.

    1. Magick can help. Sadly, my book Magickal Protection isn’t available yet. When you say ‘some kind of being’, how do you know there is an attachment? Is this based on an experience with the entity, or from divination or just a hunch? I ask because sometimes what you say is happening is exactly what’s happening, but at other times people may assume there is a negative being attached to them, when there is actually another problem. It would help to know how you’re aware of this ‘jinn’.

      1. Thanks, Damon for reply, what I’ve said because I used some kind of application “Ghostbox” to contact with my deceased grandparents, but seemed I got stuck in one of These earth grounded spirits started to threaten me with possession and suffocation, killing, etc… the second night about 2: 30 am I felt “tingling” in my spin as if something inter into my body, later in the morning started to feel crawling all over my body and tingling as well, afterwards I make another contact through this “application” called “Echovox”, my so called grandfather assured to me that I got possessed from a djinn or jinn according the Arabian culture, I’m really waiting for your next book about Magickal Protection, Thanks 🙂

      2. OK, if you feel that there’s something attacking you, then do not trust any messages that you receive. It is possible to hear ‘white noise’ and get paranoid that you are being sent messages. I don’t know the app you’re talking about, but I have heard some apps simply create noise and a spooky feeling and this is enough to stimulate the imagination. On the other hand, it’s possible that you have left yourself too open on the psychic level and something has taken advantage. If you know any banishings, give one a go. You can always try the chaos magick approach which is to banish with laughter. Fear is food for some entities, so if you can have a laugh about something, you’re more than half way to defeating it. If you can find anything to make you laugh, that will work. Beyond that, it is difficult to give advice without giving you the whole book and I’m afraid it’s not ready yet. What I can say though, is that this thing – if it is real – will have very little hold over you if you treat it as a mosquito rather than a parasite. It’s an annoyance, and has far less power than it pretends to have.

  11. Hello Damon,
    Which book would I need to make or help my partner move on? He used to be very abusive until 10 years ago and thinks because he has changed I have no reason to leave him. He threatens to commit suicide whenever I bring up the subject. I know this is just emotional black mail but it terrifies me because of what he used to be like. I hate confrontation. He humiliated so much in the past and caused unbelievable shame. I don’t think I could cope with him doing this again. so I always back down. I’m sick of reading all the books new age baloney about loving your enemy and they will set you free. It hasn’t worked I’ve tried it for almost 15 years

    I have two of your books already (Magickal Cashbook and Words of Power).
    Am I able to do something without bringing/causing harm to me and my family which ritual spell will I be able to use?

    1. Hello. This is a complex one and difficult to answer. I can not give advice on this website, other than magickal advice, so this is just me thinking out loud – but in magickal terms there are ways of increasing your willpower and weakening another person in Magickal Angels. It takes a fair bit of reading between the lines, but you can use these angels to help. The real challenge is knowing what you want. Please see the recent blog posts on this website for more details on that. Knowing whether you want to harm, calm, destroy or subdue somebody is vital – these are all different results, but you need to know which you want. From what I have read above, you just want this relationship to be over. You can do that without magick, so I presume you don’t leave because you fear further abuse or threats and you would prefer him to ‘move on’ peacefully and without pain. If you know what you want then magick can get it for you, but it is unlikely to occur without pain. When people threaten violence and suicide they are often real threats, but that doesn’t mean you need to be a victim of those threats. If it is emotional blackmail then you can choose to ignore it, and leave. From what you say about ‘loving the enemy’ it sounds as though you might be willing to go on the offensive here. If so, that might mean bolstering your willpower and subduing your ‘enemy’. So if you want to use magick then try the angels book, or wait until Magickal Demons is released. There are plenty of ways to get rid of people if you are willing to let them go, using angels, demons or just your own decision. Angelic Magick can certainly help, but you have to be willing to let your enemy suffer and make your own happiness your primary concern.

    1. Best to use white if red’s not available, and even then you should visualise red. Otherwise, you can just imagine red light in those three spaces. I often do that, but I am lucky enough to have a fairly good imagination.

      1. Thanks, Damon for your quick reply, another question

        I have the e-book, Can I turn on the pc while doing the ritual instead of writing all the spell?

        Thanks again 🙂

  12. Just a quick question. I don’t have a printer nor access to one that’s private where I wouldn’t have people asking me what I’m printing out. I have just been using the Orante Formula on the first talisman just on the computer screen. Will this work ok?

    1. Hey Chris, I understand the problem. In the future we may create a print book containing all the sigils so you don’t have to print anything. I know of several people who have used the sigil on their device, and it has worked fine. They mostly said they preferred to use on device – say an iPad – rather than using it on a phone, iPad, laptop etc. – because then it feels like it’s in one place. I hope that helps.

      1. I can’t wait for this book it’s already 2017 – I know patience is a virtue 🙂 esp. in Magick but owning a copy of G.O.M all sigils & talismans in one book? It’s like owning a holy grimoire. I hope all the “Masters” in G.O.M will “bless” this book & all the buyers of this “encyclopedia” of G.O.M sigils & talismans. This can be an heirloom. S.M.888

        1. It’s been available since August 2015. You can get it here:

          It doesn’t have everything, but sigils in colour (where it applies) from The 72 Angels of Magick, Magickal Riches, Magickal Protection, Magickal Cashbook, The Magickal Job Seeker and Words of Power. For other books since then, and books such as Wealth Magick, paperback is recommended – Magickal Attack is printed in colour, and the others don’t need colour.

          1. Hello Mr. AB 🙂 – I’m gonna wait for Nitika to convince the G.O.M masters to give their loyal members 20% coupon on Amazon for the hard copy of all the sigils book 😀 I have faith that this is possible. It is done. Be safe. S.M.888

            P.S. today I FOUND A 5.00 euro bill lying on the floor! 😀 oh Nitika how fortunate am I? – special thanks to the generosity of all the G.O.M masters for sharing their knowledge (I can consider myself their magickal heir 😀 ).

            1. I don’t think we can do coupons. I have nothing to do with pricing, but I gather that book almost runs at a loss, so any cuts are tough. We’ve been looking at a way to make it cheaper, so you never know. Something might happen.

              Glad to hear Nitika’s working.

              1. Hi Mr.AB 🙂 I know a bit of logistics on Amazon (the author/s) can just choose on sale or 20% off for a limited time only, somewhere on their dashboard. Free shipping only applies if it is a direct product of Amazon (not 100% sure abt this ). & also the reason why I suggested the discounted price because logistically speaking – it generates more money. I’m taking Management & Organization 🙂 so bear with me on this hahahhaa . I love applying my magickal skills & my academic skills too whenever I get the chance 😀 hahaha.

                Sidenote: Nitika is just full of surprises. If it weren’t for the tons of responsibilities at school – I would have devoured Magickal Riches in one gulp. Because I know Nitika is there too & his more of like a “kick ass” version in that book. I can’t wait :\ – on your reply on “something might happen” I believe that too :D. I know one day we will just all be surprised that the most expensive book of G.O.M (with no kindle version). WILL BE ON SALE 😀 whoop whoop. Magickal things can happen ;D. #BELIEVE S.M.888

                1. I’m told the discounting sales thing only works if you’re enrolled in KDP, which we aren’t. We can cut the price manually at any time, but I asked our sales person about this just now, and the printing costs for that book are astronomical. When I said it’s almost running at a loss, that’s true. Any cheaper and we would actually be giving it away. And that’s why we’ve been looking at a smaller version, or maybe even a different printer. Or we may just leave it as it is. One argument against cutting the cost is that the book isn’t needed! We aren’t trying to sell as many copies as possible, and indeed say to people, ‘Only buy if you really want it’. It was made available because lots of people asked for the images in this form. We’d actually prefer people to spend their money on our other magick books, because we think they’re more important than the printed sigils. This book is there only for those who truly want it. And that’s why there is also the argument that we should leave the price exactly where it is, so that most people just buy the magick! Anyway, I’ll pass on your comments.

                  “Nitika is full of surprises.” Oh yes!

                  1. To be honest Mr. AB 😀 I’m aiming at the 300 bucks book that the G.O.M once released & is now out of print *sigh* why did I waste my time on those “lower magick” hahhaha the herbs etc 😀 & I regret not seeing that 300bucks book when it was out on Amazon:(. That’s okay I truly understand why G.O.M can’t cut costs. I was under the impression it was print on the demand OR printed in China that would go for $1.00 a book (regardless of the page count & book size). & bear with the grammatical errors – mentally drained. I’m majoring in 3 subjects: Business, Philosopy & MAGICK 😀 my 24hrs are devoted on these. Meaning at this moment my fingers are doing the thinking for me (on automatic reply mode hahaha) 😀 goodnight I need to do my meditation.S.M.888

                    Oh lastly, I envy you guys (all the G.O.M masters) that had the chance to see in person the book that is deemed “TOO HOLY TO PRINT” ) yeah I read in between the lines in all your books 🙂 *sigh* I wish one day I can see the G.O.M version of that book. But like a good student I wanna practice magick in your books in depth as opposed to superficially one time “one hit wonder”. In all honesty I’ve already memorized the sigil in Magickal Protection hahhaa I can’t help it 😀 it’s etched in my subconscious – I don’t even need the book.

                    1. We never released a book for $300. If you mean Images From The Gallery of Magick: Book One and Book Two, people are selling those for over $300 on amazon, but there’s no reason to. Sigils and Power and Talismans From The Gallery of Magick was made to replace those two books – mostly it’s the same images. Is that what you meant? (The original price was similar – around $40-$50 I think.)

  13. I have enjoyed your books, and more especially your air of professionalism in the respondent comments that you have given to your reader’s remarks and questions. I believe you are the “real thing.” My email is *************

    1. Hi. Yes and no. As I say in the Magickal Cashbook, lottery odds are so extreme that magick can’t do too much to help. As occultists often say, even if you make yourself 100 times more likely to win (which is a great magickal result) you still have little chance of a big win. With that said, there are two books which will address this because it’s something that people want so much, and because smaller wins are possible. The upcoming book on wealth making will address the fact that, for people in a 9-5 job, there may be limited avenues of income and that you can set aside a small amount of money for the lottery – but only at the beginning. Making your first $10,000 is the hardest part, and after that, wealth becomes easy. So, the lottery will be one option. But it should only be attempted in conjunction with all the other wealth-mkaing magick. It’s worked for small amounts, for people in our group. We’ll never put out a book claiming you can get a big win. The other book which will come out just before or just after the wealth book, will also have magick that works well for some gambling situations.

    1. Thanks for buying the book, but I’m afraid I’m no longer doing sorcery for hire. I’m just busy to take on all the requests, and busy writing.

  14. Hi Damon,

    Do you know easy and safe methods of creating harmless servitors? Are you going to put this into a book?

    1. Safe and effective, yes, but it is quite involved – but far from impossible. The usual stuff you read in books and on the net all works, but if you want to get the best results there is a vital key for the birthing and focussing of a servitor. There are two major secrets that my group have uncovered in the past thirty years. One secret is about contact with omnipotent beings, and goes in the next book (on wealth). The other secret is one that can be used to create servitors that are exceptionally powerful. We have a plan to release Book A within the next year. The details will be in there.

  15. Dear Damon,

    You say that ritual 3 in seduction magic should be done for 5 days or more, until we get results.
    Now, what is meant by results – ie, how do we know if the ritual has worked?
    I mean, do women look at us more often, or show overt interest, or approach us?

    Also, do ALL women show interest, or most, or just the ones we like, or what? How does that work?

    Thanks man!

    1. When you start to notice that there’s a change in the way people look at you, you can stop then. That’s my recommendation. You’ll notice a change. The spirits have responded and don’t need to be asked over and over again. But make sure you take advantage of that. Keep going with the magick if you feel the need, while you try out your first few approaches to people.

  16. Hi,

    Glad to help, but the main thing I’d say is that the more confidence you have, the better the results. When I was young I did a complex ritual and got just about everything wrong, but it worked perfectly. Why? Because with my new powers I felt like a god and believed every spirit would work for me.

    The more I learned about astrology, correspondences and so on – it can all be so restrictive. These things are meant to be used to make magick more powerful, but can make us afraid we are doing something wrong. The best solution is to act as though you are doing it right, and then you probably are.

    To answer your questions, though:

    1. It helps to know both names, but can work with one. You need to be talking to this person at some point, so find out the name when you can.

    2. No.

    3. Yes.

    4. Yes, but you probably halve the power of one unless you have a lot of mental energy.

    5. It worked for me several times, and many others. And it works for older women with younger men.

    6. If it feels bad to you, use a special place. I prefer to go somewhere else – just an empty table, nothing elaborate at all.

    7. Opinion varies. I think trashing things can be liberating, as it shows the magick is more important than the material. You can bury them too.

    8. It’s ok to keep, but in a safe place.

    9. Whatever works for you! It’s about the feeling it generates as much as the visualisation.

    10. Both is best.

    11. This means speak the words Sader etc, with authority. When you say this, you are speaking to the spirits.

    12. No need to, but a sense of ‘thank you’ in advance never goes amiss.

    13. Treat them like drugs and let nobody near them! If somebody does, the various consequences range from nothing at all, to a magickal misfire. It depends on the person and their relationship to you.

  17. Hi Damon,

    Once again, thank you for your replies and your patience. I dislike asking so many questions, but they keep coming up as I get into the nuances of the rituals. I might just be nitpicking, but then again, maybe some of the things I ask about are important for the rituals, so I prefer to ask. Better safe than sorry.

    Anyway, I started ritual 3 for general attraction today. I did feel something, and seemed to get some response from girls even the first day.

    However, more questions have popped up in my mind. I honestly hope these will be the last! Even short answers will be appreciated.

    1- If I am doing ritual 1, and I don’t know the person’s last name but only the first name, is that OK?

    2- Do the names on the scrap of paper need to be fully covered by the piece of metal so they can’t be seen?

    3- Can the metal and the candles be reused for other rituals once we have finished 5 days with one ritual?

    4- Can two or more seduction rituals be done on the same days?

    5- What about age difference? Will the general and specific seduction rituals allow ‘older’ men (50-60) get good looking young women (18-15), who are supposedly ‘out of their league’ by conventional standards? (Assuming, of course, the man takes care of himself, is clean, knows a bit about seduction, dresses ok, isn’t a drunkard, etc.)

    6- I have quite a cluttered desk where I keep my pc, papers, etc. and it’s the only place I can currently perform the rituals. Is that ok, or does the ‘altar’ need to be clean, uncluttered and used only for ritual purposed?

    7- What do I do with the remaining candle wax/ candles after completing the 5 days? Can it be thrown away into the trash or is there a special way to dispose of it?

    8- In ritual 3, is it ok to keep the scrap of paper with spirits’ names outside of the circle of symbols when we finish the ritual? Is there any danger in having the spirits’ names outside of the circle?

    9- Ritual 3 requires me to visualize lovemaking with different people in the rosy light. Now, does that mean visualizing me and a girl IN FRONT of me within the rosy light (as if looking at a TV screen and seeing myself and the girl together), or can I do it by imagining me INSIDE the rosy light with her, as if I’m physically with her with the light surrounding us (and not looking at the two of us on a screen in front of me?) I hope I was able to explain this well. This second option is much easier for me – is it an ok way to go about it?

    10 – For ritual 3, can I visualize women I know, or just the TYPE of women I like (or both)?

    11- It says at the end of ritual 3 to speak to the spirits with authority, but it doesn’t tell us what to say. Is there anything I need to say to them specifically?

    12- And do I need to thank them or dismiss them at the end?

    13- I put the magical implements in a safe place, but what happens if someone still sees them or touches them?

    Once again, I’m sorry for so many questions, and thank you very much for your time and effort.

  18. Hi Feliciano,

    Thanks for your interest.

    1.) Day is fine, but many prefer the atmosphere of night. It’s up to you.

    2.) Many people like this sense of completion but it isn’t essential – and please make sure you don’t leave them burning unattended. (I obsess about this.)

    3.) Yes, that’s spot on.

    4.) This summoning is pretty strong. Even after a full banishing the spirits come.

    5.) It was designed to be so simple that beginners need not worry about these things. But if you feel a connection to the moon, or a need to work that way, go ahead. But as I say, it’s designed to work without astrological exactitude.

  19. Hi Damon,

    Would you be so kind as to fill me in on a few details, as I was about to start doing a ritual but then some issues popped up. All are related to the book ‘Magickal Seduction’:

    1- Can the rituals (all 3) be done during the daytime, or does it have to be at night?

    2- In ritual 3, do the candles need to be allowed to burn down on day 5?

    3- In ritual 1, we need to bury the circle with symbols and the scrap of paper, but in ritual 3, we can keep both of them for future rituals. Did I get that right?

    4- I sometimes put Reiki symbols for protection around a room (or other kinds of astral/physical protection.) Will these things stop the spirits from arriving and doing their job when summoned?

    5- If ritual 1 is not done according to the proper phase of the moon, will it still be effective, or much less so?

    thanks yet again!

  20. Mr Damon,

    I have several of your book, all are very good! can you please help me:

    1- In magickal seduction ritual 3, also I have to put iron on the paper or no?

    2- If I dont want orgasm (I am man), is it ok I just put drop of ‘prostatic liquid’ which come out during the self pleasure, on the paper?

    3- To be attractive always, I have to do ritual 3 just one time? or every month, or every year, or how often?

    Thank you sir! Best regards!

    1. Hello, thanks for your kinds comments.

      The rituals are quite robust and don’t need to be too exact, but to answer your questions 1) yes, it helps, but isn’t essential, 2) that would work, but the orgasm is a powerful moment that can add energy to the working, 3) The book says to repeat the ritual for at least five nights but longer if required. That should keep you going for a month or two, but if you feel the effect wear off, try for another five nights at any time.

  21. Hi Damon,

    OK, there is a difference between the danger present when talking to a stranger in the street, and using spirits inherently of an evil disposition. Right?

    If you don’t mind me asking, have you personally felt an energy drain (or other harm, even if small) due to using these spirits?

    Also, if we don’t know the person’s last name, or any of their names, what do we write on the paper?

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi. It depends on the stranger and the spirit! There can be enormous dangers in a suburban street, and you can have a safe walk through a supposedly dangerous city. Equally, lots of people get away with Goetic action but are hammered by angels. Even the most ‘evil’ spirit can be benign and the most angelic of angels can wipe you out.

      I have been drained, thrown around and had all sorts of dramas with all sorts of spirits, because I’ve been doing magick for a long time. But I’ve not had a problem with these spirits myself. Others have, and that’s why we put constraints into the system, and tested. The main danger in magick is fear, because it leads to lack of authority. That doesn’t mean we can be casual, but I find it’s best to act as though I’m going to be safe because I’m well prepared or using a system with built-in safety.

      If you don’t know any names it will be difficult. Try to find out a name or get hold of an image (legally!). If there’s nothing else that works, you should find a key word that represents that person for you, and write that. But this really will be stretching the limits of the magick, because you need to have some contact with that person at some point. Yes, the magick can make a person walk across the room to you and introduce themselves, but it’s far more likely to work if there’s already some interaction.

      1. Thanks! I was asking about the safety precisely because I want to be free of any fear related with the workings.

  22. Hi Damon,

    I bought magickal seduction, and I’d like to ask you, in order to be able to do the spells freely and without worry,

    – are the spirits called upon in th book dangerous, can they harm us or drain us in any way?

    – It’s mentioned in the book that we allow the spirits to feed off our sexual energy and ecstasy as they please.
    -does it mean they have permission to feed off my energy even if Im with other lovers?
    – isn’t it dangerous to give them this permission, since they will be allowed to drain my sexual energy as much as they wish, (which is probably not a good idea)?

    If desired you can reply to


    1. There can always be danger with spirits. But it’s potentially dangerous talking to somebody in the street. These books have been designed with built-in constraints to make it safe without endless banishings and so on.

      The same applies to energy and permission – there are constraints built in. Nothing will feed off you forever. These workings are not life-long pacts.

      I hope that helps.

  23. Hi Philip,

    Sorry about the delay – been overseas (largely without access to a computer – imagine that!) but I’m back now. You can use white paper as you suggest, but it helps if you can see some of the colour around the sigil. That is, your slight awareness of the colours helps. I hope that helps, and apologies once again for the delay.


  24. Can I print out the sigils on white paper and glue that to the Cashbook?

    Or do I have to print them out on paper with the colours specified for the covers of the Cashbook?

  25. Yes, you can use this for ventures, rather than cash. Write down the result rather than an amount, if that helps. These sort of things can take 2 or 3 months to show an improvement. Although, I know of a few, including myself, who did get some signs of movement and change quite quickly. Certainly worth a try, and you can try it alongside a cash request.

  26. Damon,
    Is it o.k./possible to ask Nitika for say success with investments,or a particular business venture ?

    Thank You

  27. Hi Mike. I consider it optional. Many would disagree. While something like the LBRP can light you up on the astral plane, it can also effectively seal you off from the spirits you’re trying to attract. I no longer perform LBRP as part of this type of work. If you want to do a banishing, do it after the ritual. Also, make sure you perform as simple licence to depart before banishing, or it feels like you’re inviting a guest, asking for help with a project, then kicking them out the door without any manners.

    Please note, though, that other people would say this is only wise if you are already magically adept and doing a daily practice. It’s all a matter of opinion. I’ve had many newbies work with this material and nothing too weird has happened.

    By all means, banish afterwards, but as I say, give the spirits a polite warning and maybe wait a few minutes.

    Banishing is not foolish, but be wary of working magick from a place of fear. If you do magick and are worried about being attacked or hearing strange noises and seeing visions, that certainly attract the attention of unwanted forces. Fear is the path to the dark side, and all that. It’s far better to acknowledge a little weirdness and move on.

    1. Thanks for getting back to me ,I appreciate it very much but one other quick question would performing on a Thursday be recommended ,no need explaining here since you already know what I mean.

      1. The system is meant to be date/planet proof. If you really like taking note of the planets, and working with this, it might help you. But if you can see past that, then all’s well. For example, right now I think we’re Mercury retrograde and a waning full moon, but I’m doing lots of magick to develop new ventures and grow new projects. The planetary influences are real, but life does go on at the level of elemental forces. The whole world isn’t grinding to a halt because of Mercury retrograde. So, if you tap elemental forces, and the spirits that work with them, the magick works at any time of the year, month, week, day or hour.

  28. DAMON,I bought both of your books and enjoyed both but I wanted to know especially on the casebook would a person need to do a pentagram ritual before and after the process????and etc.

  29. Nitika is written backwards under his sigil.
    Hebrew is read from right to left, opposite of English.

    1. Hi Damon 1) I also noticed that Nitika is spelled backwards in Hebrew. Is there a logic to that? Or more of a “Whoops :/ But Hey it still works!” Any thoughts on the matter? I’m going ahead with the sigil as given but would like to know. 2) Also the Intonation is for Knee-tee-kar, but no R in the Hebrew spelling. At first I thought you purposefully left off the R in the English so as not to say the actual name unnecessarily as you reference “Spirit N” but then after I deciphered the Hebrew I realized it wasn’t there either. As is – the Hebrew comes out more like “Aitin” in online translators… which gave me a bit of a start. (Hey – if I’m going to do workings to (?)Aitin then I should at least ask for good looking wanton women to show up along with the cash…? I’m just saying.) 3) It would also be nice to know the translated English names for the outer circle entities. Anyway going to give it an honest try using Knee-Tee-kar. Somehow I think it will still work. Thanks 🙂 Looking forward to your reply. – Michael

      1. Hi Michael. It’s a bit of both, and a long, amusing story, but due to the way to sigil was delivered to us I am under oath not to give the details. What I can say is that once the image had been delivered, the text was a potential mistake that seemed to empower the sigil, perhaps because most of us using it hadn’t learnt to read Hebrew properly (this is all a long time ago…) And then, after repeated use, it seemed wrong to put it the ‘right’ way around. This was a very early work, but gave us results so it’s one we’ve all stuck with. Feel free to modify – you can write it in English if you like, as an experiment!

        As for intonation and pronunciation feel free to change it if you like. As mentioned in several books, phonetic spellings are a compromise trying to account for the fact that many Westerners don’t know much Hebrew and have accents ranging from English to American, and sometimes a letter may be added to encourage the sounding of a vowel even though it may add a non-required sound. And again, much of this is down to the early group workings of people who were learning – there are times where we use different pronunciations for certain words, from book to book, based on what we used and what we knew at the time the magick was developed. When it works, we stick with it, rather than trying to find what may be objectively ‘right’. Getting to primary sources regarding Nitika is very, very difficult, though, so we’ve relied on a mix of research and evocation (and other methods) to ascertain the pronunciation. But feel free to use your own.

    2. I missed this comment at the time. As mentioned elsewhere on this page, there was a story behind this. The updated version is now available, although I still use the ‘backward’ version.

  30. my name is Angela I bought the book I am confused .. would it be ok to put both sigil on the back please email me at I am unemployed due to illness will it still work for me because my disability check doesn’t make my ends meet and the gov. will not help me so I am ready to try your method I believe .. I am descentant from European hedgewitch… but when I do anything for me it doesn’t work why would that be… please email me at blessed be Angela

    1. If you bought the book and used the original sigil, that’s all you need to do. The Tiriel sigil is for experiments only – if you feel like it. But don’t use both sigils at once. If you change to the Tiriel sigil, paint over the moon sigil first. It’s interesting that you say ‘when I do anything for me it doesn’t work’, because this almost sounds like you have a strong belief in magick but that belief includes your own exclusion from its results. That belief could be affecting you. I have found many people are attracted to magick, and believe in it, but have this blockage and I’ll be tackling this in a future book. For now, the best advice I can give is to simply do the work as described in the book, and forget about it as much as possible. Letting go of the result is your greatest challenge, so work on that and with time it should work. Many people are reporting excellent results to me, so I think this can work for you too.

      1. thank you I also bought the Words of Power, Magickal Angels It came to me that If I looked upon myself that the energy is being hindered.. so I took your advise and I am asking for assistance through angelic help and I am painting over the two sigil on the back of my money book and redoing the single sigil I know your busy but thanks for taking the time to answer blessed be and hurry with more books

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