The shem talisman from The 72 Angels of Magick is available on the Angelic Templates page.

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These images are from Magickal Protection.





These images are from Magickal Cashbook.

If you came here from the website that shared the content of our ritual without permission, please buy your own copy of the book, and perhaps take note of this: “If you go into the process of magick and your first act is stealing, that’s not the best way to start – magick expands the feelings you hold on to, and theft comes from a feeling of poverty. As such, piracy will probably make you lose money.” More details of the curse we have directed at those who steal occult works is explained on this page.

The sigil of Nitika that follows was created through evocation by The Gallery of Magick, and is copyright to us. It is not a public domain image and is provided only for personal use by those who have legally purchased Magickal Cashbook. It may not be reproduced elsewhere, in any form, without our permission.

There have been several versions of the sigil on this site, but this is the most up-to-date. Click on the image to download it at full size.







These images are from Magickal Seduction.






These images are from Adventures in Sex Magick.


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  1. Another question I have. The going viral ritual from words of power. I am on a Website for my talent agency. So I decided to use it on myself as a means to draw attention and hopefully land more work for acting in commercials and print adds & other projects that could allow me to earn a living doing what I love. While at the same time helping me move up the ranks as an actor writer etc. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions?

    1. For the website it could help, but the description says it’s best aimed at a ‘specific image, video or product.’ You could see yourself as a product, something to be marketed, but if you’re looking for exposure, which is what it sounds like, that’s different to ‘going viral’, which is where a message is passed on, and passed on. If there’s no message to pass on, I’m not sure it will work. Interesting experiment, but you might be better using Be the Center of Attention which is designed for what you describe there, along with Have Your Talent Recognised and Appear Valuable to Somebody of Importance. Targeting and choosing the right magick is half the job done.

      This posts should help:

      This FAQ is also worth a look:

  2. Doing some work with Magickal Riches. The Gambling Ritual to be exact. I realize this ritual probably won’t cause me to win & is more about tilting things in my favor. The question I have is this. I have decided to experiment with doing the ritual 3 times a week for four weeks. once every three to four months. I realize this is ambitious but I really want to see if this could push the odd’s further in my favor. What do you think?

    1. Consistency can help, so long as it’s not desperation, so why not, so long as you remember that it’s meant to be done with spare money and for fun, not to be relied upon. Worth reading this page too: It’s the shortest FAQ on the site, but there might be something useful there.

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