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This page is only for questions relating to Magickal Riches. 



Questions are moderated and may take a few hours or more to appear. If yours doesn’t appear, it may be because it’s already been answered in the book or in this FAQ. Questions that speculate about theory won’t be posted as the focus has to remain on practical magick.

This page will be open to new questions from time to time. A thorough reading of the book and some patient contemplation will answer almost any question you have. Please read this FAQ and also read the main Gallery of Magick FAQ before asking a question.

Q: In the ritual to find your secret source of money, when exactly do I scan the sigil?

A: Right at the start of the ritual. You scan the sigil and then move on to the visualisation. After that, you only need to glance at the sigil as described, and do not need to scan it again.

Q: Do I need to concern myself with astrological influences?

A: Only if it helps you.

Q: Can I download the images from this book somewhere?

A: The images are not available online. You can, however, use the images on a device such as a Kindle, iPad or a computer or laptop, and this works just as well as having a physical copy. Alternatively you can photograph the images on your device, or take a screenshot and print out from that. (Some people even photocopy their devices, but I don’t know that it’s advisable.) If you want print versions, you could also buy the paperback edition of Magickal Riches, which is printed at 8×10 inches, giving you large, clear images. The images are also available in Sigils and Talismans From The Gallery of Magick, which also contains a color version of the Master Money Talisman, which some people find helps with the ritual.

Q: What’s the best way to get money magick working?

A: Read The Secrets of Money Magick

Q: Can I perform multiple rituals at once?

A: This and many other relevant questions are answered on The Gallery of Magick FAQ.



87 thoughts on “Magickal Riches FAQ

  1. Hi Adam,
    thank you for your instructing and kind answers I received from you yesterday. So here I go again with a new question, hope you don’t mind – this time concerning the book of Magickal Riches. To be honest it was the first time for me to learn about emotional transmutation and I find it to be such a convincing and intriguing method. But I also must admit that I struggle. My issue is revoking feelings of lack. I remember applicable situations and I try to let arise the memory as vivid and realistic as possible to create the emotion. It takes me great effort specifically for the emotion of lack. In contrast to that I experience it to be rather quite easy to create emotion of joy and gratitude. So after trying to revoke the feeling of lack for several minutes it feels like creating an energtic “congestion” in the solar plexus area and all emotions start to feel alike as if they were just mashed together to a sort of weird energetic puree (if that makes any sense.) Of course they wont be of any use that way so I’m trying to work on it. But at this point I’m not quite sure what I’m doing wrong or where this issue is possibly coming from. This “knot” in the solar plexus is physically inconvenient and the repercussions can last for a couple of hours, making breathing in deeply a little bit difficult (which is an annoying feeling.) Thank you once more 🙂

    1. Hi. The problem may be that you try to make the lack ‘as vivid and realistic as possible’. For emotional transmutation to work you only need change. If a minor feeling changes to another minor feeling, that’s just as powerful as a massive feeling changing to any other feeling. A way through this might be to generate just small emotions, but make sure they actually change. If they change it works, and you’re less likely to get tangled in them.

      1. Well, I guess I missed the forest for the trees! Thank you for the enlightenment. I’ll try to make the process lighter and easier by using minor emotions…

  2. In the book when it speaks of the “light from the darkness” energy from the infinite source, to enhance other rituals, I ask when would I do this in candle magic or herb magic spells to get better results and not use my energy?

    Thank you in advance!

  3. Adam,

    I have a question about the Master Money Ritual in this book and I am going to try to be as concise with this as possible for you.

    Performing the 11 day working caused some disruption for me. Part of me thinks it was necessary to bring my business to where it is now. There is some balance now, but it’s tough to call because I was performing a lot of money Magick at the time from 72 angels, protection rituals for my business, etc. Another part of thinks the working might have failed because of over targeting the magick during the visualization process of the working. In conclusion I’ve decided to re do the working.

    Is it recommended that I do the full 11 days over again or can I do the three day? I’d like to give it a second go with different visual/alchemy

    1. Hey there. Are you sure the ritual caused the disruption? I ask because it’s not really known for that, at all. It’s more of a gentle warming and blessing of all that follows, and not something to turn things upside down. I’m not trying to make excuses and say our magick is always perfect and you never get problems, but what often happens is people come to a situation that’s already well underway, and when magick doesn’t stop it all, they think the magick caused the problems. It’s like, you’ve got ten financial problems, and you use magick, and it solves three of them, but all you can see is that you still have seven big financial problems, and it can feel like maybe the magick did that, because those problems are getting bigger; truth is, they always would have got bigger, but by removing three problems you’re actually in a better position to deal with the remaining seven, but it can be hard to see, because they *are* still real problems. Sometimes, that’s the whole story; its a matter of perspective. But it’s awkward saying that because it can sound so dismissive, like saying, ‘Hey, you don’t know how lucky you are,’ which is annoying when you have a problem. But I hope you can see what I mean by it. Targeted magick is a great thing, and it sounds like maybe you went about it the best way, without overkill. The overkill is only a problem when you are trying and trying and trying to force an issue by piling so much magick on top of other magick that you end up with so many results you can’t respond to them, miss them, or they contradict each other. Maybe you did do that. I can’t tell. With all that in mind, have another delve into your intuition. If you feel like all that additional magick was going too far, that’s worth knowing. Or it could be possible it still needs time to settle, for you to make room and time for it to manifest. Simple answer, whatever the case, is to do the three day version now, and put in whatever changes you like, but consider all the above first and trust your intuition about what’s required. Cheers, AB.

      1. I agree. I was thinking the same thing actually…. Didn’t want to go on a rant to keep things simple. I appreciate your thorough response and you confirm what my intuition was telling me. My situation was completely out of balance at the time. I agree with you… overkill. I think I piled too much magick on top of more magick attempting to serious force a result, hence why I think I’d like to give it another try.

        Not all GOM money magick has been stubborn. Magickal Cashbook works about every time. It’s only given me one hiccup and even then, still produced a result. Ariel from 72 Angels has never failed me.

        But I agree that too much magick was most likely causing a short fuse in the Mechanics of these things

        Ive evoked Laviah and Yeyael. Going to wait a little bit to let the dust settle before doing the three day working. Since doing these evocations, Things seem to be going well right now. No disruption and money is coming out of no where. Im out of the red, and doing ok, but need to be doing better.

        I’m confident it will work and will reach out if I have anymore questions.

  4. Hi I have just started with magickal riches, sorry if it already states this in the book if I have overlooked but I can’t find a clear answer to whether its worth doing several of the rituals at once. Or just say stick with the mastering money ritual for now and then go onto sales for example after the 11 days.

    What would you also advice with magick in general with doing several rituals within a short period of time

  5. Hello Adam,

    I have a question regarding the Magickal Riches and Wealth Magick.

    Can these magick be shared? (and while at it, the master protection as well?)

    Me and my husband are in different fields. He is in the auto industries and is quite established. I’m in IT and am trying to restart my business. Can I use wealth magick for us both? and use Increase sales for us both? (even if we are selling different things) If not, how should I go about it?

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Hi Linda. Yes you can run lots of magick at once. There’s more about that here: – roughly the fifth question in General Questions About Magick. That might clear some of that up.

      Wealth Magick is really a personal working, to help you find ways to expand your work and career to attract more wealth. The work in Magickal Riches can be used to increase sales for yourself and others. Cheers, Adam.

  6. Hi Damon,

    I began the Master Money Ritual today and both jumbled the order of letter scanning and subconsciously skipped the scan of the entire sigil. Should I start again tomorrow and treat it as Day 1?

    1. Worth repeating from scratch. Perfection isn’t required in magick, but if it feels this messy it probably doesn’t have the grandeur and atmosphere that you want.

    1. This is from the book: ‘When you begin, you can perform the ritual for eleven consecutive days, or if that’s impossible, you can spread the eleven days out over several weeks. Ideally, you should not leave more than two days between each ritual etc…’

      1. I have bought magikal riches, 72 angels, magikal cashbook and more. None of the spells are working. It has been since December of last year. I have tried spells to get a job nothing. Been unemployed since December of last year. It feels like someone has cursed me. I have tried to remain positive but I am at a loss for words. Women reject me been single for a year now. Tried the magickal seduction book. I only have a part-time job but it seems things have gotten worse. I actually owe the IRS for the first time in my life so I can’t get a refund nor do I have the money to pay it. Can’t pay rent. I am just confused to read people saying they have gotten results and me my life has gotten worse.

        1. Hey there. Horrid to hear all that, but here’s the thing – you inspired me to write a whole blog post about this very subject. So here you go:

          Also, please go to this this page:

          The first two questions under When Things Don’t Work Out will be really useful to you. On this site, we have info that’s as good as anything in the books, so I really hope you get something out of this.

          1. I read that entire post on the link underlying dream. I then realized my amount I requested in magickal cashbook was unrealistic. You completely hit on the head. I could have said a lower amount taking baby steps. This is the first time in a situation like me and hey I am only human. Your mind is powerful. I meditated after reading it. Why because i said before anything. I must not think about money. I must let it go and let the magick take time. When you don’t think about it then it comes right when you don’t expect it as you said. Thank you so much for bringing me back to reality Adam. I really really appreciate it. I hit reset. Thank you all!! That post was needed!

  7. Hello! I am on day 6 of the Master Money Ritual. I notice that sometimes I really get into imagining the pleasure of spending money, so much so that during the parts that require scanning the circle 3X in a row anti-clockwise, I lose count and do it an extra time just to be sure (so I might be scanning some lines 4X because I’m not sure if I scanned that line 2X or 3X yet). It does not happen very often. Do you think the ritual still works okay this way, or would I have to start the entire scan over if I lose count?

    On a separate note, I also read Wealth Magick yesterday (one that I have *really* been struggling with as to whether or not I should use, as I have been part of the more New Age angel scene for the past 20 years, and well, old habits and worldviews die hard). Something happened that I surprisingly didn’t find as strange as I should have. As I was reading it in complete silence, the timer on my old iPod (which I barely use, as my iPhone has replaced it) started loudly blaring its alarm. It took me awhile to figure out where the sound was coming from, because I literally haven’t heard that sound in years. It could have been a coincidence (meaning I could have accidentally turned the timer on weeks ago and it could have been running ever since, which is also a little bizarre), or it could be a sign of, I have no idea what. Anyway, you are probably less surprised by these little coincidences than I am, but I’m not sure what it means. Just thought I’d share, thanks!

    1. Getting into is good so don’t fret about being precise. Trying to be too exact – well, it eats up your concentration. What you’re doing is right.

      Coincidences are often meaningless but the timing could be an indicator. How do you feel, though? Does it make you feel, ‘Yikes, demons!’ or, ‘Hmm, this could certainly shake up my world in an interesting way.’ With that book I say wait until you’re ready. As for the world view, I get that too – demons sound scary, but they are constrained and its their duty to help just as it is with angels. But, you know, wait until you’re ready. And ready in all ways – you get so much more out of that book when you’re making a total shift to wealth rather than doing it as a hobby. You can do it as a hobby, but then you get hobby-sized wealth.

  8. Hello,
    there seems to be a spelling mistake in my copy of Magickal Riches. In the Appendix on page 108, third point “EE-AH-OH-EH”, it says that the end syllable is pronounced “ELL is like bell without the b”. Which one is the right syllable? EH or ELL?
    Thanks in advance for some info on that.

    1. The guide is only a guide, so always go with what’s in the main text. EH is like bell without the b and without the ll.

      1. Thanks very much for clearing this up. I am really looking forward to working with this book. Very inspiring book!

        Something more superficial: all of the GoM-books have great covers. I really like them.


  9. Many thanks Damon. I’ll focus on selling the houses first because they just need to. Then focus on the protection:) Thank you so much for your quick response. I really appreciate it!

  10. Dear Damon I came across your books and since we are in dire need could you please advise which book I should get first to help resolve our issue. My family works in real estate and NONE of our houses are moving and all our savings are gone (for every family member) and the bank loan is running out as well. I know our family is cursed with some bad luck as there are other strange things too because people comment on our situation all the time it’s like we try to take one step forward and fall two steps behind. Regardless though, how can we sell these houses quickly at a profit – that is first. Then second what can we do to make any other business a success. Of course, I will then need to work at eliminating this or what feels like a “family curse”. Many thanks in advance for your help!!

    1. If you are certain there is a curse, you should probably work on that first. Remove that, and other things may fall into place without the need for direct money magick. Also, money magicks works best the less desperate you feel, so if there is great urgency it can be more useful to use magick to obtain protection, peace and so on – this makes way for the money, without lusting after it directly. When there is an urgent lust, that can stifle the magick. So I would aim for protection first. Of course, if you can be relaxed about the magick and let go of your need for the magick to work, it can work amazingly well, and then Magickal Riches would be the best book for selling and getting back on your feet. But I would put the protection in place first, or the curse may dampen any magick you perform.

  11. Hi damon i m very happy to know you l’ve one of your books & i m waiting for the second book by the 12 of september, sir l need a book that will make me help people spiritualy i had these powers when i was yong but things re not deway it used to be so sir i want you to be my mentor & tell me what kaind of book can i buy. I’ll be greatful for your reply

    1. Thank you for buying those books. I can’t recommend a book specifically for offering spiritual help – this may need to be a self guided work for you. However, you may enjoy The 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna Blaise, as that offers many ways to transfer magickal results to others, and many of the powers relate to aspects of the self that can be thought of as spiritual.

  12. Hello,
    My questions are: Magickal Riches, page 83. “Read celestial script that spell Nitika’s name from right to
    left”. How can I read what I do not understand? The top of the circle is the spirit’s sigil and the bottom of the
    circle is the spirit’s name. Also, in the book 72 Angels of Magick, both hands in the beginning reach forward
    with the backs of hands touching. Move hands apart, as though parting the space before me. Should I bring
    my hands back to my sides? Lastly, can I close my eyes while visualizing the bolt of lightning?
    Mr. Brand, I just bought two of your books and one of Zanna. I am a novice to Occult Rituals and any help
    from you would be greatly appreciated.

    1. The instructions are in the chapter called The Genius Rituals – so yes, it’s a scan, and that chapter shows you where the letters are. “The large letters beneath the sigil are a form of the spirit’s name, written from right to left in celestial script. In this example, only the spirit’s name is highlighted. So yes, scan that and you’ll be on the right track. It’s not described as a scan, because you are aware of the name you’re reading. If it’s Nitika, you know it’s Nitika, even though the letters look unusual. But if you just look at the letters, right to left, knowing that’s the named spirit, that will work.

      Yes you can bring your hands back to your sides after the gesture is complete, and it’s OK to close your eyes during the ritual. I hope that helps.

      1. Hi Damon,
        Thanks for your quick answers. I just bought two more of your books from Amazon.

        If I need further help I will contact you. Blessings always.

  13. I recently bought your book Magical Riches. Iam asking to be guided on Create light from The Dark how do I do it to bring that light into existence. Can my ritual have an impact if I fail to create light from the Dark?

    1. It’s not essential, but it is helps. Your imagination does not need to be crystal clear – any vague impression of the light will do. If you can’t see it, simply ‘know’ that is has arisen.

    2. Thank you for your answer to my question. At what time can I perform the ritual, day or night, morning evening etc

  14. pp.54 of the Riches book,
    “Smudging” was employed in the Hebrew name of Metatron,
    but was this also intended in the angelic script?
    I did not notice that in the angelic script in other books.

    1. It’s as it’s meant to be. Smudging is almost always specific to a result, rather than general change.

  15. Hi Damon

    Thanks for your reply and other your constructive advices . Fortunately I completed master money ritual for 11 days .According to advice I shouldn’t think about the result when will come . It will be surprise to see the result. So I stop think on it Next few days I am completing in next few days time magickal cash book ritual for attracting money fast . I am planning to do more magickal rituals from different books.

    Therefore few questions arose in my mind therefore I am asking you questions My questions are as follows:

    I am starting following rituals from magickal riches .Like attract money through perception, The genius ritual, chance money attraction theses important and rest left over after that . Taking photocopies of sigils coming not clean . It shows sides dark . How do I print out rest of the copies of sigils of magical riches and magick seduction attract love and sex and permanent relationship specially three rituals ?

    2. Shall I perform that type of magick seduction attract love and sex day time or night . Beginning of the moon month or any time of the month

    3. I got magical protection book on my kindle . Where written there 33 days has to perform master protection ritual . I am interested to continue with . My holly month is coming. May be I can not continue Therefore It is allowed some days I will do this month and rest days I will perform after 15th of July or little bit later . Is it ok with that or not

    4. It is very hard to visualise and imagine during the performing the ritual like change letters colours from white or black to different colours of light like sun or stars or fire colour. How we do it and tell the advice But I am keep the feelings strong during performing rituals

    5.could you explain to me what colour will be orange-rosy colour or send me sample or describe me about it

    6. Words of power and The 72 angles of magic what they will show effect on the attract money or magic seduction

    7 Which is the best ritual for magic seduction attract love and sex . Also best time of the day or night and performing early of moon month or mid or so.

    As soon as I will see the result I will tell you and share with you any news will come

    Your assistance in this regards will be highly appreciated

    H.R. P

  16. I’ve received several messages over the past few days, here and on the main FAQ page, with NOT FOR PUBLIC in the heading, but which then ask a question. The FAQ states that we do not enter into private correspondence. As such, I can’t answer questions in these private messages.

    However, to the reader who kindly offered to translate the works, we may eventually translate the books into many other languages, but there are no immediate plans.

    1. Two of them were mine, referring to 3 purchases which I believe cover completely the issue of pdfs, back in April. Would any mechanisms now be completely neutralised, as I asked in the original query.

        1. How does that work, you call off the curses or they dissolve immediately on payment?

  17. Dear Demon

    Thanks for your quick reply of my email on your website . I am following your advice now on . I started Master Money Ritual properly from last sunday and Magical cash book for attracting money fast from Thursday . I did my best followed your instructions strictly. Today I did one mistake performing Mater money ritual this way during performing the ritual I was middle of the ritual I was confused whether I started correctly or not. It happened twice in this ritual . Then I started same time correctly again . Do you think affect the result or showing any side effects ?

    I had a break half an hour latere I started magical cash book fast attracting money on the same day . Do you think it will be ok . Or suggest me so I follow your advice

    I know you don’t do any ritual on the person behalf just you provide information and knowledge we do it ourself . When we start any kind of magical ritual we have to seek permission from you or we do it ourself own .
    This is my last question of this email I have one lady friend she was very nice close and talked personal secret stories . Now a days she is going to be different and she is not talking to me quite few months . I am thinking start another ritual from Magick seduction tell me which is the best ritual I perform so she can be more closer to me as compared before and ready for marriage .
    Or you can recommend your any magickal book so show more strong effect on her . I am happily to buy please assist me

    May I allow more than two ritual I can perform with the break of half an hour or so ?

    Your urgent reply will be highly appreciated

    Kindest Regards

    Yours sincerely

    Herald Richard Perry

    1. I’ve said many times that confident magick with a few errors is better than perfect magick, but if you’ve drifted too far away from the actual ritual, you may want to repeat, and spend more time preparing and learning the required steps before diving in.

      The Cashbook can be sued at the same time, but not to force it to work, or to make it work faster. Please see this post:

      You do not need to seek permission, but you may want to:

      The first ritual from Magickal Seduction could work, or you may want to try the rituals in The Angels of Love by Zanna Blaise. Although that book is aimed at finding a soulmate, the methods do apply to other relationships.

      As for taking a break of half an hour, you can, or you can wait longer, or you can put it all together. Most important is that you’re not lusting for result or trying to force too much change at once. Ensure you have the energy and focus to get it all done with commitment. Also not the second and third questions on this page.
      (Q: Can I perform several rituals at once? and Q: Can I perform magick from several books at the same time?)

  18. Hi Demond
    Recently I bought the magical riches book and also on kindle . After understanding I am using master money ritual for eleven days from 2.5.2016. During performing the ritual of master money ritual . I think did some mistakes . Therefore I want ask you following question please send me answers of it . So I can continue according to your proper instructions, I didn’t see those type of questions on your magicall gallery
    1. During the performing the ritual . I was repeating scanning the letters in a circle and also ordinary lines according to your instructions from right to left. Also I left last part of scaning the last line starting from top crossing the centre of the circle and reaching end of the circle I did . Bottom one straight line one I didn’t do it . In this scenario, may I continue it till eleven days . Or from Sunday starting to complete eleven days? Please let me know
    2. What is the best time we start ritual day or night or before sunset ? Please let me know ok.
    3. Stating new moon month from this Monday . May I start magickal seduction day time or night ?
    4. Any restriction of eating the kind of meat ?
    5. Before starting the ritual from your gallery do I have to take the ablution?
    Your urgent attention and urgent assistance will be highly appreciated
    Kindest Regards
    Yours sincerely
    Henry Richard Perry

    1. Thanks for buying the book. Some of this is covered on the general FAQs.

      Also on that page is the free book The Power of Magick, which might help. With so many questions, my impression is that you are focussed too much on the details, rather than the feelings and the confidence required to get magick to work. I suggest that reading that book would help a lot.

      I often say that confident magick with mistakes is better than perfect magick without confidence, but you may need to start again. If the scan was not correct, it might be better to start over. It’s not a huge ritual, so it’s worth the investment of time.

      There is no need to worry about the time of day. You can work seduction magick in accordance with the moon, but it is not essential. Regarding meat, ablution, timing and so on, there is no need – if it mattered, I can assure you it would be in the boo. Some people feel better following such a style, but we simplify magick as much as possible, so you can do the magick and focus in the feelings and the experience and then the results.

      s? Please let me know
      2. What is the best time we start ritual day or night or before sunset ? Please let me know ok.
      3. Stating new moon month from this Monday . May I start magickal seduction day time or night ?
      4. Any restriction of eating the kind of meat ?
      5. Before starting the ritual from your gallery do I have to take the ablution?
      Your urgent attention and urgent assistance will be highly appreciated
      Kindest Regards
      Yours sincerely
      Henry Richard Perry

  19. Hi. I just purchase your book Magickal Riches in amazon kindle. I have only read the Master Money Ritual, and have yet to perform my first ritual.. I wonder if it’s ok to use the emotion transmutation and read the power words whenever i feel any emotion of lack?

    1. The ritual is best performed as set out, deliberately. When you feel lack, note the feeling clearly, so that it can be recalled at will. Or, if practical, begin the ritual. But make sure you have sufficient focus to perform the required transmutation.

      So, to get the ritual to work best, that’s what you do. If you want to use the talisman and the words when you feel lack (in addition to the standard performance of the ritual) then yes. Any time you can perform emotional transmutation, that is a good thing.

      1. I got confused with one syllable.. Just to be sure, is VAH sounds like CAH (car with softer ending)? As in does it starts with the sound of letter K?

          1. Re: Master Money Ritual.
            Is there any harm in speaking to the Angels at the end of it,
            just before closing, requesting that they fulfill the desire for wealth and abundance?
            Would this clarify any lack of exuberance in the transmutation?
            Thank you in advance.

  20. Please tell us the difference between the Magical Riches book, and the Cash Book. I believe the Wealth book is aimed at graduation to higher levels, and higher scales of wealth.

    1. Cashbook is generally for quick money out of the blue.

      Riches is for ongoing increase in wealth and some specific methods (such as gambling). Also covers the mindset required to be rich.

      Wealth Magick is a long term working that takes several months and is only for those who want to dedicate their current life to wealth creation.

      1. I bought it anyway, it can’t hurt. Now I’ll have all three.
        Thank you for your help.

  21. I started the ritual but was interrupted after day 7. I have continued after a 5 day break. Do I start over and do the full 11 days again? I got a surprise amount of money yesterday, totally unexpected. Is that normal?


    1. Surprises are normal! You can pick up where you left off, but I lever to do a ritual with dedication, as it shows the spirits that this actually matters, rather than being an afterthought or inconvenience.

  22. Since “Magickal Riches” is where I learned about “Light from the Dark” the first time, it only seems appropriate to place the following question on this page… What would you, the Gallery of Magick, say about pouring the created light, into the visualization of an existing person? Like injecting a dosis of power and energy into a human being in order to empower that person?

  23. Hello!
    I’ve finally started doing the Master Ritual and currently on day 5. I’ve done other rituals before but the following experiences were/are new to me and I just need your input on it.

    1. While scanning the letters, i sometimes have a “visual wobble” like your eyeballs move involuntarily from side to side. Like shaking your head slightly but with the eyes. Sometimes I also feel a little off-balance. It’s similar to vertigo but just a little.
    2. During the “create light from darkness” part, I almost always get filled with energy like an invocation. I also don’t sense it as neutral energy but something similar to reiki. I’m attuned to level II. I was wondering if that has an affect on the working.

    Thank you for your response and I appreciate your work a lot!!

    1. The near-vertigo thing happens to me with some sigils, but it also happens when moving through web pages too quickly. I don’t think it’s a supernatural effect, so much as a response to gazing at a highly contrasted image. You might want to read this article too:

      Many people feel nothing when performing magick, but some do. It doesn’t seem to affect the results, but sensing that energy can be a pleasant confirmation that something real is going on.

  24. Is there any harm in loaning one’s copy of Magickal Riches to a close family member so that they may try
    out a few of the workings? I only ask in case there is any “Anti Piracy” magick placed on your books though I would imagine even if in place it would not be triggered in this instance? Thank you.

    1. Lending a book is fine. If you copy the book and share it, that is duplication not lending. A loan occurs when you give the book to somebody else and no longer have it with you for that time. Simply lending a book to somebody else is absolutely fine.

      1. I don’t agree with most people’s reasons for so-called “anti-piracy,” and I despise most of the people who complain about piracy. As a black magician I see such a perspective as utterly disdainful.

        I found several books on pdf and read them before deciding to purchase them. I then paid for the books on Servitors, Cash Book, Riches book, Wealth, 72 Angels, Sigils & Talismans, Protection, Seduction, and Attack Magic.

        The book on swingers and the word power did not interest me.

        Normally I would hold on to pdfs as convenient reference on the computer.

        I paid money for your books as a personal expression of gratitude. I don’t see how you could engineer any “curse” on pdfs, but with the obvious advanced level and power of your Coven, it is not inconceivable that you could do it.

        Since I have paid for the books, am I exempt from any such “curse” in having the pdfs on the computer for convenient reference?

        It should go without saying that I have no intention of sharing this knowledge with anyone, even if they paid for it.

        If I have to delete the existing pdfs this then creates the potential added expense and inconvenience of scanning certain pages for use.

        I would also like to keep a copy of the pdfs I have not purchased for reference, as if I do find them useful in the future, I would purchase them also.

        Please offer any comment or advice on the above – I don’t want my magic hindered or undermined in any way by a possible built-in mechanism which works with pdf copies.

        Thank you.

        1. If you want to eat a cake, you buy the cake. If you’re lucky, they give free cake samples first. If you just take the cake , you stole. Not sure what industry you work in, but apply the piracy argument to that and it may change your mind. Imagine if I took $15 from your wallet because I might hire you to work for me, but then don’t hire you, and don’t pay you back.. It would feel like theft because it is theft. Piracy is exactly that.

          Authors are being forced to retire due to piracy, so as somebody who works in this industry as many levels, I am passionate about seeing every book paid for.

          Some people say our curse on stolen books is ineffective. It is certainly not all-powerful. It is aimed at weakening the magickal efforts of those who steal from us. You can make your own decision.

          The bottom line is that if you want to sample the books on Amazon you can. If you want to read the whole thing, you can buy it and then if you decide you don’t like it you can then request a refund. Legal ways to try before you buy. Anything else is theft.

          I request that all illegal PDFs be deleted, and that books read be paid for. If you make private scans and copies that are not shared, that is fine.

          The FAQ is as follows:

          Q: Have you cursed illegal downloads?

          A: Yes. We have now cursed those who share the books illegally, and all who download illegally. When it comes to the occult, piracy shoots itself in the foot. If you go into the process of magick and your first act is stealing, that’s not the best way to start – magick expands the feelings you hold on to, and theft comes from a feeling of poverty. As such, piracy will probably make you lose money. Thankfully, I can see that 99% of people buy the books. This is good because the stolen books are full of distorted images (round images have been squashed and some images are blurred or incorrect). There are some pirate copies out there that contain misspelled words. We have released our own pirate copies with deliberate mistakes, just to muddy the waters. The only way to know you’ve got the right magick is to buy it through Amazon or Createspace. Does this make us greedy? No. It is common sense if we are to continue publishing. We keep the cost down to make the books affordable. The Job Seeker book costs less than a cup of coffee in most countries and certainly less than a glass of good wine. If you can afford a device to read the books on (such as a phone, iPad or laptop), you can afford at least one book. If you want to assess the quality of the books first, Amazon provide free samples. If you don’t like what you see, don’t buy. I have seen many professional writers move to working part-time, due to piracy. Their careers are being destroyed. Piracy is ruining the quality of work that is available to readers and robbing writers of careers they have worked hard for. Piracy is far from harmless. As such, we will always fight piracy in whatever ways we can – legally and otherwise. I understand that money is very tight for many people, but that doesn’t make theft of books acceptable. Just because it’s easier than shoplifting doesn’t make it OK. You are, of course, free to share a book within your home, with partners and close friends, or even give a book away. Deliberate theft will always be punished.

          1. I have purchased all the books which I am using, but I did two rituals from the pdfs before receiving the books. If I understand correctly, those rituals have somehow been undermined?

            Please advise if I need to re-do them.

            Now, for the books I purchased, if I understand correctly, I need not delete the pdfs on my computer, so long as I do not pass copies on to others. Is this correct?

            What then is the status of the magic being worked with your books if I began to utilise your seals and invocations prior to receiving the books?

            As for your arguments against piracy, I myself am an artist, a painter, a poet and a writer, and see this aspect of my life as most sacred, apart from sacred magic. Art is so sacred and spiritual in fact, that I would not sell it. Again, I find complaints about piracy to be laughable, and whining. It even makes me raise an eyebrow and wonder for a moment here about many things. It’s certainly not something powerful magicians would make a big deal about.

            In any case, if there is some sort of spiritual mechanism undermining the magic, I want to be clear of that as I experiment with your books. I’ve deleted the swinger magic book, the job seeking book, and the word of power, none of which I bought. I would have liked to peruse the job seeking book but I did not; I’ll ask a pertinent question about it in the appropriate FAQ.

            Please confirm that holding on to the other books in pdf form would not be a problem.

            I’ve now spent nearly $200 USD on your books. Let’s clear this up so that none of your servitors or lesser demons are working against my efforts here.

            1. You accuse me of whining and then expect free advice? I think you’ll be fine without doing anything else, but please don’t expect me to answer any more questions. PDFs obtained illegally should be destroyed if you want to be absolutely on the safe side.

              As for art being ‘too spiritual’ to sell – thank god that’s not the case, or the world would be robbed of many great artists. Making a living from art and knowledge is a beautiful thing for all involved.

              1. It’s not “free advice” I am expecting here.
                I read through pdfs I found online and was thus introduced to your magic,
                and then, in a spiritual of gratitude went and paid for them.

                You seem to be more concerned about people paying you money, than you do about sharing this knowledge.

                Anyway, either you can advise or not. I don’t like your perspective on piracy, but I have met your requirements and paid for the books (nearly $200 USD). And here you are still in a spirit of complaining.

                As for your other views on art, you’re not in the Renaissance or any other age – you’re in this age of commodity where all things are bartered and sold, including slaves and magic.

                  1. You’re very welcome, and the books are a goldmine.
                    I apologise if I seem annoyed about this anti-piracy.
                    It is a pet-peeve you could say, and I am also passionate about the opposing view.
                    But I paid cash for your books, so hopefully all is now clear.

          2. Also, if you are not making money from these books, and are sharing the knowledge as part of a pact with spirits, it’s not logical that it would make a difference whether this knowledge came via a pdf online or from a hardcopy or xerox copy.

            Anyway, I completely disagree with people such as yourselves which remind me of “social justice warriors,” one of the most despicable class of people in western civilisation today (which they are tearing down with their stupidities).

            But to stay on track here, I paid cash for your books. “Legally” as you say.

            Please confirm if that neutralises any previous mechanism to undermine the magic.

            1. Of course we make money from the books. Making money is not evil or wrong. We also make money from business, work, art. And yes, we are often social justice warriors. Giving things away is also beautiful – hence this blog and the hours I put into answering questions. (Also, the pacts were with people, more than spirits.)

              This blog exists to discuss magick that works, so please consider this subject closed.

              1. So do the rituals performed prior to purchase need to be re-done?
                If you won’t answer, I’ll have to assume they do.
                Thanks for your spirit of help and cooperation.

                  1. Fair enough.
                    I believe the knowledge is worth the money paid.
                    And for the record, I have deleted all the pdfs in my possession.
                    My objective is successful magic.

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