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This page is for questions relating to Magickal Riches. 

Q: Might this magick cause an accident to bring me money?

A: No. If magick worked liked that we’d be very miserable people. It’s completely safe. For more details on this old superstition please see: Magickal Safety FAQ

Q: What is the origin of the Master Money Sigil?

A: It was derived by combining and expanding upon the content and symbology of two sigils from a manuscript named in the text, and viewed by us in the Middle East. (One of these sigils appears in a book by a modern Kabbalah author at low quality, but the other does not.) The method used to create the pattern we used remains secret and is based on techniques found in privately owned materials.

Q: In the Master Money Ritual, do I have to look at the talisman as I say all the names?

A: No. The details regarding the scan are the important visual part. After that, the talisman is merely in your presence.

Q: In the ritual to find your secret source of money, when exactly do I scan the sigil?

A: Right at the start of the ritual. You scan the sigil and then move on to the visualisation. After that, you only need to glance at the sigil as described, and do not need to scan it again.

Q: Do I need to concern myself with astrological influences?

A: Only if it helps you.

Q: Can I download the images from this book somewhere?

A: The images are not available online. You can, however, use the images on a device such as a Kindle, iPad or a computer or laptop, and this works just as well as having a physical copy. Alternatively you can photograph the images on your device, or take a screenshot and print out from that. (Some people even photocopy their devices, but I don’t know that it’s advisable.) If you want print versions, you could also buy the paperback edition of Magickal Riches, which is printed at 8×10 inches, giving you large, clear images. The images are also available in Sigils and Talismans From The Gallery of Magick, which also contains a color version of the Master Money Talisman, which some people find helps with the ritual.

Q: What’s the best way to get money magick working?

A: Read The Secrets of Money Magick.

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If you have read these, it may be worth considering your level of frustration. If there’s any sense of frustration, it’s worth giving up to an extent. This doesn’t mean  abandoning the magick altogether, but truly letting go in the sense that you no longer care about the result and no longer try to get one. When there’s zero frustration, the doors to magick open. If the only way to get to zero frustration is to stop, then stop. And then look back in a few months and see if something did turn up when you least expected it. But try to avoid thinking of it as failed. When you declare that magick has failed, you can seal that failure. Leave the way open for a result. Think of it as a work in progress that you’re leaving alone. I understand that you buy a book like this to make money, fast – which happens for many people – so it’s frustrating if it doesn’t work, but you will see lots of stories here and on the website where people found that something made the magick click for them. For many, it works instantly without effort. For others, the first result is the hardest, but once it comes, everything flows

Q: Can I perform multiple rituals at once?

A: This and many other relevant questions are best answered on the Practical Magick FAQ.

Comments are no longer open. Please enjoy the answers that we have already – just about everything you could want to know is here. If you need to know why, please see The Answers of Magick.

91 Comments on “Magickal Riches FAQ

  1. I am not able to print out the Raziel seal in the Magickal Riches book. I was hoping to see the all the seals we would need to print out in the images. I hope you guys update it. People are now getting books digitally instead of physical copy especially when they are in a desperate need of change. Thanks…

  2. Hi Adam,
    thank you for your instructing and kind answers I received from you yesterday. So here I go again with a new question, hope you don’t mind – this time concerning the book of Magickal Riches. To be honest it was the first time for me to learn about emotional transmutation and I find it to be such a convincing and intriguing method. But I also must admit that I struggle. My issue is revoking feelings of lack. I remember applicable situations and I try to let arise the memory as vivid and realistic as possible to create the emotion. It takes me great effort specifically for the emotion of lack. In contrast to that I experience it to be rather quite easy to create emotion of joy and gratitude. So after trying to revoke the feeling of lack for several minutes it feels like creating an energtic “congestion” in the solar plexus area and all emotions start to feel alike as if they were just mashed together to a sort of weird energetic puree (if that makes any sense.) Of course they wont be of any use that way so I’m trying to work on it. But at this point I’m not quite sure what I’m doing wrong or where this issue is possibly coming from. This “knot” in the solar plexus is physically inconvenient and the repercussions can last for a couple of hours, making breathing in deeply a little bit difficult (which is an annoying feeling.) Thank you once more 🙂

    • Hi. The problem may be that you try to make the lack ‘as vivid and realistic as possible’. For emotional transmutation to work you only need change. If a minor feeling changes to another minor feeling, that’s just as powerful as a massive feeling changing to any other feeling. A way through this might be to generate just small emotions, but make sure they actually change. If they change it works, and you’re less likely to get tangled in them.

      • Well, I guess I missed the forest for the trees! Thank you for the enlightenment. I’ll try to make the process lighter and easier by using minor emotions…

  3. In the book when it speaks of the “light from the darkness” energy from the infinite source, to enhance other rituals, I ask when would I do this in candle magic or herb magic spells to get better results and not use my energy?

    Thank you in advance!

    • Possibly, but it’s an experiment. This is from the main FAQ:

      Q: Can I modify the ritual using different spirits, meditation and other forms of magick?

      A: Of course you can, but consider it an experiment. The magick has been simplified as far as possible and we cannot predict the results when you modify the process.

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