Magickal Safety FAQ

Questions about the safety of magick, side effects and how magick affects your life.

Q: I felt anxious/tired/melancholy after performing the magick, and then several things went wrong and I had disturbed sleep/nightmares. Is this the magick going wrong?

A: A very small number of people find some initial discomfort when starting magick. The magick generally requires that you use emotional transmutation and dealing with such deep emotions can stir things up within you. This is more likely if you have some resistance or guilt regarding the use of magick, or if you feel uncomfortable using magick to manifest money or other results. If you do feel uncomfortable, you can simply stop, and then start again at a later date and see if things improve. Many people, however, find that continuing for a few days helps them to get a clearer understanding of their emotions, and the discomfort soon passes. As for other apparent side-effects, these are most likely not caused by magick. As I once said in an article, ‘Bad things happen to people every day, so when somebody writes to me and says, “I started doing magick and my cat got sick,” I assume that cat just ate something bad. Magick is safe unless you deliberately go out of your way to attract trouble.’ See also: A Touch of the Supernatural.

Q: I think I’ve been cursed. Can you help me?

A: Most of the time what seems to be a curse is nothing more than normal life. Magick enables you to control your circumstances to get more of what you want with fewer dark times, so the best way to tackle a suspected curse is to begin controlling your destiny through magick. With that said, real curses do exist, and they can do a lot of harm. The protection book covers ways to stop and prevent curses.

Q: I’ve been brought up to believe magick is evil, but I want to try magick. Should I?

A: Possibly not, but the only way to find out is to try it out. It is very easy to do evil in the world without magick. Magick itself is not evil, and the magick in the books was designed with constraints to make it safe. Trust your intuition.

Q: If I do money magick, will my parents die so I can get their inheritance?

A: The story goes that you do money magick, and then your parents die in a car crash so you get some quick money and you have to live with the guilt forever. While it is true that magick does take the path of least resistance, there are much easier ways for you to get money than by having your parents die. If you try to curse somebody to death you’ll find it very difficult indeed, so don’t expect death to happen due to a magickal accident. The magick in these books has been constrained to remain safe, so you can be assured that nobody you care about will come to harm. Magick is about controlling your destiny, not having awful accidents happen to your loved ones. See The Balance Of Magick.

Q: Will I be punished or get bad karma when the magick works?

A: No. We’ve been associated with magick and many occultists for a long time. We have seen people cast the most terrible curses without any problems occurring. We have seen people accrue great wealth and nothing goes wrong for them. Magick is about making choices and deciding what happens to you, rather than letting life happen to you through a series of random events and the choices of others. There’s no reason you should have to pay for that freedom. See The Balance of Magick.

Q: Is it safe for a pregnant woman to perform magick?

A: There is nothing about the magick itself that is in any way supernaturally or spiritually dangerous but you should consider that in some cases the magick requires mental exertion, particular styles of breathing, movement, active imagination and emotional work that are not an ordinary part of life. While these are unlikely to cause problems, if you have any doubts at all you should consult a medical professional to determine whether or not your particular pregnancy would be affected by the physical and emotional aspects of the work. In magickal terms, there is nothing dangerous about working with any of the books we have published.

Q: Do the spirits get annoyed if we keep pestering them with requests?

A: Not at all.

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