The Future of Magick

This is not a book of rituals. It is a collection of ideas, secrets, and methods based on nearly a decade of blog posts, interviews, and answers from The Gallery of Magick. And although this is not a book of theory, it is a book of understanding. Accessing these ideas, and making them a part of yourself, will improve your magick beyond measure.

Much of what you find here is freely available online, but there was a strong demand for this to be collected in a meaningful way.  We’ve edited and expanded almost everything you find here. Every post has been updated with more information, more insights, and more examples to show you how magick works and to let you feel its reality. 

All the posts and answers are now organised so you can find what you need. Some of the best secrets, powers, and words of wisdom are deeply hidden on the website, but here, you can find what you want.

From over ten thousand questions submitted to us, we’ve pulled the best together. You can now find everything important that we were asked and see how we responded. 

This is the largest collection of magickal ideas that we have ever put together. It could be the best way to discover all you need to know about magick.  

Without our readers and their curious minds, this book would probably not exist. We continue to say that you find the best answers by doing magick, but there is a lot to be learned by reading with an open mind. That is how we discovered magick. We hope you will do the same.

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