Secret Angel Magick

Sought after by kings, alchemists, and believers, there is a power that can transform your life. The deepest strength of the angels has been kept hidden. Finally, we can reveal the secrets of the most misunderstood spirits.

Discover the combined power of The Genius Spirits and The Angels of Omnipotence. Designed to work in harmony, these angelic powers take magick to a whole new level. Unique in all of occultism, the secret of these Angel Collectives will blow your mind.

You found your way here because you feel drawn to change your reality. Anyone can learn this magick. You’ll find out how in Adam Blackthorne’s new book, Secret Angel Magick.

This game-changing magick is so powerful and precise that we’ve secretly worked on it for forty years.

You also get the most effective influence magick. This might be too dark for some people, so if it feels wrong to you, ignore this part of the book. But if you want to change minds and hearts, this is the best magick we know, with hundreds of influence powers. The ethics of the book are down to you. It could be misused, but you get to say what’s right. 

No extravagant rituals, no endless ceremonies. It’s magick simplified, yet potent. You only need the book and a few minutes. 

You will discover: 

  • Unique sigils that forge a direct link to the hidden angels.
  • Short rituals that you perform only once.
  • Use the magick for yourself and to help others.
  • Two simple ways to ensure that any ritual will work.
  • Foundation Magick to change reality and create major life changes.
  • Targeted Rituals to get exactly what you want.
  • Rituals that support any other magick you perform.

Learn the critical secret that unlocks the ritual as soon as the magick is complete. The entire process revealed.

If you only keep one magick book, it could well be this. You might hand it down to your kids when you’re gone. 

Don’t settle for a boring life. Don’t let them write you off. You can take action and join the elite. These are the secrets of changing your entire reality, and I know you’ll be shocked when you find out how easy it is. When everything inside you says to go for it, you have found the way. 

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It’s only just been published, so it might take a few hours longer to appear in some stores.