Secret Angel Magick FAQ

This FAQ is being written by Damon Brand while Adam B is away.

Q: Some of the sigils appear to be identical. How come?
A: Sometimes they look similar, but there are minor differences; sometimes they are the same in a few small places, and sometimes they are identical throughout. The sigils are all correct, so in short, use what’s in front of you and it will work. The explanation is messy and was therefore left out of the book. There was a discussion about whether to mention this in the book. I (Damon) thought it might be wise to keep this backstory in the book as it’s such a familiar sigil to people. Adam wanted to avoid confusion by explaining it. The longer story (that isn’t in the book) is the lengthy trial and error along the way, and getting to the point where each spirit had a unique sigil never came. During the main development phase, we worked with the underlying aspects of the spirits, and master sigils covered several spirits. (You can see why this isn’t in the book. It’s not a thrilling story.) This means there was, at one point, doubling up all over for a long time, with each sigil representing nine, twelve, or however many spirits. And then we broke that down to several more, but not everything was changed. There’s something similar with patterns in the Omnipotence sigils, where you can probably see where designs led on from earlier designs. And it’s all going to work, and that’s what matters. When you work with a sigil, know it’s the correct sigil for the spirit you are calling, and that’s enough.

Q: Why can’t I order paperback or hardback?
A: Make sure you’re logged in to an Amazon account for an adult (over 18). The options will be there if you’re in a country that produces the books. If not, stay logged in and try to order from the US or UK. If that doesn’t work, the Kindle ebook works even if you don’t have a Kindle. Use the Kindle app on just about any device.

Q: It says to feel grateful during the Omnipotence ritual, but then in the ritual itself, it never says where or when. What’s the correct instruction?
A: When Adam says, ‘That’s what you’ll feel grateful for during the ritual,’ that is the instruction. And then it’s absent in all that follows because to place it precisely would be too direct. If this sounds too obscure, let’s say it’s wise to let the gratitude arise without instruction but to take what he said about it being ‘as important as anything else’ quite seriously. But it really does only have to be a moment.

Q: Why should we believe your claims about these angel servitors when ancient books never mention this? How can you justify your claims?
A: We’ve been living with this for so long that we forget it might be controversial. We may explain it more fully in time. Hopefully, there is no need to justify this if it’s working for people and the first reports are already coming in a day after publication. It’s worth noting that the ‘Moses’ books are only a couple of hundred years old. Nuctemeron isn’t old, either. They used older sources, which we also have access to. There’s an explanation in the book about why a source isn’t published raw, but another reason is that it doesn’t help with the practical magick.

Q: Why is Kindle more expensive in some countries than others?
A: Amazon charges us when we want to use high-resolution images. In most countries, the charge is so high (as there are so many sigils of high quality) that the book is almost a freebie. The alternative is to change the plan at Amazon and charge $20 or more for the Kindle. It would be fairer but more expensive for all. We could also reduce image quality, but that is not an acceptable solution, even though many others take that path. Also, exchange rates fluctuate wildly, as do taxes, and book prices (for Kindle or physical books) change almost every month, even if we don’t make any changes. We always try to keep pricing fair, and this is a 400-page book.

Q: Can you share the original spelling of the NAH-EE-DAW-YAW-HAH watchword? It isn’t in the text.
A: It wouldn’t be accurate to provide an English spelling. You could make up your own based on the sounds, but it’s unimportant unless it helps you remember the word.

Q: What’s the best ritual for my problem?
A: You haven’t read the whole book if you’re asking that. There’s more information near the end.

Q: How many rituals can I do at once?
A: Again, this is in the book.

Q: Do I have to do a foundation and then a targeted ritual, or something else?
A: Please read the section again as it is explained thoroughly, but in summary, you can do anything you like. A foundation ritual followed some time after by a targeted ritual is the most foolproof method.

Q: The example being used was Papus, but then it talked about Sisera. Is this a mistake?
A: This was a typo, as it should read Papus. It’s corrected now. Hopefully, it isn’t too distracting. You look at the sigil you’re using. That should be clear.

Q: It says that if you don’t want the result anymore and you decide to lose interest, the angels will know. But we also try to forget about the magick after it’s done (so you don’t lust for results). Can the angels mistake this for losing interest?
A: Not at all. Losing interest means you don’t want it anymore. Losing attachment to the result is not the same; you still have the desire.

Q: Adam said there’s an incredibly easy way to think about what you want and find the exact combination, but why isn’t that explained?
A: You may need to read between the lines, but by the time you understand the book, you’ll find it easy to choose what you need.

Q: I’ve used other methods before and other ways of tuning to these angels. Do I still need to do the activation ritual and follow all the instructions?
A: Yes.


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