The Ritual for Greater Magick Power

This ritual offers you a connection to the underlying magickal power within yourself. It is an additional process that some people will find useful. It can increase your ability to get results with any magick you use.

There are loads of rituals in our books that could be used to enhance magick power. Often, though, there’s nothing wrong with you or your inherent power. It’s just that you’re not clear on which magick to use. You could use the powers of Metatron in Archangels of Magick to understand how magick could help a situation. That might be all you need; you choose the right ritual and get the result you want. Or it could be that you’re filled with fear, doubt, and desperation, and moving past those emotions with the help of magick will release results.

I go on about this because when people seek additional power, all they usually need to do is hone their current skills, ensure they have chosen a ritual wisely, work diligently and with emotion, and then detach from the result, allowing it to manifest when and however it will. No additional power is required.

Archangels of Magick

Going even further, in Archangels of Magick, Damon Brand wisely says, ‘I usually find that when people seek more power or look for a way of charging up the magick, it’s a sign of fear; the fear that it won’t work. It is far more effective to perform the magick, to just do what is written here, and let your abilities grow.’

And that really is true. So why do we have this ritual for Greater Power at all? Ironically, Damon led the development of The Ritual for Greater Magick Power, even though I’ve written this post and the PDF that goes with it. But I can answer the question. This ritual has been designed to bring ease, harmony and increased potential to your magickal work. It’s a discovery that’s worth sharing. But don’t go into this thinking it will make things happen faster, with less effort from you, or with a more slapdash approach.

This ritual isn’t like a super-fuel that just adds power. It isn’t something that makes impossible requests fall into place. It adds power when you’re already following the advice that’s in the books. If you’re in tune with the instructions in the books, it can work extremely well.

You may find that things happen faster, more easily and more impressively, but never lose the power of patience, and of allowing. By relaxing and letting magick work, you add enormous energy to your efforts.

This ritual just might help somebody who is struggling to get their first result, but struggle usually arises from ignoring the basic ideas and concepts. The ritual works best when you already have some degree of success and wish to improve your results or consistency.

If you have had some success but then felt your magick weakened, again, do not assume the magick is weak or that your power has diminished. It could be that you are asking for the same result over and over, without developing your needs and ambitions based on the feedback you’ve received from results. That is, you should grow with magick, and then magick will continue to respond to you.

The ritual is worth performing, to explore its potential to improve your results. It’s not the most basic ritual, but it’s not too difficult either. If you’ve only ever done magick from a book like Words of Power this ritual might seem like a handful, so have a read, and perform it when you’re ready.

The 72 Angels of Magick

The ritual works using angels from The 72 Angels of Magick. In all sorts of posts, and in various books, we say you do not need to combine too many angelic rituals at once, or any rituals for that matter, because overloading is a way of pressuring yourself and the magick. It does not yield good results. Blending powers, though, can have benefits. Blending can bring out a new power that wouldn’t quite be available in any other way. In this ritual, you blend the powers of five angels, using The Blending Sigil. That sigil is in the PDF below, but also included here for ease of printing or transferring to another device.


If you’ve never read the book, the ritual might seem really weird and complicated. Even if you’ve read the book, it might look complicated at first. It just takes a bit of time to get your head around the details, and it’s worth the effort. (Just so you know, the worldwide group healing ritual in October is really, really easy to do, and you’ll benefit from the shared power of thousands of people!!!)

Quite often, we used to get messages where readers would say, ‘I want to be more powerful. I want all my magick to work.’ I get that, but a friend gave me an analogy that I love. If you want to go bird-spotting, what’s more important, the binoculars or knowing where to go and look for birds? Both help, but if you know where to go, you can often see the birds without the binoculars. In magickal terms, that means that knowing what you want and choosing the right ritual can be more important than your magickal strength.

We’ve tried to make this ritual bring out the best in you, rather than just fill you with raw power, but this still means you have to work with magick. You can’t expect everything to work just because you’ve done this ritual. If you forget all the foundations of magick, nothing will change. If you connect with the powers described in the books, great things can happen.

Know what you want, look for the weak points in reality (the people or situations that are easiest to change), and work your magick with full commitment, trust, and patience.

This is the document detailing The Ritual for Greater Magick Power. (It usually looks best if saved to your device and opened with an ebook reader or PDF reader.)


The ritual is potent. After performing it, you may sense a change within yourself. It can happen on the first day, but it will develop over the weeks and months that follow. Enjoy that feeling.

This is the last in a series of rituals designed to help with your magickal development. The others were The Unfreezing Ritual and The Identity Ritual.

The next post will be at the end of September, detailing the group healing ritual (that is very easy to perform), with the ritual itself taking place worldwide on Sunday October 14th. I’ll see you then.

– Adam Blackthorne

Zanna Blaise has released a new album of archangel music called Opening to Archangels, and Damon Brand wrote a free book called The Magick of Music and Angels, showing you how to use the music with magick. You can read all about that here: Music, Magick and Angels