The Power of Protection

It’s possible to spend your entire life without ever having an occult accident. You’re imposing your will on the world, and changing reality, so you’d think magick would be more dangerous. Magick is generally quite safe. For those of us who grew up experimenting with magick, it wasn’t always so safe.

When I was a teenager I would happily evoke any spirit, without any protection, in the hope of actually seeing a demon. I shiver when I think of the risks I took. But it was worth taking those risks, because that is how I learned. The whole reason that the Gallery of Magick has managed to develop a workable system is that we experimented. Early on we found that experimentation is powerful, but risky. So we learned about protection.

That protection is now being shared in Magickal Protection. You shouldn’t go out and take the sort of occult risks I was taking. But if you want to use magick to protect yourself, you can.

There are lots of books on psychic self defense, and so on, so I’ve included magick that covers general protection; to avoid robbery, accidents, violence and other real-world problems. This isn’t just a book about stopping occult accidents or curses. It also contains the simple banishing that we use daily (or whenever we need to get rid of anything unwanted), along with the Master Protection Ritual, and a host of rituals for dealing with unkind people.

I don’t want to encourage fear. Two of the greatest barriers to magick are fear and desperation. This book should give you sufficient protection that you can be courageous in the world, and experience everything you want to experience.



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  1. Great choice of cover, definitely portrays infinite Protection

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  2. I have had excellent results with the 24 Magickal Angels rituals. I performed 4 concurrently at first, 5 the next week (a total of 9 per night for the overlapping thurs-sun), then waited to begin another set with a duplicate angel (new request) and two new ones, for a total of 11, and the “coincidental” changes have been amazing. I understand where you got the Invocation texts, and the basis of the descriptions for their purposes, because I recently came across references for the 48 names you didn’t list in your book.

    My question is this: Is there a method you could share to creating the seals for them? Or, could you supply a companion document or appendix to the Magickal Angels book that completes the other 48s’ details? I’m especially interested in The Gallery’s take on their purposes, as yours do not precisely match my other sources, yet as i stated I have had excellent results with yours.

    Sum up: other 48 seals and descriptions?

    Thanks for any attention you may give to my query.

    1. So wonderful to hear about your great results.

      Yes, there is a LOT of information out there about the other 48 Shem Angels. The problem is that many of the sources are pure inventions, many are corruptions of some of the older sources, and even when you go back to the oldest sources there isn’t always agreement. We have used the very best possible sources to ensure the sigils are created correctly and as far as we know, the actual technique as described in the book is unique. Indeed, the only way to really know the true nature of an angel is direct contact. We have made direct contact, many times, alone and in groups, and that is why some of the attributes we describe for these angels will not fit the average list you find online, or even in highly reputable books. So I couldn’t guide you to a good source for the other 48 angels, because you’d need large pile of books and a lot of time. The good news is that we’ve done all this work for you. A second book, containing the other 48 talismans is just about ready to be published. We’re not sure when it will be published, as there are many time pressures at present, but it will be with you before too long. Our main problem? Coming up with a good title? We don’t want to call it ‘The Rest of The Angels That We Left Out of The First Book,’ but we’re working on it…

      1. How about “Magickal Angels 2.0”?
        Magickal Angels Companion
        Magickal Angels: Retinue
        Complement to Magickal Angels
        Magickal Angels Appendix
        Magickal Angels: Completing the Circle

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