Lighting The Magickal Fire

When I first got into magick I didn’t use any form of banishing. Like most people, I learned to banish because I was little afraid, and it was highly recommended by people more experienced than me. I was told that if I ever wanted to join a magickal order I’d probably have to do nothing but banish for the first year.

That seemed like madness. All I wanted to do was make contact with spirits, and yet I was being urged to learn a magickal technique that pushed everything magickal away. It seemed like an over-cautious approach, and a boring one at that.

What I didn’t know at the time is that protection magick does more than protect. At it’s best, protection magick makes you shine brightly only the astral plane, so that you attract the spirits you want to attract. When done well, this makes your magick much more powerful than it ever was before.

Once I knew that, I was interested.


My mistake was using a banishing that was so cumbersome, employing entities that were so difficult to contact, that I didn’t get good results for well over a year. That’s why they make people do it for so long, I realized – it takes that long to work.

Years later, with the help of the wiser members of The Gallery of Magick, we developed a banishing of our own, along with a Master Protection Ritual. When we published Magickal Protection, I was hoping to fill the needs of my readers. People had been asking for protection magick for a long time, and while writing the book I barely even mentioned that it could have the pleasant side-effect of making your magick more powerful.

It was wonderful to hear that protection magick was, in fact, lighting some magickal fires, within days of publication.

A public comment from one of my readers on Facebook put it this way:

I LOVE the Sword and Master Protection Rituals!! They have given my work over the past two days so much added power it’s unreal. The MPR immediately changed the atmosphere around me. It’s amazing what you can get used to that feels ‘normal’ to you after years. When it’s gone, you realize how much there was throwing a wet blanket over your work. To you I say THANK YOU for this amazing addition. To everyone else, even if you don’t think you need protection….do it anyway. It’s easy…it’s fast and it will light serious fire under your workings!! EVERYONE needs the MPR because it is SO much more than protection. Even if you feel nothing else when you’re doing your other workings, this is hands down the extra edge you need. It gives you that much more passion in your ritual when you feel that light and safety enter your space.

Others have reported similar results, especially those who were feeling a bit stuck with their magick. I think I’d underestimated how important a sense of protection was to people.

I know that fear is a great barrier to effective magick. Fear and desperation stop magick from working. Protection magick can take fear away and make you calm, so it shouldn’t be surprising that this book is setting off magickal sparks for many people.

At face value, it’s good protection magick, but if you do any other magick at all, it can clear away your fears and barriers, as well as making you shine with magickal energy.




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  1. Probably not at this point, because almost all the magick involves use of sigils or talismans, and meditation audio usually gets people to close their eyes. You could certainly record your own for personal use, though. But the magick is intended to be done fairly quickly, to get a result, rather than to be a meditative process. I’m always open to experimentation, though, so it could be interesting.

  2. Would you consider doing guided meditations on CD? Some of the exercises in the book would be great as audios.

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