Targeting Your Magick

Sometimes, all you need is a simple ritual and you get what you want. Other times, there can be resistance, and then you may need to develop the skills for targeting your magick at the underlying problems. This can bring a solution faster than you might imagine.

When magick works easily, with one simple ritual, it means that you are ready to receive the result, without any conflicting subconscious resistance. It also means that you’ve chosen wisely, using magick to take you to the next step, rather than reaching for the impossible. Conversely, if the magick doesn’t work straight away, it may be an indication that you need to adjust your choices, to select magick that can work for you. By making this adjustment, you can approach your desires from a different angle, and still end up getting what it is that you want.

Magick can bring you seemingly impossible results, but it often works best when applied to aspects of your life that are most open to change. That is, you’re more likely to get a wage increase or improved sales, than you are to win the lottery. Rather than perform a ritual to become a millionaire, you perform magick to build your finances gradually, step by step. When you are willing to do this, you get where you want to be in a way that feels anything but gradual. Magick can work fast and reliably, and after performing tactical magick for a year, your progress can seem miraculous.

You may find that doing a basic ritual doesn’t get you what you want, and when there is this sort of resistance, you may need to approach the problem from several magickal angles. This can include a general charming of the situation, as well as tackling each aspect of a situation separately, which can also include working on aspects of your personality that may be in conflict with the magickal result.

By breaking down a problem in this way, and targeting your magick at each area of the problem, you can improve your chances of success. The following two examples should help to illustrate targeted approaches to magick.

Example 1: Trading for Profit

Let’s say you’re an experienced trader, working the stock market. You’re doing quite well, but not as well as you want to do. You need to break through to the next level of income, but no matter how you try, things stay roughly the same.

Before using magick, you need to work out where the problem lies. Are you taking too many risks, or too few? Is it possible you’re being impatient at times, or perhaps too rash? Are you sometimes led by emotion rather than sound judgement? Do you ignore your intuition? Do you need to study more, in a particular area, to ensure you really understand what’s going on? Only when you answer these questions, or questions like them, will you be able to know the best way to proceed. Look at your situation objectively, and find areas of weakness, fear and resistance. This is where magick can help you most.


To begin with, then, you may want to charm your financial situation generally. To do so, you would use the Master Money Ritual from Magickal Riches, and the word Yeret, To Increase Abundance, from The 72 Sigils of Power.

With that done, you might be ready for more insight into your personal situation, so you would take the word Kahet from The 72 Sigils of Power, and use it as a form of Contemplation Magick, to See Beyond the Obvious. Used in conjunction with the word Pahal, to Obtain Knowledge of Yourself, this is a great starting point for a lot of magick.


As a result of doing this magick, you may start to get nudges of intuition, and insights into your stock market trading practices. You begin to see that your perception of what’s really going on is absolutely vital, so you use Attract Money Through Perception from Magickal Riches. You back this up with See the Near Future and See the Far Future from Words of Power. By extending your perception in this way, you are more likely to get the insights you need.

You have also realized, through your Contemplation Magick, that you lack confidence, so you use Increase Self Confidence and Banish Fear and Worry from The Greater Words of Power. This makes you proceed with more courage and calm.

It’s also clear that luck plays some part in all this. Your ambitions are indeed subject to the whims of the markets, and so you need more luck. You turn to The 72 Angels of Magick, and work for eleven days with Lelahel to Increase Luck in Relation to Ambition.

It’s also occurred to you that you feel a general sense of lack and scarcity. It feels like money is hard to come by, elusive, and something that evades you despite hard work. The antidote to this is to trust in providence. So you use the word Sehahl from The 72 Sigils of Power to gain a Sense of Providence and the Certainty of Prosperity on a daily basis. You use the same word once a week, as a form of Results Magick, to Become Open to Prosperity and to Receive Without Guilt. This removes the inner resistance that prevents you from receiving financial results.

Finally, you have realized that you are lusting for the result so badly that you are preventing it from manifesting. When you obsess about a result, rather than confidently expecting it, you can stifle the magick. So you use the word Lahach from The 72 Sigils of Power to Let Go of Desire. This doesn’t stop you desiring your result, but it eases the lust for your desire, and makes the magick more likely to manifest.

By using these approaches, you are working on aspects of yourself, as well as using magick to attract abundance in general, while sharpening your perception, to ensure that you are able to do your financial work with great insight and clarity.

This example only applies to this one specific situation. For another person, the approach could be entirely different, with the focus being on improved contacts, or attracting a mentor.

Most importantly, note that this tactical approach involves doing magick that targets all areas of the problem. I often say that you shouldn’t do ten money rituals, in an effort to force money into being. This is true. Throwing a lot of similarly styled magick at the same problem rarely helps. Ten money rituals do not increase the power tenfold. But this targeted approach is not a case of doing ten money rituals. You are working magick to affect the underlying problems that are stopping the money from manifesting more readily. The lesson here is this: don’t just do more magick, but do magick more wisely.


Example 2: A Difficult Breakup

You’re breaking up with your partner, and it’s hell. Your partner is threatening legal action to take an unfair share of the money and property, while spreading rumors that could destroy your social life and damage your career. It looks like an absolute disaster. You’re being attacked, with so many lies being spread about you that you’re losing friends. It seems like it’s going to be impossible to emerge from this situation intact.

As a first step you might want to put some protection in place. You perform the Master Protection Ritual from Magickal Protection, along with the daily Sword Banishing. This alone brings you more personal peace, and limits the attacks that are made. It gives you some breathing space.


With that done, you need to determine what is most likely to get the outcome you want. There are so many approaches, and you need to decide what might help, and then work toward that. Do you want to weaken and defeat, or to bring out more kindness and communication and understanding? Sometimes, it’s easier to get to kindness if you first weaken the person. Sometimes, you simply need to make the person change their mind, by inspiring guilt.

In this example, let’s say that you realize that the one thing that will calm your partner down is a new relationship. When your partner meets somebody new, and is filled with hope, the hate will stop.  That is a good plan for this particular person, but it’s quite a long -term plan, so you will come back to that. For now, you need quick fixes.

You need to do magick for the sake of damage limitation. You turn to Magickal Attack – a book which ultimately aims to bring peace. You are suffering socially, and at work, because your partner is telling lies about you. It makes sense to do the ritual to Silence Gossip and Lies. At the same time, you want to make your partner hesitate when it comes to legal proceedings. The Ritual to Bind an Enemy can prevent more immediate harm. You could also use the Ritual to Weaken the Will, so that any plans for rash changes will be put on hold. After some thought you do not use the Ritual to Bring About Mental Confusion. Although it seems like disrupting your partner’s life in this way will give you the upper hand, it may just create so much torment that no peaceful progress can be made. Equally, after some consideration, you do not use the Ritual to Gain the Upper Hand, because you know that your partner is the sort of person who would react badly if you are the one with apparent power. So after careful consideration, you only use the magick to Silence Gossip and Lies and The Ritual to Bind an Enemy. Clearly, success depends not on how much magick you use, but how carefully you choose your magick.


It might also be wise to work with the angel Hahaiah, from The 72 Angels of Magick, to Overcome Adversity. This angel can work with extreme cunning and subtlety, to resolve the problems that are creating the adversity. You may not see immediate relief, but in the background, the angel can pave the way to peace.

When you sense that adversity is yielding to your efforts, and that your partner has indeed been bound to some extent, you may want to ease the fire of anger. By using Overcome Bitterness, Jealousy and Hatred from The Greater Words of Power, you can direct the magick to your partner, so that the intensity of those negative emotions is reduced.GreaterWords

While this is going on, you need to cope. There are many words in The 72 Sigils of Power that can help you through. Vehu can help you obtain strength during a difficult time. If you’re feeling too bitter to cope, then the word Elem can ease that pain, making your other magickal work on this situation purer and more effective. If the stress is felt physically, the word Lelah can be used to ease the discomfort. This book contains so many sigils and words that can make it easier to get through a difficult period in your life.

After some time, you may want to encourage your partner into a new relationship. You probably aren’t ideally placed to match-make. You can’t pick the right person for your partner, but you can encourage situations that are likely to make your partner move on and start a new life. One approach would be to create a servitor that encourages your partner to feel hope, and to seek out new social situations. Yes, you are directly influencing another person, but you are doing so with a sense of generosity. You will benefit, of course, but even in the middle of this angst (and potential hatred) you choose to offer up love. So you create a servitor that encourages your partner to see the potential for a new love, and to actively seek out a new relationship. You may back this up by working with the angel Elemiah to Stop Mental Torment, with the magick aimed at your partner. By reducing torment, you make it more likely that your partner will move on.

At the first sign that things are improving, and that your partner may be willing to reduce hostilities, you work with the angel Achaiah to Turn Enemies into Friends. In the early stages of this situation, this angelic magick might have been relatively ineffective against such powerful hatred, but timed to coincide with the opening of your partner’s heart, it can ensure that things proceed calmly and with respect.

These two examples are not blueprints for you to follow. They are meant to inspire, and show how each problem could be tackled, by an individual in a particular situation. You will need to adapt this approach to your own needs and your own situation.

The 72 Sigils of Power cannot be underestimated when it comes to gaining insight into yourself. And using Receive Guidance from The Greater Words of Power is the first step for many people, before embarking upon any other magick. Sometimes, the revelations you obtain from these initial rituals are so powerful that you don’t need any more magick. At other times, you get a clear insight into the magickal path that is before you. Trust your intuition!

Magick does not need to be complicated. You can perform a ritual and get a result. We’ve simplified magick as far as possible, so that the ritual techniques are not overly complicated. At the same time, the application of magick should be kept simple. If you can pick one ritual to solve your problem, do that. If that doesn’t work, then look at targeting your magick, tackling the problem from every angle, until you get what it is that you are looking for.

When you design a magickal approach, you need to consider whether you’re trying to find a solution that will help during the next few weeks and months, or if you’re looking at a long-term solution. If it’s a short-term problem that needs a quick fix, then one or two rituals might be all you need. Direct magick, done with powerful intent is better than doing no magick at all. When it’s a larger challenge, that extends over many months and years, that’s when you’re more likely to need a targeted approach. Determine what you need to do to bring about change. Then use magick to let that change manifest. As each small change is made, reality will give way and succumb to your desire.

– Damon Brand


38 thoughts on “Targeting Your Magick

  1. After picking up Magickal servitors and Master works of chaos magick. My question. Is making your own personal sigils more effective than other sigils already prey made in books because from my understanding the more personal the magick the “stronger” the result or am I misunderstanding this all to gather?

    1. Personal isn’t necessarily more powerful. Call on an angel, and it can work with unimaginable power. But some people find that personal magick, as shown in those two books, works more effectively for them. Some don’t. It’s a matter of trusting your intuition and seeing what works best for you.

  2. does it make scenes to use the relationship ritual from words of power 2 and and the angelic love book at the same time?
    thanks for the help.

    1. Possibly, but only you can know the factor that come into play in your specific situation. Using the examples in this post, take a look at your situation, and decide which factors need to change, and which may be the most open to change.

        1. The ritual in The Greater Words of Power assists with chance meetings, or to open somebody’s heart when yours is already open to them. In The Angels of Love there is an entire set of workings aimed at stirring up reality in an attempt to attract a potential soulmate – you can use the individual rituals, of course, on a smaller scale, and then the choice is down to which you think suits your particular situation.

  3. Hi Damon,

    I’ve been performing successfully rituals from the gallery of magick for a couple of months.

    I’ve just had two results though, from Words of Power, that have left me really stumped.

    (1) I did the one for making someone warmer towards me.
    On that same day, and the following days since (3 days in total now since the ritual) the person has been colder than usual, leading to verbal disagreements. What happened???

    (2) I did the ritual to know what someone is thinking (different person to Q.1). I’m not in touch with that person, but that same night I experienced a lot of emotion towards them. The next day it occurred to me that what I felt could actually be how they are currently relating to me, i.e., the answer to my ritual. Is that how it could work?

    I’m very confused. In one ritual, the opposite has taken place, in the other, I wanted to understand another, yet it is my own feelings which became amplified.

    If you can shed any light, I’d very grateful. Thank you very much.

    1. Glad to hear you’ve had some success with the books.

      As for your first question, this is not unheard of, and usually occurs if the person in question feels resistant to the change. This means the magick is working, it’s making them feel warmer, but they don’t like feeling warmer and so they fight it. The solution is time. Keep your own level of warmth high, resist any temptation to argue, knowing that the warmth is there on the inside. It’s still very early in the process, but after a couple of weeks, if you sense that there’s been some change, but that the person it still not as warm as you’d like, you could repeat the ritual, to chip away at the defences, so to speak.

      For your second question, yes, absolutely – feelings that arise spontaneously are often a strong indicator. But of what? That’s the tricky part? You need to use your intuition, and if your intuition is telling you that it’s how they relate to you, then yes, that’s likely. But not certain, so I would again give this more time and see what else arises.

  4. I’ve read the FAQ’s but still have a question. I am interested in Wealth Magick but the book describes working with both angels AND demons. I am concerned about working with demons – I don’t want to open a doorway to negative spirits to be with me constantly, or risk possession, etc. The FAQ only says that the rituals provide safety but that’s it.

    Can Wealth Magick be performed with angels only – are there angels that can be substituted for the demons?

    Can you elaborate on the rituals “providing safety” when working with demons – what does that mean? How do you prevent them from inhabiting or sticking around?

    When performing any of the sigil magick in any of your books, do I need to envision a white light of protection around me at all times?


    1. Thanks for your interest. Please post questions about this on the Wealth Magick FAQ:

      That may reassure you, but please read the disclaimer about magick and evil near the top of the the main faq page:

      I believe it to be safe, but I would say that if you have any concerns, you should steer clear of this and use Magickal Riches instead, which has no demonic content.

  5. Hello everybody,

    “Magickal Riches” on page 83 it says “Read celestial script that spells Nitika’s name, from right to left, several times”

    How do I read what I do not understand? Did you mean I should scan the name?

    In the beginning arms forward, with backs of hands touching. I move my hands apart as if opening space before me. Should I bring my hands back to my sides?




    1. Your question might be better in the Magick Riches FAQ:

      The instructions are in the chapter called The Genius Rituals – so yes, it’s a scan, and that chpater shows you where the letters are. “The large letters beneath the sigil are a form of the spirit’s name, written from right to left in celestial script. In this example, only the spirit’s name is highlighted.: So yes, scan that and you’ll be on the right track.

  6. Damon, I would be curious what your thoughts are on the use of magic by people in systems of world finance, politics and power. Now that I’ve learned some things from the Gallery of Magic, there are times when I’m looking at a presidential campaign’s magical results in re-drawing reality to exactly their narrative (with their followers believing them), and I think, “WOW do they know how to project magical intent.” Sometimes I wonder if they ever have others enchanting for them, but maybe that’s me just being weird and paranoid now. Magic is so new to me that it makes me wonder if so many more people know it but are hiding it. Anyway, thanks, just wanted to share.

  7. I love this article, read it first on FB. I also read your statement about different circumstances on FB, so we should follow GoM news and comments on this site. I must say (with no malice)) that this site is very hard to read. The columns are too narrow,sometimes only one word wide in the comments, but too narrow in the posts too IMHO. The FB format is easier to read by far. You don’t have to post this, it is just my input 🙂

    1. Thanks. Are you reading it on a phone. It looks narrow that way, I gather.

      Unfortunately, there’s no way to please everybody. The old site looked too small on most desktops. I sometimes think we should save everything for the books, as we can control it better that way, but I also know people like to get information in an ongoing way, rather than every few months. I’ll talk to the designer and see what other people think.

        1. All articles will still be cross-posted to Facebook, so if that works better for you I’d stick to that. If it still looks OK on FB – it may have changed when this design changed.

          1. A miracle just occurred.. The article and postings look great! I hope it lasts! Thank you

  8. Thank you for confirming my “suspicions” about how to work tactically on a problem using magick.

    Is it advisable to overlap 11 day rituals ( start a new one on a Thursday while finishing the one in progress , started the previous week?
    One more strange question. I noticed I yawn quite a bit when I perform a ritual. Is it just a coincidence?

  9. Hi Damon,
    I know you said in the ‘Words of Power’ book that you can perform the rituals silently but imagine that you are calling the names to the ends of the universe but I want to ask if you can do the same with the Worldwide Ritual? I’m not anywhere where I can perform the Worldwide Ritual without being heard. Thank you.

  10. I used several of the Words of Power yesterday to start working on the underlying issues as noted in this very important post. I will do the Magickal Riches general charming this weekend to start the 11-day process.

    Can I use too many at once? I realize I have a lot of inner work to do. Does anyone else still do candle magick as well as use Damon’s books?

      1. Thank you for replying. About the worldwide ritual, I don’t have the Greater Words of Power yet and the activation from that is the one that is to be used. I’ll get the Kindle version and will have to use it on my phone – are there any issues with the sigils displaying properly on smartphones?

        1. The new activation is not vital. It’s the ideal, but the previous activation should align you with the words. No need to buy the new book unless you want it.

          Smart phones are not great for reading, but so long as you can actually make out the letters you will be fine.

  11. Thank you so much for this post! This is such great information. I love the targeted suggestions that are so comforting and help reduce the overwhelm.

    Infinite love and the greatest blessings to you,


  12. This post came at a really critical time for me. I did a black candle spell this past Saturday night to clear obstacles. The Thursday before that I did a success spell (very specific to my business) with an orange, a yellow and a white candle. The Sunday and Thursday before that I did two green candle spells for prosperity. Monday, some hacker swiped my debit card and credit card numbers and cleaned out my checking out and put some fraudulent charges on my credit card. I was angry at the Universe and felt betrayed and unloved and confused why my spells didn’t work. Your post has shed light on what is likely the problem because I do still have a strong fear of failure despite working on it and feeling better on the surface. I have Words of Power, Magickal Riches and 72 Angels of Power. I felt like you were speaking to me – thank you for showing me the way to address this.
    Show less

  13. I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this post, Damon. Blessings to you and all other members of the GOM. Going forward, I’m sure those who read this post will benefit from magick better overall, being that they now go from spraying and praying, to being magickal snipers, if you know what I mean.

  14. Damon, i messaged you march 2016, had no idea you responded to my question intil recently. I only discovered your work a few months earlier. A women who had her baby alone abandoned while pregnant, he appeared almost 4 years later… Something drew me into your work. I want to share that i got full legal and physical custody. Its all actually happening well and what i feel is at a besutiful rate. I had bought 4 of your books at once. I felt which to use and which angel and well im a believer. Now theres another step im working on using differnet angels and 2 of your books to complete thus last step before im done with the soerm donor and we are free again. I believe in your work and you! Its worjed from me and as quick as it can.
    So yes use intuition with a a combination of angels.. When im not sure, i ask.

    Question for you!
    Are angels Gods?
    Can an angel say “do not doubt who you are and your gifts? You are one if us?”

    Love, light and blessings

    1. I, too, have ‘heard’ these messages. They felt to be sincere when I first received them. That was early in the time of my first conscious contacts (there were many, before I knew who was ‘calling’) and so I believed them.

      Your question is a deep question to which many would immediately assume the answer. I would caution you with these two perspectives:
      Must one assume a knee-jerk reaction to these questions? and
      Can you trust Your Own intuition to discover what you think about this?

      I won’t bother you with my discoveries regarding this inquiry, except to say that wisdom is more often shown in good questions rather than clever answers.

    2. Thank you so much. As to your question, it is covered in the ‘what’s the difference between angels and demons’ question, on the FAQ. In short, it has to be a personal answer.

      1. Thank you! Read it! I believe part of this journey has been to discover the truth about myself, my past before this life … And the more i learn the more i love myself and the greater this life in this pysical plane becomes! And the more i help others every day!
        I came to u for one important thing and got much more!!!!
        To deep and to many journeys to share here, but i believe you helped me put a peace of the puzzle together of a journey that started before this birthing and since age 5 this round in this plane… I believe i am getting my answers! And what i need 😉

        Love light and blessing
        Changing one life to the next and always in the light!!!! There is no darkness where there is light

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