Magick to Recover Lost Love

People often ask, ‘Is there magick to get my lover back?’ Magick can assist with reconciliation after a breakup, but you need to be certain that’s what you really want. And you should know that sometimes, in the course of working through the required magick, you will discover that you are, in fact, ready to move on.

With this in mind, know that magick can work to recover your love, but be open to the changes that occur within you. If magick guides you to a place where you see a new future – without your ex – accept the possibility of change.

In a previous article I talked about Targeting Your Magick, and this article takes the same concepts to show how you can target magick at the complexities of a relationship. You do this by looking at where you are now, how you got to be there, and the change you genuinely want to see.

When it comes to reconciliation magick there are many ways to approach this, from the simple to the complex. The simplest way would be the Recover Lost Love ritual from The Greater Words of Power. It works, but it’s more likely to work when there is no bitterness, resentment, misunderstanding or other factors that are affecting the situation. If those factors are present, you may need to target your magick more creatively. Here is a pattern you can follow:

Firstly, gain insight and understanding

You need to obtain a clear perception of the situation you are in. The best way to do this is to spend some time contemplating yourself and the relationship. You need to understand how things ended up the way they are, as well as exploring the depth of your true feelings. For this you would probably use The 72 Sigils of Power, as there are many Names within that give you access to greater insight into yourself. You might even want to use some angelic magick to gain additional clarity and guidance. The angel Hachashiah, for example, helps you to obtain clear thought in the midst of a complex emotional situation, while the angel Eshaliah can give you great insight into matters of the heart.


Secondly, resolve underlying problems

The Angels of Love is often thought of as a book for finding a soulmate, but it contains so much more than that. The ritual for Healing a Relationship can be used even after a breakup, to resolve problems that prevent reconciliation. There are many rituals in The 72 Angels of Magick and The 72 Sigils of Power that can be used to bring calm, peace, understanding and improved communication. A focus on good communication can be as important as anything.

To resolve problems, you may need to direct the magick at yourself. If you burdened the relationship with negativity, jealousy, doubt or indifference, you can use magick to work on your personality. This will make you more appealing.

It’s a cliché for people seeking reconciliation to say, ‘I’ve changed’, and it is usually an empty statement, not backed up by any real change. By working on aspects of yourself you can make it true. The change can become so real and tangible that you will never have to utter the phrase, ‘I’ve changed’, because the change will be obvious to those who encounter you.


There are rituals in The Greater Words of Power that help to ease bitterness and jealousy, as well as increasing confidence. In Words of Power there is a ritual to Become the Most Loveable Version of Yourself. That book also contains rituals to help you work on issues of guilt and shame, if you find that was a problem in your relationship.

Finally, work with emotions directly

With the groundwork done, you can now work with emotions, and attempt to create an atmosphere that is conducive to reconciliation. With The Greater Words of Power you may want to Give Comfort to Another, which could make your ex feel more at ease, and less vulnerable to potential pain. You could also Make People Warmer Toward You and Encourage Change.

When it comes to angelic magick, you could work with Lelahel to inspire love, or it could be that your partner is feeling negatively about you, and you therefore need to use The Power to Overcome Negativity with Eladiah. More directly, Yezelel can be used to Reunite Lovers.


There really is no substitute for spending some time with the books, and reading through all the powers, to see what may help you.

Don’t underestimate The 72 Sigils of Power in this stage. Using the Results Magick from this book you have a substantial amount of emotional magick that can be used to create trust, understanding and love. This magick is quick and easy, and can give a little extra direction to your other workings.

If you now use the Recover Lost Love ritual, when everything else has been put in place, it is more likely to be effective.

The above description is extensive and time-consuming. It may be that the Recover Lost Love ritual is all you need. But you can go for a more complex approach when you feel there are many factors at play, preventing the reconciliation.


It’s also worth mentioning an alternative approach that can work in some circumstances. Magickal Seduction was not designed for reconciliation, but I know it has been used successfully in that way. One particularly creative approach was to use Ritual 3, to create a general aura of attraction, so that the person in question felt that he could genuinely start to move on. He felt attractive and appreciated, and this meant he was less needy, less desperate and less focused on his ex-lover. By becoming popular and well-liked by those around him, he immediately became a more attractive proposition. He followed this up with Ritual 1, to help passion arise in his former lover. When the relationship fired up again, he used Ritual 2 to turn that attraction and passion back into love.

There are no guarantees in magick, and in some cases, even the most carefully crafted and passionately executed magick does not bring about reconciliation. If somebody has truly moved on, nothing you do will change that. But if that occurs, know that this extensive magickal work is not wasted, as it is certain to refine you, give you more awareness of your emotions and prepare you for a new relationship. As mentioned at the outset, it may also be that when you approach the problem with such a thorough method, the magick leads you to see that you are intact, whole and ready for a new life without your ex. Whatever the result, this magick can be worthwhile.

With that said, you must be very aware that a concentrated magickal effort like this will often yield the exact result you seek. Don’t resurrect a relationship simply because you can, or because it’s easier than moving on. Be certain you genuinely want a reconciliation, and that it will benefit you both in the long term, because you just might get one.

– Damon Brand


16 thoughts on “Magick to Recover Lost Love”

  1. Hi
    I have carried out quite a number of GWOP rituals and Olympic magic and was not looking for results until I read reviews on these two books and many seemed to have instant success and I am now wondering if I am doing anything wrong. Much of my magic was to help others. Any advice would be welcome.

    1. Although it’s great to read about how well it works for others, you should know that the results are dependent upon the individual and the individual circumstances. For some, it works quickly because everything is in place – the person is open to magick, not lusting for results and the result they seek is ready to occur, and only needs a nudge. For others, it takes time to shift magick into gear. And when you do magick for others, the results may be happening but not spoken of, or may be starting very slowly. But make sure you’re not asking for things that are wildly impossible, and far, far beyond current reality – you should aim for results that are not going to happen without magick, but gradual change that occurs in stages is more likely than enormous change. But, as you’ve seen from the comments of others, when magick kicks in, it can work very fast.

  2. Everytime I reread and study one of your books or a section of it “Words of Power” (yesterday) or like yesterday I also read and studied two of the articles that you posted on the main home page, titled:

    1. “What’s The Big Secret” —- March 9 2015
    2. “My Secret Life Beyond Magick —– May 2 2014 (very first post, right at the bottom of page)

    something amazing materializes from “one or more” of the rituals that I have performed in the recent past.

    This time in “two’s” (“doubles”) almost like they are “linked”. Money again – twice – yesterday and today.
    Totally unexpected and from a source I would not have guessed in my wildest imagination or dreams, nor in a million years.

    I really encourage everyone to read the two articles mentioned and obtain as many of the Gallery of Magick books as is financially possible, and spend some time each day learning and developing “their” magick which they can materialize in “their” own lives.

    Those who have experienced success already, will “know” the heartfelt joy and pleasure of the reality change they have themselves experienced through magick.

    These are the books that I have, more or less in order of purchase:
    1. The 72 Angels of Magick
    2. Magickal Riches
    3. Magickal Servitors
    4. Magickal Protection
    5. Words of Power
    6. The 72 Sigils of Power
    7. Magickal Attack
    8. Chaos Magick
    9. The Greater Words Of Power
    10. The Angels of Love

    A truly beautiful and superb “linked” “collection” and “combination” of “magickal” books.

    When I was young, I was quite interested in the occult, but was influenced away from it, by others, so you could say that my young innocent love for something, has been recovered, rekindled and reconciled at a much older age!
    Just in “another sense and in another way”. An unexpected “magickal” way!

    Thanks so much.
    Best Wishes and Success To All

  3. Thanks Damon,
    from how you elaborated all these concepts in the post, one can easily see how genuinely you are interested in people’s wellbeing.
    To be honest I think I tried 80% of what you suggested (i.e. I attacked the problem from different angles), but no results so far. Maybe I need a little more patience or maybe it was not meant to be.
    English is not my primary language, anyway I hope I was able to show that I appreciate you as a person, not only as an author/occultist.

      1. Hi Damon, where can I find the 2 angels you mentioned? Maybe I found Hachashiah (his name is Hahasiah in The Greater Magickal Angels), but not Eshaliah.


        1. In The Greater Magickal Angels those names are rendered as Hahasiah (51) and Asaliah (47).

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