The Secrets of Money Magick

There is so much more to life than money, but money can give you so much more life. It’s my belief that financial magick can be some of the most spiritually uplifting work that you do. Far from being an indulgence of the greedy, it can be the magick of freedom.

I sometimes get messages from people telling me that financial magick is unspiritual and materialistic, but I am convinced that you can achieve more spiritual growth when you are able to live in harmony with your environment. Money is part of your environment. If you struggle with money, you struggle with life.

Although hardship and challenge can bring spiritual growth, there are other ways to grow. When you learn to control money, you are more likely to live in peace. You sense providence. You achieve a calm sense of security. Your generosity affects others more dramatically and extensively than when you are poor.

Having money is not essential for happiness, but even a small increase of income can give you the opportunity to spend more time with friends and family, to pursue hobbies and careers that make you thrive, and to share more effectively.

I point this out because I used to believe that poverty was noble, but when I was poor my life experience was restricted, I was often unhappy, and I was unable to give much time or value to those around me. Poverty is overrated.

If you disagree, and see money as an unspiritual temptation, then money magick is probably not for you. If, however, you sense that money can open up your reality, then magick could clear the pathway to a more abundant life.


It’s also true that money solves fewer problems than you might think. I have known many people find wealth, only to discover that they remain emotionally poor. Money does not solve all your problems, and to believe so is to indulge in fantasy. But it is certainly true that money opens many doors and makes life easier. It’s not a cure-all, but it’s better than being poor.

Money magick works. Even more surprising, money magick works easily for many people, even when they’ve never used magick before. But for some, it can be the stubbornest magick, refusing to yield enjoyable results. There are ways to get around this. I’m going to explore the underlying issues that can stifle money magick, and the practical solutions you can apply.

If you want money, then using magick to obtain it can be a remarkable journey. But for some people, money is the one area of life that just refuses to respond to magickal efforts. If you’re one of those people that feels a connection to magick, but finds money a difficult area to influence, there is hope. It might take time, but there are ways to get money magick to work.

In Magickal Cashbook, Magickal Riches and Wealth Magick I provide many rituals that attract money in different ways, covering everything from luck and gambling, to money that comes out of the blue, along with career building. Although there is a mass of workable magick in there, that has worked for thousands of people, I know that readers are always looking for stronger magick, faster magick, something that can really make a breakthrough.

There is a lot more financial magick that we could publish, and we may do so at some time in the future, but for most people there’s no need for another ritual. All you need to do is make a change to yourself. You may need to change your will power, your relationship to money, your attitude to scarcity, or the work that you do. Perhaps you only need to change your attitude to magick, or learn to let go of lust for result. Small changes can reap unimaginable rewards.

Using the magick that you already have to hand, there are many things you can do to unleash financial magick. I cannot unravel all your money issues, but what I offer here are clues that might help you find why money is being stubborn. Tackle these problems, and money can manifest.

Money is a potent subject. Bring up money in conversation and you will be met with a variety of startling responses. Some people think money is too embarrassing to talk about. Others will feel the need to brag. And many will talk about the pain of earning and spending money. Money is regarded as a necessary evil, an indulgence, an impossibility, a distant dream, or an ugly necessity. Money is about survival, feeding your family, finding some shred of security. Or money is about excess, greed and living the big life. Money gives you the potential to live a joyous life and share that joy with many. It also gives you the ability to oppress, to exclude and to exploit others, to hoard and to revel in gluttony. Like magick, money is neutral and very much open to your personal interpretation. My belief is that when money is obtained through magickal means, you are more likely to shun greed and discover generosity.

Although money itself is neutral, your relationship to it is probably not. When I was very young I was given a reasonably large wad of cash by a member of my family, for reasons that I still can’t remember. I celebrated by throwing the money around the room, and rolling around in it. I think I must have seen rich people do that in movies. I was scalded severely and made to think that money was shameful, something to be hidden and never bragged about. Around the same time, I was repeatedly told that money was the root of all evil, and worst of all, that money was hard to come by. The only way to get money, I was assured, was to work hard.

When you believe in scarcity, money is hard to come by, and your life is a struggle. When you accept financial providence, money comes more easily.


This is not to say that hard work is not required. Although magick such as that found in Magickal Cashbook can bring money out of the blue, I believe that the greatest pleasure comes from building an enjoyable career that brings you the rewards you deserve. This means a lot of hard work, but when you enjoy your work, that is a pleasant state of being. You don’t have to work your fingers to the bone.

Right until my early adult life, my very strong impression was that money was difficult to obtain, and that you only deserved it if you worked so hard you were almost broken. I was also led to believe – due to my working-class background – that earning anything above a certain amount was just plain wrong. It took me a long time to move away from those beliefs. I’ve often said that you don’t need belief to work magick, but your beliefs and perceptions will shape and color your magick. Until I broke away from those beliefs, my money magick was limited and unpredictable.

Magick amplifies emotions, so if your underlying emotions make you feel that money is scarce, magick can amplify that scarcity sensation in your life. This is why your feelings about money need to be in alignment with your surface desires.

I was able to overcome my limiting beliefs and emotions, without losing my moral viewpoint. To this day, I will not get involved in any business or venture unless I believe it genuinely benefits people. But at the same time, I want the financial benefits that come from this success, for myself and those I love. I do not believe in accumulating obscene masses of money, but I do know that money can bring tremendous opportunities for pleasure and discovery.

Some people have an uncomplicated relationship with money. These are usually people who are born into money, and who find that it comes to them easily. They accept money, they expect money, they spend freely, and they give generously. This uncomplicated freedom is what you’re probably seeking, but when you read this paragraph did you feel any resentment? Is it possible that you feel jealous of those who come into money so easily? You’ve worked hard, and don’t have enough, so how dare people get rich without honest hard work? I can’t predict your reaction, but I know that many wealth seekers harbour jealousy of those who are already wealthy. Such hidden resentments can undermine your efforts, because subconsciously you are feeding your magick with the feeling that the wealthy don’t deserve to be wealthy.

It is easy to hate the rich, to resent the one percenters and to believe that every corporation is out to scam you, all for the sake of evil profits. Although it’s reasonable to be sceptical about the motives of those who take your money, you need to be careful that this doesn’t slip into a general resentment of the rich. I used to loathe rich people, so I could never become one of them. Through my magickal contacts I ended up spending time with rich people, and found that although many were as greedy and repellent as I feared, many were not.

When the world is full of poverty, inequality and exploitation, when corporations are so frequently corrupt, when jobs are difficult to come by, it’s very easy to resent those who have a lot of money. It’s easy to write off the wealthy as greedy and heartless.


I see this conflict all the time. Although some people buy the money magick books to earn a little more, most want true financial freedom, but at the same time this desire is filled with fear, guilt, trepidation and a deep sense that wealth is wrong. I often read comments from people saying, ‘I don’t want any more than I deserve.’ You can imagine how that sort of emotion is going to subdue the magick.

A pattern I’ve noticed over the years is that when people angrily declare, ‘Money magick doesn’t work,’ there is always more to the story. There is always some hidden resentment regarding money, or guilt about money, a fear of greed or some other issue at play. Even for those who declare that they definitely want more money, there can be underlying issues. I know this is the case, because I slowed down my own money magick for many years. Deep down I thought it was wrong to get money for nothing. I was ashamed of anything that felt remotely like greed. On the surface, I thought that I loved money and yearned for money and genuinely wanted more money, but the underlying mistrust of money was very real.

How do you feel when you spend money? If you spend on impulse and get buyer’s remorse, you are not setting yourself up to be wealthy. If you rarely spend anything, and resent every bill you have to pay, you are tightening the noose around money, making it difficult to flow. Although it is very wise to save rather than spend on credit, a mentality of stinginess can lead to you feeling that money should always be stored and protected. This is very different to the feeling of wealth, which is the feeling of freedom, and the expectation that money will always come to you. When you are wealthy you feel that even if you lost it all tomorrow, you could get it back, because money is not scarce.

This doesn’t mean that you should spend stupidly. Spending beyond your means, and building up huge debts for things you don’t really need, is likely to keep you in the same financial league that you are in now. The key is to spend with the emotion of pleasure – and that applies to everything, from buying something you love to paying your taxes. Enjoy every payment you make.

It’s really important, however,  that you don’t allow this sense of freedom to make you reckless. Indeed, a reckless attitude to money, can lead to merely coping and never thriving.

It helps to gain some insight into your spending. Some years ago I offered help to somebody who was struggling with her finances, and I gave the dull, standard advice that’s provided in any book or blog on sorting out your finances: Budget Everything. For one week (or better still a month) write down every cent you spend, so you can see the patterns. It’s quite boring advice, but it can be a real revelation. She refused to do it, saying she wanted a quick spell to solve her problems. I helped out, but I knew it was a short-term solution. Later, she came back to me, having finally tried the boring Budget Everything approach, and she was astonished to find that even though she considered herself a careful spender, a light drinker and good with money, she was none of these things. She was spending a small fortune on impulse buys for things she didn’t need. She was spending more on alcohol than on food. She had built up sufficient credit card debts that she was spending more on interest payments than she was spending on rent.


As I pointed out, sorting out those mundane problems would be more effective than any magick. So she targeted her magick at those problems. Her goal was to get out of debt, and she used magick to make her money go further, to improve her awareness, patience and willpower, and to reduce her need for alcohol. Within nine months she was out of debt, and found that as soon as that debt was cleared, she had money to spare. For some time, she didn’t even perform any additional money magick, because what she already had was enough.

I am not a big believer in austerity. I do not think twice about what I buy, and I think that to become at ease with money, this is the state you are trying to achieve. But getting to that state may require initial austerity. If you always buy the new TV and the next computer and the latest smartphone – when you can’t really afford them – you may be creating painful debt for the sake of instant gratification. If you can afford them, that’s fine, but if you can’t, spending in this way undermines all your efforts to rise to a new financial level.

It’s certainly true that wealthy people take out huge business loans (for example) in order to make a business grow. It’s also true that mortgages (which are a form of debt), can make life much more enjoyable. But personal debt, usually in the form of a maxed out credit card, is another matter. It weighs you down, and makes you feel like you always owe something, and that is not a great feeling.

When I was sorting out my finances, I budgeted everything, and I realized there was a lot I could live without. I went without some non-essential things, got out of debt and made progress. But as soon as that period was over, I didn’t remain austere. I went back to being quite free with money. You need to get out of debt, but you do not want to remain in a situation where you are afraid of spending. You need to learn to spend without resentment or fear, while at the same time not spending beyond your means. This requires some skill, and it may be that you need to direct magick at improving your financial skills.

It’s important to remember that my books are read by people from all over the world, and that they are read by people who live in near poverty, as well as those who work in big business. Understand the information in this article from your personal perspective. If you are struggling in poverty, the initial gains you make will be smaller than the gains made by somebody who is comparably wealthy. This does not mean you cannot get where you want to be, but that you should reach for the next level of wealth, rather than for an impossible dream. I always suggest reaching for an amount of money, or a financial situation, that seems just out of reach, rather than an impossible fantasy. This approach can yield surprisingly large rewards. Money magick can bring results in days, to relieve your immediate burdens, but when you use magick for months and years, that’s when you are able to look back and see that, whatever your starting point, you have made great gains.


So what can you do to establish the right mindset to make way for magickal results? You may not have to do anything. Many people work the magick imperfectly, and yet they still get results. The magick works effortlessly for many people. But if you’ve found that money magick resists your attempts to make progress, here are the practical steps you can take to deal with underlying issues.

The following steps will all help your ability to make more money. Some of them are quite simple ideas, and some involve magick. It’s important to give you the magickal tools to make direct change. This means that rather than focussing on the money itself, you focus on how you can bring about change in yourself. When that inner change is made, the money magick can work effortlessly. The main books that I recommend for creating this change are The 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna Blaise, and my book, The 72 Angels of Magick.

When I recommend using Names, look to The 72 Sigils of Power. This book uses divine Names to access powers, and provides a very quick and effective form of magick.

When I suggest working with an angel, use The 72 Angels of Magick. These angels are called on during eleven days of ritual work, so apply this approach when you need a stronger and more thorough result.

Although these books are filled with rituals that can work directly on prosperity and business matters, the focus here is on adapting your own attitude to money.


Overcome Money Issues

You don’t want to lose your sense of self, or change your moral viewpoint, but by working with these Names you can gain insights into yourself, as well as working directly with your beliefs.

If you feel some concern about having too much for yourself, you can work with the 46th Name, Ari, which can help you get an insight into how you can share wealth. When you work from a place where you focus is on how you might benefit others, many of your negative feelings about money are eased.

The 50th  Name, Dani, can help work with issues of guilt, especially as they relate to money. This Name also works to guide you to enjoy prosperity.

The 67th name, Iyah, can be used to undergo change and transformation, while removing resistance and mental blockages. If you know you have a specific issue with money, you can work on it with this Name.

Improve Financial Skills

Do you find that, no matter how much you make, you always spend too much? Do you find it difficult to manage your bills, taxes and other financial obligations? If you feel that money controls you, rather than the other way around, you may need to work on developing better financial skills. This doesn’t mean a life of boring number-crunching, but it means gaining a willingness to understand money, while obtaining the awareness and skills required to understand how money flows through your life.

A good starting point is the Make Your Money Go Further ritual from Words of Power. This can cause changes in luck and circumstances, but it may also open you up to new perceptions regarding money.


You could also perform a ritual with the angel Elemiah, who gives The Power to Discover New Methods. When you’ve been living your financial life the same way for many years, you are probably repeating the same mistakes, living out the same habits and making the same compromises. Call on this angel to help you discover better ways to work with money. It is a simple request, but one that can have many long term benefits.

You may also call on the angel Pahaliah, who gives The Power to Find Balance. If you find that you spend every pay packet, splurge on things you don’t want or need, or pay every bill late, it could be that your financial life lacks balance. Working with this angel, you can ask for help in restoring financial balance. The help will come in the form of new ways of seeing, and new opportunities to work with money in a clear way, without any surprises.

Be Open Minded

In all my magick books, I point out that you do not need to know how a result will manifest. If you want money, you should not think to yourself, ‘And the only way I can get the money is if…’ It’s easy to believe that there is only one way out. This fantasy may be anything from an inheritance or lottery win, to a pay rise or an increase in sales. Trust me when I say that there is always another way, and a way that you have probably not imagined. Rather than focussing on how the result will manifest, you must be open to all sources of income. Let the magick work creatively for you, by accepting that money may come from unexpected sources.

Equally, you need to recognize results when they manifest. For many people, a financial result can come in the form of a saving. There are many stories of people performing magick for a certain amount, and then rather than finding the cash sitting there in front of them, they are offered a cheaper product, a better deal, a reduced bill, a refund or something similar. It’s easy to dismiss this and be disappointed, but it’s vital that you recognise the gains that magick gives you. In some cases, seemingly non-financial rewards can be highly lucrative indeed. The more willing you are to see the gains when they occur, the more frequently they will occur. Magick will find the easiest way to provide, and if it’s easier to make a saving than to provide a gain, you will be given a saving. Be open to that.

Also keep an eye on your preconceptions regarding the magick. Although I often point out that you don’t need belief for magick to work, if you have a very strong certainty that it won’t work, that negative belief can certainly effect things. A few weeks ago, somebody wrote to me telling me that the Cashbook didn’t work and that this wasn’t altogether a surprise because ‘other occultist told me it wouldn’t work.’ She’d performed the ritual , not with doubt, but with a strong certainty that it wouldn’t work. It’s no surprise that she failed.


To be open minded, it helps to get a sense of providence, to know that the universe is willing to provide. You can use the 45th Name, Sehahl, to give the sense of providence, which is the opposite of scarcity. This Name can open you up to receive without guilt.

The 7th Name, Acha, can also help you to let go of fear, which is useful when you are afraid that money will run out. The Name also helps you let go of unwanted attachment. If you start worrying about whether or not the magick will work, use Acha to release unwanted attachment. As you let go of the result, it is more likely to manifest.

If you really struggle to be open minded, a good solution is to focus on the joy you feel in the present. When you work on enjoying the present moment, you are less likely to be too obsessed with the details of magick, and less likely to subconsciously demand that your result must manifest in a specific way. The connection between joy and open mindedness may not seem obvious, but I can assure you that when you let yourself experience joy for what you already have, your preconceptions about money will ease. I suggest working with the angel Pahaliah who gives The Power to Experience Joy.

Develop Patience

The more patient you are, the faster you get results.

If you find yourself feeling impatient for a result, the 60th Name, Metzer, can be used to obtain patience., and the 34th Name, Lahach, can help you to let go of desire. By working with these names, patience can become easy, rather than a struggle.


Be Thorough

Earlier this week somebody wrote to me saying, ‘I just read The Greater Words of Power, and it’s full of rituals but has no instructions for how to use them.’ This is clearly false, so I asked if this person had read the chapter called How to Use the Words of Power. The response was, ‘I have now.’ In other words, that reader had skimmed through the book and then complained. That sort of slapdash approach will not yield good results.

I believe you should see magick as an investment. When you buy a magick book, you aren’t just buying an instruction manual, but giving yourself an opportunity. Imagine that you’re a guitar player and you’ve bought a new guitar. You will treasure it, look after it, and learn to play brilliantly, because you know it will never make good music without your effort, care and attention. Magick is a treasure, a golden key that unlocks possibility, so dignify magick with your full attention and awareness.

Connect With Passion

Sometimes, working with these processes will make you realise that the work you’re doing is not the work you want. Although you can use magick to make money when you’re working in an unwanted career, it may be that your inner resentment is holding you back from thriving. In such cases, you may need to open the road to a completely new life. If you suspect this may be the case, use the Rituals of Transformation in The Greater Words of Power to discover where it is you really want to go.


This might sound like a lifetime of magickal work. It might be, but I doubt it. Most people find that they can make substantial change in a remarkably short space of time. But if it takes longer, let it take longer. It is better to be where you truly want to be, five years from now, than to abandon magick after a few months. Giving up guarantees that your life will stay the same. Steady, persistent magick will bring about change.

Magick works more often than it fails, but when there is resistance, there is an enormous potential for change. Start by gaining some insight into your true wants and needs, and then work to prepare yourself for the arrival of money. Sometimes, that is all the magick you need.


Since this post was published quite a few people have written to me asking what they could do to help make money magick work. This entire post is aimed at that, so please try the practical steps outline above.

– Damon Brand


36 thoughts on “The Secrets of Money Magick

  1. I did the Road Opener Event but haven’t had any enlightening dreams. I’ve been using the Words of Power – self-respect, guilt & shame, make money go farther and time – to help get at my underlying issues.

    I’ve also used To win an argument a few times to get a refund from a business but it has failed each time.

    I’m now on Magickal Riches, on the 3rd day of the master ritual and completed the 3rd day of the Increase Sales Ritual.

    Is there anything you suggest for me to see small victories of success with my magick efforts? It seems that the things I am working magick for are pretty significant, so I don’t know how long things will take or should take. I believe that magick will work for me – I believe it spiritually and logically. I just don’t know what to do to get the floodgates open as it were.

    1. I think the best approach would be to follow the ideas outlined in this post. Some of the language you use shows a degree of frustration with magick, and if you look at the instructions above, one recognising what you have and on developing patience, that could go a long way to helping you get results.

      I understand that the point of magick is to get what you want, faster than you could without magick – but the less you strive for this, and the more that you accept that it is a reality, the more readily it can work. The Road Opener, for example, can work instantly, but may just work on your overall awareness very gradually.

      If all else fails, move away from money magick altogether, and work on something else first, to build up your affinity for magick, and your trust in the process.

      1. Thank you for taking time to respond and share this insight. Letting go and not ‘lusting after the result” as you say, is one of the hardest things to do (for me anyway). This is the thing I struggle with with the Law of Attraction too. I’m afraid of doing the ritual you mentioned previously that reduces your desire because I’m afraid it will make me ambivalent.

      2. Forgot to add that I tend to be anxious and have stress and anxiety A LOT. Even right now as I type, I’m behind on some work and every week and weekend I end up in the same situation with some things that I just wasn’t able to get to. The anxiety tightens my chest and sometimes it feels like it’s actually pulsating from me. I’m learning to accept and acknowledge this anxiety when it comes up instead of fighting against it because that increases resistance. Could this anxiety interfere with my magick workings? Is there a ritual in any of your books that could help me alleviate anxiety for good?

        1. Anxiety can certainly get in the way of confidence and can affect magick. Many people find that the Sword Banishing in Magickal Protection helps with anxiety, but I should say that it’s important to ensure there are no medical causes first, rather than relying on magick. This is just standard advice when it comes to help. Some people find that learning to let go during magick can actually help with releasing attachment in daily life, and focussing on the gratitude you feel during the rituals can also reduce anxiety.

  2. Amazing! did some of what you said here and click, click click yes things are changing already. I know the magic works but this has been like lifting a veil and I see why it’s not worked for me with money. It’s not going to change things overnight Damon but it’s going to change them. Lots more magick to do but thank you for spelling it out clearly. Now i know what to do to and yes, the72 sigils are the key to letting go of everything that’s held my magic back.

  3. I seem to have very bad luck with the Riches and Cash books.
    I am a practising magician and know how to perform the rituals,
    and did them exactly as instructed,
    but unfortunately got no results at all.
    What I really want is independent income – even if it’s only 4 or 500 a week.
    No success with Metatron, Yofkatziel, Yadiriron and the others.
    Any suggestions for a modified ritual I could do to bring to pass the above?

    1. In the post above I say that “for most people there’s no need for another ritual. All you need to do is make a change to yourself.” So there isn’t a modified ritual, but the modification could come from using the above suggestions. If you already work with magick, and know that it works for you, but money remains a struggle, then it seems likely that trying this approach could provide some benefit. If you take your focus off the money magick itself, and direct it at your underlying beliefs, that is more likely to help.

      1. I performed the Master Money Ritual, the Secret Source of Money ritual, the English folk magic spell in leaving money in public places with a note to enjoy, the Nitika ritual, and a few others. I did these not in haste, but over a period of months. I used the mental technique of saying to myself, “How did i receive this so quickly?” etc. Unfortunately nothing worked. I don’t claim to be a master, but I can do certain spells. I also performed the protection ritual for 33 days to eliminate negative. While I had small ideas for a “secret source of money,” these were very insignificant in strength – Google AdSene and affiliate marketing. Also I was not approved so the investment did not succeed (for example). Something is missing.

        1. Have you tried applying the ideas in this post? If you’ve done that much money magick, and not had results, then this post quite probably applies to your situation. Some people do one cashbook ritual and get results, so why not try the suggestions listed above? That’s going to be more useful than trying another ritual, I imagine.

          1. Perhaps you refer to the Angels? I did perform an 11 day working in this area. I suppose I can try again. In spite of my situation I am spending as freely as possible, to keep the money flowing. believe me, I have rent and food and that’s about it. No magician should be in this situation. Of course there could be a curse, I don’t know. The protection magic should have handled that but perhaps it cannot adequately do it, although I would think Raziel is fairly powerful and assume he oversees Yohak and the others. I asked Ariel for other things in an 11 day ritual and they didn’t yet come to pass, 3 months now. Running out of ideas.

  4. Hey Damon, do you think Poiel could work on money magick? Obviously I won’t work with him based on a selfish or greedy desire (ie: lottery) i would work with him based on a huge business deal close to come to fruition. I did my research and Poiel is the angel that grant any wish, and also bestow fortune and fame.
    What’s your opinion and experience with this being?

  5. i have a question related to Words of Power. Is there an English translation for words on page 32? I see that there is an English translation for words stated on page 33. Thanks

  6. Hello!
    Thank you so much for 1) your books as I am new to Magick. I am currently working with an angel from The 72 Angels of Magick and a ritual in your Magickal Riches plus I have done some other rituals from the Greater Words of Power and Words of Power and 2) the Worldwide “Road Opener” ritual! This is my issue……..for years I had an easy time with money flowing in and out. I enjoy having money and sharing. It wasn’t until I started feeling my hubby’s judgment for the ease and his jealousy……..which turned into me feeling “mooched off of” and resentful. OLD story…….do you have any specific sigils from Zanna’s book or one of the Angels to work with? THANK YOU!

    1. Thank you. When it comes to a personal situation, we usually recommend discerning the sigil or angel yourself. This is not out of laziness or disinterest, but because only you know what’s going on there, and the exact circumstances of the situation and relationship. There’s nothing better than going through that book, reading about the powers, and seeing if something clicks for you. The results magick can have a great effect.

      Make Somebody Kinder from Words of Power can help, as can Overcome Bitterness, Jealousy and Hatred in The Greater Words of Power – you tune it to jealously, and direct at the person who is jealous of you.

  7. Thank you for this great article! It’s very timely for me, since I was thinking about all my mental blocks about money, and why money magick is hard for me. I tried to use Magickal Cashbook just once for a small amount of money, and, although it seemed, like I got a lot of special gifts that were carefully and thoughtfully chosen just for me, I have never received that amount in cash, which is what I was expecting. And, honestly, I was not needing that cash. Now I see that my intuition was right, and I should have acknowledged this as a result. I also have worked with 72 sigils to resolve my inner issues that are not related to money, and the results are amazing. They work pretty fast too. Thank you so much for the books, your guidance, and the unfair advantage of being connected to magick!

  8. Thank you for this post. I don’t have problems with money because it always comes when I need it. Im only commenting because I never get to comment! Lol. So I’ve used the magickal cash book with good results and I’m currently using wealth Magick and I’m so excited!
    I don’t feel resentment towards the rich. I feel more admiration but, I have felt envy in the past but not because of the money but because they seem to live such an awesome life and I want to live like that. When I do money magick and it works I feel so happy and I just want to jump up and down with joy. I’m weird lol!

  9. I recently paid off all my credit card debt…and it just dawned on me that the amount I used was the exact amount I asked for when I used your magical cash book ritual 8 months ago! I am so grateful, and I am very glad I discovered your books…now I will be moving on to wealth magic!

  10. I believe you mention somewhere that being in debt is detrimental for success with money magick and clearly getting free of debt is one of the very first reasons to do it. However, this is not just about the money that has to be found but all the emotions and thoughts that infiltrate the condition of being in serious debt – especially if some of that is personal and affecting others you see and care about on a day to day basis. Drawing on the books referred to in this article, are there Words, Sigils or Angels that are especially helpful in turning debt around and easing the emotional pressure that surrounds it? I appreciate that working on a long term plan to clear these commitments is an important part of what needs to be done, but understandably the people and organisations that are owed the money do not have endless patience so any advice on speeding this process up would be gratefully recieved.

    1. Debt is a symptom of the other conditions that are in place, so rather than having a ‘debt ritual’, as such, using the above methods is the best way I know of to get out of debt – the Improve Financial Skills can give you an added awareness of what’s coming in and what’s going out. Other than that, making a firm decision that it’s your priority is as important as any magick. That is covered here:

  11. hi damon,longtime fan of your work.ive recently changed careers and was going to use wealth magic to kick it off ,but cant find the seals on the website anymore.where can i find them?

    1. Thank you. They were removed from the site, and the book was republished with updated images. However, you can use what you have, but we now recommend using them within the book (no disposal required), or taking screenshots to print them out if you feel the need for a physical copy.

  12. Like the above anonymous post, I too have those rollercoaster experiences and I want them to stop. How?

    I’ve been doing what you said in a couple posts ago about targeting magick at the underlying problems – confidence, etc. – but change seems so slow that I wonder if change is even happening.

    What I have asked for still has yet to manifest (business success which brings financial success) – what can I do?

    1. I hope the answer below helps. Also, the article on targeting magick was only posted three weeks ago. Although change can happen instantly, you should allow it to happen more slowly. Three weeks is not long in the grand scheme of things. See the notes above on magickal ways to obtain patience.

  13. Hmm… for me personally, the one thing I’ve gained from this blog post is that harboring resentment toward the rich can stifle my own money magick. The thing is I’m still not clear exactly why resentment of the ultra-rich, the multi-national corporations which pretty much run America and much of the modern world, the CEOs, you get the picture… why this would stifle the magick. From the gist of Damon’s post it apparently has something to do with the very resentment towards the rich preventing that person from becoming one of the rich, unless I’m mistaken. And it’s not that I resent all wealthy; just mainly those who happened to have won the life lottery and thus born into money, simply born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

    I don’t have much of any issue regarding feeling deserving of money, or any moral related qualms, but I do harbor resentment intermixed with jealousy toward the wealthy (which is probably obvious from the above paragraph). So how do I go about removing obstacles in my case? Work with the 67th name Iyah to remove internal barriers? Although I’ve not worked with The 72 Sigils extensively, I have worked with it just enough, and I’m a bit doubtful if it can remove such ingrained emotions and beliefs without extensive time and/or working — or maybe that’s the idea in my case?

    1. I do understand this. Until quite late in life I could not get past resenting the privileged. But that emotion is one of lack, and of being cheated and outdone. Feeding that emotion into magick is not ideal. That’s why these resentments can be problematic. The underlying emotions that come along with such resentment makes it difficult to be around wealth. If you can’t sit next to a wealthy person without feeling like you’re sitting next to a crook, how could you ever be comfortable being that wealthy? Your discomfort will make the magick misfire, as your discomfort is stronger than your desire. This is a simplification, but you get the idea.

      Don’t get me wrong – I do not believe that people should be exploited in the name of profit, so nobody is suggesting that you start trusting every corporation and CEO and assuming that all profit-makers do what they do for the good of humanity. Far from it. But there’s no reason to go the other way, and assume that all people with money are bad. It doesn’t follow that all privileged people should be seen as somehow underserving. You have to remember that we are privileged too. We have more than our fair share. I would not be the first person (occultist or otherwise) to point out that the Western middle classes are wealthy beyond imagination, compared to most people in the world. Which means that people may resent us for our relative wealth. Even within the confines of our own society, I have had people resent me at every stage in life. When I was poor, those who worked in poorer parts of town thought I was a snob. In more recent times I’ve had people tell me outright that I am a horrible person, because I have money, even though they know nothing about how I live. And I have had people tell me that selling art for a living (that is, writing novels) is wrong, because art should be given away freely. And so on.

      Given this perspective, resentment of somebody who has done better through luck is perhaps misplaced. And I should add that I have been called over-privileged on more than one occasion because I work with magick – it’s an unfair advantage. Yes, it’s true; having magick on my side is a privilege. I see magick as my silver spoon, and I welcome it.

      As to what magick you do, and how much you do, it’s down to what you want. It may be interesting, if nothing else, to take a step into this process and see what happens.

      1. You’ve certainly given me some things to think over. I do understand what you mean regarding the relative nature when judging ‘wealth’: to a starving family in a third world country the average Western middle class would appear very wealthy. And I do appreciate the fact that you’ve shared a bit of your own personal experiences on being on the side of wealth.

        The first paragraph in your response has helped clarify why resentment can be a hindrance. The underlying emotions behind this resentment, particularly the feeling of being cheated and outdone really struck me. I’ve never quite pin-pointed out the emotions behind the resentment, but it rang true, particularly for me I do feel cheated out somehow. I do want to get these issues resolved, yet they are so ingrained I’m not sure if I can do so.

        I do believe that much of the problems facing the world today stem from major corporations gaining too much foothold in government, buying out politicians and leaders to favor them, and over time leading to a snowball effect; a plutocracy under the guise of democracy (i.e. U.S.A.). But maybe it’s that I need to stop looking at the other person and focus on my own sphere of influence, however meager it may or may not be.

        Working magick could be seen as an unfair advantage, but I’m of the firm belief that those who find their way into magick had something in them (internally) that drove them unto the path of the occult. It could be argued that people who work magick to their advantage deserve it, as magick doesn’t bar any person based on age, race, or gender from practicing it. It’s open to anyone who has the willingness and curiosity to try, and yet not everyone will, and this is not always due to them not knowing of its existence. Back in high school our class was once asked the cliched “What one superpower would you like to have?” My answer was, “The power to bend reality to my will” — I knew nothing of the occult at the time. When I got my very first result from magick I knew I could never go back; my world had changed the instant the synchronicity of my manifested spell dawned on me. And yet two of my close friends with whom I’ve shared my discovery with (a mistake most occultists have made) would not give it the time of day, in fact their general reception of it ranged from apathy to mild curiosity, then back to apathy. One of the friends even got a second-hand experience of the reality of magick as he’d ask me to get answers via divination for him, so he’s been exposed to it enough to know better. Does he work magick now? Nope. Same as he’s always been.

        I realize I’m now off-topic but my point with the above was that it’s hard for me to see magick as an unfair advantage given that it’s open to anyone willing to try. It could be argued that it’s not an open invitation considering not everyone knows of it, but that’s not always true: experience has shown me that people could be exposed to its reality and yet still go back to their old ways as if magick never existed. And yet there are people who discover it through a seemingly innate drive pushing them towards the path of magick. How is it unfair if it stems from the person internally? Contrast that with a child born into a family of the head of a large corporation, that kid has won the lottery right from birth — that’s a huge advantage, and he hasn’t even started Kindergarten! A child born from a less privileged household, from poverty, could work his entire life and never reach the same level of wealth as the trust fund baby. From this perspective, if someone can work magick to make life go their way, even just a bit, then all the more power to that person for their ability.

        This got long-winded, but I thank you Damon for your reply as it was insightful. It’s quite apparent to me now that underlying the resentment is a pervading feeling of being cheated and outdone. They’re ugly emotions. I don’t like having them around, and it’s probably going to be a journey to resolve this.

  14. Can Wealth Magick be used by a professional horse racing gambler, or a stock market investor?
    I’ve read the Amazon write up – it seems this is only for someone in a career, which I’ve passed by now, due to the fact that I am retired (age).

    Unfortunately I cannot use “Magical Cashbook” due to privacy issues.

    I have already used “Magical Riches” with some smaller successes (but not that small) – I’m now looking for something that can generate “bigger” results – to match my courage, natural confidence and positive attitude.

    I’m a gambler by nature, and I do believe with my business analytical skills gained through 45 years of working as a professional business analyst and financial director, that anything is possible when it comes to a carefully constructed and calculated gamble. I have practical working experience with this.

    Also I believe in this magick, with a passion.
    Don’t know why – but it’s true!

    Thanks for this wonderful money magick posting.

    Best Wishes and Success to All

    1. Yes, it is used by many people who invest in the stock market, and I gather, also by people who treat gambling as an investment strategy – that is, only gambling an amount you are happy to lose, being tactical and so on. It’s not recommended for people who aren’t already heavily involved with these fields. However, part of the purpose of the ritual is to guide you to see what ways you are most likely to earn more. So it may be that when you get to The Second Working you get confirmation of this, or you may be led off on a slight tangent. You are never led to do something you don’t want to do, though – it’s always a case of matching your deeper needs with your outer life.

  15. This is quite probably the best post I have ever read by you Damon. Brilliantly written, clear and concise. Thank you so much.

  16. Thank you for this amazing writing on the subject! -I wonder if you have any additional tips/approaches for the following situation: Money is a roller coaster for me, with lows being sudden dire circumstances. Just when I get a job that seems to offer the income I need, or begin to launch an exciting business venture, family emergencies or a horrific boss or combinations of severe obstacles come into play…. I appreciate any additional feedback, and my soaring gratitudes Damon and GoT. You are all stunningly helpful and your books are the best.

    Oh, I also wonder if there are any plans for magickal chant books (…magick and power building with the repetition, resonance and integration of the chant…)? I absolutely love chant, and work with mantra from time to time…. I imagine a magickal chants book of yours would be just… BEYOND! Thanks again.

    1. Perhaps the best advice I could give would be to follow the advice in the above post, because rollercoaster situations are often caused by this sort of emotional rollercoaster in relation to money – and as mentioned above, working with Pahaliah can be an excellent way to restore (or obtain) balance. It might also be worth using the Sword Banishing from Magickal Protection, as this can bring more balance to life and emotions.

      We’ve made it a policy not to announce new books until just before they are published, but I think there should be something that appeals to you, at some point in the future.

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