The shem talisman from The 72 Angels of Magick is available on the Angelic Templates page.

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These images are from Magickal Protection.





These images are from Magickal Cashbook.

If you came here from the website that shared the content of our ritual without permission, please buy your own copy of the book, and perhaps take note of this: “If you go into the process of magick and your first act is stealing, that’s not the best way to start – magick expands the feelings you hold on to, and theft comes from a feeling of poverty. As such, piracy will probably make you lose money.” More details of the curse we have directed at those who steal occult works is explained on this page.

The sigil of Nitika that follows was created through evocation by The Gallery of Magick, and is copyright to us. It is not a public domain image and is provided only for personal use by those who have legally purchased Magickal Cashbook. It may not be reproduced elsewhere, in any form, without our permission.

There have been several versions of the sigil on this site, but this is the most up-to-date. Click on the image to download it at full size.







These images are from Magickal Seduction.






These images are from Adventures in Sex Magick.


If you want to make your own physical copies of images, you can take a screenshot on your device (there are many instructions online), and print out the screenshot. Or you can photograph the screen and print the sigil out from your photograph. Downloading the above images is a simple solution.

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96 thoughts on “Images”

  1. Could you please show an image of the orange-rosy light used in Seduction Magic and in consecrating some sigils? Thanks for all the good your magic has brought into my life (even things I never specifically asked for that were better than what I did ask for!)!

    1. Damon used to have an image up here, but it was taken down because when we try too hard to explain, it makes people worry. It’s like putting out pronunciation audio – rather than helping people, it makes them panic that they’ve been doing it wrong. I think it was the same with that image – people just getting all worked up about whether they were doing it right, as well as the fact that any image is going to look wildly different on every device. Which means you don’t need it. You know what orange-rose looks like, really. Anything a bit organe and a bit rosy will be right. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and near-enough is good-enough with these sort of details. Keeping calm, confident and free of too much doubt or urgency is more important.

  2. @adamblackthorne Mr. AB I can’t reply to our thread IDK why. Anyway yes 😀 those where the books one is even being sold for $138 + the book the Greater Magickal Angels. Ok nice to know that, the executive decision to sell the books for $300 ++ didn’t come from G.O.M masters 🙂 *whew* and also there’s a replacement for those books. Well I guess part of business is that people can sell & re-sell SOMEONE else’s creation right? It’s commerce – we can’t take that personally. 🙂 BE SAFE S.M.888

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