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These images are from Magickal Protection.





These images are from Magickal Cashbook.

If you came here from the website that shared the content of our ritual without permission, please buy your own copy of the book, and perhaps take note of this: “If you go into the process of magick and your first act is stealing, that’s not the best way to start – magick expands the feelings you hold on to, and theft comes from a feeling of poverty. As such, piracy will probably make you lose money.” More details of the curse we have directed at those who steal occult works is explained on this page.

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These images are from Magickal Seduction.






These images are from Adventures in Sex Magick.


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96 Comments on “Images

  1. I have a question How do we get clear pictures of the sigils I can steer at my kindle and keep flipping back pages, and you have no area where I can print it so I can view it correctly? Can you assist me with this PLEASE?
    Also, several times after I do my Master 11 day I fall asleep! I normally have to take sleeping pills. But, I go through the stone arch I can visual see it and feel it, and I touch the gold corn, And the sun warms me, I feel the strength on the earth beneath my feet. And I am lying down because I am disabled. I smell everything which is totally awesome. Because my nose was is shattered, but I smell the earth and the corn fields. And, I lost my sense of smell. And I was able to go through several complete days but would fall asleep right after and I mean I did them when I woke up. So I changed it to night time which I don’t like. And Now after the orange and purple light come. I am out! I don’t understand if I am doing something wrong. Or, So I wake up and I repeat the sigil. Do I have to add extra days?

    • Hi Carolyn. Sorry to hear this is causing you trouble, but I loved hearing about your physical sensations in the ritual. Most people can’t imagine that clearly!

      To make it easier, what most people do (I think) is write out the whole ritual, so there’s no need to keep flipping back and forward through the book. This is the best way to do it – and writing it out gets the whole thing to sink in, calmly, before you even start. In the book, in Creating a Ritual it says, ‘ You may find it beneficial to write out the entire ritual.’ I think it’s spot on.

      You can then print out the main sigil from here:

      Or if you have no printer, you can put it up on a screen, maybe. Or you can flip pages if there’s no other option.

      But as you read from your own notes, you can then keep the angelic sigil that’s in your Kindle right before you. If all goes well, no flipping is required!

      Falling asleep is a side-effect for some people, but rare, and very rare to be this intense. It might get easier as you go. (This is mentioned a bit here: It’s not dangerous, but it’s not as ideal as an uninterrupted ritual. If you fall asleep before the ritual is complete, how does it feel when you finish it? If it feel interrupted and loses the atmosphere, might be worth repeating those days.

      Being relaxed is good, but falling asleep can break the moment. Keep focussed if you can, and then get it as relaxed and laid back as you can once the ritual is complete – try not to worry about results. There are lots of posts on here about confidence and calm and why it’s better than worrying.

      You might find a few more useful answers here about this book here:

  2. Shem Talisman’s names and 24 angelic powers do not correspond,are there multiple names for one Angel and how do i go about Putting shem’s Talisman on Left and Angelic seal right if they Dont correspond,even in your example of Number 56 for Angel Poyell is difficult for me to correspond as Shem’s Talisman 2 Indicates the name Elohe? Thanks chops

  3. Hello Damon, I just bought 5 of your books, ‘ can’t wait to read through them. In the interim I need your expertise. My children, pets and I have been seeing this short cloaked being, one son saw two very tall ones. What could this be? After I questioned my sanity, I observed it w/o being spotted. I had a feeling of sheer terror and like it was up to no good. Is it the grim reaper? Djinn?


    • The answer depends on so many factors, such as whether you were already doing magick, whether anybody has attacked you and so on. as such it’s impossible for me to make an educated guess. Such beings can easily be removed the Magickal Protection. Thanks for buying the books. I hope Magickal Protection was one of them. If not, just keep as much laughter in the home as possible. That’s enough to put off many entities that try to spook you.

      • sir, I need really strong good luck spell to boost my chance in a scholarship to london…..please guide on book, what to do?thank you in anticipation.

        • Answered elsewhere on the page – Comments and replies may take some time to appear.

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