Angelic Templates

Magickal Angels and The Greater Magickal Angels have been combined into a single volume called The 72 Angels of Magick. The traditional Shem Talismans from those books have been replaced with the single Shem Talisman that appears below. You can use this talisman, along with the appropriate angelic sigil, in any ritual from The 72 Angels of Magick, Magickal Angels or The Greater Magickal Angels.

In the earlier books you were require to select the correct talisman, write in appropriate names and orient the sigil in a specific direction. This new talisman enables a simplified approach, where you simply print the talisman and make sure it is visible when you open the ritual.

Click on the image to see it at full-size.


Your own printed version of the talisman will work perfectly, and it will also work onscreen or in the book.




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  1. That’s very strange. Perhaps it’s only that offer the free ebook with the print copy – I know many people use it. If you want the color sigils the only way to get them (other than via ebook) is from here:

    I did answer your question earlier about templates. At present we have no plans to release them, but that may change.

    1. Sorry Damon i do not know how to ask my question directly so i am using the reply page. Thanks once again for haven simplifying the Magickal Art, which is more mental now than material like before any invocation oe evocation you several objects. Second i would like to know if it possible to do two activation rituals the same day or one after another?Thirdly do you have in your books a ritual how to activate the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet please, i went through Magickal Protection, 72 Angel, Alchemy of the 42 Angel and the Greater Word of power any recommendation for the 22 letters or in progress thanks?

  2. If you have the print version of the book, you can download the ebook to a laptop, PC or tablet, and so long as you have a color screen you will get the red sigil. It’s free if you bought the print book through Amazon. If you already have the ebook, then you can just look at it using the Kindle app (on a desktop, laptop or tablet). If you want a print version then you will need to get this book. It has the sigils with the color, to cut out and use:

    As I say, the color isn’t vital, but optional. There are no plans for blank templates at present, but that may change.

  3. Hi Damon,

    Thank you for being available for any question or guidance. I really appreciate your generosity in sharing all the templates and sigils.
    I am going through the Magickal Angels, and I am trying to prepare for the Master Ritual. I have looked through your website and the facebook, but I was not able to locate the sigils in color. I also could not find the template the is used on the right, the one that has the Star of David is in the square and the square is in the circle and the sigil is written in the middle.

    Thank you again.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Sam. Only the shem templates and talismans are available for download, otherwise we’d be giving away the bulk of the book on the website. As the book says, so long as you have a copy of the Shem talisman, you can use the angel sigils on a desktop computer, laptop, kindle, iPad etc. You don’t need a print out. I generally use electronic versions of these sigils myself. If you want print version, the print version of the book is one way, or you can buy Images From The Gallery of Magick if you search on Amazon. That has print versions of the full color sigils, but is thus expensive. Please be assured that you don’t need to spend the extra money – they work fine when they’re electronic!

    2. Complete the ritual by blessing omnipresent power. You do this by saying the following words once: BAR-UCH HAH-MAH-KOM It is done. The ritual is complete, and you can use the following rituals now, or at any time in the future.
      Sorry Damon, i will like to know how is that words read from right to left or left to right. Thanks

      1. Adam B here, as Damon’s not around. I think this should have been posted on this page: Those words are from The Greater Words of Power.

        In the section Speak The Words, in the chapter, How to use The Greater Words of Power it says of the words in BLOCK CAPITALS, “These are read as though they are English, from left to right.” The visual scan from right-to-left is only ever done with the Hebrew letters in the sigil. The spoken words are always read, “as though they are English, from left to right.”

  4. Damon,

    Thanks for your detailed response to Maria Torres’ question. Because with the Wealth Book’s second working, even with your phonetic pronunciation, some of the words are an absolute bitch to pronounce with confidence. At least for me they are. I know I am mangling some of the words, so very good to know that as long as I am sincere in my effort and intention, the sigil squares things for me. Sort of like the universal translator in Star Trek. 🙂

  5. Hi! First of all, I wanted to thank you for all your work Mr. Brand. I own most of your books and I love them! Anyway, I’ve charged the 2 talismans with the Orante Formula, and one random question came in my mind. What would happen if someone used the Orante formula to charge a personal item (for example a very personal ring)? No reason at all, just curious about what would happen.

    1. Coffee, an excellent question and I have wondered the same myself. I wear an amulet that I never take off that was personally prepared by a master Vedic astrologer per by birth time, date and location. I wondered if performing the Orante Formula on it would present extra benefits to me. Great question. The best of good fortune to you with your workings.

    2. Hello and thanks for buying the books. The Orante formula will amplify any property the object has. That is, if it brings you luck already, or if you feel it does, than the Orante formula will amplify that. It works on magickal objects. If the ring, no matter how personal, has no specific magickal effect already, it won’t make it ‘magickal’ in and of itself. Of course, you can make it magickal object first (using other methods too lengthy to go into here) and then the Orante formula would help make it more powerful.

      1. Hello Damon. let me begin by saying thank you fot shating your talent and gift… Love all yout books wich I purchased all in one day after reading the first one. words of Power is amazing. I know you did mentioned not to ask about the pronounciation of the words. But have you considered recording there pronounciation and selling the disk to people who would request them? I am interested should you decide to take into consideration. I like all your readers would purchase the disk. please let me mnow if possible about your desicion… Thank you please continue writting. Much love Marie

        1. Thanks for your kinds comments and for buying the books.

          People ask, but probably only one percent of the people who’ve read the book contact me about this. The truth is – the book is Pronunciation Proof. Because the words are scanned visually, you can say them incorrectly and it will work. As such, I believe that putting out a CD would make people think the CD was required, which would devalue the book and make people think the book was incomplete. In truth, thousands of people are getting results from the book without any guidance on pronunciation. Basic English is all you need. If it says ADD-AIR-EAR, then you’re just saying the English words add, air and ear. It just takes a short while to get used to each word and string the sounds together. I think a recoding may confuse things because I have a mixed accent that will be different to yours. The way I say the words is different to the way my partner says the words, which is different to the way everybody I have ever heard say the words pronounces them. We all have different voices, but because of the sigils, the book is Pronunciation Proof. Also, there are technical/contractual issues that make it difficult to distribute a CD or mp3 that isn’t a direct transcript of an audio book – so it might be too difficult to distribute to a wide audience. Finally, I don’t want to offer too much of a shortcut. Spending a few minutes reading the words and learning the sounds is a more effective way to connect to the words, rather than repeating something you hear on a CD; that connection can help your magick. I hope that explains why we haven’t gone down that path.

  6. howdy. damon will you have any other money magick power books and demonic power magick books. coming out in the near future.i already have magickal jobseeker the magickal cashbook and wealth magick. these books are amazing . also about the seal in the 4th. working in wealth magick. where you put the seal in a locket or wallet. after the working is done.what do I do when I do that 4th. working. next time do I discard the old seal. from the previous working. also thanks for being damon brand and the work that you do. thanks damon. james.

    1. Hi James,

      Hope you don’t mind me chiming in. Damon recently announced a new money book coming our shortly after his next book on protection is released. Check out his Facebook page for his official announcement. Very good news for sure!


    2. You can keep or discard seals as you see fit. The FAQ has been updated on this, to give an easier method of disposal. Some people like to keep them around, nearby, out of sight indefinitely. And yes, as Robert mentioned, new money book soon. Cheers.

  7. Thanks for your detailed response Damon. I missed your Facebook announcement about your upcoming money book shortly after the protection book is released. A welcome surprise and I will pick it up for sure when it is released.

    Yessiree, I am dedicated to making your system work for me…without lusting for results. Rather being in an “allowing” space for results to happen. If things don’t happen, it certainly won’t be because I didn’t put 100% of myself into the efforts. However it is working! Since my last post, a relative I owed money to (low three digit amount) and was prepared to pay it back as soon as our East coast weather made it easier to travel to his home in the next county to give it to him. During our phone chat today, he “unexpectedly” forgave the loan, telling me to “keep it”. Even after I refused, he insisted. Thank you Nitika!

    Okay about Book A. Whatever its final price point, format by which it will be published and whenever it is released, I will buy it just based on my positive early workings experiences.

    On a side note, your system being what I call an internal system, without need for any outside equipment, ritual costume, etc. reminded me of a magick book I tried to get through almost ten years ago. It is “The New Hermetics”, by Jason Newcomb. I used to read it on the train to and from work. I never finished it but was impressed with what it promised to offer. Amazon made me a great deal recently and I picked up his latest book, “The Book Of Magick Power”, basically it is an encyclopedia of magick workings for results different from what the books of yours I have are concerned with. Your books are and will remain on my front burner, and from what I have read so far, there are some benefits in Jason’s book that will dovetail with the results I am looking for and have received in part from your system. Do you agree there will likely be no conflict doing some workings with Jason’s system along with yours? If you see any problems, I would like to know. I won’t insult you and ask if you know who Jason is. I imagine you two have met along your magick travels here and there.

  8. Are all of the Angels on the Shem Tablets listed, with attributes, in the Magical Angels Book? I have the Kindle version and it seems like there may be some missing. could be a glitch. I wonder if there is a source online, existing or possibly created, like the talismans. I guess then you would not sell any books and that would not be helpful in many ways

    1. Hi. We included the 24 that seemed the most immediately useful and accessible. Covering all 72 would have led to a very expensive and lengthy book that might have been overwhelming. It would also have taken a few months longer to produce. There is a plan to release the other 48 in a second volume at some point for those who want full access to them all.

      Info on the other 48 angels is available in many books and online. Some info is very good, but some is not. Often the sigils are wrong (you need really good primary sources), the invocation (written in a circle around the talisman) is usually wrong, or has flaws, and there is a lot of incorrect information about what the angels do. It’s fun researching them, though, so good luck.

      1. I did reply but wasn’t logged in, so I’m not sure if it showed up. Here’s the reply: Hi. We included the 24 that seemed the most immediately useful and accessible. Covering all 72 would have led to a very expensive and lengthy book that might have been overwhelming. It would also have taken a few months longer to produce. There is a plan to release the other 48 in a second volume at some point for those who want full access to them all.

        Info on the other 48 angels is available in many books and online. Some info is very good, but some is not. Often the sigils are wrong (you need really good primary sources), the invocation (written in a circle around the talisman) is usually wrong, or has flaws, and there is a lot of incorrect information about what the angels do. It’s fun researching them, though, so good luck.

  9. If I only use the angels book, is it safer for me because I read the post about the person that felt they had contact with a negative energy. I definitely don’t want that to happen, but I have also heard there is “White” magic and “Black” magic (white being good and black being evil). Is this true? Can you please explain because this is totally new for me. I don’t want to mess up and something bad happen. I’ve read your other post and you seem very knowledgeable about the whole thing, so I respect your advice.

    1. As I say in the disclaimer, if magick frightens you, don’t do magick. It is, in fact, safe. Nothing is inherently evil until it is used for evil. No person or being is evil until it performs an evil act. So if you use your magick to better your life, that can only be a good thing. To me, the idea of black and white magick is largely a myth. Others disagree. But certainly with books such as the Angels book and Words of Power, there is nothing bad going on unless you deliberately make it bad. I hope that helps. There are many blog posts on this website about fear and getting magick to work – it’s probably worth reading those if you’re at all worried. Thanks for your interest and for buying the book.

    2. Hi. We included the 24 that seemed the most immediately useful and accessible. Covering all 72 would have led to a very expensive and lengthy book that might have been overwhelming. It would also have taken a few months longer to produce. There is a plan to release the other 48 in a second volume at some point for those who want full access to them all.

      Info on the other 48 angels is available in many books and online. Some info is very good, but some is not. Often the sigils are wrong (you need really good primary sources), the invocation (written in a circle around the talisman) is usually wrong, or has flaws, and there is a lot of incorrect information about what the angels do. It’s fun researching them, though, so good luck.

  10. Hi Damon, I bought your book wealth magick started reading it and then towards the end realised that you are contacting demons as well as angels. This is not clear in the book when you originally purchase it or before you start using it so it takes away the choice to decide before you embark on it. Are you sure it is safe practice contacting demons? When you say angels will mostly get the demons to do the work, my understanding is that angels and demons do not work together in fact they are very different beings with different purposes (good and evil). Please can you clarify this as I am concerned now about the practise. There is no mention in any of the statements that ‘none and nothing is harmed in the process’. Please clarify, it’s very important. Thank you.

    1. As stated in the book, the entire operation is made safe by omnipotent angels. It doesn’t get much safer than that. Nothing is good or evil until it does an evil act. There is no such thing as en evil person, if they don’t DO something evil. The same is true of supernatural beings. They may lean in certain directions, but they are not inherently good or evil. My finest curses have been carried out by angels. Demons have done far more good than harm.

      Many angels have evil tendencies, many demons are merciful. If you don’t believe me, invoke the ‘angel’ Samael and see what happens. You’ll have a hell of a time. However, you may be right that people should be forewarned. I may rename the book Demonic Wealth Magick, or Evil Money or something so that people are full warned. Of course, it’s actually an angelic working that employs angels to control everything – and after thirty years in the occult I believe this to be true; the demons are constrained by the angels.

      Sorry if you were misled. But maybe read the five or six blog posts about fear and so on. And here’s the disclaimer that’s going on everything from now on:

      “Magick is not for everybody. If you are drawn to magick, you will get good results. If you are afraid of magick, you will not. The magick in Damon Brand’s books has been developed by The Gallery of Magick to get results safely. There is plenty of evil in the world, but there is no evil in these books. You will not be punished by karma or chased down by demons. But if you are afraid of magick or think that magick is evil, these books are not for you. If you’re uncertain, you can read more about magick on the website. If you feel that magick can help you take control of your life, then welcome the power that these books offer.”

      If you want something completely angelic look at Words of Magick or Magickal Angels or something by another author. Sorry to have wasted your time. I’ll update the description on Amazon to make it clear that this book is just not suitable for everybody, and is a specialist work for an elite group of people. Sorry if it’s too late for you to get a refund.

  11. Also, how do I dispose of the sigil sheets, once workign is over? can I just throw them out in waste bim like any paper?

    1. Some people keep them for future workings, but yes, you can just throw them out. Once the ritual is over and you’re not using it as a sigil, it’s just paper.

      1. Thank you Damon.
        And we can throw the sigil sheet even if this ha sbeen charged as talisman using the method from wealth magick book?


  12. HI Damon

    Is 11 days compulsory? And starting on Thursday compulsory?
    I cannot work the rituals on saturday and sunday due to famiyl commitments.
    So can i do 11 days with some break in between.
    So, Monday to Friday; then Monday to Friday; and then eleventh day on Monday.


    Thanks for your help.

    1. It’s not absolutely essential. If you can not do the rituals on Sat and Sun, at least try to look at the talisman and seal and consider the magick on those days, even if only for a moment. Starting on a Thursday is important, and if you miss out the Sat and Sun then you should keep going for two weeks to finish on a Thursday. If you absolutely can’t start on a Thursday, a Monday would be the next best thing. A final alternative approach is to simply do the ritual as often as possible (but no more than once a day), until the result comes. What’s written in the book is the ideal approach, and gets the best and fastest results, but there’s no reason you can’t try other approaches. We all have to adapt to family commitments at times. The reason I was wary of including this in the book is that if everybody adapts the technique for mere convenience, rather than the situation you are talking about, it might lead to poor results. Good luck.

  13. Hey Damon,

    To avoid going through a lot a paper, do you see an issue with having the blank templates laminated and then using a black pin point magic erasable marker apply the angels as needed?

    As I am not a person who works well with a lot of papers to clutter up my environment contributing to my disorganization (perhaps an angel can help me with this), just wondering if this way can be useful. I will do whatever works the best however, not what best suits my current habits and sense of convenience.

    Thanks much.

  14. You should stay , a lot of us have trust on your advice and wisdom, thanks damon!
    Also what is it about the theory book of the other member of Gallery of Magick, also could you post something about demons, most of us are scared pf workin with them

    1. Thanks John, I will stick around, because the feeling of a community is as important as the books, but I may have to reduce the number of replies and responses – or maybe create a forum so users can discuss it all themselves. At present, it’s taking me over an hour every day to reply to all the personal messages and posts. Given that I have another job as a novelist, and want to write the magick books and blog posts, I may have to reduce my presence here a little this year, as that’s more time than I can afford. But I will try to answer all new questions that could be helpful to large groups of readers. There will probably be some delays, though, especially as the year picks up pace.

      1. Yes i get you, thats why im saying sorry for writing you a lot, i know all the work u must have.
        Thanks for everything Damon

  15. Ohh nice, any word on the Words of Power book, what is it about? And once you release all the books what’s going to be with you? Are you going to disappear or what?

  16. Thank you very much for your help, i have another inquire, i know that its too redundant to ask and i know u have answer it on the FAQ but working woth angels + magical cashbook + seduction + wealth is it possible or recomended?
    Also can u give me a brief description of Angel Labezerin its on NAP book and i thought u would use it in 1 book im really interested in that spirit, also David Goddard book on angel Magic is it a good complimentary book to use along with yours?
    I know is too soon to talk about other releases but is it gonna take a while? And u said in Facebook somethin about a surprise book this month.
    Thanks i wrote u on facebook if u could please answer me its a bout magical seduction., whenever u have time

    1. Yes, exactly as it says in the FAQ. Combine anything you like. Of course, it would be madness to use an angel to make yourself hidden from people while also seeking fame. Other than that, everything works well together if you have the energy. As for Labezerin I’ve always found that entity to be obscure, and I think you might find better information on occult forums. The Goddard book is not to my personal taste, but just as many people seem like it as loathe it. The Words of Power book will be out at the end of this month. We hope to release a book each month, but it may take longer. The entire Gallery of Magick project will be complete by the end of this year, I imagine. The books will remain on sale, and I’ll be here for a long time to come, but the bulk of the material we are ever going to release will come out this year. All other things being equal.

      1. Hey Damon,

        You have said in one response that you are two months behind (mostly because of answering our questions), so I suspect you may not get finished releasing your planned series of books until early 2016. Is it now a safe bet that the release of your vastly more comprehensive magick system also won’t be released until sometime 2016?

        You mentioned the completely different system will be expensive. Are we talking too expensive to release as a Kindle book and buyers will have to buy a hard copy volume? I expect this year to be a tsunami of change financially for me thanks to your series, especially your Wealth book that I am faithfully working my way through the 4.8 month process of workings….to the letter as much as possible. I am perusing marketing ventures that will open channels for the powers involved in the workings to flood my business and life with abundance. I mention this because I think you have said people with businesses tends to get financial results faster and perhaps better. No matter what you and your friends decides to charge, I expect to easily be able to afford it. Just curious is all in what format and range of expense we can expect it to be available at.

        Regarding the workings and the steps you have instructed in your books, despite the inconveniences they sometimes presents, like me having to do the workings in the middle of the night while everyone is sleeping to protect my privacy and avoid having to answer uncomfortable questions. I want the best possible results each working can offer, not the least it can get away with. So if in one working I have to kiss a bullfrog in the middle of daytime traffic in my underwear on backwards on one leg, that is what I will do to the best of my effort. One of the wealth workings, the last or next to last one requires it be perform at sundown or sometime like it, when everyone is wide awake and running around the house! I cringe at the prospect of how I am going to handle this with my lady, but I will not adjust the time because I want the best result magically possible.

        After a few missteps that lengthened the 17 days required to 24 days, I will be finished the first working and ready to move happily onto the second. This year is going to be one hell of a good ride.

        1. Yes, answering questions is fun and part of the job we set out to do, but the whole publishing process could easily take two or three more years now. I answer about 30 private messages a day, as well as everything on here and Facebook. That along with blog posts takes hours out of a day. I only work six hours a day, so I don’t get much writing done. Good to hear you’re working away. On Facebook I announced a new money book that’s coming out in a few weeks, or months, and that may suit your circumstances more. As for Book A, cost and dates are not know at all. May be 100 hardbacks at $500 each, or may be on Kindle for $5 – we haven’t decided.

  17. Heyy Damon congrats onyour new book. I have a question related to Fame Popularity and Charisma + wealth and so, you have several angels that can be used for that specially for fame and charisma, how do i know which one to use? And also does it have to be specific to be famous and charismatic in one area of my life.? Or can it be a general fame relating several things or areas of my life?

    1. Hey, John, Thanks for the compliment. It’s great to get the book out at last. To answer, I can only quote from the book. ‘Please do not write to me to ask which angel is suited to a particular problem, because I could never answer as well as you can. When you read about the angel, you will get an intuitive feeling for what it can achieve.’

      This isn’t just me being lazy (or busy), but it’s the truth. Working with angels requires you to begin making a connection to them. In a way, you begin this when you read the descriptions. If you’re not sure which one to use, pick one that seems suitable and read about its other powers. Does it seem to fit? If not, try another. Work with your intuition. If you’re not certain, pick one at random and try it anyway. It’s really important for you to make this decision, even though you only have my short descriptions to work from. This will bring better results than if I name an angel for you.

      And as the book mentions, it can be specific to an area or general – that is your choice and needs to be written into your request. I hope that helps.

  18. Damon, these templates don’t have the angelic names in them. And how about posting the angelic sigils…

    Gregg Bilarczyk

    1. Hi Gregg. The templates are designed to have the names written in to them, as listed. Also, rather than posting all the sigils online we will make a hard copy of the book available for anybody who needs them. And as discussed on the Facebook page, once all the books have been released we plan on releasing a print book with all the sigils in, so that nobody needs to print anything out. In the meantime, the instruction to use your device or tablet will work. I hope that helps.

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