Angelic Templates

Magickal Angels and The Greater Magickal Angels were long ago combined into a single volume called The 72 Angels of Magick. The traditional Shem Talismans from those books have been replaced with the single Shem Talisman that appears below. You can use this talisman, along with the appropriate angelic sigil, in any ritual from The 72 Angels of Magick, Magickal Angels or The Greater Magickal Angels.

In the earlier books you were require to select the correct talisman, write in appropriate names and orient the sigil in a specific direction. This new talisman enables a simplified approach, where you simply print the talisman and make sure it is visible when you open the ritual.

Click on the image to see it at full-size.


Your own printed version of the talisman will work perfectly, and it will also work onscreen or in the book.




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55 thoughts on “Angelic Templates”

  1. If you have the print version of the book, you can download the ebook to a laptop, PC or tablet, and so long as you have a color screen you will get the red sigil. It’s free if you bought the print book through Amazon. If you already have the ebook, then you can just look at it using the Kindle app (on a desktop, laptop or tablet). If you want a print version then you will need to get this book. It has the sigils with the color, to cut out and use:

    As I say, the color isn’t vital, but optional. There are no plans for blank templates at present, but that may change.

  2. Hi Damon,

    Thank you for being available for any question or guidance. I really appreciate your generosity in sharing all the templates and sigils.
    I am going through the Magickal Angels, and I am trying to prepare for the Master Ritual. I have looked through your website and the facebook, but I was not able to locate the sigils in color. I also could not find the template the is used on the right, the one that has the Star of David is in the square and the square is in the circle and the sigil is written in the middle.

    Thank you again.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Sam. Only the shem templates and talismans are available for download, otherwise we’d be giving away the bulk of the book on the website. As the book says, so long as you have a copy of the Shem talisman, you can use the angel sigils on a desktop computer, laptop, kindle, iPad etc. You don’t need a print out. I generally use electronic versions of these sigils myself. If you want print version, the print version of the book is one way, or you can buy Images From The Gallery of Magick if you search on Amazon. That has print versions of the full color sigils, but is thus expensive. Please be assured that you don’t need to spend the extra money – they work fine when they’re electronic!

    2. Complete the ritual by blessing omnipresent power. You do this by saying the following words once: BAR-UCH HAH-MAH-KOM It is done. The ritual is complete, and you can use the following rituals now, or at any time in the future.
      Sorry Damon, i will like to know how is that words read from right to left or left to right. Thanks

      1. Adam B here, as Damon’s not around. I think this should have been posted on this page: Those words are from The Greater Words of Power.

        In the section Speak The Words, in the chapter, How to use The Greater Words of Power it says of the words in BLOCK CAPITALS, “These are read as though they are English, from left to right.” The visual scan from right-to-left is only ever done with the Hebrew letters in the sigil. The spoken words are always read, “as though they are English, from left to right.”

  3. Damon,

    Thanks for your detailed response to Maria Torres’ question. Because with the Wealth Book’s second working, even with your phonetic pronunciation, some of the words are an absolute bitch to pronounce with confidence. At least for me they are. I know I am mangling some of the words, so very good to know that as long as I am sincere in my effort and intention, the sigil squares things for me. Sort of like the universal translator in Star Trek. 🙂

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