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Questions are moderated and may take a few hours or more to appear. If yours doesn’t appear, it may be because it’s already been answered in the book or in this FAQ. Questions that speculate about theory won’t be posted as the focus has to remain on practical magick.

This page will be open to new questions from time to time. A thorough reading of the book and some patient contemplation will answer almost any question you have. Please read this FAQ and also read the main Gallery of Magick FAQ before asking a question.

Q: What happened to Magickal Angels and The Greater Magickal Angels?

A: It made sense to offer both books together, for a lower price. The 72 Angels of Magick replaces those books, but contains the same material.

Q: Somebody online said this book calls on Azrael, the Angel of Death. They said the book can bring death as a payment. Is this true?

A: It’s complete fiction, designed to scare you. If you see how many people the book has actually helped, and if you feel the presence of angels, you know this is the case. Read the book and  you will see that the ritual calls on Arzel, who is an aspect of the archangel Raziel – there is nothing to do with Azrael. The angels do not punish you, and only the most inexperienced and frightened person would claim this to be the case. Mostly, magick books fall into the hands of those who understand the power and can use it well. Occasionally, these books fall into the hands of the terrified, and they do some wretched online research, get confused and become afraid and spread disinformation, and then blame all their woes on magick. If you read the book and practice the magick, you’ll know that none of this scaremongering is remotely true.

Q: I read a PDF that said contacting these angels is dangerous, and that I should purify myself and fast before attempting contact. Is this true?

A: This sort of disinformation is used to frighten people away from the secrets of the inner circles. Angels help the weak, filthy and the poor, so you don’t need to fast, bathe or grovel to be heard by an angel.

Q: Can you help me to choose the right angel?

A: It’s essential that you develop the skill of connecting with the angels, so please see How To Find An Angel.

Q: Do I really have to do the rituals for 11 consecutive days? Do I have to start on a Thursday?

A: Ideally, yes. If you absolutely can’t, due to other commitments, then miss a day and then keep going until you have worked at least 11 days, ideally finishing on a Sunday. If you can’t start on a Thursday, start on a Monday. If you can’t finish on a Sunday, finish on a Thursday. If you can’t do any of these, just try to work the ritual as often as possible (but no more than once a day) until you get results, but be aware that 11 consecutive days, starting on a Thursday, is the best way to get results.

Q: Why 11 days and why a Thursday? Words of Power works so quickly, why do I need to do 11 days and start on a Thursday?

A:  It gives you time to settle into the magick and – sometimes – feel your needs change during the course of the ritual. Also, magick works through both directions of time, and the effects are cumulative. When making direct contact, this is the approach that has worked the best – and although there are many theoretical reasons, this is based largely on exerpeicen. Also, angelic work is usually aimed at making large changes, that affect you as well as the world around you, so a longer length of time is better. Also, as this is direct contact with angels, spending 11 days gives you more chance of sensing the angel, making contact or getting feedback on your result. Some people feel nothing,and that is fine, while others feel something straight away. but overall, doing 11 days gives you more time to form a relationship with the angel you are contacting.

Q: Hayiel and Hariel are both said to improve magickal power, so which should I use?

A: Hayiel is noted to provide greater control or precision. Hariel is more about increased energy. If you need more energy, then Hariel. More control, Hayiel. You may not need either. The listed powers are only guides to get things moving, but to get a sense of how the angels differ it’s worth considering their other listed powers. That gives you a feel for their practical potential.

Q: Is there any disadvantage to calling on several angels at once if I have several minor requests? I don’t want to do the full ritual five times.

A: Angels will respond to minor requests – but the approach to angelic evocation in the angel books is aimed at more major requests. If somebody speaks the ritual and then calls on five major angels to change five major areas of their life in a major way, it shows a lack of focus and dedication. But if the changes you seek are quite minor, you can roll it into one ritual and call on several angels at once.

Q: If I call on several angels at once, do I have to complete the full ritual every time, or can I just do the opening, and then call on each angel one after the other?

A: I prefer to do the complete ritual from beginning to end. If I’m calling on three angels – even if they are all working on the same task for me – I will call one, wait a few hours, call the next and so on. If you are pressed for time you can condense the process by making the opening call  (i.e The Master Ritual), and then calling on each angel in turn. Some people find great success with this approach so feel free to try it out.

Q: Will this book help with contacting my Holy Guardian Angel (HGA)?

A: Not directly, but all efforts to contact angels help by making you more aware and sensitive to angelic response.

Q: I get a sense that I need to continue the ritual for more than 11 days. Is that OK?

A: Yes. There is no need to perform the ritual for more than 11 days unless you sense a strong urge, but if you do feel the urge to maintain contact there is no reason why you shouldn’t. Aim to conclude on a Sunday if possible, unless the angel contacts you directly and tells you otherwise.

Q: Should I sit, kneel or stand?

A: Remember that you’re not praying, so if kneeling makes it feel like praying that might be the wrong mindset. Otherwise, there’s no problem with kneeling, standing or sitting.

Q: Do the angels always work for our highest good?

A: No, they work according to what you ask for. Angels can be commanded to wreak havoc, and they will do so. That’s what makes magick different to praying – you are choosing the path for yourself, and then using the spirit forces to manifest your will.

Q: The psalms in the book don’t match the psalm list I found on the internet. Why?

A: The internet is not always the most reliable source when it comes to the occult. There are many traditions, and what you’ve found may indeed be accurate for one tradition or another. The verses we use appear in other texts and traditions and are correct and as intended. Each verse contains seven words, and contains the first three letters of the angel’s name, spelt out in Hebrew, buried within the verse. Given that an angel name consists of these letters with a word-ending that equates to god, the entire angel name is encoded within the verse, because each verse also contains the name of god. We find these to be the most effective verses, but you are free to use your own if you prefer.

Q: Why are your angelic seals different to some I saw in another book?

A: There are many variations of these seals, taken from many sources. In some cases, the smaller changes are due to copyist errors and interpretations, over time. In others cases, there are major differences. The seal we use for Eladiah, for examples,  is used by some groups to connect with Laviah. How do we know what we are doing is right? Gordon Winterfield has viewed many of the originals (in libraries as far apart as Paris and Chicago), and performed extensive academic research to determine the correct order. Some of this research occurred early on, and some much more recently, but in the meantime we all found what worked. Also, the private collection of materials that came into our posession, (which contain the most accurate and powerful magick we know of), set out the seals as they are used in The 72 Angels of Magick. Finally, however, it was our connection to the angels, and their blessing of our choices that made us settle on the order that is retained in the book.

Q: I can read Hebrew and the names don’t match the pronunciations in a couple of cases. Why?

A: If these were mistakes they would be very easy to rectify, but these pronunciations are intentional. Everything in this book is correct and as intended. Some reviewers claim that the letters used in the sigils are incorrect (because they don’t match the pronunciation), but this is quite deliberate and everything works when you actually put the magick into practice. There’s a full explanation on this page.

Q: When I charge the Shem Talisman, or an angelic sigil, is it charged forever or do I need to do this each time?

A: Once is enough. Some people feel the need to reconnect with a sigil, after some months or years, but this is a personal matter. You shouldn’t feel obliged to do it more than once.


358 thoughts on “The 72 Angels of Magick FAQ

  1. Hi Adam,

    Out of curiosity… Are you supposed to charge the Shem talisman for each ritual you do.

    To elaborate… Let’s say I decide to perform a ritual now then maybe let’s say next year I want to do a different ritual in the same book… Would I charge the Shem talisman again as well?

  2. Hello Adam,
    Please bare with me 🙂
    The questions below are all in reference to the 72 Angels Of Magic book…
    1.When you imagine the lightning strike you and then back up, is it ok if you imagine the sound that sometimes accompanies the lightning?
    I’m only asking as it helps me during imaginary process
    I’m guessing the answer is yes?
    2.Activating Shem Talisman..,
    Scanning starting with lines from outer black circle working towards inner circle correct?
    So outer circle (3 lines in black,1st line from R to L(so this one I’m scanning counterclockwise correct? Like in Angels of Alchemy book?)then L to R (,then again R to L?
    Then when I get to the 2 lines in white circle would these be scanned both Hebrew like R to L/ counterclockwise?
    Is this correct?
    This is how i scanned it during the activation process
    And if this is not correct do I need to do this again including the rituals that I did following the activation of the Shem
    Also at the top of the Shem Talisman where do I begins my scan?
    I am guessing where the arrow to the left (our left) of it or do I start my scans Vah Heh & Vav?
    Again if I did this wrong do I need to do this over?
    Then lastly scan L to R the letters in the triangle,correct?
    3.When charging Shem Talisman when I’m imagining sun then later clouds do I need to keep my eyes on the Talisman the whole time or can I take my eyes off or close them?
    Just want to make sure I got all these basics cleared
    Thank you so much!!!

    1. 1. Yep, that’s fine. Worrying about details is worse than just doing magick. See:

      2. I really can’t follow what you mean here. If you mean the shem talisman shown in Preparing For Contact, then no, there’s no scan – those arrows just explain how the sigil is created from the Exodus verse. When it says “If you take any letter from the outer circle and scan toward the center of the talisman, the three letters you see spell the root of an angelic name,” that’s just a description of how it’s constructed, not a scanning instruction. The actual activation follows later, and the instructions start at the point where it says, “Find a quiet place where you can relax…etc”

      3. Yeah, no need to stare and fixate. You can blink!

      1. Adam,
        About charging the Shem talisman and what I wrote above
        The way I charged it is by scanning it in the way I have described above (the way the book explained how lines were written)
        So I used my scanning in the way the book described (as I stayed above)starting with “find a quiet place” etc
        But the way I let my eyes pass over the Shem was in the manner that I described above in which the book earlier talked about how lines were (clock wise etc)
        To make sure I took in each letter and circling it as the way I understood
        And I started at the top on all 5 lines where’s there’s that little space (to the left of the space)
        Was there no need in it?
        You can look over it in any way because it does say to pass over “shapes of the letters & lines”

  3. I am confused about the use of Tetragrammaton wrote in your book, that you use ‘ee-ah-oh-eh’ or ‘the word of power ah-rah-ree-tah’. However, the more common use of Tetragrammaton is YHWH. Chould you give me some more setails about it?
    when I performed a calling ritual of Lelahel, I felt huge uneasy like something went wrong. I am afraid if we do not perform proper banishing rituals or use proper names of God to protect ourselves, the result of invocating is unsafe.
    * I am not sure, I will try performing a banishing ritual later, and pray.

    1. YHWH represents the Hebrew letters Yod, Heh, Vav, Heh, which can be vocalised as anything from Yaweh to EE-AH-OH-EH. In fact, you might notice that if you said EE-AH-OH-EH all together it sounds a lot like Yaweh. If you prefer to say Adonai, or something else, even just ‘God’, that is fine, but this is what we’ve found to be best. (Some people even just name the letters – Yod, Heh, Vav, Heh, and I did that for years. Worked fine.)

      The magick can’t really go wrong, and if you feel uneasy it’s often because of the fear of something going wrong. If you can let go of that fear, and trust that protection is absolutely built into these rituals, you will be fine. We wouldn’t share it otherwise. And thousands of people have now reported excellent results from this book, in reviews, on this page, on Facebook and elsewhere, so I feel very safe in saying that it’s safe.

      A couple of posts that might be worth reading:

      But whatever else, you can be assured that there is so much protection within the ritual and the sigils that you can’t go wrong. – Adam B

  4. My first time working with this book and I did the Ritual to get someone to open up their heart if they are afraid to love. But now, since finishing the ritual, he seems to have clammed up even more and I sense a change in that he feels more distant. Polite, but distant.

    Can this happen that at first you may have the opposite effect as the ritual stirs up feelings? What I mean is, can people sometimes need time to absorb/process the magick being directed at them? He struggles with emotions anyway and has some baggage due to being in a couple of quite toxic relationships before. I’m just hoping I haven’t somehow ruined things!

    1. Yes. This happens most often with protection attacks (people you attack seem happier than ever, as they put up resistance) and with love rituals. And what happens is that they sense the shift in emotions, and they resist for whatever reason, and you appear to get the opposite effect for a while. Sometimes, of course, that person is going to decide, no thanks, and then that’s that, the magick can’t work it’s, err, magick… but if it’s going to work, don’t be put off by this kind of resistance. This comes up quite a lot on the Seduction and Angels of Love page. It’s not common, but not completely rare. And if, as you say, there’s a struggle with emotions, maybe the journey through this will be longer than usual.

      1. Thanks! Yea, I’ve had this back and forth for a while…I did the rituals from Seduction magick and the’re was no improvement for weeks then bam! All of a sudden huge steps forward and he was opening up more and starting to trust me more. But with this, he now seems he has gone more distant. It is only a few days since I finished the ritual though.

        I bought the 72 angels book back in February and had been drawn to working with the Angel English but had put it off as I just felt the timing wasn’t right. I did some divination recently with a pendulum which is usually pretty accurate and got a positive response for doing the ritual now. I have been told in readings that it will be a long journey with him to get there so to speak but that if I choose to wait, it will be worth it. He is my twin flame apparently ( if you believe in that concept) so the whole struggle aspect makes total sense. I do, so….I try to have faith in the magick and divine timing! Thanks again to you for taking time to reply. It’s much appreciated!

        1. Sorry, that should have been Angel *Eshaliah* – auto correct on my phone trying to be helpful!

  5. Hi Adam,

    I absolutely mad at myself! I have been doing my ritual from the 72 Angels of Magick and feel really proud of myself but, then I realize I have not been quoting any of the psalms to go with the angel names. I am actually on my seventh day and was looking forward to my eleventh day on Sunday, should I just start again? Ironically, this is a Thursday and I am tempted to just start again.

    On my second day I felt as though I was not feeling it, so inside my mind I asked the angel for a sign. I asked for something to do with flowers and a possible song that only I know about. However, I changed my mind as I felt that I had no right to ask for proof, however, later that morning whilst lying down I had a sudden vision of a woman wearing a huge white flower (looked like a lily) on what look like a choker necklace. Then later that same morning again as I lay down I heard a sudden burst of a welsh male choir. I was not asleep on any of these occasion.

    Little known to anyone else I absolutely, love the welsh male choir(s). What should I do?

    Viveen Daisy

  6. Greetings Adam! I feel so blessed to have found the Gallery’s magick! I wonder if I might send you a private message regarding my use of magick and my dilemma. I prefer not to air my personal business in a public forum! I am 64 years old and a holistic psychotherapist, non-traditional, metaphysical minister and own a small wellness center.
    I have performed the 72 Angels working over 18 days beginning on a Thursday and ending on a Sunday, calling upon both Poiel and Vehuiah. I am in dire need of your help and possibly stronger magick.
    Thank you and Many Blessings to you and all of the Gallery!

    1. Hello there. Thank you so much for those comments – really makes me happy to hear.

      However, on the main FAQ we say this:

      “Q: How can I contact the authors directly?

      A: We are not currently open to private communication, due to the overwhelming number of private messages received. It’s worth noting that the vast majority of questions we have been asked (privately and publicly) are already answered in the FAQs, so hopefully you can find your answer on this site. The FAQ pages are closed to new questions about half of the time, as we are trying to encourage people to read thoroughly, and to try the magick out. Experience is a great teacher, and it became very clear that some people were doing far more asking and theorising than they were doing magick. The only way to get a magickal result is to do magick, and the books contain enough information to get results. If you have problems, read the posts and FAQs on this site. You will find answers.”

      And the truth is, at the moment there’s only me here on the site and Facebook, and it’s taking nearly an hour and a half a day to get through the basic questions, so we’re trying to look at a way to close things down even more. We get so many of the same questions, and so we’re going to slow down the publishing and the presence a bit. Sorry – not what you wanted to hear, but I have so much non-magickal work that I’ve been building up to for such a long time. And I’d love to make an exception, but we do get asked a lot – private messages were at around the 40 a day mark, three year ago when we were barely known. Now, it would be hundreds. However, if you need more powerful magick there are two things I can suggest. One is wait for Sept/Oct and Damon’s archangel book, and the other is that by studying everything on this site, everything gets more powerful – that is, some of the most useful info we have is given away freely here on the site. Read the posts, and although some are just promos for books, most are way more than that, and by understanding that info you make all magick more powerful.

      Cheers, Adam

  7. To whom it may concern:

    Not sure what to do but I am on the second day in the ritual and just realized that I did not speak “The Invocation Chant” for my chosen angel.

    What now?
    Do I start over or do I continue the 11 days?

      1. Hello Adam,

        Yeah I need a little more help. I feel that there is contradictory answers and just confused.

        First I am told that if I miss a part out that basically the results might be hijacked, then in another article (I can’t remember where I found it) it says (in my own words) no worries, that we have created so many days to do a ritual to make sure contact is made and that any mistakes one made will be overwrites by all others making them less important.

        Not trying to be a jerk just want to really know if it’s worth my time continuing or if it is best to just start over

        1. There are often contradictions in magick, and working your way through them on a personal level is how you find out what works.

          Given that repetition is used to cover for mistakes, why not continue, without mistakes, and make sure you do the other work too – the letting go and accepting. That is as important as the ritual process in some ways, so do all that, and after 11 days you’ll have put in some good magick. In future, try to get the details right first, because as you can see, on of the main problem swift making a mistake is it strips away the confidence and leaves you feeling, ‘Oh no, should I start again.’ The feeling you want with magick is calm confidence. If you can get that for the rest of the days, keep going. If not, prepare well and start again on another Thursday.

  8. Hi Adam/Damon,

    Do think its okay for me to keep using the MNAP relaxation ritual before doing the work with Angels of Alchemy and 72 Angels? I know these books are a self contained system but I really like using the Nap ritual to get me focused. I just want to make sure that there are no conflicts with the opening calls.
    Thank You,

    1. Hi Troy. You posted this in a few places around the site, perhaps because you didn’t see that above the comment box it says, “Comments may take some time to appear. Replies may take a week or more. Please be patient.” You can’t always see that on all devices.

      If you mean to relaxation self-talk I don’t think tire’s any actual magic in that – can’t remember. The actual calls, too – I think you should be fine if you find it helpful. People do all sorts of things to get in the mood, and if it gets you there, no problem. Sometimes, people perform really outrageous banishing and protection, and wonder why nothing shows up, but for things like relaxation and getting in the mood, there’s no conflict.

  9. Hi Adam

    My purchase of ’72 Angels of Magick’ arrived a just under a week ago and I am really exited. However, I recently completed my Magical Protection Ritual from the Magical Protection Book. I felt great, but I had a bad dream concerning human flesh and gore a few days after and last night I had a spiritual attack where I was commanding it to leave me alone. I eventually broke free but I am confused.

    I dosed off this afternoon and I saw a cup of blood pour over, what does this mean?

    Only years ago I had endless dreams about blood, I was always bleeding in my dreams. The long and short of it is two years later I lost my first child after suffering an abruption at 36 weeks, I almost bleed to death and had blood transfusions. It was exactly as I saw it in my dreams. This is why blood dreams terrify me!

    Coming back to my point about this spirit visitation; since I was a child I have suffered a spirit visit nearly every night of my life. Sometimes it goes when I read Psalms 90 o Psalms 91 but I sometimes feel to tired to bother. Whilst I did the MP ritual this visit stopped so what is happening now?

    Also I do the Sword Banishing twice a day but sometime I end up doing it way past midnight so, I am in-fact doing it the next morning and not the twice in one day. Could this be the problem?

    Do you think I am getting these bad dreams because I purchased the 72 Angels of Magick ?

    Or has something returned or has something entered into my home?

    Or is this just a part of the spiritual journey I am taking at this moment, only I worry about the safety of my family.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    1. Small changes like twice-in-one-day will never cause problems – you’re averaging out the magick, and repeating in the same way that you eat three times a day. Doesn’t matter if you eat after midnight if that’s when you get home. I’m not sure whether everything you’re talking about, including the ‘spirit attack’ was a dream – if so, I usually take that as just dreaming. Random static, and when you do magic, it’s often more magical than if you don’t. Or it can use magical symbols when you’re stressed and so on. I certainly don’t think you’re doing anything wrong or that anything’s been triggered. And buying a book would never, ever have this effect. Worry about buying a book could cause bad dreams, but that’s a different thing. If you don’t feel like doing that magick for now, that’s ok, but please don’t think there’s anything in there that could do this. It’s such gentle magick, and when it’s in the book, unused, it’s not magick at all – its just words and patterns and no more powerful than a glass of water. Spiritual journeys can take you through a lot of this stuff, but it may just be noise, rather than meaningful, and whatever the case, ignoring it rather than feeding it with doubt and worry is more useful. Not ignoring in the sense of forcing it away, but accepting that there’s a disturbance or dream or whatever, and going, Ok, that’s happening, but now to what I want.

  10. So I completed the 2 rituals from this book that I last questioned you about and now I realize I was NOT facing east when performing the rituals. Is it null and void? Should I repeat them? Thanks in advance for your time!

  11. I sure hope I am doing things right, so here’s the thing, I have been 2 different rituals from this book, but on the 10th and 11th day (today) the sigils appeared to be “changing”, to best describe the triangles appeared to “move”, I am trying to explain this best as I can, but its like I know logically they are not moving, I think, but its like my eyes saw the triangles take different forms by showing only 2 triangles on opposite sides, then all 6 around and just other stuff like this, now I had not experienced this for the other 9 days, so did I mess up in the beginning or end of ritual and do I need to repeat them over again. Thank you again, I know I have many questions but I am so new to this and just need clarification, thanks.

    1. When you’re new, that’s ok, but try not to worry about the details – casual and calm confidence, as though you know its certain to work, is more effective. What you’re describing is not a problem, and may just be a minor side-effect from adjusting to magick. Cheers, AB.

  12. I attempted to use Vevaliah using a magical link. I’m quite sure my spell missed and the payload has come back on me. So I ended up attacking myself.

    After I called Vevaliah, I had a really intense dream where a woman touched me, then I started to scream and my movement was freezing up. How do I safely cancel the attack? I’ve begun Master Protection again and I have all your books.

    1. Hey! Sorry to chime in. I’ve used Vevahlia with great success. Never had anything remotely close to this sort of problem. That’s why I’m surprised by your post. One problem I have found is that reversal magick can play a role in these sort of attacks. If the person to whom you are targeting is well versed in the arts, then you could be a victim of your own efforts if they know how to reverse your spell. Otherwise, the magick might be working and you could be dealing with another problem entirely.

    2. Although spells can misfire and bounce back (in some traditions), angelic rituals can’t, from what I’ve seen and everything I understand. They can fail, of course, and there is sometimes a possibility that they will alert an expert occultist into attacking you with more skill than you can resist. But this happens so, so, so rarely that I’d probably discount it. A dream may just be a dream, or can be caused by guilt from performing the magick, but usually it’s not a sign of anything. The magick might still be working fine. I don’t mean to be dismissive, and I’m not, just trying tor reassure you that the magick doesn’t bounce back. If you’ve got Magickal Protection underway you’ll be fine.

      1. My experience: I know this magick works!! At least for me, ive experienced 8/10 has worked. But i did stop… for now. Reason i worked with an Angel to get my inheritance back, i know it was working but after the 11th day i was attacked, i know for certain. I was attacked 3 times in 1 night sleeping, i blocked those attacks each time this happened few nights in the same week, then a week later the attack was in the back of my head i missed it and i was in pain and angry and i was constantly thinking i was going to die! Hmmm …I had not done any protection though as i thought i was already protected using a different type of Magick! Long story short i was being attacked by the person who had done the magick to steal my inheritance and stuff … where im going with thus is, the Angel was doing things to get my inheritance back, the person realised and in turn i was attacked!
        I actually since have had hely … long story and cleased and well again!
        So i feel the protection ritual is a wise way to start!
        I also started to do the 30 day protection …, i was half way through then something said to be cautious and i just stopped it all for now.
        In summary i believe this works! But i feel should do the 30 proectection first, cant hurt right?!

      2. The link I used was a document printed with my signature digitally signed beforehand. I never removed my signature and I was experimenting for the first time with a link by telling the angel they printed the document, but do not harm me. Are you saying this person who starting trouble may also be an occultist? I really think it was an amateur misfire from my mistake. I felt something may have been wrong when I cause a flash of an image before I went to sleep on day 1. I’m only 2 days in and I want to cancel. That dream was quite lucid and intense.

        1. No, I’m saying it’s almost certainly NOT an occultist – but people sometimes jump to that conclusion; and very occassaionly – very, very occasionally – it does happen. I’m certain its not happening to you. But the other conclusion, that magick bounced back is also one that comes more from wicca, and is not something you see with this stuff. I’ve been working with angelic magick for over thirty years, with and around many, many other practitioners and I’ve never seen it just misfire. But if you feel it’s not right, just stop. There’s no need to cancel or withdraw anything. If you no longer pursue the magick it will just fizzle out all by itself. And as sheryisback said up there, doing that protection really can’t do any harm, and for most people is all that’s needed. I hope that puts your mind at rest.

          1. Considered what you said and modified my spell, along with removing my signature from the item I was using. Didn’t command Vevaliah to use the link this time and completed all 11 days. The whole experience wasn’t about the attack, but the spiritual lesson of what came out of the situation. I’m glad to know I wasn’t overreacting by going to this angel.

  13. I have just purchased the kindle version on and most of the sigils are missing & so are a lot of the first page in the chapter. It really isn’t much use with missing text and sigils

    1. Hello. Thanks for buying and sorry to hear this. I’ve just checked the source file by downloading it directly from the server that distributes it to you, and it is intact, with everything present.

      Technical problems like this are almost unheard of, so I’m not sure why this has happened. You might want to try deleting it and downloading it again, or see if you can get it to work on another device – if you have a desktop or laptop you can use the Kindle app to read it. If it’s a very small or old device, I have heard that sometimes, because the images are large and high resolution, you may need to zoom out to see them. If this is all too much hassle, you can seek a refund and amazon will refund without questions, but I can assure you that the file they’re sending out is complete, and all the sigils are there.

  14. How do I make a request to angels for someone else? Do I still do all of the steps because for example I can’t make a promise for the person especially if they don’t know what I am doing? So is it a bit different if doing magic for someone else in the 72 Angels of Magic Book? And am I picturing that person or saying their name while making request to the angels?

    Thank you in advance!

  15. Hi Adam, I am planning to use Angel Netahiah to give extra power to the ritual (Angel Yezelel) to reunite lovers. I am wondering do i perform both rituals (Netahiah and Yezelel( concurrently on the same thursday or do i perform ritual from Angel Netahiah on first thursday and angel Yezelel on the following thursday?

    Thank you Adam in advance for your advice.

    1. Hey there. Same say is fine. It’s answered in a bit more detail above so I’ll just quote:

      “Q: If I call on several angels at once, do I have to complete the full ritual every time, or can I just do the opening, and then call on each angel one after the other?

      A: I prefer to do the complete ritual from beginning to end. If I’m calling on three angels – even if they are all working on the same task for me – I will call one, wait a few hours, call the next and so on. If you are pressed for time you can condense the process by making the opening call (i.e The Master Ritual), and then calling on each angel in turn. Some people find great success with this approach so feel free to try it out.”

  16. Greetings! I am so grateful for your books on Magick. I recently began the 72 Angels ritual and have been experiencing pressure like electricity settling in my abdomen, chest and forehead each time I perform the working. It lasts for about 10 minutes after I have completed it. As well, when I am visualizing the Orange & Purple light on either side of me I hold my hands out to either side. I feel a density in the area of the light. I am not afraid. I find it intriguing. Is this experience normal? Thank you & Many Blessings!

  17. Adam,
    First off, I’d like to say thanks to GoM for all the great knowledge. Really looking forward to the up coming three titles your about to release. My question is this: Any chance Gom is going to cover the 44 Seals of Solomon? That would be spectacular. Also, after these next three titles, should we continue to wait for more work from Gom? Are you guys planning on continuing to publish? Thanks.

    1. Thank you for being a part of it all! There are no plans for those seals, for a whole load of reasons, but I can’t really go into that. But we do have more coming in the next couple of years. We won’t be around forever, but there’s a lot more magick to share. We’re just not putting it out as fast. I suppose three books in the space of four weeks sounds fast, but then there’s going to be a big break to let everybody use the magick. Cheers, AB.

  18. Adam – I was debating whether I should tell you about my experience or not – but, I have decided to go ahead and share because what I experienced was so supernatural that it still boggles my mind. And as per your response to higsonpt and my own experience these Angels or entities are REAL and very intelligent!!! I was just soo desperate and sad and frankly I don’t even know how I came across your books but, there it was and I thought let me just try it. Just to give you a quick background – I am not Jewish, don’t know anything about Hebrew, had no clue about what an Angel is, I don’t even have any Jewish friends – so, basically a total blank state but, I will say that I did the ritual with full emotion – crying and sobbing and then transmuting my emotions – all the emotions I did while performing the 11 day ritual were real. Afterwards, I thought ok I’ve done it and since this was my first ritual didn’t make too much of it and pretty much forgot about it. Lo and behold – after completing the ritual, one afternoon I somehow dozed off (this NEVER happens as I have horrible insomnia so, to fall asleep in the middle of the day was a miracle in itself). I had a dream – and in that dream a very tall man – like 7ft tall, swarthy skin, dressed in those Jesus like robes – starts speaking to me – I thought its one of those weird dreams – and it seemed like he is asking me out in the dream and says “I’d like to see you again” and I’m thinking “no way dude you are so NOT my type” but, I go ahead and ask him his name – and he says “Ismaeal”. Still no big deal for me – after I wake up – I couldn’t forget the dream – and I looked up the the meaning of the name Ismael and it says “heard by God”. So, I’m thinking to myself “that was weird” and ignored it. A few months later I was still sad and worried so, called a psychic – mind you I haven’t been to a psychic in more than 10 years but, something prompted me and I just called someone I found on a website – I’ve never met with this guy before – but, regardless he starts the session and the first thing he says to me is “OMG I’m hearing all these loud voices telling me to tell you that “we heard you, we heard you” and of course, its not registering to me what he is talking about. Then he continues to tell me “You did something – you did something about 6 to 8 weeks ago and they are telling me they heard you and are working on it”. I was floored – 6 to 8 weeks ago was EXACTLY when I had completed my ritual – I had just forgotten about it!!! Anyhow the psychic gave me more details, and there have been some very concrete “coincidences” that are trending towards my request. There were other signs too that I won’t get into – but, wanted to share with you that this is real!!! I am so grateful to the GOM for sharing – whatever prompted you to share know that it is helping many people. Feel free to post or not but, I just wanted to share my experience.

    1. Thanks for sharing that, because you make so many good points. A lot of the magick (but not all of it) is sourced from ancient Hebrew documents, but it’s used by people who know nothing of Hebrew, and even by atheists – but if you go into it with full emotion and do the work as described, the angels respond. So great to hear how it worked for you. It really isn’t like this for everybody; results are pretty normal, but the supernatural effects much less so. Really interesting story.

  19. Hi

    I’m relatively new to magick and pretty much completely new to angel magick. Now I’ve heard different views on this and would like to know your opinion on is magick calling on higher spirits/angels or is it because the rituals drill it into our subconscious minds that it manifests what we’ve intended. Heard different views although with me being new I may of miss understood. So that same question will apply to this, is it angels that help us manifest our will or our subconscious if so how do the angels actually help.

    1. Hi. We believe the angels to be independently real – and that’s because we’ve gone further than this book and, and evoked (or invoked if you prefer) to full contact. Either we’re crazy, or they are real. Course, some people say even a full evocation doesn’t prove they are real, and there are all sorts of morphic field style theories, and that’s how some atheists get by with magick. But it doesn’t matter for the practice of magick. You don’t need faith or belief, but you do have to act as though they are real, as though you are actually communicating to and with a real entity. You can think of it like acting, or the way kids talk to their toys; hard for some people, but easy for others. I can feel strange at first. If you believe in them as objectively real, it is easier, I think. How it all manifests and what role our mind plays – its just so theoretical I’d need to write a book or two, so I can’t really go into that. But you will see on this site, all over, there is a lot about making room for results, being patient, not lusting for result – the angels do their work and then our mind is a part of the process; we need to use it to make room for results to manifest.

  20. I’m attempting to understand the targeting of my magick when working with the angels. I’ve read the articles on targeting, and they make it seem as though the relationship between what you ask for and whether you get it is linear and based on whether other events are in place first to make it happen. For example if you use love re-ignition magick, you may need to do some lessen negativity magick first. But if you do magick for the primary interest first and the results don’t manifest quickly and you do other magick that may be the intermediary step after, couldn’t the magick you did to manifest the initial result be what spurs your inspiration to work with what’s in the way? I ask because I did a bunch of magick for a bunch of different results that seemed feasible at the time but i’m now realizing were bigish asks of reality. The intermediary steps are much clearer now and I don’t wanna go back and redo stuff I’ve done if it’s not necessary. What has your experience shown in cases like this?

    1. Hi Niles. Don’t forget the opening line: ‘Sometimes, all you need is a simple ritual and you get what you want.’ The post is meant to address the problem that occurs when people are trying to do something really big, like make a business run successfully, and they hope one brief ritual from Words of Power will do the work. It might, if there’s only one brief problem or challenge. But to run a business you may need to tackle so many areas. And thus, magickal targeting. But often, you can just go at it with one ritual, let go, give it plenty of time, put in your part of the effort and the manifestation happens. Targeting is a tool that can make magick more effective. Yeah, the way things are will really affect the way things can be; something that;’s just out of reach is easier to achieve with magick than without, and it’s wiser to aim for that than to shoot for the moon. The small changes that add up are better than the big changes (because they are easier to get. But don’t let the post make you think that everything is a bit too ordinary, and that magick is linear and only works in a mechanical way – it really is more creative than that, and can work in ways that are damn near miraculous. So that post is about pointing out that some situations might need a more tactical approach. But not all of them. There’s no need to redo anything you’ve already done – that magic is in place. And the results may come without any other effort. But if you see something obvious you could add in like, say, , ‘Oh, yeah I’m really blocked about receiving money, so I’ll release those blocks using Zanna’s book’, then you can add that in. But you may not have to. See how you feel about it in light of what I’ve said. Often, patience, allowing the results to come when they come, and working away at the problem in the real world, often that’s enough and magick can surprise you with how big a change it brings you.

  21. Hi Adam, I have gone through the entire book but i could not find a suitable angel to increase my chances of winning a study fellowship. Maybe, I have missed out something . Do you know if there are something situable for my purpose in other GoM books? Thanks.

    1. You have to look at what influences the results. If all the works done, and the judges have already decided, there’s nothing you can do. But if you’re still applying, then you can work on your own efforts, make your application better. You can also improve general luck, to charm the possibility, and so on. There’s a whole load of magick you can use. But you need to look at what need to happen to get the result, to get the best chance. In some of these things, you need to known the judges and do networking. In others, it’s all about being seen in a good light. So there’s no one angel with the power written out as ‘to win a study fellowship’, but there should be lots of powers in there to help you. But I can’t see all the factors at play here; only you can do that. Lelahel, Achaiah, Heziel, Yeyayyel, Haaiah are all worth a look, just off the top of my head. But if you need to improve your actual skills, and learning for some sort of test (I don’t know what this scholarship entails!) then other angels. Or perhaps some of the magick in Sigils of Power.

  22. Could you talk a bit about some of your experiences with magick that took awhile to show results? Damon has said that when you can wait a year results can happen quick, or something like that. Have you ever had results take a year for something you really wanted?

    1. Hi Niles. The idea is that if you can be as patient as that, it happens quickly. Not the other way around. So when I was truly able to let go, I have had results in seconds, often within minutes and many times within days. But that patience has to be real it has to be real. In loads of cases, it took me almost forgetting about the magick, and then it came through. In some cases, results took years because they were very long term workings on large projects, but that’s another matter. But yeah, there were times when nine or ten months later, I’d realise the magick had worked. That’s not so much the case now, as I’m patient enough and able to let go, so things happen quickly. If nothing works I look at what I can change in me, or if there are underlying problems in the situation that I haven’t thought about, so I can be tactical.

  23. Dear Adam … ive only reached out to Damon before, and thsnk you also for being open to all! I have all of all of your books, found Damon few yrs ago and thankful!
    I have come to an area i would like guidance. After help with Angels and all ive accomplished since, i wanted to regsin my wealth back, my stolen inheritance. Long story short i belive the Angels and help me with this also. Damon guided me to which Angel, I saw things, then several weeks later, 3 time in 1 night and seversl more nights in the same week i would have the same exact dream, i would see a closed door wirh yellowish light seeping under the door abd a light would come towards me i blicked it each time, all this in a dream sane exact dreams. Then about a week later sane dream but the light under the door hit me in the back of my head. After that i was moody and not myself for weeks. I reached out to a friend whose interpretited knowing my background that the aunt who, long story short, stole my inheritance had attacked me to prevent my regsining my stolen inheritance back. I have not done any of my working since, its almost like something has stopped me. Whst i saw before this from the Angel was, i would regsin my inheritance, i saw a dark cloud over the sunts house.., anf more but then this happened. I realise this is deeper & much left out for the sake of, well this forum,but im not sure how to proceed? I thought to do 30 day protection tgen try again then which Angels? This is just not so straight forward. Mind you my inheritance was stollen 20 years ago but… worth even mord now. What Angels do you suggest i work with in this scenario based on some of whats shared. Also i learned actially through workinh with Angels the aunt killed my father, anf his dad… its the only way she coukd claim it all. I actually saw it very clearly… yesthe Angeks showed me. I confirrmed this. My father died very young, i asked my mom agsin whrn i saw this, how, she said natural causes but no one believed it and so there was an autospy, my mother had never told me before about the autopsy and womdered how i knew, i told her…. can you guide me please? The sunt works with dark magic …

    Love light and blessings

    1. Hey, thanks for buying all the books. I can’t really offer guidance, because it’s your choice what you do with this information, and that depends on what sort of a person you are, what exactly you want, and what magick you like. Some people would use magick to forget and move on. Others to find justice and get what’s owed. Others to attack and get revenge. Some would do everything. You have to look at what’s actually possible, too. I’m not sure whether you’re looking for something like that or for protection, or to remove the individual who’s causing problems. Only you can work this out and then determine the right course for your particular path. This article might help:

      1. Adam do you feel to defeat a person / people as i described, to protect my family and myself, but to bind the aunt and whomever she is working with, and to gain my inheritance back, would the book of magical attack be best?
        I dont wish harm but she harmed my family! I want my fsmily and i safe but to bing her, block harm to us and take whst was ours that was stollen back.
        By the way, i do not have this book and one other book i realized after reading your response as i think they are the books that work with demons. I usually prefer light work… but to accomplish this… to deal with someone who uses dark magick would i want to use dark magick to suceed?

        1. The attack book uses angels and demons, but steer clear if you prefer the light work. The 72 Angels of Magick does have angels that can be used against enemies. Angelic work can often be used for this. If you are fighting somebody who you are certain uses dark magic, you would want to use protection, and then it’s up to you what approach you take. It really does come down to your intuition. I could say, ‘Yes, go on the attack,’ because that works for lots of situations, but I don’t know yours and so it would be irresponsible to say you should do it in one set way. Let your instinct guide you to the magic that will be best for you.

          1. Thank you so much! My insticts are im dealing with her , including someone who is helping her tremendously, someone who’s being paid to do her work for her and for years, & he must be very seasoned & strong in this type of work & yes my intuition is they are using dark powers since death is what they have been causing. They seem to cause issues with the mind to cause physicsl harm from what ive experienced and its very well planned, if that makes sence, it was all done to take my family wealth. I keep somehow escaping, and i know when they attack me, unlike my father, grandfather and grandmother whom all died right after the other in that order for very obvious plans, right before she took everything.
            I have been seeking someone to help with the work and or to assist me, but i have not found an “real” person who knows and can do this type work …

            For protection, would i want to do the 30 day? Or whats best beforr i start to proceed again?

            Love light and blessings..

            1. Scenario 3 in How To Use This Book might be best – or you could just learn the Sword Banishing and do the Master Protection ritual if you prefer, and work from there. Trust your intuition about what’s best, and also what you think you’ll have the commitment to see through. 30 days is easy for some, but others can’t keep going that long.

  24. My first ritual will be on April 27th 2017. After I dotted all the I’s and cross all the t’s I began to rehearse the ritual reading in an undertone to help me pronounce the harder words more correctly. I began to feel myself slightly going into that daydreaming trance type feeling and I was slightly Swaying back and forth in a rhythmic way. I wasn’t freaked out by this but I was a little confused by it. I would appreciate any feedback.
    Thank you

    1. It can happen for mundane reasons (just being in a habitually relaxed, slightly altered state) more than for magickal ones. If you do go into this state during magick, it may be an echo of that. It’s not a concern, unless you’re driving…!!! Hope the ritual’s going well for you!

  25. Hello Damon you said # imagine a bolt of lightning descending from the heavens and striking the talisman in your heart. You may feel a pleasant physical sensation as the talisman ignites. Do we have to see only the letters of the talisma ignited or the while talisman, even the black and white spaces or only the letters ignited while charging the Shem talisman please?


    1. You ‘may’ feel something. You may not. Doesn’t matter. “Whatever you feel, the work is done and the image has been empowered within you.” When you imagine the lighting let whatever happens happen. You’ve imagined the talisman in your heart, you picture the lightning – something will probably happen spontaneously. Otherwise, just imagine light. It sounds like you might be overthinking things, so please read:

  26. Adam,

    I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful response. I do have all the books you mentioned, and I am fortunate that I have good disability insurance. Things could be a lot worse. I saw your response as a notification in WordPress but could not figure out if I could reply that way–I just started with WordPress to login here so I am new to it and I could not find any reply or messagng options.

    Your response was VERY helpful. I am going to start with Zanna’s book, I think, because the process will be a little easier for me,

    Thanks so much for your help!

  27. Had a very interesting experience that I am going to share with you. I had a rough couple of months the beginning of this year, dealing with two enemies. One of my enemies nearly had me defeated. Magickal Protection as well as 72 Angels of Magick got me through it and I was able to get by. The interesting part is; The last ritual I did was the evocation of Menadel to keep my job, I nearly lost my real estate license. I did the ritual for 11 days and finished on a Sunday. On day 12, Monday, I walked into my office and found a letter from the licensing division in my State that stated my complaints were dismissed. Now this isn’t just any ordinary evocation and good results. My situation was very surreal and the allegations were somewhat true, the acts I committed could have nearly put me in Jail but my intent was genuine yet courageous. I honestly cannot explain my situation because it is extremely complicated that even I am confused by it all. It is difficult to explain what you want to say when you have a truly Magickal result that manifests as mine did. The letter I received baffled my mind for a week with feelings of gratitude. Menadel clearly did this because there is no other way. But it goes above and beyond, because the only way Menadel could have done this is by shifting events from the past. There’s just no other way. Shifting the past is something I just now have had the enormous pleasure of experiencing. The experience is inexplicable. My wisdom is growing very strong Adam! Very very strong! Damon Brand, I want to express my gratitude. You saved me and my family from poverty and chaos and I don’t think any of you from the GOM will truly know how much I appreciate your books. All I can say is thank you!

    1. @occultspectator success stories the best! I needed to stop what I’m doing just to read this success story 🙂 keep them coming. Of course to the G.O.M masters thank you for sharing us your knowledge truly & for doing all the “field tests” on behalf of those who are called to follow your lead.

  28. Oh also I would like to ask as well. would the lighting strike ritual of charging the shem work for any sigil outside of this book like , lets say a sigil that i create. I am feeling like it would but ofcourse I have to ask the guys who made it up

    1. The symbolism of the lightening is fairly universal, so yes it can help with chaos-style workings. But remember that the sigil actually contains the words written out (the call to Arzel, the pslam etc) so that might mean it’s not quite as potent. So the whole ritual can be used as a jumping off point to develop something new, but it won’t just work straight out of the box for any entity. It works for a lot, though, but it can lead to a lot of trial and error. Ideally, you need the right sigil, psalm and whatever else is appropriate to that entity. That’s why there’s a different process in The Angels of Alchemy, and so on – it’s better to tune the ritual to the spirits than use one for everything. But experimenting can be good.

      1. Thanks for the input Adam. so you are saying the lightening strike ritual can power a sigil but being that in Damon’s book we are actually charging a sigil for a entity, its more powerful? that a regular sigil that we create may not be as powerful because of that?

        1. Yes. The lighting itself is designed as a connection (above and below – that sort of thing) ; its idea for angels, but can be adapted to add energy to other things. The overall ritual was designed for these specific angels and a lot of the words you say are actually in the sigils, so that ties it more closely to the sigils. But I come from a Chaos Magick background (partly) so if you want to try charging your own sigil this way I’d say give it a go. The worst that can happen is you’ve wasted ten minutes learning something useful.

  29. I dont know if this was asked before but I was wondering if I can take the ritual you provide in 72 magickal Angels and apply it to call all the from different books, like words of power or greater words of power or Angels of alchemy.

    1. I’ve known people improve their appearance and physique using magick, but actually being taller, no. What you can do is change the way people perceive you, so that you either seem taller. Or the easier and better way is to find magick that helps you feel better about yourself, so that you carry yourself and move and present yourself in a way that makes you appear however you want to appear, so that height doesn’t matter. I’ve met many powerful people, many of whom were not at all tall, and yet they conveyed more power than those who towered over them.

  30. Hi,

    I recently discovered gallery of magic books on Amazon and I’m so in love. I’m taking every working seriously so I can manifest my heart desires. I have the 72 angels and the books for money.

    My Delima: I frequently buy spiritual candles from this online store ans it seems like every week/month im more or less buying them for the same problem and it’s like I can’t help myself. Now that I’ve discovered these books I will like to permanently end that chapter of my life. It’s a costly cycle that needs to end.

    Are there any angel (s)/ books that I can use that will permanently bring that chapter of my life to an abrupt end?

    All responses are welcomed.


    1. Hello! Lovely to hear your love of the books! If you’re buying them for the same problem then I’d just stop, and find alternative magick that can solve that problem. That probably sounds so obvious its stupid, but often a near-stupid action can be the one you need to shake you out of a habit. But to feel good about this, look for magick that will help get to the underlying problem and sort it out. Candles can be cool, but if it feels like a burdensome addiction, see what relief you get from just letting it go.

  31. Hi Adam,
    I wanted to ask you whether I can use Cahetel’s power to control growth in nature to cure a diseased tree in my yard. The tree is in a bad shape, but I am attached to it. Every time I decide to remove it, I can’t go through with it, and think whether angel magick can help. Also, do you think I can use the same power to improve grass in my pony’s pasture? I know, it seems silly, that I am preoccupied with the trees and grass while others have real problems to solve, but I wish there were more powers that work with nature listed in the book.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi, and yes, that’s why the power’s listed – go for it! And believe me, this is not at all silly. It’s lovely to hear that somebody wants to use the magick for something like this. I have. I have a few special trees, special places – I’ve used magick to look after them.

  32. Hello Adam,
    About the sword banishing for daily use, in the morning after waking up,and at night right before going to sleep…
    About 3 nights/week I have to be up 1-3 times during late evening/night to care for someone elderly during nights.
    So when I do sword banishing at night when I’m getting into bed but I do not fall asleep before I have to get up to help someone or I’m up soon after I fall asleep,will the overnight banishing still be strong or more weak?
    How would you do this?
    Also, most of your books(except where it specifically tells you when to do rituals, like after sunset or before sunrise),the rituals can be performed anytime during the day or evening?
    So after sunrise but before sunset is considered a “day” as in 1st, 2nd “day” of ritual?
    If it’s 5am but no sunrise yet is it considered as “following/next day”?
    Thank you

    1. Hi there. The basic idea is to get the Sword Banishing in twice a day at roughly either end of the day, and here the day refers to your main waking period. For most people that means you wake up, banish at some point during the first hour, and then banish again at some point in the hour before bed. In your case, even with all those complications, maybe you still see a certain hour as your main, official get up and start the day time, and the same for bedtime, despite the disturbances. If so, go with that. If not, then just get two done a day, at any time, roughly 12 hours apart. That will work fine.

      Unless stated, any time is fine.

      Yes, that’s usually how the days work, but you can use your own day. Many people work nights and unusual hours, and pilots who fly all over the world have real fun with this stuff – they just look at their own slots of 24 hours and call it one day. Simplify it to work for you, if that makes sense, because mostly this stuff isn’t vital – it’s just some repetition on a fairly regular basis, and getting the mood and energy is more important than the timing.

      Cheers, Adam B.

  33. Hi Adam

    In the 72 Angels rituals, could you tell me what the coloured glows pertain to, or could you direct me to where I can find out please? I’ve looked through the book but I can’t see anything. For a while, when I was performing the Sword Banishing, two of the Angels started appearing in my mind with these two colours and I wasn’t sure if this was correct or not.

    Many thanks.

    1. I can’t go into the exact source here, but I have seen it echoed in a few places. But you;re sort of creating a kabbalistic cross without the usual ritual – the lightning goes vertically, and the colours create a charge that goes across. This forms a cross of power, with you at the centre. Many people find some visual spillage with the Sword Banishing, and that’s fine.

      1. Ahhh,ok. That makes sense. Thanks very much for your clarification. Much appreciated.

  34. Dear Mr. Damon/Mr. Adam,
    I wanted to ask about the method of crafting a request for punishing an enemy! I don’t want to destroy the person,I only want that person to fear me and avoid me at all cost + to destroy their ability to damage me! So, if you could give us a template on how to structure a request for punishing an enemy,because we do not want to anger the spirits! Also, which spirit is more suitable and advisable in this situation: Vevaliah or Omemiah?
    Another question, is it safe to start on any day other than Thursday and Monday?
    Also, for the Promise section, is it a vital step for the ritual? And if we failed to meet the requirements of the promise or did not fulfill it for any reason, will the spirits be angered or irritated to the extent that they might take revenge or run amok??

    Most appreciated

    1. Hello. You’re on the right track, but the final choice should be yours for all the reasons explained in the article linked to in the third question, above. Also, if you look down the page, somebody else asked a very similar question, so that answers might be useful!

      The Thursday/Monday question is answered above.

      Yes Step 5 is vital, even if it’s restricted as described – without this you’re not really connected to the magick.

      If you mess up all that happens is nothing. Angels never run amok!

        1. I edited the post so that the details don’t appear here for everybody to read. But yes, that looks fine. The only thing I’d be wary of is making the promise sound a bit weak. “as confident and calm as possible” sounds like you might sort of try. It would be better to say. “I will remain confident and calm.” It’s more definite.

            1. “Talismans and sigils work whether or not you ‘charge’ them psychically, but many people find they get better results if they activate the images with magickal energy. ” I would, but if you don’t have time…. you don’t have to.

  35. Dear Adam, if you are asking angels to return lost love, are you allowed to date other people? I have not but am wondering if it is okay to. Kind of to bide time, and I think this can make someone more attractive anyway/removes pressure, but I also see that they respond a lot to what you do in the real world so I don’t know if that’s a bad idea. Thanks.

    1. The angels don’t ever allow or disallow or judge, and people can even employ angels to do stuff that others would see as downright immoral. It’s all about viewpoints. But yes, I agree – moving on and being free of the pressure is the best way to give the magick room to work, so long as it’s initially done with some potency, and you remain open to signs and actions that show it could be underway.

  36. I frequently use a folklore spell I learned some time ago that does as a Reversal magick. It involves, cutting two 7- day candles (one red/one black) in half and then turning them upside down back into the glass, black half on top red half on bottom, dressing with oil, and carving enemy names into the candle. The Force employed is St. Michael, I place his sigil under the candle, say the invocation and set it aside. I like candles sometimes because of the divination it offers. Bottom line, it works. My issue with this is minor, but I’d like to find a more simplified way to perform reversal magick, I like the magick you have been teaching me because I don’t need to use candles, Wands, oils, etc.

    I am a politician and a real estate broker, and find myself having to perform this magick often due to political opponents.

    do you think there is an angel in the 72 angels of magick that could craft such a request? I know vehvahlia is great against enemies, but I’m looking more at reversal magick versus doing damage.

    1. One last thought; I say all this because when I have an enemy, instead of destroying them, I just want to send it back. Because if they attempt to perform reversal magick thinking they are reversing my spell, they’ll be reversing their own spell.

    2. Well, I’m all for whatever works. As for angelic magick it depends on your definition of reversal. Some people mean send it right back where it came from, and others mean just stop it from harming me. If you just mean protection then Magickal Protection has some very easy stuff, no candles or anything, and the Sword Banishing – so many people swear by that. There’s also angelic magick for stopping curses, attacks, that sort of thing, without doing damage. In the angels book, it’s the same. Heziel, Vevaliah etc – you can task them within the range of their powers, but it can be adapted. So if if you don’t want to destroy an enemy literally, you can destroy their ability to harm you. It even says in the description that it can be sued to bind them so they do no harm. That’s a fairly simple way, but Magickal Protection is even quicker, if you have that book.

      1. When I use the term reversal magick, I mean send it back to them. The kind that takes an enemies Magickal or non-Magickal efforts and returns it. The reason I don’t like to go on the offense is because I have a moral view about making that decision. But I have no problem seeing someone suffer due to a direct reflection of their own actions. That’s to say, dare put in the time and energy to destroy me and dig your own grave (so to speak). The magick can be used for enemies known and unknown and works against curses, adversity and slander. I have Magickal Protection & Magickal Attack (I have mostly all of your books) and Magickal Protection has produced some very solid results for me. The sword banishing ritual is amazing. But attacks come in so many different forms and prefer to send it back.

        I’m going to do some research on binding, but if you have any advice to share on this matter you would be doing me a solid.

        1. As Damon notes, the powers described are only a fraction of what’s available. I think it’s fair to say that for some angels, particularly one that can destroy an enemy, reversal of this kind is simple enough – just add it to your request in a way that you understand clearly.

          1. Adam, thank you! I agree and was thinking the same thing. I’m going to experiment with this and post my results.

            On a separate note, I took a moment to think about my results with Magickal Protection, and I realized something I hadn’t been paying attention to; I don’t have any enemies right now. In fact, it’s been strangely peaceful lately. Subsequently after completing the master protection, I also evoked Hayiel to repel curses. I don’t think I have been particularly considerate of the positive changes that have occurred in my life and now that I realize this I should be expressing gratitude. But you are right about Magickal Protection.

  37. I have been doing ritual since Jan 2017 and I have not seen results so yesterday I went to check the result of one of my rituals! I know we are not supposed to lust for results so I do not know what make me what to check the results. Anyway…..

    Holy moly! All i can say is that I am in total disbelief and so amaze by the results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!! I am wondering if there is a way to thank the angels ?

    1. Grea to hear, and some people like to repeat the ritual and thank the angle directly – just on one day. But should say there is NO need to do this. The way the ritual is set up, with the emotion of pleasure taking palace in the ritual itself, you;ve already done this. The angel is primed to sense your satisfaction, and that is the way you give thanks.

  38. Hi Adam, I am in day 2 of my ritual and I realise that I forget to scan my eyes over the letters in the square of my chosen sigil. Should i continue with the ritual or just restart next thursday and continue for 11 days?


    1. The length of the ritual allows for mistakes to be corrected, but it’s up to you. If you do continue, make sure it’s all so clear that it runs smoothly.

  39. Hi Adam, I read over FAQ many times, it was really helpful to understand the angels, and I have some questions. 1) When people come to you asking questions about their rituals where its clear that the magick should have been approached differently, should we be correcting our mistakes? For example, the subtle difference in ways you word results, “hoping” vs “expecting” vs “justifying” and so forth, being direct vs “pleading” and so forth. In these cases instance can we repeat the full ritual in modified requests? Are the angels okay with this? 2) When hoping or lusting comes to play does it ruin the magick or can it still work? 3) What are your thoughts on divination in the process of magick to learn more about a problem? 4) If you try to do other approaches to the magick (like, working with Creative Light as in your book, or calling on an angel in a different way as opposed to this method), do the angels stop working on the problem or do they work in harmony? I have never worked with entities before so I feel like I’m tiptoeing a bit. Thank you 🙂

    1. Yes, for sure you can repeat with a modification. That’s why we give the advice, so it can be made to work. If the angels hear you, that’s all that matters. They don’t get impatient.

      2) It can still work, but it can block the result. As well as the FAQ look for the articles it links to, on lust etc – these cover the best ways around the problem.

      3) If you-re good at it, useful – but knowing what you want is more important than asking ‘what’s likely to happen’. The point of magic is to choose what happens.

      4) Harmony! Unless there’s a direct conflict. The classic example is, you can’t use a ritual for invisibility at the same time as fame. Otherwise, it works together. Piling more magick on to force a result doesn’t work though. The early part of the FAQ addresses that and there are lots of posts.

      Tiptoeing is fine – you’l get it working! Cheers, Adam B.

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