The 72 Angels of Magick FAQ


Q: What happened to Magickal Angels and The Greater Magickal Angels?

A: It made sense to offer both books together, for a lower price. The 72 Angels of Magick replaces those books, but contains the same material.

Q: Can you help me to choose the right angel?

A: It’s essential that you develop the skill of connecting with the angels, so please see How To Find An Angel.

Q: Do I really have to do the rituals for 11 consecutive days? Do I have to start on a Thursday?

A: Ideally, yes. If you absolutely can’t, due to other commitments, then miss a day and then keep going until you have worked at least 11 days, ideally finishing on a Sunday. If you can’t start on a Thursday, start on a Monday. If you can’t finish on a Sunday, finish on a Thursday. If you can’t do any of these, just try to work the ritual as often as possible (but no more than once a day) until you get results, but be aware that 11 consecutive days, starting on a Thursday, is the best way to get results.

Q: Why 11 days and why a Thursday? Words of Power works so quickly, why do I need to do 11 days and start on a Thursday?

A:  It gives you time to settle into the magick and – sometimes – feel your needs change during the course of the ritual. Also, magick works through both directions of time, and the effects are cumulative. When making direct contact, this is the approach that has worked the best – and although there are many theoretical reasons, this is based largely on exerpeicen. Also, angelic work is usually aimed at making large changes, that affect you as well as the world around you, so a longer length of time is better. Also, as this is direct contact with angels, spending 11 days gives you more chance of sensing the angel, making contact or getting feedback on your result. Some people feel nothing,and that is fine, while others feel something straight away. but overall, doing 11 days gives you more time to form a relationship with the angel you are contacting.

Q: Hayiel and Hariel are both said to improve magickal power, so which should I use?

A: Hayiel is noted to provide greater control or precision. Hariel is more about increased energy. If you need more energy, then Hariel. More control, Hayiel. You may not need either. The listed powers are only guides to get things moving, but to get a sense of how the angels differ it’s worth considering their other listed powers. That gives you a feel for their practical potential.

Q: Is there any disadvantage to calling on several angels at once if I have several minor requests? I don’t want to do the full ritual five times.

A: Angels will respond to minor requests – but the approach to angelic evocation in the angel books is aimed at more major requests. If somebody speaks the ritual and then calls on five major angels to change five major areas of their life in a major way, it shows a lack of focus and dedication. But if the changes you seek are quite minor, you can roll it into one ritual and call on several angels at once.

Q: If I call on several angels at once, do I have to complete the full ritual every time, or can I just do the opening, and then call on each angel one after the other?

A: I prefer to do the complete ritual from beginning to end. If I’m calling on three angels – even if they are all working on the same task for me – I will call one, wait a few hours, call the next and so on. If you are pressed for time you can condense the process by making the opening call  (i.e The Master Ritual), and then calling on each angel in turn. Some people find great success with this approach so feel free to try it out.

Q: Will this book help with contacting my Holy Guardian Angel (HGA)?

A: Not directly, but all efforts to contact angels help by making you more aware and sensitive to angelic response. The HGA book will give you the methods you need when it is released.

Q: I get a sense that I need to continue the ritual for more than 11 days. Is that OK?

A: Yes. There is no need to perform the ritual for more than 11 days unless you sense a strong urge, but if you do feel the urge to maintain contact there is no reason why you shouldn’t. Aim to conclude on a Sunday if possible, unless the angel contacts you directly and tells you otherwise.

Q: I read a PDF that said contacting these angels is dangerous, and that I should purify myself and fast before attempting contact. Is this true?

A: This sort of disinformation is used to frighten people away from the secrets of the inner circles. Angels help the weak, filthy and the poor, so you don’t need to fast, bathe or grovel to be heard by an angel.

Q: Should I sit, kneel or stand?

A: Remember that you’re not praying, so if kneeling makes it feel like praying that might be the wrong mindset. Otherwise, there’s no problem with kneeling, standing or sitting.

Q: Do the angels always work for our highest good?

A: No, they work according to what you ask for. Angels can be commanded to wreak havoc, and they will do so. That’s what makes magick different to praying – you are choosing the path for yourself, and then using the spirit forces to manifest your will.

Q: The psalms in the book don’t match the psalm list I found on the internet. Why?

A: The internet is not always the most reliable source when it comes to the occult. There are many traditions, and what you’ve found may indeed be accurate for one tradition or another. The verses we use appear in other texts and traditions and are correct and as intended. Each verse contains seven words, and contains the first three letters of the angel’s name, spelt out in Hebrew, buried within the verse. Given that an angel name consists of these letters with a word-ending that equates to god, the entire angel name is encoded within the verse, because each verse also contains the name of god. We find these to be the most effective verses, but you are free to use your own if you prefer.


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169 thoughts on “The 72 Angels of Magick FAQ

  1. I remember reading from Damon about blockages of magick and all of the sudden a “flood of magick” working, Just wondering Adam your experiences in this and causes for it.


    1. You might do magick for something and the results are stodgy, but then when you get out of the way, or when something else changes, the results all come at once. It’s about you changing something in yourself that is preventing things going the way you want. Often, deep down, it’s about not feeling you deserve something. So that’s where books like The Angels of Alchemy can remove those blocks, and that helps all the other magick to start working, where it was stumbling.

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    1. Hey there. Any time is fine, so go with what feels right. In the chapter called Eleven Days of Angelic Contact it says, “Any time of day is fine, although some people say the hour before sunrise is best.” So that, or whatever you like!


  2. Please refresh my memory…
    If I’m doing a ritual for another person someone really close to me, trying to help them with work/luck…
    Do I feel how it makes me feel seeing them struggle and then feel the happiness/gratitude as it has already happened?
    Like I would for myself?
    Or do I imagine to be them?
    Does this also apply to rituals from 72 angels?
    Thanks in advance Adam


  3. Is it obligatory to perform a ritual with any angel exactly to the East? My room is to small and is more convinient to me to make a ritual to another side


    1. You can change anything and magick tends to work, mostly. The books sets out the best way and then everything is up to you, and you can leave bits in or out and see if it still works as well for you.


  4. Adam, I am having problems with psychic chords, hooks, implants and other intrusions. Any advice which Angel would be best employed to remove these intrusions? Thanks.


  5. Hello, I have an inquiry that may seem silly, but would appreciate your advice. I have a living situation that, aside from being annoying (roommates, always annoying nomatter how much you love them) is loud. The walls are very thin and there is a dog in the house who is not mine, who is very small and has the most horrific bone chilling bark. I want to quiet the dog but I don’t know a safe way to do this. I looked through 72 Angels, and here; I am really at my limit with this thing and am rather nervous that if I were to employ an angel in this, the means to the end would be somehow dangerous, like the dog dies or something bad happens that makes my roommate leave, etc. Couple this with a deeper desire (though not decidedly the route I wish to take) to have them out of the house- it may just be taken to another level that is not “if it harm none”. Any thoughts?


    1. Difficult. How much do you want peace? Getting the roommate out might be what you want. Or maybe you need better communication. You need the roommate to take responsibility. All dogs bark. Dogs should not bark incessantly. If they do the owner is not doing a good job. (You know, I’m guessing here – based on your description.) So you either need to build the confidence and courage to make your point, or work to make the other person kinder so they do this. There’s lots of magick that can help here. but I bet it comes down to the point where you actually have to speak your mind. There is magick that can subdue animals, but I’m not convinced that it’s entirely savoury in all circumstances so I won’t share it here.

      Oh, I just read it again – you do want them out of there. Not easy, ever, but it can be done. You need to look at what’s most likely to work. making them angry and miserable, or hopeful and outward looking, or uneasy and weird – or just asking them. Often that last one, free of all magick, is the easiest, once it;s done.


  6. I have a story to share to honor Angel Mahasiah and express my gratitude for curing my health condition, which is nothing short of a miracle, and for bringing peace to the place I work and the place I play. It took me a while to find the right Angel. I contacted a few Angels that weren’t able to help me with this issue, but they helped with other ones. When I decided on Mahasiah, I still waited for the time I can perform the ritual perfectly. But I ran out of time. I had small lumps in my breast for a couple of years. They were painless and didn’t bother me, but I wanted them gone nonetheless. The problem is – I didn’t want a surgery, or anything invasive. I just wanted a miracle, and I was determined to get it. One day I came from work and found out that one lump was inflamed, swollen, hot and throbbing with pain. It was too late in the day to go to the doctor, and I was really scared. I decided to go to the doctor in the morning, and started the ritual to contact Mahasiah. I felt a very strong presence, when I was interrupted by someone coming home. It took me just a second to pick up my things and leap into another, more private room right in the middle of the ritual. I picked up where I left off, but, of course the energy was fading. I didn’t have time to write my request, so I had to improvise. The pain was gone before I finished saying my request and I fell asleep a little bit relieved. I was woken up at 2am by the presence in my room and a strong smell of a wax candle. I decided that the presence didn’t feel threatening and opened my eyes. (I know SBR by heart and use it if I feel uncomfortable) Above me I saw the light that cleared up to reveal Mahasiah’s face. It was nothing like the pictures of the angels we are all used to! Yet, I was mesmerized by it and couldn’t look away. We were looking at each other for a few minutes until it faded, taking the energy and smell of a candle with it. During the next 13 days I changed my request 4 or 5 times! I asked to know his additional powers communicated to me in my dreams. I got dreams, but I couldn’t interpret them. I asked to stop sending me dreams. He stopped. I accidentally upset someone at work, and although I apologized, I felt it was not enough, so I asked Mahasiah to bring peace to the people I upset, and to the entire office. He did. As Damon said, Angels paint in broad strokes. That request for peace in the office is still making splashes. People who couldn’t be in the same room now are going to lunch together. It has been almost a month – Mahasiah in his infinite patience and compassion cured all lumps, and brought peace despite my imperfect magick. Thank you, Mahasiah, Damon and GOM for making it all happen. Words cannot express how grateful I am for this miracle 🙂
    P.S. I apologize for the long post. Please, edit it if you can make it shorter.

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  7. Hi Damon

    Thanks for answering my post. Apologise but I still have a couple of questions. I know you have been patient with me and I really appreciate all your advices. My questions are 1) from the 72 angels- I’ve done one ritual a few weeks ago and hence I’ve charged the talisman. Do I need to charge the talisman every time I want to start a new ritual? 2) what if I’ve forgotten to charge the sigil and have carried out a day/few days of the ritual. Should I just carry on or do i need to charge the sigil as soon as possible and carry on or should i start all over again on the next recommended time? Thanks so much. Greatly appreciate your kindness and guidance.


    1. From the book:

      “You can perform this charging ritual just moments before you perform the main ritual, or months in advance, and the effect will remain as strong.”

      “So long as you see a sigil while it is being charged, it will remain charged, even when used on a different device at a later date.

      And regarding whether or not charging is essential, this is also from the book: “Talismans and sigils work whether or not you ‘charge’ them psychically, but many people find they get better results if they activate the images with magickal energy.”

      There is no substitute for trying the magick out. Imperfect magick teaches you more about there experience of magick than waiting for perfection.


  8. Hi Damon,
    “72 Angels of Magick” TZ sounds like the end of cats on page 33. This is a bit confusing. Could you write
    in English how to pronounce TZ? Thanks!

    Blessings to you,
    Winston B


    1. That is the English. Say the word CATS and the end of the sound you make is the TZ you’re looking for.

      So you could say CATS, and then say it again but drop the CA so that it’s just TS. Or just make a T sound, then and S sound. Run them together and you’ve got TS or TZ.

      It could, I suppose, be written TS, but I think the presence of the Z helps make it have a little more of a buzz than the S. But an approximation will work fine.


  9. I really enjoyed your book. I was a practicing wiccan for many years but after so much inner intrigue grew tired and moved to solitary. I was feeling a bit lost and for some reason had been thinking about angels. I bought your Kindle version and really enjoyed it. That same night I had a dream that an angel, or presence of light, showed itself to me and spelled its name in a spider web. It was ‘David’ and then several letters that I could not recognize. I’m a person who seldom remembers their dreams but I woke up remembered this one quite clearly. Have you any knowledge an angel named David…or do you think perhaps it was a guardian?


    1. I have no way of knowing, as this is a very personal experience for you. It might be worth noting that many Psalms are attributed to David (regardless of historical accuracy), and the Psalms are used to call the angels. Or it may be that you are simply opening up to magickal intuition. I’m glad you enjoyed the book.


  10. Greetings,
    Is it ok to perform rituals for example, few days at home, then few days at a different location (when away from home for work), for one ritual that lasts 11 days (72 angels book).
    I am guessing it is ok and it doesn’t have to be performed from my home only?
    Also, when at home I can say the words out loud and not worry about privacy as I live alone.
    But when away at a hotel for example,for example, can I say it in low key?
    So is it ok to mix it up during one ritual for example, and do some days at home, other days somewhere else,some days loud and some in low tone,and will it effect the results?


    1. Yes, it’s OK to work anywhere, even on the road, and in varied locations over the course of the ritual. I’ve performed rituals quietly on aeroplanes.

      As for the quiet method, this is from the main faq:

      Q: I can’t say the words of the ritual out loud, for reasons of privacy. Will it still work?

      A: Yes, so long as you imagine the sound of the words clearly, and imagine that you are calling to the ends of the universe.


  11. Mr. Brand,
    Love the books! Thanks to you & the rest of The Gallery Of Magick for your tutelage. My question is this; Do you think it is wise to invoke Two of the listed powers for a given angel during one session? For example I have need to call on Cahetel to “drive away evil spirits” but at the same time & unrelated to this request I would like to create a “strong voice”. Should I call on him for the former, wait till completion and then next Thursday begin the ritual for the voice? Or can I ask for help with both during the same call? Another variation of this would be what if the requests were related? For example what if I called on Lavel to help me create music and while I was at it, asked for the Angel’s help to perform Music as well? What are your thoughts on this Sir? Thanks again – J


    1. Thank you very much.

      For an overview, please see the third and fourth questions on this page:

      Also, above it sys the following:

      “Q: If I call on several angels at once, do I have to complete the full ritual every time, or can I just do the opening, and then call on each angel one after the other?

      A: I prefer to do the complete ritual from beginning to end. If I’m calling on three angels – even if they are all working on the same task for me – I will call one, wait a few hours, call the next and so on. If you are pressed for time you can condense the process by making the opening call (i.e The Master Ritual), and then calling on each angel in turn. Some people find great success with this approach so feel free to try it out.”


  12. Thank you Damon for your quick response. I have been using my intuition ala the Chaos Magic book recently published by GoM. I believe I’ve had success working with Eladiah and Rehoel for healing. A book working with the archangels would pair perfectly with your previous ones and would be very popular. I look forward to your future publications and wish you continued success.


    1. Thanks. There will be something on archangels, in time. Meanwhile, The Greater Words of Power provides a connection to archangels, even though it is not a direct contact – the results come about through archangel power.


  13. Hi Damon
    I recently purchased the 72 Angels of Magick. I have a couple of questions. Hope you don’t mind answering. I am currently in a stressful situation as someone is trying to split me and my partner’s relationship. I do not want to harm this person ( bad luck etc). I just want the person to leave me and my partner alone and never contact my partner again. I am unsure which angel to call for help- Hahahel, Vevaliah or Yichuiah. I know you have stressed that it is important to choose angel for ourselves. However, I am worried that I may choose an inappropriate one for my condition. Therefore, I respectfully request your advice. Secondly, I have a question that bothers me. I would like to know is there a time in a month when a woman is advised not to perform magic? I hope you understand my question. If it is awkward for you to answer, please ignore this. Thank you very much for your time and help


    1. The reason I suggest that you work it out for yourself is not out of laziness, but because I can not know all the factors of your situation without sitting down for a long consultation – I don’t know the current state of your relationship, the nature of the person in question, the intent behind all this and so on. It may be that you need to work with several angels, or just one. If you don’t want to harm the person, you can still bind, but if the Magickal Attack book is not to your taste, you will note that there are many angelic powers that can be used on enemies without bringing them bad luck – for example, Yichuiah, to Destroy the Plans of an Enemy. And there are angelic powers for less visibility, (Lecavel) etc, and these can be applied to the situation. You may also want to use angelic magick to ensure fidelity – that will stop the person’s efforts from having an impact. The best advice I can give is to read the recent post on Targeting Your Magick and then make the appropriate choices. Something simple may work, but you may also need a more targeted approach. Trust your intuition.


  14. Why weren’t the archangels, especially Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Uriel included in the book? Are you planning on doing anything in the future publishing their sigils and invocations? I am drawn to Raphael and would like to know where I can learn more.


    1. They weren’t included in this book as it’s specifically about calling on the 72 Angels. We will hopefully publish something on working with archangels at some point in the future, but it is not likely to be soon, I’m afraid.

      If you are drawn to a specific archangel you may find that you can make contact with nothing more than your own intuition.

      Thanks for your interest.


  15. Hi Damon, is there a difference between singing the Angelic names and vibrating the names (like you mention in WOP or they way they do it in other systems)? I always vibrated all the godnames and angelic names anyway but when your instructions say to sing the angelic names I just somehow end up vibrating the name at a higher pitch. I would prefer just vibrating the names normally but I was wondering what your thought on this. Thanks.


    1. Vibrating is better than speaking, but singing is better than vibrating. That is, if has the quality of a sung note. It may be that simply doing this at a higher pitch has the right effect. A variation is to use one note for each syllable – so change the pitch as the syllable changes. If you don’t like how it feels, that discomfort is not ideal, so just vibrate. But if you can get the quality of song into it, that is ideal.


      1. Thanks Damon. Changing the pitch with each syllable works really well for me. It now feels different than just vibrating and I feel comfortable doing it. Also the quality of the ritual changed too. Can’t put into words exactly how yet (I’ve only done it once) but I like it. Thanks again for the help!


  16. Hello Damon,

    would it be possible to do the rituals completely silent, just “saying” the spells in the head? I have absolutely no space in our tiny flat (wife, children, …) to speak out the words loudly. As weird as it sounds, but performing the ritual silently in the bathtub/shower would be the most comfortable and undisturbed place for me.

    What do you think Damon, will I get proper results anyway?


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