The 72 Angels of Magick FAQ


Q: What happened to Magickal Angels and The Greater Magickal Angels?

A: It made sense to offer both books together, for a lower price. The 72 Angels of Magick replaces those books, but contains the same material.

Q: Somebody online said this book calls on Azrael, the Angel of Death. They said the book can bring death as a payment. Is this true?

A: It’s complete fiction, designed to scare you. If you see how many people the book has actually helped, and if you feel the presence of angels, you know this is the case. Read the book and  you will see that the ritual calls on Arzel, who is an aspect of the archangel Raziel – there is nothing to do with Azrael. The angels do not punish you, and only the most inexperienced and frightened person would claim this to be the case. Mostly, magick books fall into the hands of those who understand the power and can use it well. Occasionally, these books fall into the hands of the terrified, and they do some wretched online research, get confused and become afraid and spread disinformation, and then blame all their woes on magick. If you read the book and practice the magick, you’ll know that none of this scaremongering is remotely true.

Q: Can you help me to choose the right angel?

A: It’s essential that you develop the skill of connecting with the angels, so please see How To Find An Angel.

Q: Do I really have to do the rituals for 11 consecutive days? Do I have to start on a Thursday?

A: Ideally, yes. If you absolutely can’t, due to other commitments, then miss a day and then keep going until you have worked at least 11 days, ideally finishing on a Sunday. If you can’t start on a Thursday, start on a Monday. If you can’t finish on a Sunday, finish on a Thursday. If you can’t do any of these, just try to work the ritual as often as possible (but no more than once a day) until you get results, but be aware that 11 consecutive days, starting on a Thursday, is the best way to get results.

Q: Why 11 days and why a Thursday? Words of Power works so quickly, why do I need to do 11 days and start on a Thursday?

A:  It gives you time to settle into the magick and – sometimes – feel your needs change during the course of the ritual. Also, magick works through both directions of time, and the effects are cumulative. When making direct contact, this is the approach that has worked the best – and although there are many theoretical reasons, this is based largely on exerpeicen. Also, angelic work is usually aimed at making large changes, that affect you as well as the world around you, so a longer length of time is better. Also, as this is direct contact with angels, spending 11 days gives you more chance of sensing the angel, making contact or getting feedback on your result. Some people feel nothing,and that is fine, while others feel something straight away. but overall, doing 11 days gives you more time to form a relationship with the angel you are contacting.

Q: Hayiel and Hariel are both said to improve magickal power, so which should I use?

A: Hayiel is noted to provide greater control or precision. Hariel is more about increased energy. If you need more energy, then Hariel. More control, Hayiel. You may not need either. The listed powers are only guides to get things moving, but to get a sense of how the angels differ it’s worth considering their other listed powers. That gives you a feel for their practical potential.

Q: Is there any disadvantage to calling on several angels at once if I have several minor requests? I don’t want to do the full ritual five times.

A: Angels will respond to minor requests – but the approach to angelic evocation in the angel books is aimed at more major requests. If somebody speaks the ritual and then calls on five major angels to change five major areas of their life in a major way, it shows a lack of focus and dedication. But if the changes you seek are quite minor, you can roll it into one ritual and call on several angels at once.

Q: If I call on several angels at once, do I have to complete the full ritual every time, or can I just do the opening, and then call on each angel one after the other?

A: I prefer to do the complete ritual from beginning to end. If I’m calling on three angels – even if they are all working on the same task for me – I will call one, wait a few hours, call the next and so on. If you are pressed for time you can condense the process by making the opening call  (i.e The Master Ritual), and then calling on each angel in turn. Some people find great success with this approach so feel free to try it out.

Q: Will this book help with contacting my Holy Guardian Angel (HGA)?

A: Not directly, but all efforts to contact angels help by making you more aware and sensitive to angelic response.

Q: I get a sense that I need to continue the ritual for more than 11 days. Is that OK?

A: Yes. There is no need to perform the ritual for more than 11 days unless you sense a strong urge, but if you do feel the urge to maintain contact there is no reason why you shouldn’t. Aim to conclude on a Sunday if possible, unless the angel contacts you directly and tells you otherwise.

Q: I read a PDF that said contacting these angels is dangerous, and that I should purify myself and fast before attempting contact. Is this true?

A: This sort of disinformation is used to frighten people away from the secrets of the inner circles. Angels help the weak, filthy and the poor, so you don’t need to fast, bathe or grovel to be heard by an angel.

Q: Should I sit, kneel or stand?

A: Remember that you’re not praying, so if kneeling makes it feel like praying that might be the wrong mindset. Otherwise, there’s no problem with kneeling, standing or sitting.

Q: Do the angels always work for our highest good?

A: No, they work according to what you ask for. Angels can be commanded to wreak havoc, and they will do so. That’s what makes magick different to praying – you are choosing the path for yourself, and then using the spirit forces to manifest your will.

Q: The psalms in the book don’t match the psalm list I found on the internet. Why?

A: The internet is not always the most reliable source when it comes to the occult. There are many traditions, and what you’ve found may indeed be accurate for one tradition or another. The verses we use appear in other texts and traditions and are correct and as intended. Each verse contains seven words, and contains the first three letters of the angel’s name, spelt out in Hebrew, buried within the verse. Given that an angel name consists of these letters with a word-ending that equates to god, the entire angel name is encoded within the verse, because each verse also contains the name of god. We find these to be the most effective verses, but you are free to use your own if you prefer.

Q: I can read Hebrew and the names don’t match the pronunciations in a couple of cases. Why?

A: If these were mistakes they would be very easy to rectify, but these pronunciations are intentional. Everything in this book is correct and as intended. Some reviewers claim that the letters used in the sigils are incorrect (because they don’t match the pronunciation), but this is quite deliberate and everything works when you actually put the magick into practice. There’s a full explanation on this page.

Q: When I charge the Shem Talisman, or an angelic sigil, is it charged forever or do I need to do this each time?

A: Once is enough. Some people feel the need to reconnect with a sigil, after some months or years, but this is a personal matter. You shouldn’t feel obliged to do it more than once.


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256 thoughts on “The 72 Angels of Magick FAQ

  1. I frequently use a folklore spell I learned some time ago that does as a Reversal magick. It involves, cutting two 7- day candles (one red/one black) in half and then turning them upside down back into the glass, black half on top red half on bottom, dressing with oil, and carving enemy names into the candle. The Force employed is St. Michael, I place his sigil under the candle, say the invocation and set it aside. I like candles sometimes because of the divination it offers. Bottom line, it works. My issue with this is minor, but I’d like to find a more simplified way to perform reversal magick, I like the magick you have been teaching me because I don’t need to use candles, Wands, oils, etc.

    I am a politician and a real estate broker, and find myself having to perform this magick often due to political opponents.

    do you think there is an angel in the 72 angels of magick that could craft such a request? I know vehvahlia is great against enemies, but I’m looking more at reversal magick versus doing damage.


    1. One last thought; I say all this because when I have an enemy, instead of destroying them, I just want to send it back. Because if they attempt to perform reversal magick thinking they are reversing my spell, they’ll be reversing their own spell.


    2. Well, I’m all for whatever works. As for angelic magick it depends on your definition of reversal. Some people mean send it right back where it came from, and others mean just stop it from harming me. If you just mean protection then Magickal Protection has some very easy stuff, no candles or anything, and the Sword Banishing – so many people swear by that. There’s also angelic magick for stopping curses, attacks, that sort of thing, without doing damage. In the angels book, it’s the same. Heziel, Vevaliah etc – you can task them within the range of their powers, but it can be adapted. So if if you don’t want to destroy an enemy literally, you can destroy their ability to harm you. It even says in the description that it can be sued to bind them so they do no harm. That’s a fairly simple way, but Magickal Protection is even quicker, if you have that book.


      1. When I use the term reversal magick, I mean send it back to them. The kind that takes an enemies Magickal or non-Magickal efforts and returns it. The reason I don’t like to go on the offense is because I have a moral view about making that decision. But I have no problem seeing someone suffer due to a direct reflection of their own actions. That’s to say, dare put in the time and energy to destroy me and dig your own grave (so to speak). The magick can be used for enemies known and unknown and works against curses, adversity and slander. I have Magickal Protection & Magickal Attack (I have mostly all of your books) and Magickal Protection has produced some very solid results for me. The sword banishing ritual is amazing. But attacks come in so many different forms and prefer to send it back.

        I’m going to do some research on binding, but if you have any advice to share on this matter you would be doing me a solid.


  2. I have been doing ritual since Jan 2017 and I have not seen results so yesterday I went to check the result of one of my rituals! I know we are not supposed to lust for results so I do not know what make me what to check the results. Anyway…..

    Holy moly! All i can say is that I am in total disbelief and so amaze by the results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!! I am wondering if there is a way to thank the angels ?


    1. Grea to hear, and some people like to repeat the ritual and thank the angle directly – just on one day. But should say there is NO need to do this. The way the ritual is set up, with the emotion of pleasure taking palace in the ritual itself, you;ve already done this. The angel is primed to sense your satisfaction, and that is the way you give thanks.


  3. Hi Adam, I am in day 2 of my ritual and I realise that I forget to scan my eyes over the letters in the square of my chosen sigil. Should i continue with the ritual or just restart next thursday and continue for 11 days?



    1. The length of the ritual allows for mistakes to be corrected, but it’s up to you. If you do continue, make sure it’s all so clear that it runs smoothly.


  4. Hi Adam, I read over FAQ many times, it was really helpful to understand the angels, and I have some questions. 1) When people come to you asking questions about their rituals where its clear that the magick should have been approached differently, should we be correcting our mistakes? For example, the subtle difference in ways you word results, “hoping” vs “expecting” vs “justifying” and so forth, being direct vs “pleading” and so forth. In these cases instance can we repeat the full ritual in modified requests? Are the angels okay with this? 2) When hoping or lusting comes to play does it ruin the magick or can it still work? 3) What are your thoughts on divination in the process of magick to learn more about a problem? 4) If you try to do other approaches to the magick (like, working with Creative Light as in your book, or calling on an angel in a different way as opposed to this method), do the angels stop working on the problem or do they work in harmony? I have never worked with entities before so I feel like I’m tiptoeing a bit. Thank you 🙂


    1. Yes, for sure you can repeat with a modification. That’s why we give the advice, so it can be made to work. If the angels hear you, that’s all that matters. They don’t get impatient.

      2) It can still work, but it can block the result. As well as the FAQ look for the articles it links to, on lust etc – these cover the best ways around the problem.

      3) If you-re good at it, useful – but knowing what you want is more important than asking ‘what’s likely to happen’. The point of magic is to choose what happens.

      4) Harmony! Unless there’s a direct conflict. The classic example is, you can’t use a ritual for invisibility at the same time as fame. Otherwise, it works together. Piling more magick on to force a result doesn’t work though. The early part of the FAQ addresses that and there are lots of posts.

      Tiptoeing is fine – you’l get it working! Cheers, Adam B.


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