Success Magick FAQ

This page is for questions relating to Success Magick by Damon Brand. 


Adam Blackthorne writes this page with occasional input from Damon Brand.

Q: I’ve heard Enochian Magick is dangerous and will drive me insane. Should I panic?

A: We wouldn’t publish a book about success magick if we thought it was going to drive our readers insane. We wouldn’t publish the book if it could harm you at all. Enochian, like many forms of magick, is shrouded in mystery because it’s widely misunderstood. And so, people spread wild stories to frighten each other. If you buy into that doom-and-gloom, then the magick might not be for you, and that’s ok. Working with magick should not be about being terrified of magick. It’s about getting a sense that things can change to be the way you want them to be. If you sense that power, you’ll enjoy the magick, and you’ll get results. The older forms of Enochian were intense, introspective prayers, like trials of the soul, and they could drive you a bit nuts because they were so extreme. But that’s not what Damon put in Success Magick. The whole point of this book is to make the magick easy and safe.

When something bad happens, most magickal workers know that’s just ordinary life being a bit awkward. The powers in this book can bring you what the book promises, but it’s crazy talk to think angels are sitting around trying to catch you out. The experience of Enochian Magick is a million miles from that. Decades of work have proven this to be the case, and the methods have levels of protection that make sure you only ever contact the right powers.

Within a few days of publication, there were many reports of people experiencing a strong and positive response to the magick. This is what we’d expect. Using magick brings good results. But we got a lot of questions about fear. It’s important to remember that worrying about magick makes for more worry.

If you’re nervous, ask yourself if it’s your fear, or fear that somebody else conjured up for you by telling stories.

Let me put your mind at rest. Most people who tell you this magick is dangerous haven’t read the book and don’t know how we’ve presented the magick. They are merely spreading dogmatic fears. If you’re still not convinced, please try something else. But if you’ve got the book, you’ll see that Damon gives an excellent explanation about why this form of Enochian Magick is safe, powerful, and a completely new way of working with these powers.

Q: But lots of people say they’ve had a hard time working with Enochian Magick. Is that possible?

A: Yes, it’s true if you do it the old-fashioned way, but that’s not what’s in the book. As the book explains, the traditional way of working can be complicated, and there can be struggle, heaviness, and turmoil if done that way. That has absolutely zero to do with the kind of energy you work with in Success Magick. Again, there’s just no point in writing a book that would wreck your life by overloading you with unpleasant energies. If you are open to this magick, it brings immense lightness and freedom. We hope you will use the magick, rather than worry about it, and then you’ll discover what we’re talking about. Go in with a light heart and sincere desire to get results, and you cannot be disappointed.

Q: Why publish this book in the middle of a global crisis?

A: We think a book like this is important right now because you need hope. It might seem like the world’s gone mad, with disasters, economic turmoil, and a deadly pandemic. Travel is canceled, jobs are being lost, and businesses are closing down. At this moment, the world is in a severe lockdown, health is at risk, and you might be worrying about keeping your job, saving your career, looking out for your family, and protecting your health. So why the hell would we launch a book about success magick in the middle of all this?

Success Magick could be just what you need to prepare for the end of the current turmoil. Because that end will come, thankfully. After any disaster, recession, or social collapse, there’s always a recovery. The time to start planning for that is right now.

Hope and preparation for the future are so important. Without hope, we stagnate. You can sit around in despair or plan for the best possible recovery and when the recovery comes, you’ll be glad that you’re ready.

Q: But wouldn’t it make sense to offer health magick and protection?

A: The main question we get asked at the moment is: Shouldn’t The Gallery of Magick be organizing a worldwide ritual to solve this crisis? We do not believe that is the best use of our knowledge and abilities, but without going into detail, you may want to know that where we can make a difference, we do whatever we can, and this is something that remains private. For those seeking immediate protection or healing, there are many rituals in our other books.

Q: What kind of success are we talking about? Will I be rich and famous?

A: The book goes into this in great detail. It’s about personal success. In fact, the first ritual, and many others, are about working out what you truly need, and who you need to be to experience success. It will mean something different to everyone.

Q: Some people report amazing energies and powerful results straight away. Why didn’t that happen to me?

A: Remember what Damon says about time. The results you need will come when they are needed.

Q: Can I do this at the same time as other magick?

A: Yes, Damon covers that in the book.

Q: I’m happy with my chosen career, so what use is this?

A: Damon explains how the magick can help you to get the most from yourself and see the maximum potential in your life. If your career is completely fine, you might not get much change in that area of your life. But you might discover other areas where you will experience more success. Damon talks about being open to what happens, and although you might have preconceptions about what you want from it, the magick might take you to new and interesting places. But it will never force change that you don’t want.

Q: Did you stop giving away the free ebook (to people who buy the paperback) to make more money?

A: No, Amazon decided to stop that. We would love to offer the Kindle edition free to paperback buyers but have no way of doing so anymore. The ‘free ebook’ was known as the Matchbook program. Amazon dropped the whole program because they said hardly anybody used it. We loved it, and we’re sad it’s gone.

Q: Do book reviews matter to you at this point?

A: Reviews matter so much to potential readers. There’s not much point in us publishing books if they don’t get celebrated so that new readers can discover them. When you found our magick, it might have been through some slightly weird intuition or coincidence, but I bet the good reviews helped. Every time you share the energy of your love for magick, you empower your connection to magick because it’s like signing a declaration. If you like this book, please review it, so other people know it’s worth reading.

Q: Can I use this at the same time as other magick?

A: The final paragraph of the chapter called How to Use the Rituals goes into some detail regarding this and we recommend you read that first. If you use a book such as Wealth Magick, which recommends a complete break from other magick for a few days, what are you to do? This is a personal choice. When a book recommends a break from other magick this does not mean there is a conflict but that your focus will be clearer when you take a break from other magick. In the case of Wealth Magick you might find it best to take a very short break from Success Magick at the outset. The answer to this question is perhaps best summarised with this line from the book: “As always, you should avoid overkill, but you don’t need to worry that this magick will conflict with anything else you are doing.” It is also worth noting that elsewhere it says, in summary: “How frequently you perform the rituals is up to you. There is no definitive way to do this.”

Q: Can I ask another question?

A: The questions above were harvested by our Admins from the Facebook page and elsewhere. We’ll open this page up briefly, from time to time during 2020 so that new questions can be asked. As always, we prefer for you to settle with the book and find intuitive answers because they are often the best.