The Magick of Creativity

There are few abilities so valued as creativity. For those who work in the arts, inspiration is not something you can wait for. Increasingly, creativity is a required quality in many lines of work. And when you live for art, creativity feels like an aspect of your very existence. You can be perfectly creative without ever… Read More The Magick of Creativity

The Power of Magickal Desire

Magick is about desire. When you perform magick, you are electing to change reality to your liking. The more potent your desire, the more likely you are to get a magickal result. I have often said that to get magick to work you need to adopt a degree of non-attachment to results. If you lust… Read More The Power of Magickal Desire

The Pathways of Magick

One of the best ways to get magickal results is to perform your magick, and then detach from the result. In short, you allow results to come, rather than lusting after them. For most people, this is the ultimate key to magickal success. This post may seem like repetition – because the subject has already… Read More The Pathways of Magick

Dark Magick for The Greater Good

Dark Magick for The Greater Good An interview with Gordon Winterfield The following interview was carried out informally over several hours, and has been heavily condensed. Q: So what is dark magick? Gordon: Dark magick does not imply dark deeds. This probably sounds facetious, but I think of it as magick that frightens people. It needn’t,… Read More Dark Magick for The Greater Good

Advanced Angel Magick

Magick works, and it doesn’t need to be complicated. If you have a clear desire and the ability to apply your emotions to the magick, without lusting for result, you will get what you want. Although this is true, occultists work to improve the quality, speed and long-term benefit of each working. Magickal development can… Read More Advanced Angel Magick

Recharge Your Magickal Power

Magick never operates in complete isolation. When you set out to perform a ritual, you will be in a particular place, a certain mood, with a set amount of energy. Good rituals are constructed so that whatever your personal state may be, you generate the right emotions for the ritual, and the magick takes effect.… Read More Recharge Your Magickal Power

Supercharge Your Magickal Cashbook

The Magickal Cashbook works, and it works easily, but I’m often asked if there’s a way to make it work with greater power. There are many ways to increase the power of your cashbook, but you should only do this if you are already getting some results. When you have triggered the magick, you can… Read More Supercharge Your Magickal Cashbook