12 Ways to Increase Your Magick Power

The best thing about making your magick powerful is that it’s easy. You don’t need to train yourself in visualisation, meditation or any special kind of breathing. You don’t need to spend hours learning to say magick words. And you don’t need to buy anything else. You just need to notice what you probably already know about magick, and put that into practice.

Magick works, and we all know that, but I get asked all the time: how can I make this more powerful, how can I become a more powerful occultist? The answers might not be what you expect. They might seem repetitive, or they could feel utterly new and thrilling. There’s a lot of truth here, so I hope it shines through

ONE: See the Reflection

Reflect on the nature of magick power. Wait! Did I just say reflect? That sounds a bit boring. Can’t we just rub the Three Magick Coins of Mystery together and get instant powerful magick? Lovely thought, but no, they don’t exist. Instead, reflect on why you want to increase the power of your magick in the first place. Magick is powerful. It does what it’s meant to do. If you were attracted by the idea of increasing your magickal power that’s completely great and to be expected (I still try to improve my magick power, all the time), but if you’re really, really desperate to increase the power of your magick, it could mean that you’re filled with doubt about the inherent power of magick. Reflect on the fact that magick works. When people say, ‘It doesn’t work,’ you know they are wrong. Hold on to that feeling. Embrace that feeling when you’re planning a ritual, when you work a ritual, and while the results are shooting toward you from the future to your present. This sounds like a minor idea – magick works, yeah, yeah, big deal, show me the power… But trust me when I say that if you reflect on the feeling that magick works, you can improve your magick power. Doing this just once, or every now and then, or even every morning, has more impact on your magick than you might think possible. It’s not a ritual, an obligation or a ten-minute meditation. Just a reflection, a little think about magick, and noticing how you feel when you know it works.

TWO: Use the Magick You Already Have

If you find yourself saying, ‘I want a better, more powerful sigil,’ I bet you don’t need it. I bet there’s a way to get where you want with what’s already in your hands. Does this mean I’m telling you to stop buying magick books? Yes, if you’re only reading them and never using them. Use them! Make sure you’ve got a few good magick books before you take this one too literally!

THREE: Welcome Imperfection

Be cool when magick doesn’t work. Don’t demand results all the time. Perform magick expecting the best, but be relaxed when it doesn’t go exactly the way you hoped. Magick is a practical exploration, where you find out what style of magick works for you. This can take time, and then it can change. Your relationship to magick will evolve. Magick that doesn’t work for you now might one day be the magick you turn to first. Be open to this evolution. You don’t learn to ride a bicycle without falling off and scraping your knee. Magick is safer than riding a bicycle, so when it doesn’t work perfectly, get back on and keep riding. But maybe take a different path.


FOUR: Look Down from Above

Every once in a while, take stock of where you are and where you’re going. After six months of magick, you are not the same person you were before. Have a look at what’s changed, and see if your needs are the same. Don’t pursue an old dream out of habit. Use something like The 72 Sigils of Power to contemplate  what it is you really want. Knowing what you want can save you years of splashing around in the wrong desires.

FIVE: Do Intuition the Easy Way

Trust yourself, because intuition is nothing more than a confident guess. That’s not technically true, because I really think intuition is a lovely blend of self-knowledge combined with time-bending psychic power. But, when you think of it like that it seems impossibly difficult to obtain. So think of it as just a confident guess, and use it! That’s all. In practice, intuition is no more mystical than a hunch. Get used to using your intuition. Magick responds.

SIX: Go Minimal

You might want to light a candle, wear a necklace with a symbol on it, and do other things that might empower your rituals. That’s ok, so long as it’s not a form of procrastination, or an expression of doubt. But you don’t need any paraphernalia.  The more magick you do, the more you learn about magick, so put the stuff away and do magick.


SEVEN: Perform The Daily Practice

A lot of people don’t want to read Wealth Magick, because it’s a very long-term working and some of the rituals contain demons, and that’s all ok, but there is a very simple (completely non-demonic) ritual in that book that is more powerful than you can imagine. The Daily Practice might read like a sort of New Age mindfulness trick rather than a ritual, but there is so much more to it than that. If you perform the Daily Practice, everything improves. Not just your magick. (For those who will never buy Wealth Magick, we plan to reveal a version of The Daily Practice in a book at some point in the future.)

EIGHT: Add Some Empty Time

I do a lot of magick, but I make sure I spend a lot of time walking, sitting around gazing out the window, driving with the radio off, floating in the pool… (Not all at the same time!)  It’s not meditation; it’s just lazing around, on my own. Lots of people swear by meditation, as a way to make room for the insights that magick can provide. But the problem with doing meditation to get magickal answers, is that it stops feeling passive; it feels like a result-based task, and that backfires for most meditation. The solution is to have some empty time. Time when you’re just doing very little, without input from earphones, screens or other people. You can do something during this time if you want – doodling, wandering, baking – but don’t do much. Or you can do nothing at all, and just sit around for a while. You are not looking for answers or pursuing ideas. But if you spend some time every day in this empty time, after a few weeks your magick will seep into this time. All those thoughts that the angels are trying to nudge at you; this is where they will manifest.

NINE: Monitor Your Motivation

People sometimes tell me they just can’t be bothered doing a full eleven-day ritual. OK, fair enough, we all get overwhelmed. But if that’s the case, don’t do it. Resentful magick fills the magick with resentment. If completing a ritual makes you think, ‘Wow, phew, thank goodness that’s over,’ that’s the wrong feeling. Magick should be a treat, a moment where you get to dive into your desire, and feel the alchemy when your desire changes to satisfaction. It should feel good. If it doesn’t, stop for a while, or try magick that only takes a day, or a few moments (like Words of Power or Sigils of Power).

TEN: Rediscover Secrets

The best films are always more interesting the second time you watch them. It’s true with books too. The best authors always try to layer their work, so that you are rewarded when you re-read. If you’ve only read a magick book once, read it again now that you’ve spent some time working the magick. Never do this if it feels like it’s going to be boring, but if your curiosity ever tingles, then have a glance through and see if any chapters catch your attention. You should find that something new reveals itself, and your connection to magick improves. Even the books that you don’t use contain techniques and ideas that can be applied to your magickal work.

ELEVEN: Speculate Less and Experiment More

Readers sometimes ask which ritual to use, and then many weeks later they write again, still undecided. In that time, you can try out three or four rituals, or more. Four weeks of pondering is four weeks of potential change down the drain. When you try four different rituals, you learn more about yourself, and what magick feels right for you.

TWELVE: Dream of More

When you want a lot, magick responds more powerfully than when you only want a little. It’s important to keep your head when considering this. As you probably know, demanding huge change with magick can lead to poor results; lusting after the impossible leads to disappointment; and small, gradual changes are often the best way to find magickal success. But despite these truths, magick loves a dreamer. Every time you get a result, you feel gratitude, and in the glow of that gratitude, see where your feelings take you. What do you imagine could be possible? In satisfying a desire, what do you feel about your potential? In these moments, you gain insight into the possibility of who you are going to be, and what you are going to do.

– Adam Blackthorne


‘Extremely powerful. After reading the book and following the simple instructions I’ve been able to literally create magic.’

‘This book of Sigils works. Sometimes instantly. More often with a deep subtle power that gradually shapes your reality in a few days according to your exact wishes yet beyond your expectations.’

‘The simpler rituals are almost foolproof.’

‘I can say I have gotten EVERYTHING I ask for and more from the information contained within.’

‘The procedure is simple, clear and discrete, yet the results are powerful.’

‘This is the simplist magick yet! It works!’


46 thoughts on “12 Ways to Increase Your Magick Power

  1. Adam,
    As Julie mentioned, thank you so much for taking the time to respond to all our questions in detail. To answer to your question, I have been trying the magic for couple of months now and yet to see any results. I think I’m doing the rituals correctly, not really lusting for results, but no results yet, hence I need you help. Can you guide me to kickstart my success through magic so that I gain more confidence on this? Appreciate your help. Once again I really trust this whole magic, just that I need someone to help me with this. Thanks a lot!

    1. Yeah, I can try. Did you take my advice and read the last fifteen or so blog posts? And while you’re at it, you should read the FAQs for the books your using, and the main FAQ. There is such a wealth of info – we could take it away from this site, put it into three books and charge $20, because it’s as good as anything we sell. But almost anything I say here to ‘kickstart’ you will be quoting from those articles, or referring you to them. If you did read them, did anything chime or make sense or give you an idea of where to head next?

  2. Hello Adam,
    Thanks for the nice article. I really loved your new book and I had to admit its by far the most easiest methods to use. Also the highlight is that it has the healing methods as well. Thank you so much for sharing them.
    I’m really new to magic and I have to be honest, I tried the magic from Damon Brand books and yours as well & yet to find success. Can you kindly help?
    Thanks much!

    1. Thanks, and glad you like the book. I’m kind of amazed (but quietly pleased) you’re still going, even though you’ve had no results. A lot of people give up, but often all you need to do it let time pass, get out of your way, let the magick be what it will be. But also, I don’t know when you say you’re new if you mean a few days, weeks or a year. If it’s only weeks, make sure you don’t wait for results, but allow them. There are many, many posts on here about all this, so my main recommendation these days is read the last ten or fifteen blog posts – it’s like a book of How To Do Magick. That should help. And it also depends on what you define as success. We’re seeing amazing results from Sigils of Power, but that doesn’t mean amazing for everybody. If you seek a result that just out of reach, it should come. If you reach too far, everything stays out of reach. But this site expands on the books in a way that really makes a difference to loads of people! Cheers, AB.

  3. Hi Adam,

    Thanks for your excellent book and for these suggestions on how to increase magickal power. I have most of the GOM’s books and I find the magic generally works quickly and quite easily for me.

    I left a message here for Damon a while back about how I used the books to get a couple new jobs (well, I got one, then a few months later, found one I liked even better), but I left out something interesting that had happened. I work in the investment industry and the interview process for these types of jobs can be fairly long and intense. Last summer I was still working at my previous job, but I’d been interviewing for a new role at a different firm that I really, really wanted. I was doing Wealth Magick at the time and complementing it here and there with some angel magick… I wouldn’t say I was lusting for results, since I had a good job at the time, but I found myself getting annoyed by little things at work and I was checking my email constantly for news about the other job. Anyway, the interview process had been going on for about 4 months at this point, and even though I was feeling confident because I knew I had all these angels, demons and other spirits helping me, I was starting to get nervous, because it had been about a month since my last interview. One night I was out for drinks with a friend after work. I got home a few hours later and laid in bed, and as I was drifting to sleep, I very clearly heard a voice speak to me and say something about “tomorrow.” Immediately I knew that it was a spirit telling me that I’d hear about the job the next day. I got to work and was so confident that I’d hear something, that I didn’t even check my email until about noon. And sure enough, I had an email from HR asking me to come in for one last round a couple days later. I met one of the guys on the senior leadership team and he basically told me I was getting the job, then I got an official offer 2 days later.

    Is it common for the spirits to speak to someone like this? It happened when I was least expecting it, but it really reaffirmed for me that these spirits are present and actively helping us. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to hear a spirit’s voice since, but it was a beautiful, clear female voice, and I’d love to have that experience again!

    Separately, I’ve been using various sigils from your new book and I’ve had a lot of success with them so far. One in particular really stands out for me though. I live in Canada and I went to Europe for a quick vacation recently. I had been intending to use the sigil to Attract Worthy Friendship, because you mentioned you use that one when traveling. I was going away by myself, and I thought it would be cool to meet some people to hang out with while I was gone. I planned to use it the week before I left, however my schedule ended up being filled with work and social dinners, and I realized I wouldn’t have a chance. Once I arrived in Europe though, I began meeting people and had a great time exploring and going for meals with my new friends. I even met a local who took me surfing for free, just because he thought I seemed like a fun person. So even though I didn’t use the sigil, I still got all the benefits from it!

    On another note, I was wondering if you can start releasing the paperback version of your books in Canada? It isn’t a huge deal to order from the US, but it just takes longer to get here. They used to be available on the Canadian Amazon, but your most recent book is only there in kindle format.

    Anyway, thanks again for everything! I love all the GOM’s books and the hardest part is actually figuring out what I want to ask for next!

    1. Hey Julie, great story, thanks. Maybe others will say, ‘Yes, that happens to me.’ I say it’s fairly common, but not so common that you warn people to expect it. Everybody has a different experience when they eat any given food. Everybody has a different experience when they do magick. Disembodied voices frighten some, and are a lovely surprise to others. I love them. I have found, though, that as with generic descriptions of ghosts, when it happens to me I tend to feel very underwhelmed at the time – and only later go wow. But that changes, and it’s different for everybody. If you’re not scared of it, it’s probably going to happen again, but don’t hope for it so much as just let it happen if it’s going to.

      Great to hear the sigils are working – and although some would shake their heads at the idea of magick working without you do the ritual, this keeps coming up on this site, and on Facebook. With all our magick, but especially these sigils, the intention to do the magick makes it happen (for some people, some of the time.) Love it!

      I don’t handle the actual techie side of publishing, but I spoke to the people who do and we had no idea the Canada thing had happened. Recently, there were shifts behind the scenes at Amazon, with books moving from their little Createspace company to Amazon itself. Apparently, we went along with that, but the people who handle our publishing didn’t check the details, and from what we can see, we lost Canada!!! Not happy. Amazon have been contacted to see what the solution/timeline is. I hope there is one!

      1. Hi Adam,

        Thanks for the reply. It’s so nice that you take the time to respond to everyone who asks questions or posts comments here. I think it makes people feel even more connected to the magick.

        Thanks for looking into the Amazon Canada thing… hopefully the new books will start getting sold here again!

        When I heard the voice I was initially startled, because I hadn’t been expecting it. But as soon as it was over and I had a chance to realize what it was, I felt happy and at peace. I just hope that if/when it happens again, I can stay calm and hopefully have more of a two-way conversation!

        It’s interesting you mention in your article to do the Daily Practice consistently. I completed the Wealth Magick working in October last year, but the Daily Practice is something I’ve continued with on an on-going basis. I wasn’t doing it every day, but usually 3-4 times a week. But after reading your article, I’ve decided to commit to doing it each day. I’ve been noticing for a while that things have been playing out in my favour quite often lately, even when I haven’t done magick for anything specific. For example, I’ve had a few instances lately where I’ve wanted to go to a specific restaurant, then I’ll get invited there for a work dinner a couple days later. I live in a city with tons of amazing restaurants, so this can’t be a coincidence. Also, my job can be very demanding and high pressured and I’ve had a few situations happen where my initial thought was “omg I don’t know what to do.” But then everything ends up working out even better than I could have expected! I wasn’t sure what was causing all of this, but now I think it could be partially from the Daily Practice.

        Anyway, thanks again! I love the GOM so much!

        1. Thank you. I’m told Canada will be back on the list eventually, but for now, Canadians are advised to buy from Amazon.com. Sorry about that. We had no idea. A shame.

          Ah yes, The Daily Practice – there’s such amazing theory regarding all that, which will come out one day, I bet, but the actual experience of it is real magick. Seems like nothing, but is so powerful.

  4. Thank you Angel Haiel and thank you Adam. This is exactly what I needed. As I said in an earlier post, I’m contacting Haiel for increasing my magical abilities. For ME there is no great mystical answer.

    I’ve had some amazing results with Words of Power, Greater Wrods of Power and Sigils of Power and 72 Sigils so obviously I have strong magical powers and abilities so the answer for me is exactly what’s in this article. Stop doing mental gymnastics and overthinking things and just do the magic, have faith in myself and the magic, and stop allowing procrastination to masquerade as a desire for perfection and getting it just right.

    I have some really big goals and I know it’s possible to accomplish them through magic if I JUSt DO IT!

  5. Thank you so much for this post. This post is so significant and is a huge sign for me. I am on Day 3 of the Master Ritual to contact Haiel for help in increasing my magical abilities. I haven’t even read the article yet, but this to me is confirmation Haiel has heard my request and is working with me. I just happened to log into the site for no apparent reason. I was just on here a couple of days ago saw the post about the free words of power so I really wasn’t expecting anything new to have been posted.

    This has truly made my day. I’ve had Magickal Angels for a while and this is my first ritual from the book (i know that the 2 magickal angels books have since been combined). I’ve been using some of the other GoM books that I have and I decided that this year I would use more of the books as part of my own magickal growth. This is my first experience with angelic magic and I was really overthinking the ritual because for some reason I was thinking it was a lot more complicated than it actually is.

    Thanks again Adam. I really grateful to all of you for giving me a tremendous tool to use to change my life and help others as well.

  6. Hey Adam!

    I’m filled with gratitude and feel so blessed to have found a group of experienced occultists likes yourselves who are so open to sharing their knowledge! I honestly can’t thank you all enough! The magick has changed my life completely!! (And believe me, I’m totally not exaggerating 😀 )

    I read in one of your comments abovethat you had a money conciousness that refused wealth.
    My questions are:
    1. How did you shift your money consciousness to one that was open to the workings of money magick?

    2. How can I get money magick working? ( I’ve never done a ritual for obtaining money and as silly as this may sound somewhere in my head, I feel like I need to do more than just performing the workings and doing my best in the real world to help the money manifest in my life…I’ve had great success with your magick so far and I know it works…but I guess because I’m doing magick for money, it feels different like a whole new ball game….

    (I’m gearing up to begin the workings in your wealth magick book and I want to do my best to remove anything within or without that could prevent the results from manifesting. I’m currently working with the 72 sigils of power as well as both words of power books to clear any internal blockages that may mess with the manifestion of results.)

    1. Thanks. Really glad to hear it’s working, and I believe that it’s not an exaggeration.

      1. Don’t follow my path! It was slow and I was still learning about ALL aspects of magick, very slowly, and didn’t have all the tools that are to hand now. I changed through slow struggles, disasters and through reality hammering messages home. Too difficult. The advice you can get now, on this site and in these books, can save you years. The 72 Sigils is, as you’ve guessed, one of the very best ways. The ritual to Enjoy Spending and Sharing from Sigils of Power is a great power to help unlock the flow. Flow is so essential. Money comes and goes and the happier you are to release it, the more readily it comes.

      2. It doesn’t sound silly, in a way, because if you feel blocked you are probably right that the magick will hit a wall. But a lot of the magick is designed to get through this. Avoid Wealth Magick, but be willing to try the Cashbook or Magickal Riches, and just do it gently with zero expectations. Well, expect it to work, but don’t care whether it does. Im sure you’ve read all the articles on here about that. And check out these:





      The Angels of Alchemy has nothing about money, but lots of people have found that working with aspects of the self, the emotions – that unlocks things that are linked to money.

  7. Hi Adam,

    Thanks so much for an informative and helpful post.

    I’ve got a question I’ve been meaning to ask for some time, and I hope you forgive me for asking it here, as I’m not as comfortable with asking it on the GoM Facebook page for privacy reasons.

    I’ve been wanting to use evocation, most specifically with the Angels within The Angels of Alchemy, but find myself subconsciously resistant to it – almost like I am afraid of the experience itself (most notably, that I would go “mad” or something like that). Deep down, however, I know it is something I truly want to do and experience with pure intentions, and that evocation is something that I have felt innately called to for a while. I believe that my love for magick and gravitation towards self-embettrent will override my “fears”.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on this. I remember Damon says that he has seen many people go mad in his life and none were from magick, so this of some reassurement haha.

    Thank you, Adam

    1. Thank you. There is an FAQ for that book here: https://galleryofmagick.com/the-angels-of-alchemy-faq/ With evocation, some go charging in hoping for a massive experience, and others are actually frightened of anything happening. What I suggest is that before you try, sit in the room (or wherever you are) and just listen to everything for ten minutes. There will be creaks, bangs, dogs barking, maybe a spider will walk across the room. And this is useful because…? If you are scared and go into evocation, you will notice things like this and you’ll go, ‘Oh my god, the evocation made all those weird noises, and put demons in the dog, and brought spiders out of the walls!’ Your senses do need to light up during evocation, so the intensity of everything increases – and yeah, that can be alarming. But it’s normal, as in normal-for-weird-things-we-do-during-magick. And it’s what you need to expect. The great thing about evocation, though, is that if you feel anything isn’t going well, you just get up and look at something dumb, like say, a smartphone, and life seems so ridiculous that everything magickal fades away. I’m sure some people in history have been tipped over into madness through evocation, but only because they were on the edge anyway, and a cat jumping up on the windowsill unexpectedly would have pushed them over the edge. You don’t get possessed by evocation. And with this particular style of evocation, and this particular set of angels – it’s the safest, most lovely evocation you could hope for. Somebody who reviewed the book on Amazon wrote this: “The room was filled with a gentle pressure, like an energy current. The Angel appeared as a condensation of this pulsating, shimmering energy. He “spoke” to me through images and words. I spoke out loud, and he responded with telepathy. Direct answers and full blown conversation. Without warning he was gone though. He gave me my answers and left. No need to banish, or give a final release. This magic is so clean, it won’t even leave lingering residue.” If any of that sounds scary, give evocation a miss for now, and come back when you’re ready.

      1. Makes a lot of sense. That review is really nice to read. I have tried to evoke a particular angel from this book two times in the past and was half-hearted out of fear. I can’t imagine going insane at the sight of an angel, as I’ve heard and have read in the book that the presences are comforting at the least. Thanks for the information, Adam!

  8. Oh Mr. AB 😀 you are my magickal earth angel – as the universe is my witness, just seconds ago after my meditation I clicked my 111 MAGICK SIGILS to ponder on things (just be in the moment of magick). Synchronistically your article alerted me. Paused the 111 magick sigils – went here to read your article. VOILA you just once more added arsenal to my magickal skills. To all the G.O.M masters thanks for generously sharing your wisdom & skills & experiences; most importantly for being patient in interacting with your readers a.k.a disciples 😀 , with much gratitude. S.M.888

  9. Wow!this is awesome!!i just started today a eleven day working with Netahiah using the book of the 72 angels of Magick book,specifically asking to improve my magickal power and to turn down the barriers that could keep away the success of the workings.And then,when i didn’t specifically came to this page,i were redirected from google.Could this be a sign of the Angel?

    Thank you for your work,guys,i have many books from gallery of magick and i’m just starting and trying to improve,but i love them!!really looking foward for new material of yours!

    Greetings from Spain!

    1. Hey there. Thanks, and yes the angelic work absolutely can start working with little shifts like this. Could be coincidence, but I think that it’s useful to act as though it was a result, as though the angel is working – because when you get that vibe, it makes it easier for all the results to harmonise with that feeling.

      1. Funny coincidence, Andres, I finished working with the very same angel for the very same types of intents just last weekend. Then this blog post…
        Adam, could you please elaborate a little about that “harmonize with that feeling”?

        1. When you act as though it’s working, and feel that it is, it’s easier for reality to play along. Results manifest easily when you play the game of seeing results -even if part of you suspects they may just be coincidences. Best to feel as though it’s all real. Not stupidly. Not telling yourself that everything is meaningful and ALL down to your magick – but just getting the feeling that the magick is working. That feeling gets reality moving. The angels have done their bit, but you need to make room for it to manifest, and this is one of the ways.

          1. Adam,
            On the subject of “experimenting” over “speculation,” what do you think of trying things like, say, reverse-engineering the books to open up more possibilities, like modifying the Aniquel (6th working) ritual to work with Aziabelis instead?

            1. You can – people do. You’re doing Chaos Magick when you experiment like this, and I obviously think that’s Ok, but you need to be the sort of person who’s open to experimental results! Won’t always be predictable.

              1. Adam,
                Thanks for the reply! Back to the subject of your post – building power – and since you penned the Chaos tome (love it!), in your opinion, might one be able to build “power” indirectly by making use of Familiars (not servators); familiars from, say Theurgia-Goetia?

                1. Oh yeah – there are countless ways, loads of things you can try, but it does get quite personal. Familiars? Not sure I’d use them for general power, but hey, why not? Could work. Glad you love the book. Thanks.

  10. I LOVE this post, thank you so much Adam.
    I love Sigils of Power too, it’s so quick and simple and really works; I feel the energy moving in my body doing the rituals.
    Empty time appeals to me a lot , life is so crazy busy if we allow it to be.
    Time in the shower always rewards me with ideas and new perceptions; also driving in silence.
    Love the Gallery of Magick; and the reminder to develop our powers.
    It’s so much fun and powerful too.

    1. Thanks for that. Some people never feel anything when they do the rituals, but with Sigils of Power, it gets reported quite a lot. Interesting. Many famous writers swear by shower time, and silent driving is just the best – depends where you’re driving, of course. I prefer the long roads through British Columbia to London traffic.
      Cheers, Adam.

  11. Adam, you post is just beautiful! the part that it really hit me is the dreamer part, I am a dreamer, all my life have been, and is here where my most powerful asset rest since I can feel, even smell things when I daydream and think of all the possibilities…and then BINGO!!! it comes true….Surreal!

  12. dear Adam and Gallery 0f Magic thank you for the books and tools I enjoy.
    However I have a Jinx entity that is proving very stubborn to remove. Please help me to eliminate this pesky thing. Thanks again Chris

    1. Hi Christine. Have you tried everything in Magickal Protection, or the angelic rituals in The 72 Angels of Magick?

  13. Hi Adam,
    Firstly let me say that I have only been using magick for a short time, and I’m loving the results. The GoM books are exceptional and luckily the first books on magick I stumbled onto. So the GoM magick is pretty much all I know 🙂
    I have a question, I have noticed that some people use symbols in their PowerPoints (similar to your symbols in your image for this post) to improve impact, communication, persuasiveness etc. I have your SOP book (amongst others) and I’m wondering, having done the 3 day communicate clearly to a group ritual, whether I could use that symbol in a powerpoint to increase the presentations power? A) would it work? B) are you happy for me to do so? C) are there other better symbols, from other GoM books? D) are you releasing a book about this kind of thing?
    Cheers, A

    1. I’ve occasionally seen magick symbols show up in logos, and sometimes I think it’s coincidence (the graphic designers just stumbled on the same patterns), and sometimes it’s deliberate. There’s also a practice of dropping sigils into images, and fading them out, so they are absorbed by others – I cover this in The Master Works of Chaos Magick. It works when there’s a created sigil with an intent. But I think it’s less likely to work if you drop in a sigil that is meant to affect you. A sigil from Sigils of Power is a gateway for you, and to other people, not knowing how to use it, I doubt it will bring change. Course, you could do a chaos ritual to empower it to affect others, and then you could make it visible. So A) maybe, B) Reproduction of images is always ok if it’s for personal use, which means it’s ok up on a screen in a public venue – but not where it will be passed on to others. Not on YouTube, not on a document you hand out. That’s just the plain old law. C) The self made ones from Master Works and D) Not a whole book, but more on this is planned for another book, but it’s not coming soon. Cheers. AB.

  14. Just to let you know Adam, out of all the gallery books, Sigils of Power has worked the best for me. I’ve had so many results from it, it’s amazing. But the question is, why is it that some forms of magick work or don’t work for each individual? What works for me, won’t work for somebody else and vice versa. Would be interesting to know why? Keep up the good work Gallery of Magick, look forward to your two book releases in the Summer of 2017. Cheers.

    1. Thanks Jim. I’m so pleased to hear that. I hope my passion for the system came through in the book. Why do some things work better for you, and why does this change? It’s not that different to the way we have different skills and affinities in the real world. We all have different ways of experiencing the world – the music I love will make others leave the room. A view that moves me to tears might be dull to somebody else. And this goes deeper, to skills and passions. It changes over time, too. What we once loved and were good at becomes dull, and new things begin to obsess and shape us. How and why these changes occur is, in my humble opinion, one of the interesting mysteries of life. With magick, sometimes what you’re good at is purely down to simple things; if you have a hard time believing in angels, then sigils might work better. If you are stuck with a money consciousness that refuses wealth, no money magick will work. I was like that, and then after some gradual money shifts, and some big ones, it became very smooth and easy. A lot of it is just that – how the magick meshes with your ordinary beliefs. But other things go on to, things that are deeper, and I don’t have a straightforward answering, but I think that watching how you shift and change and how you relate to magick is a fascinating and important part of the journey.

  15. Thank you for this post. Was very happy to wake up and read this first thing today. As I was reading this blog post, it dawned on me to ask; I read a long time ago somewhere that divination is often used to see where the ritual is going once an experiment has been performed. Things like pyromancy, hydromancy, ceromancy, are often used in rituals and divination. But in this case, the rituals in all of the books I have purchased from GOM don’t require the use of candles, etc. So divination coming from Tarot? What are your thoughts on its use and is using the tarot cards deemed to be lusting for result?

    1. It is often used, but we say just go with your intuition. If you’re tied to a particular form of divination, and get solid results that help, go for it, of course. If not, nothing beats intuition and your own sense of knowing. But, you know, if you use tarot all the time, and actually find it clarifies things, no reason you can’t use it to find some answers – and yet, if you just make that empty space, as mentioned above, you might get there without it. I’d just shuffle the cards for ten minutes and never deal them. 😉

    1. There are four angels. One is Yohach. Is that not clear in the book? All four names should be set out clearly, with a pronunciation guide at the back of the book. The name can be pronounced as Yohack. But for the ritual to work, you need to use the other three names and follow the instructions, of course. (There is a fake copy of the book available free online, which has many spelling errors, so please make sure you purchased directly from Amazon to avoid this issue.) For more info on Magickal Protection, please see: https://galleryofmagick.com/magickal-protection-faq/

    1. Thank goodness there was nothing magickal about the number 11. It’s now “12 Ways To…” Thanks for pointing that one out.

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