Free Words of Power

Three new powers are now available, for users of Words of Power or The Greater Words of Power. The sigils come at no cost to you, and can be downloaded below.


If you have used the Activation Ritual from either of the books, at any time, you can use these sigils immediately. The ritual process is exactly the same as in the books, so no further instruction should be required – just pretend these are extra pages from your book.

The following three sigils are now available:

To See The True Potential of an Idea

When you have an idea for something you want to be, do or experience – whether it’s for pleasure, career or part of your overall life plan – it can be extremely useful to find out how good your idea really is. Were you inspired to take a wise and joyful path, or did you – to put it bluntly – have a really bad idea. For those who live a magickal life there is no fate or destiny; there is choice. But it is true that for every idea, there is a limit to the potential of that idea. When you use this ritual, aim to see how good your idea is and where it can lead you. You may realise that it is a dud, and that  save yourself some time. Or you may be opened up to see just how good your idea was, and find our insight expands. This can be used on small plans or major life changes. Knowing what can work in your life is a power that should not be underestimated. When you see where your efforts will be best applied, you are taking one of the most beautiful shortcuts to success.

To Ease Physical Pain

We have long said that we do not want to profit from hope when people are ill or in pain, but we have also agreed that where we have magick that can work, it is our duty to share that magick. This ritual should help ease pain. When you work the ritual, aim to eradicate the pain completely. You may find some small relief, or an astonishing and total relief. The relief may be immediate, or may grow over a period of time. If the relief fades and the pain returns, do no repeat the ritual immediately, but trust in the magick and wait a few days and see if the effect of the magick continues to grow.

To Contemplate Clearly Without Influence from Others

You know your own mind, right? Maybe. But sometimes you need to think deeply without the influence of others. Not always. A lot of the time, working things out with a group is the best way to go. But sometimes, you know that you need to access your own deep and personal thoughts, but it is difficult to get into your thoughts without being troubled by what others think. You may find it difficult to get clarity because you feel guilty, concerned or worried about how others feel. It may even be that others are influencing you with magick, or with everyday persuasion, to make you see their point of view. Use this ritual when you want to spend some hours or days in contemplation, without the influence of others swaying your thoughts.


The sigils are available for download in the following PDFs. Once you’ve clicked the link, you can save the PDFs to your device, and use them on your device or print them out – we can’t offer support on how to do that, as there are thousands of different methods. Hopefully, saving a PDF should be quite easy.

Click here to download To See The True Potential of an Idea

Click here to download To Ease Physical Pain

Click here to download To Contemplate Clearly Without Influence from Others

Pronunciation is exactly the same as in the books – you say it as though it’s English. However you speak English will work.

If these sigils are so good, why didn’t they go in the original books? We planned to put these in a new book some time in the future, but for various reasons that book may or may not happen. The easiest solution was to make these sigils available now.

If you’re new to all this and have never read the books, you may wonder how these sigils and words work. The technique in the book is quite simple, and involves working with your emotions while looking at the Hebrew letters and saying the words – these are divine words, along with names of angels and archangels. When combined in a specific order, they have a specific effect. It’s an extremely simple form of magick.

Please do not share or redistribute these sigils in any way. If you want somebody else to have access to them, please direct them to this page.

– Adam Blackthorne


Disclaimer: Consider all information on this page to be speculation and not professional advice, to be used at your own risk. The information is never intended to replace or substitute for medical advice from a professional practitioner, and when it comes to issues of physical health, mental health or emotional conditions, no advice is given or implied, and you should always seek conventional, professional advice. The information is provided on the understanding that you will use it in accordance with the laws of your country.



31 thoughts on “Free Words of Power

  1. Hi Adam! First of all thank you for SoP&T- it is so accessible that it has really kick started my work with all of the Galley’s other works! Anyone who is having trouble with any other Gallery of Magic book should give Sigils of Power a go and watch as everything else falls into place!

    Quick question that I haven’t found an answer to in the FAQ- I intend on copying many tidbits (with attribution of course) from several GoM books by hand into my own personal grimoire (the FAQ says y’all are fine with this and I thank you for that). If I do that, do I need to copy the two-tone pentacle on ones like these as well? Any other suggestions for old fogey hand transcription wizards?

    Again, thanks for all the amazing work! I look forward to every book and am hoping that in this age of chaos and conflict you guys release one geared for courageous magical warriors of peace & justice (and fast!)!

    1. Ws sure I’d replied to this, but can’t see it. A self-made copy will always introduce changes, but only copy them if you feel it helps. You can use it in the book, or a photocopy or whatever else – I sometimes use the books rather than my personal copies, now, because it’s more convenient.

      1. Thanks for the reply, Adam! For the most part when practicing I just use things directly on my Kindle, but I feel that transcribing it into my own grimoire gives me a deeper connection to the magic! It is good to know that I don’t have to copy the two-tone pentacles over as well, since they can get a bit grueling to do by hand. I believe I once saw Damon say that they are mainly there for focusing, yes?

  2. My apologies if I am not using the appropriate channel for this.

    Two things:

    1.) Damon Brand and Adam Blackthorne your work and your research are a blessing to all man kind. It is Neither prejudice nor dangerous. I crossed over from the speculative side of esoteric wisdom to the operative side and with your aid I have grown stronger and wiser and have found myself along this journey to be striving to be a perfect man. Magick and your work has done this to me. I want to thank you! I hope and pray for nothing but good deeds and happiness for you and the GOM family.

    2.) I am a Freemason hoping to start a curriculum for a few other fraternity members where I hope to show them this work as part of the syllabus. We would purchase your books as the standard study material. There are specifics about this particular request that I’d like to clarify with someone before attempting to execute these plans. Who can I speak to about this?

    Thank you!

    1. Hello. Quite fine to talk here!

      Thanks for your words, which are appreciated because you’re noticed some of the subtle things we care about.

      Sadly, we can’t enter into private conversations for reasons explained here: In short, that would be a full-time job, with hundreds of private questions a day. It was 40 a day back in 2014 when Damon first started. Now, it really would be hundreds. By having an open forum like this, it keeps the questions manageable.

      We’re always glad to hear about people using our books in their work. We can never condemn or condone, because we have no idea how good a teacher will be – so we never give permission, or authorisation, our our blessing or tell people to stop; because we can never know what it is that you’re doing. All we ask is that the books be purchased by all involved (as you’ve stated), and that no course study materials are created from them. I mean, one person can buy the books and can read out from it, but if 20 people want the sigils or the text, 20 people have to buy the book.

      If you have other questions, they may in the in FAQs, but if not, feel free to ask about particular subjects on those FAQ pages.

      1. Once again here on this topic; Regarding purchasing books for each member that plans to use the book content. Can we re-sell your books? The reason I’m asking is we are suggesting a donation to each member that participates in the course, and we will “provide” the book(s) to each member. The proceeds go to the lodge.

        1. Sure, it’s fine to sell books on to others, with any markup you like, so long as you’ve paid for the books the normal way.

  3. Hi Adam,

    Thank you for the free sigils, I am sure I will use all of them extensively in the future. Also, the sigils from your book work very well for me.
    Last night I had a strange dream and felt compelled to post it here, hoping you have some insight. A woman appeared next to me and said that she is in Australia, and she is trained in magick. She then asked me to do a ritual with her. The last thing I remember we were standing next to each other facing the same direction, and I was visualizing the sun. It could have been SBR, I am not sure. After that I woke up. I don’t normally have dreams like that. This experience felt very real. Any idea what it could have been?

    1. Glad the sigils are working for you! Thank you telling me.

      With the dream, the question is, what does it mean to you? Do the particular images and places have resonance for you? I say most dreams are just junk, even dreams about magick, but if it feels important there might be something in there for you. And you never know, it might trigger something for somebody else who reads this. I was half-expecting somebody else to have said, ‘I live in Australia and I had that dream!’ by now.

      1. The dream doesn’t really mean or trigger anything for me. It just felt real and unlike any other dream. Who knows, maybe there will be part 2 where I get to ask the name 🙂 In the meantime I am working with the sigils to decode messages in the dreams and improve dream recall. Thank you for your reply. Are you going to post a new blog for Valentine’s day? (I hope 🙂

        1. There is a blog post nearing completion, which I might let loose on the world today – but it has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. Oops.

  4. Thank you for these new sigils, and for your books. I first wanted to add to what “Cilllyn” wrote. The same thing has been happening to me–often (getting results before even beginning a ritual.) Both with the GOM rituals and with other “magick” rituals. I have been attributing this to my work with both Omem (Bending Time) from Blaise’s Sigils of power, and in “Make More Time Become Available” from WOP. One of many examples of this was that I misplaced or lost something of value, and I was intending to work with Menakel in 72 Angles of Magick. I wanted to put it specifically next to a photo of my late mother. After deciding this it appeared on the mantel in front of my mother’s photo. It absolutely had NOT been there–it materialized. This kind of thing has happened to me before (likely many reading this) but it was so close to the time. I also almost always add to my rituals “I ask that this be done without the confines of space, time or gravity.” So I credit all of this with some pretty miraculous things which have happened. I have always believed that prayer and ritual can be retroactive, as time is not linear–I think some people block out this possibility by not being open to this–but I would imagine most people on this forum are in sync with this. (It’s also a main precept of A Course In MIracles.)

    I also wanted to mention that I believe that “Angels of Alchemy” and “The 72 Sigils of Power” (along with all the other books frankly) are so extraordinary. I am a psychotherapist and I sincerely believe that the workings/meditations in these books is far more valuable than years of psychoanalysis would ever be. (I also believe that much of psychotherapy today is more harmful than helpful, but thats’ a whole soapbox I could write about forever.) Mainly I wanted to praise you with the gifts of healing and betterment/wellness these books truly offer. All of us who have had the fortune to come across GOM truly are blessed.

    Finally I wanted to ask something about “Wealth Magick” I began this when I was not in a position for personal reasons to do all the things I wanted to do to “meet the angels” half way. I certainly was doing my very best given the circumstances, but right now I am more able to finally be more proactive in those aspects of my career(s) that can lend to the results of this book. My question is this. I have just begun the fourth working. Would you suggest that after finishing the entire book that I begin again from the beginning–or do I just continue to work to the best of my ability with what I need to do and assume that all of those rituals remain in place and as strong?

    1. Hi Rhiannon. Time bending, and magick the works before you do it, is something that I find so wonderful. Sometimes, you have to work so hard at magick, targeting and planning and hitting every detail. But other times, you think about performing a ritual and before you know it the result happens. I often find this works when I have decided upon the ritual, and a specific angel. Other find it happens in different ways. Some people never have this, and get pretty envious – but to those people I say, worry not. I’ve also been through periods where magick was a bit more mechanical in its responses. Our relationship to magick is always changing.

      Thank you so much for your kind comments. They are deeply appreciated. Not sure if you’ve read The Sigils of Power, but Step 4 in that is a bit like the icing on the cake for emotional transmutation.

      As luck would have it the Wealth Magick FAQ has just been updated, and covers those questions. (It’s not luck really – I updated it today when I saw your post. I’ve been meaning to update it for weeks, and this tipped me into action.) Hopefully what you need is now there:

      Cheers, Adam B.

  5. i had just come in from my fields having spent 2 days doing fence work and i was sore and hurting low and behold the email for the free sigils was in my inbox, jumped straight to the ease physical pain. i felt this working almost straight away. Thank you for sharing Adam. Highest regard Steve.

  6. Ah life 😀 it’s truly magickal esp. if you’re a disciple of the G.O.M masters – thank you for the free magickal sigils. The act alone of being generous is such a great example of what the core of all G.O.M books are stating: NEVER ACT FROM LACK. *sigh* I love you guys & I have so much respect to each & everyone of you – hence why, I don’t hesitate investing my money, trust, faith in your work & endeavors.S.M.888

  7. Thank you very much for this!
    May I ask if you could also give the words as a transliteration how it would be spelled without a pronounciation guide like it is now? I have biggest troubles to remember the words as they are written now. It´s a lot easier to have it exactly how you´d speak it. I´m sorry for the inconvenience!

    1. Well, that’s kind of difficult, because a transliteration is, if we’re honest, a half-hearted pronunciation guide – and although there’s consensus on some of the words, others aren’t generally transliterated outside occult communities, and sometimes within occult communities nobody bothers with a transliteration either. It would be accurate to say that most people would write ELL-AH-DOE-NIGH as El Adonai, but EE-AH-HAH-DAW-NAH-HEE is more obscure in English texts, but might be transliterated as Yahadonahee or Yahahdawnahi and so my point is that transliteration is just a halfway-house between the original Hebrew and a pronunciation guide. So you can make up your own transliterations once you’ve worked out how you say the words using the pronunciation guide. It’s all Pronunciation Proof anyway, due to the visual letters in the sigil – the vocalisation just kicks it into gear a bit more than when it’s done silently.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing these, it really is appreciated. I’ve only been using your books for a few months but they have made a massive difference in my life, both in terms of the outcome of the magick and also in my attitude to dealing with life generally. I cannot thank you all enough for that!

    Just one quick question, I’ve noticed that sometimes the magick seems to work before I’ve even begun a ritual, often when I’m just contemplating it. Is this possible, or am I just imagining things?

    1. Thank you! And yes, I love that – magick that works before you even do then ritual. It’s funny, but back when Damon was running the site there was a time when this got asked almost every day. No idea why, but it’s not been asked for ages. But yes, without doubt, magick can affect the past and that can mean the present you’re in now is the past (in relation to your magick). Clear as mud! But yes, it happens. It does not happen to everybody, but I think that when it does happen it (maybe) means you’re really clicking with magick.

    2. To the user named Cillyn: I’m replying just to show my gratitude because this made me smile 🙂 because now I know I’m not the only one who would get “delivery express” from the Spiritual Beings mentioned in ALL THE G.O.M books (including the Magickal Attack). *sigh* 😀 life is great esp. when other people not related to you just confirmed what you have just experiencing (revelation some ppl might call it that). May you have a magickal life journey. S.M.888

  9. Thank You Adam!
    And also to Damon and the rest of the GOM who may be responsible for this! All of your Works are GREATLY ENJOYED AND APPRECIATED!!
    A quick question while I’m at it, I’ve been meaning to ask this for ages, but always take too long and the comments close before I post it.
    When we do the sword banishing ritual it says to imagine the sun radiating and expanding from your heart, but that never felt right to me, I always do it from the energetic heart center, i.e. heart chakra in the center of my chest except slightly upwards of the solar plexis chakra. Is this acceptable adaptation of the technique or should I be using my actual physical heart.
    Follow up question, if it is acceptable, may I do this with the other times the heart is specified, such as charging a sigil?
    Last question, for the invocation of the angels, is it acceptable to use the planetary definition of a day, i.e. sunrise to sunrise instead of midnight to midnight?
    Thanks again for all the Good You and the rest of The GOM do through making these available to those who can benefit from them. My Gratitude to GOM and the rest of the Powers who have helped bring these forth! Best of Wishes and Blessings to You all! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    P.S. I’m Greatly looking forward to the Guardian Angel Book when it is available! :):):)

    1. Hello and thanks. Yes to the heart – I take it to mean the centre rather than the lumpy muscle. Anything you think of as heart will work IMHO, for anything. Yes to planetary definitions if that works for you! Your gratitude is very much appreciated! The comments are open 95% of the time now on the FAQ pages, BTW.

  10. Thank you for the gift!

    On Mon, Feb 6, 2017 at 8:34 PM, The Gallery of Magick wrote:

    > adamblackthorne posted: “Three new powers are now available, for users of > Words of Power or The Greater Words of Power. The sigils come at no cost to > you, and can be downloaded below. If you have used the Activation Ritual > from either of the books, at any time, you can use” >

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