Sigils of Power


One hundred and eleven sigils to change and control your life. Introducing Sigils of Power and Transformation by Adam Blackthorne.

Here’s what you can expect:

“There are one hundred and eleven sigils in this book that can help with anything from self-confidence to luck, from healing to protection, and from inspiration and intuition to love.

When you work with the sigils in this book, you throw out all the confusing magickal garbage and get straight to the power of change. Sigils provide you with a visual code that unlocks the essence of magick.

This book does not contain anything to do with witchcraft, spellcasting, kabbalistic ritual, evocation or any other method of magick that you might be familiar with.

A sigil is nothing more than a drawing, but in this case, the drawing is so much more than you can imagine. These drawings bypass the conscious mind and connect you to a stream of pure magick. This is not dark magick, but magick of light. You can do no harm with this magick, to yourself or to others.

The magick works because you have access to one hundred and eleven secret sigils, handed down from ancient times. Every one of them can work wonders in the modern world.

You will discover The Magick of the Mind, Inspiring Others, Extended Perception, Fortune, Love and Friendship, Breakthrough Magick, Spiritual Magick, Personal Strength, Peace Magick, Protection Magick, Personal Healing, Health Magick, Wisdom and Education, Business and Finance and Employment Magick.

The magick presented here is not bound to any religion, and it requires no magick words. You don’t have to learn any difficult pronunciations, or say a single word out loud. The magick requires no visualization and no equipment. You won’t light a candle or wave a wand. All you need is this book, your own strong desire and the will to carry out the instructions.”

A couple of years ago, members of The Gallery of Magick whispered about a secret project known as Book A – this was a text that we wanted to share as our final work. Over time, a few of its secrets slipped into other works, because we couldn’t resist. We also found that Book A was going to be such a massive, multi-volume hardback that it would be unaffordable to most, and so overwhelming that nobody would read it. We treasure this work, so that would never do.

The challenge we faced was this: how can we take the material and make it workable without dumbing it down or missing out the good bits? The challenge continues, but I was given the honour of completing the first volume, based on materials from Book A. Sigils of Power and Transformation was originally the title of just one section of Book A, but it’s available to you now. (The rest of Book A will be revealed gradually, over the years.)

Sigils of Power and Transformation is over 300 pages long, to make room for 111 high-quality sigils that appear throughout. This has pushed up printing costs, and even the cost of the eBook (as we get charged for high-res images), but we’ve kept the price as low as possible.

We’ve been really cautious about publishing any form of Health Magick, because as Damon pointed out years ago, those who sell false hope and fraudulent healing, make us sick. But after much thought, and some gentle bickering, it’s fair to say we all agree that it’s only right to share the healing magick that we do have.

The book is not cheap, so before you buy you might want to have a look through the Look Inside feature on Amazon, or download a preview and check out the contents. Lots of the powers you’ll see in there are already found in others books, so there’s lots of overlap. What’s different about this system is that you don’t call on any spirits. It’s a unique way of connecting to magick. It won’t appeal to everybody, but if you’re drawn to this, it can do so much for you.

-Adam Blackthorne



UPDATE: Here’s a small section of quotes from early Amazon reviews:

“After I read it, I tried one working. I had results in 12 hrs! Wow!”

“Amazing how quickly my wish for some urgent cash worked.”

“I did “Money from out of the Blue” this morning, and I won $500 this afternoon.”

“Getting money out of the blue worked with my first try!!!!!!!. Unreal !!!”

“I worked on two sigils yesterday and I had results today.”

“I used a sigil from this book 2 days ago to pass my CDL driving test and guess what? Exactly that I passed.”

“Very revolutionary technique for performing magick. Every ritual is effective and only takes a couple of minutes.”

“It works if you allow it to work. Amazing how quickly my wish for some urgent cash worked.”

If you have questions, see SIGILS OF POWER FAQ 

86 thoughts on “Sigils of Power

  1. Hi. Several years ago I was introduced to Wicca by my sister. This was at a time when, on the surface, I had extreme doubt’s about anything magickal, miraculous or divine. Deep down, though, a big part of me believed in all of it. How limiting to believe there’s only one life and that we’re the only living beings in the universe. There were a few experience which opened my eyes to the reality that magick exists but then life happened and I unconsciously closed myself off to it. Five years ago I was looking for a way to relieve my constant anxiety. I learned about meditation but didn’t practice it regularly at all. While I still don’t meditate as much as I’d like to I do meditate more than I used to. During one meditation, I started to feel this intense vibration all through my body which made me wonder if my anxiety may be energy improperly flowing through me or a huge imbalance in my energy. I refuse to turn to medication for anxiety . For me, I don’t believe that’s the answer. I also unwillingly take on the energy of others. Not just people, animals too. If I see a person or an animal suffering, I feel their suffering. So, I learned about spirituality, angels, a Course in Miracles, the Law of Attraction, etc. All of that was helpful but I couldn’t help feeling like there’s a different path for me. I felt that, although these are beneficial to me and I can refer to them as needed, I didn’t have the control I desired to have over my anxiety. Within the past two weeks I’ve bought at least six of the books I’ve learned about on GOM and have felt more connected than before. Last night I did the results magick for Lov with the sigil in Zanna Blaise’s The 72 Sigils of Power after meditating for 30 minutes. The feeling I got was so intense. I can’t really describe it. I feel like I was meant to find this community because it resonates strongly with who I am and what I believe. Have you heard the story about the man who was stuck sitting on his roof waiting for God to save him? A boat came to his aid and he refused because he KNEW God would save him. A helicopter approached and the same thing. Well, he ended up drowning and wondered (as he was facing God in Heaven) why He hasn’t saved him. God sent him help but he didn’t see it because he was looking for something magical to happen. Some miracle. I’ve felt like that man, perpetually drowning. I didn’t see the life raft because I was expecting something else. I finally see my life raft and I’m starting to feel that I can gain control of my life and my anxiety, so thank you GOM

    1. Thank you for your story – I smiled. You are so right. Expectation can be a lovely feeling and a warm opening to magick, but it can also be a way to miss everything that’s coming up. Expectation, especially about the *way* something will manifest, is enough to make it all go haywire. Pleased to hear it’s clicked in for you!

      1. Hi, Adam. Thank you for your reply. Right now I’m reading through the sigils, trying to learn about them before I practice the rituals. I noticed that there isn’t a sigil showing for Inspiring Others. Should there be one there? Is it maybe a glitch with my phone? Thank you.

        1. Hi. Somebody else asked this so I may need to drop it into the FAQ. Here was my answer:

          ” I think you’ve misunderstood. Inspiring Others is a section title – so it has no individual sigil. Within the section called ‘Inspiring Others’ there are several chapters, all of which have their sigils. I downloaded the source file and checked the book just now, counting the sigils, and all 111 are there. I hope that clarifies it for you. If in doubt, have a look at the Table of Contents on the Look Inside (top left of Amazon sales page) which sets out the Contents more clearly than they ever look in an ebook.”

          1. I apologize, I do remember reading that before buying the ebook. I hadn’t made the connection until reading your response just now. Thank you for the quick reply though.

  2. Hello, Adam, I have a question regarding your book. when working with this style, and on behalf of somebody else who needs help. I need to pretend that I am that person, or can I picture that person having those feeling? I hope I am explaining myself clearly.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi there. The first method is used in lots of magick, but it’s the second method for this one. Please see the chapter called The Flow of Magick – it’s in there.

  3. Hello Mr. Blackthorne – I just wanna say I purchased the ebook version of 111 sigils. Kindly check the section INSPIRING OTHERS because the sigil for this one is missing. I checked both my Ipad & Mac Kindle just to make sure. Now I don’t know about the hardcopy of the book if it’s in there. But pls. check the Kindle version. I also haven’t finished the whole book so I’m not sure about the other sigils (hopefully the INSPIRING OTHERS sigil is the only one missing). Thank you so much for you effort and I appreciate your work. 888.

    1. Hi. Thanks for buying the book. I think you’ve misunderstood. Inspiring Others is a section title – so it has no individual sigil. Within the section called ‘Inspiring Others’ there are several chapters, all of which have their sigils. I downloaded the source file and checked the book just now, counting the sigils, and all 111 are there. I hope that clarifies it for you. If in doubt, have a look at the Table of Contents on the Look Inside (top left of Amazon sales page) which sets out the Contents more clearly than they ever look in an ebook.

      1. Hello Mr. Blackthorne – oh boy I guess my mind has been so pre-occupied (hence, I already charged the encouraged concentration sigil) & yes you are correct the INSPIRING OTHERS is a section & there are sub-sections *sigh*. Lastly, I really thank you & the other sorcerers in G.O.M this is coming from a graduate student who needs a lot of magick to not hand in the towel — it gets overwhelming. I just wanna add also that the NOT “lusting for results” is my favorite part because I’m so pre-occupied I can’t be obsessed abt the results & what gives me the relief I so badly need? Is that I know somehow, somewhat, somewhere unseen beings + my own energy is taking good care of what I already set forth *whew* DEEP SIGH OF RELIEF. I THANK YOU. IT IS DONE.

        1. Ah, great. Thank you, and I known what you mean – I think I say it in the book, that there’s a lot to be gained from learning to avoid lust for result. Not always easy, and pleasant to have an alternative, but when magick says, ‘You can have this if you just stop obsessing,’ it can really help you learn to stop obsessing. That’s what I found.

  4. Hello, as one who was raised in several haunted houses, and watching my Dad wrestle with and throw out a demon from one of our homes, I fear using magik. Sigils sound comforting and safe.

    My question is, can I use these for helping other people? My sister is critically ill and has only been given a short time to live. Which sigil would you suggest I use and how would I use it to her benefit? Thanks kindly

    1. Hello Helena, and sorry to hear about your sister. Yes, you can use the sigils to help others – see the chapter called The Flow of Magick; it’s the last question listed there. That shows you what to do, and the magick is as safe as magick gets.

      The chapter you then need is called Health Magick, which gives you the overview of how magick works with health and what the limitations are. As you can see I’m at pains to stress that magick can help, but does not work miracles. But I always believe it’s worth trying. If none of the sigils in the following chapters obviously apply, you could try Heal with Loving Light and use that yourself, on her. We are always reluctant to publish health magick because there are impossible situations where it cannot work, and we don’t want to build up false hope, but I do hope there is something in there that will work for you.

  5. Hi Adam
    I have read up on your book Sigils of Power and Transformation’ and will be purchasing it in the next few days. I have been researching it and like everything else from the GOM it is truly wonderful. My question is can someone who has suffered from powerful black magic most their life, will this book work for them in-spite of all the nasty stuff. Now I know you might mention ‘Words of Power’ which I have already purchased because of the protection magic it informs but, because of my horrible experiences with evil spirits and demons I simply cannot bring myself to call them. I have also worked with angels however, some years ago my sisters and I whom are very spiritual, believed that angels would be a safe bet! Wrong! We suffered attacks, I saw shadow passing the lightbulb my home was filled with the most nasty energy. I had horrendous dreams, one night after one of these such dreams I awoke absolutely petrified. I visited the bathroom thinking about the dream and its meaning. A voice then popped into my head and said ” danger.” That was the last straw I seeked help to which I was told I was in danger of losing my soul and everything I loved.

    To be fair I have called upon the assistance of Archangel Michael and Archangel Rapheal now and again, but I have to be absolutely desperate. They have both been amazing at those times but I will not go back to angel work. This is why your book ‘ Sigils of Power and Transformation’ is appealing but can it work for someone with my background (victim of black magic).

    Also can you be sure that the sigils won’t effect a persons sanity and change their personality in anyway as it is implied that the magic works with the mind?

    Thank you look forward to your response.

    1. Hi Vivian. Glad we sound good to you, but we usually say that if magick frightens you it’s best not to go there. Sigil work is about as non-supernatural as you well get – there are no entities involved, so it might be ok for you. But given your experience I can’t guarantee anything, because it may be that the act of doing magick doesn’t agree with you. I hope I’m wrong.

      As for sanity and personality, I think everything we of affects who we are and how we change. You go out to buy a loaf of bread and if something traumatic happens, it can affect your sanity. If you repeatedly meditate over a flower, it can change your personality. To say magick will have no effect on your personality would be to define it almost non-existent. It does affect and change you and that’s the idea. If you can’t work with angels, you could consider The 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna Blaise – those are divine names, names of God – it doesn’t get safer than that. But it’s just an afterthought.

    2. There’s an energy clearing technique called EFT that might help. Energy isn’t the same as magick, but people sometimes have energetic or emotional issues that attract negative entities. Also EFT clears out issues extremely well in my experience, and resolving our issues generally makes us more sane if you are concerned about effects on sanity.

      There is also a spiritual variant called “optimal EFT” that might be helpful in your case.

  6. Thank you very much Adam.
    Your inexpensive book is really priceless.

    Any suggestions in how to use magical to boost one’s libido and also cure ED?

    I am trying the one about reducing anxiety to banish performance anxiety.
    I own all GoM books and music 🙂

    Warm regards and many thanks for spending so much time answering comments.


    1. Hey there. Thank you so much – that’s such a great endorsement!

      The standard answer from the FAQ goes like this:

      “Q: Is there a ritual to help with sexual problems, such as erectile dysfunction?

      A: This is one of the most commonly asked questions, and while it is true that some people have used angelic magick to improve health issues, there is no magick that we know of that can reliably help with such sexual health problems, and it is strongly recommended that you seek conventional treatments.”

      But, if you want to experiment, and if you have an idea about the possible cause, you can bundle together your own magick. If you guess – purely for the sake of example – that it’s caused by a lack of confidence, anxiety and poor exercise (and that really is just an example, not a medical guess!!), and then you could look for sigils that help with those problems. Combine it all in way that meets your needs, and it might work. This post might be useful, for breaking it down and working out what applies to you:

  7. Hi Adam,

    I am working through all the GoM books and I have a backlog of several months of planning workings. I had a couple of results I wanted to share. I know this is off topic but I didn’t know where else to contact any of your circle, so apologies for that.

    What I wanted to share is that I have used the Take Power From a Bully working from the Protection Magick book to clear out 2 bullies from people’s lives, without removing the bullies themselves. One of them was a lifelong bullying by a family member, which dramatically reduced in a matter of days.

    I also wanted to share that that working can be used with profound effect on ANYTHING that you can personify. It will work on an oppressive cultural heritage, oppressive religious upbringing, or anything else, as long as you can personify the oppressive force as some kind of being. This has tremendous applicability – this use can essentially clear out almost anything bullying you away from your true will.

    Also – I have a profound gratitude to you and the rest of the GoM for all the work you are doing. There is a difference in your approach that makes the magick familiar, as if I recognize it even though I am doing your published workings for the first time.


    1. Hi Jason. That’s great – your comment got buried in a spam list until now. Don’t know why. Just saw it, and that’s great. I love adapting magick, so bravo on what you you’ve done there. Thanks. There is a page for success stories but really, posting this sort of new anywhere is great. Cheers. Adam.

  8. Hi Adam,

    Quick question: Sigils of Power does not appear to be available in the Kindle Cloud Reader. Was that done intentionally, or did you forget to make it available there? I can always read it on my iPad or PC reader, but normally I use the cloud reader. Would be great if you made it available there (all other GoM books are available in the cloud reader…)

    1. It sometimes takes a few days for it all to connect at Amazon. Somebody on Facebook kindly said that the cloud reader was working. Never used it myself, so don’t know if you need to switch off and start again, or if it will just work.

    1. Thank you! And yes, if you can see the sigil, it works. Any screen – tablet, laptop,desktop. Even a phone. I don’t think phones are big enough for me, but if you squint hard you can sort of see. So, yes!!!

  9. I checked and other comment pages are not closed – you may need to scroll past hundreds of comments to the bottom of the page. But the 72 Angels FAQ is def open to questions right now.

  10. Don’t worry, and thanks for your concern, but it’s not a mistake at all. (Please direct questions about this book to the 72 Angels FAQ page rather than this post – if you could repost this there, that would be great.)

    It’s been addressed a few times here. If you look for info on in the internet it won’t always agree with what’s in books. Which is most reliable and effective??? You choose. But you may find good books have more interesting and hidden methods, even though they’re not as widely known.

    There are many traditions. The verses you find elsewhere can be used, usually in Latin – they work too. The Hebrew verses we use appear in other texts and traditions and are correct. They work, as I’m sure you can see. Each verse contains seven words, and each contains the angel’s name, spelt out in Hebrew, buried within the verse. Very clever, and very deliberate.

  11. Hello Mr. Blackthorne,

    Just bought the book yesterday and am enjoying it so far. Excellent price too for the Kindle edition. The info is definitely worth more than what you are charging as with all GOM material.

    I’m a neophyte, about a year and just been using “The 72 Sigils of Power” by Zanna Blaise & have had success much to my surprise. I have a recurring rat problem & it’s driving me nuts despite using the conventional methods. Since you have so much experience I could use some advice regarding which Sigils to use from your new book.

    Which ones would you advocate to get rid of rats?


    1. Thanks Ernie. I appreciate that a lot. I can think of lots of ways I might try, but I had a chat to somebody about this not long ago. Let me see if I can dig up what was said, and get back to you. It might be a better idea than mine. Or not. Give me a few hours…

        1. OK, the bad news is I couldn’t dig it up, or contact that person. Let’s forget that and think about what might work from the new book. The way the sigils work is personal. One person will read the description and get a certain vibe, and somebody else will get another – this is part of the process, the way it all works. So me saying too much might be messy. But if it was me I’d try Bring Peace to a Home (because they take your peace) . Or if you create servitors, that’s a good direction to head. But only if you like servitors and how they work. That would be my first line of attack, these days, if conventional methods weren’t working and there was no cat to borrow. There’s also Chahuiah in 72 angels, for repelling pests!!!

          1. Hello,

            Thanks for the help, i appreciate it. “Bring Peace to a Home” was my first choice so it’s a coincidence you should mention it. I will try that. Conventional methods are helping but not as much as I had hoped for.

            I never did any Magick before until the “The 72 Sigils of Power” came out a little over a year ago. I had some trepidation about doing Magick but the “The 72 Sigils of Power” felt right for me and safe to do. I’m glad you have this new book out since I can add so much more to my Magick with it. Lots to choose from.

            I like the idea of servitors & I have Mr. Brands book on the subject. I would have some small concern something might go wrong with the servitor though. My concerns about Magick are a lot less after working Sigil Magick though. I guess it’s because I am still new to this so I have trepidation in certain areas.

            Regards and Happy New Year.


          2. Hello,

            I did Bring Peace to a Home as you suggested and there was no noise at all for over 24 hours but maybe it was a coincidence, I don’t know. It was awful fast. I only did it once so I’m doing it three times now as recommended. Could wait a few days and then do it three times again rather than everyday?

            One thing I thought I noticed was I felt peaceful while doing the ritual. I like this type of Magick & I will try other rituals from the book. There’s lots to choose from & it’s easy to do.



  12. Hi Adam,
    thank you for the great book! ” A life without magick is too difficult, too ordinary. I think we can do better then that” – is my favorite quote. There are so many sigils to make our lives easier. The method of accessing magick directly and not through any spirit is very familiar. I feel like I have been practicing this type of magick my entire life, I just didn’t have sigils 🙂
    So yesterday I did a few rituals from the book, and the jury is still out on those. But today I did “Sharpen your mind”, and I have to tell you this little ritual is absolutely mind-blowing, or maybe mind-sharpening. Just after a couple of hours my mind felt so fresh, the brain fog lifted, short-term memory and even my speech have improved. My ability to recall small details is so much better. And it’s only day one! Thank you so much – your book is amazing. It will improve lives of so many people. Just hang in there, I know social media is rough sometimes 🙂

    1. Thank you. When you said, ‘ I feel like I have been practicing this type of magick my entire life, I just didn’t have sigils’ I have had that sort of experience many times. I think I know just what you mean. It’s a good feeling.

      And wow, that’s great to hear. I know quick results happen, but love hearing about it. The results can take way longer, but I like seeing it get off to such a good start! Cheers.

  13. I just bought the book, read it and I am ready for the first ritual. Reading thru the table of content I wonder whether you have a Sigel to heal or improve the general health conditions such as hearing and/or eyesight?



    1. Hey, thanks for buying the book, Greg. Not directly, but you can use a mix of Heal with Loving Light and Release The Energy of Youthfulness to tackle these. But I’ve never had much luck with problems that have set in, like eyesight , hearing, that sort of thing. I did have a temporary condition with my eyes (that wasn’t meant to be temporary) – it came, went, came and went again over 20 years. Cost me a fortune in changed prescriptions. And then it went. To this day I don’t know if magick helped, but I don’t really think it did.

    2. Hi Greg,

      I’ll chime in here….hmmm you may want to try NLP and/or hypnosis perhaps? I haven’t tried it, but I know there are people who did crazy feats by just doing hypnosis on themselves. One lady I know of was able to enlarge her “chest” (if you know what I mean) by just using her mind. I’ve also read countless stories about people older than 18 (which is the age humans stop growing taller) who were able to grow taller by just using hypnosis and visualisations. The key is absolute belief that you can change your body, and it will. It’s not easy at all, but certainly doable…

      Hope I’ve pointed you to the right direction :-).

      1. Thank you! You have pointed me in the right direction! And I am not the one who asked a question 🙂

  14. Two Technique questions:
    Taking baby steps here. Was wondering if it is OK to take off my reading glasses when I get to Step 4. I never wear them in trance or meditation, but I did need them for 1-3. Is taking them off, which immediately gives me blurry vision, ok? As long as
    I instruct my mind to go to soft eyes and then do part 4 work?..

    And could change the color of the background, or is white essential? For instance, when doing healing work l usually envision pink light, as it causes less strain on my body (with some chronic illnesses) and the recipient receives it gently. So snce pink is derived from red, does that unintentionally add anger to the work?

    Thanks, great book!

    1. Hello! Yes, that’s a good thing to do – a great way of softening the vision.

      Interesting question about the pink, because this isn’t meant to be a visualisation – you’re literally looking at the white paper (or screen) – yes, it goes a bit further than that, but you’re not picturing white light beaming out of it. If you add pink, as a visualisation – well, I like Chaos Magick, which says anything goes if it works. If it’s worked for you before, and feels like healing, why not? I don’t think unintentional anger is a risk. The emotions you feel during the ritual are more powerful here than any implied by colour.

  15. Good afternoon to all,

    Adam-I find it difficult transmutating my emotions from sad to happy.So, if I pretend like when I am day dreaming will that work as well? Even though I might not be able to bring that exact feeling of being sad, and then happy?

    Thank you for the new book; I can’t wait to have the book in my hands.

    1. Yes, cool – that’s an example I use in the new book, so you should like it. I try to show that it’s not a big deal. The change is tiny, and just like the one we do every day when we look forward to things, or daydream. Thanks for buying it!

  16. I just ordered. I gotta say $25 isn’t a lot to ask, considering the impact you guys have had on so many lives. By the way Adam, I loved master works. Your humor made the reading fun and resonated with my own. Thank you for taking the reins for the GOM social media. I can see how it would have drove Damon crazy. He literally responded to everyone (or almost everyone), even the trivial questions. Some of which, I wouldn’t have entertained had I been in his shoes. Anyways cheers.

    1. Thanks for ordering. I agree, with the money thing, but I lose perspective. Some people earn that in moments and for many people who buy the books, it’s hours of work to get a spare $25. But I used to work long hours for crappy pay, and I paid a LOT more for some of the works I delved into – and I’d miss out on a night of good beer to save that money. If I had to. It was all worth it. If the book is all nonsense and doesn’t work, it’s a ripoff. If just one ritual works as it’s meant to, that’s cheaper than any therapy, consultation, hit man (or other professional) I can think of. This comes up a lot for us now – cheap magick may seem too cheap. We might go paperback-only for some books! But thanks for the thought. You set me off on a stream of consciousness rambling lecture…

      Really glad you liked the other book. I take magick seriously, and way more in the new book, but I’ve also found myself in lots of situation where I just have to laugh, and I feel that a certain lightness is needed with chaos esp, or the mind tightens too much. I remain awestruck and meek when angelic things happen, but still try to smile.

      Damon said social media would drive me crazy and that I should ignore the crazier people. Where’s the fun in that? So far, I’m talking to them. I may stop. It is very time consuming. A few days from now I’ll be snapping, ‘Read the book! Read the blog!’

  17. Wow
    Amazing book!
    The section where you said that people do the magick half-heartedly then send you guys death threats? WOW! People always amaze me.

    It’s been said in the book a number of times, I’d just like to re-iterate to anyone trying this magick, LOA, or even asking Santa for something, Start with something that is just out of reach and possible, or something small and gradually move towards your final destiny.
    Eg. I’ll buy ice cream when it goes on sale…tadum … it’s suddenly on sale. Now that the belief is spawned, try something larger. The only way to eat an elephant is o n e b i t e a t a t i m e.

    Great book, and just like your Chaos book, a light-hearted splash of humour throughout. Would be great to have lunch with you.

    1. Thanks you! I love to hear that. The death threats are rare, but the crazy accusations happen all the time. There was one just now over on the main FAQ page – fake, fraud, that sort of thing. We try to laugh. Best thing I saw so far this month – Zanna’s book got a review from somebody who was horrified that it wasn’t a book of Nordic sigils. I have to smile at that. Must get my Nordic sigils book going…

      I love that elephant thing, and I have to shout out YES to the paragraph. Just out of reach is actually what feels best, is more possible and gets you to far-out-of-reach faster than trying all at once.

      Thanks again. And glad the light heart doesn’t distract. Sooner or later I’ll get a death threat for it, I’m sure.

  18. Hello Adam
    I bought your new book today “Sigils of Power and Transformation” and am looking forward to using the Sigils within.
    I would be grateful for you any tips you can give on your previous book “The Master Works of Chaos Magick” I have tried the Olympic Magick but have had no success and read of many others who find it so easy and I realise it must be me. I am not good at the creating the Magickal Chaos Energy can you give me tips to get me started please.
    I love all the GoM books and I thank you for them.

    1. Thanks for buying both books! The Olympic Magick has been more successful than I excepted, for some people. I mean, I expected it to work well – I obviously love it – but some stories I heard were amazing. Frustrating for you if that’s not the case. But that’s the other thing I found after the book came out. They clicked for some, and not for others. At least, not yet. If not, I don’t want to say, yes, it’s you, you’re doing it wrong, but (i’ll assume you’ve read all the posts on this site?) make sure it’s targeted well, and the advice I keep giving at the moment – just out of reach but not impossible. A tiny possible shift, added up over and over, is better than one big failed shift.

      If the energy work doesn’t work for then I’d leave it out, or maybe look to a more traditional method. Although, the traditional methods are very much the same. You can just leave it out. Magick can be really simple. Some people love the energy stuff. Sometimes I just can’t be bothered. Other times it feels like the best bit, really powering it all up and I love it. I’m more fickle than most. But if you want it to get better, then practice does help. Doing it not so well for a year makes you better than you realize. But only if you really want to put in that effort.

  19. Hi Adam, just bought the book. In it and in answer I had from Damon some time ago, you speak about a specific tradition of magick aimed at strongly influencing others.
    Can you tell me more about that?

    Thanks and greetings from Italy

    1. Thanks for buying the book. I could write for hours…. but better not. All magick influences everybody., due to something like the butterfly effect. Without a doubt, my will impacts on the will of those close to me, and ripples down to them. Even angel magick that we’ve already published could be said to be influence magick. But that’s not quite the same as going out there to change minds and make people sway under your will.

      Don’t know about Damon’s answer, but I think what I was talking about (don’t have the book here with me!) was the the deliberate attempts made to influence others, with influence being the main goal rathe than a side effect. Can be done with angels, demons or whatever, but is usually wrapped up in a ‘dark magick’ label and often uses demons as they seem just right for the job.

      1. I also wrote about Influence Magick in the Master Works, but that was short chapter about using objects, gestures, bits of paper. But it was chaos magick, so from a very recent tradition – not really the major influence magick that I think you’re interested in.

        1. Hi Adam,

          Curious…how do angels influence (i.e.: stimulating love, making us change our mind, etc) the human mind? Do they silently whisper some subliminal messages to us? Or do they send telepathic messages / frequencies that are not audible to the human ears?

          1. Lots of theory – which we try to avoid on this site, to keep it practical – but for all the theory, nobody knows for certain how it works. The more I know, the less certain I am – so I focus on the experience.

        2. Adam, thanks for your kind answer. The right words in your last work (in the Inspiring Others Section) are “There’s magick out there for influencing people to do and think what you want, but this part of the book is more about offering inspiration.” I know the section about influence magick in your other ebook.

          Damon some months ago told me about an extreme influence magick (maybe too extreme, if I understod well).
          Just I was curious to know if there is a way to approach this tradition. Afterall the GOM has published Gordon ‘s book, so I don’t think there are ethical issues 😉

  20. *I’m french so I really hope that my post will be understandable*
    Thank you so much für sharing your wisdom and experience. I always stayed back from Magick, because I absolutely refuse to submit myself to a system of belief, and most magick ** and religions and esoteric stuff** is really no more than that: use the archetyps others built up other time – pay a lot of money to get a slice of it. It is complicated and almost always a closed system, which does not allow other beliefs to coexist.
    I do believe that we have been given a piece of divinity along our free will, and that putting this at use we can attain a lot. There MUST be a possibility to break down this to its essence, and to make it work beyond the imposed bondaries… and then, I got to read one of your books… it is not exactly what I was looking for, but more of the beginning of a very interesting journey. Since then I read almost all of your publications. The GoM did a really impressive job at streamlining the Magick, your work is accross the bondaries, the writing style ist really understandable and what you write aligns with my own observations and thoughs, and gives impulses for other ideas.
    I am currently finishing the 33 days of protection ritual from “Magickal protection”. (boy, this is powerfull!!!) Then I will go over to work with the angels to get to know my real desires. Then I will make a plan using various type of magick to help me to get there. Sounds easy, but is a lot of effort, because you have to change your life and support and nurture the changes actively. One cannot rush through it. One cannot rely only on Magick – Magick is a tool, a help – there is no promises and no false confidence bei GoM – this makes it believable.
    Nethertheless, I feel more kindship with Chaos Magick, and love the way Adam Blackthorne put it together. I just ordered your book and am really really happy to get it very soon.
    Thanks – you have my gratitude.

    1. Thanks for writing, Juliana. Your English is great! And thanks for the things you say. What you describe up there – that’s exactly what we’re trying to do, so thank you!

      The way you’re doing this sounds good – not rushing, finding what you want, nurturing. And I like that you say you don’t ‘rely on magick’. It might sound weird coming from me, but I agree with this. Magick is there – a huge, huge part of my life – but it’s something I use to live my life, not my entire life and existence. I hope you like the Chaos Book!

  21. Hello, cant wait to read and try out the New book, so Grateful for Your books:)

    Any more advice on how to let og of lust? I find it hard to fool myself into beliving I allready have my result in the long run, I try to do it daily, maybe I need to practive more, and then I`ll get it. But do you have any other technice or advice on this?

    Also when doing magick for Things I want to happen, but is not the most most desirable Things, the emotinal tranmutation is not that strong, but will the Magic still manifest?:)

    1. Thanks R! There’s a bit of advice in all the books – I can’t guess which you’ve read. But the new book has a way around this, sort of. If you feel desperate, you can put that feeling into the ritual as an energy. That might interest you.

      But anyway, you don’t need a big emotional shift – it’s not the size of the change. Just some change. Absolutely no need to believe in the result as you go about your daily business – just a moment of pretending in the ritual. I cover this feeling in the new book showing how it’s exactly the same as half the daydreaming and fantasising we do anyway. That might make it easier for you. Enjoy the book!

  22. It’ll be at least 11 days to receive your book Adam, so I have other magick to complete! I really enjoy your writing style. Damon’s writing style always impressed my mind through its simplicity and yours appeals, to my adventurous heart! The Gallery’s magick helps me to write better, cleaner and shows me ways to say more with less words! Thank you!!! Looking forward to this new way of performing magick, via the Human Spirit!!! 🙂

    1. Wow, that book’s travelling a long, long way. Most people will get it the day after – although I think the time of year is slowing it down for everybody. Thanks, Ross. Adventure is something I can live with!

  23. Hi Adam… I hope the question isn’t already answered, as I did my best to thoroughly read Q & A on the new book. With that, I’ll ask: For Sigils of Power, is info included in the book on working this way (sigil magick) for others? If not, would you be so kind as to give guidance on how to perform this particular sigil magick on behalf of others? (I would like to assist in freeing someone I know from a very troublesome legal situation that has gone too far)….. P.S. I’m reading the Kindle intro to S.o.P, and your writing style is clear and so pleasing…. I daresay you are my new magickal writer crush!!!! 😉 -Thank you!!!

    1. Thanks a lot. I try to be clear, but often go off on tangents and come back again, so thanks.

      There’s a short paragraph in The Flow of Magick – that’s one of the chapters in this book, that shows what to do for other people. Really simple variation. Def worth trying in legal situations. Course, if it’s a very nasty, complicated one you might need to read about targeting magick, and how you come at it from all angles, but often you just don’t need to. Start simple. Best way.

  24. Are there any Sigils that would help with conquering opiate addiction? I’ve got the two Words of Power books. And there is one entry on helping someone heal; which I am using.

    The Heroin problem is so huge. I wish there was something out there to help addicts magically. If you know of anything, please share.

    Thank you for all the excellent work you do.

    1. Hi belle, and thanks. I feel really uncomfortable answering this, because one of the promises we’ve made is not to offer false hope, so please remember that we always, always say to look for conventional medical advice and to take magick with a pinch of salt. We believe in magick, but it wouldn’t be right to make false promises. But it would be wrong to hide what we have, so there’s a sigil in the book to help with addiction, yes, and it can do great things. The best use I ever saw was somebody with a severe (legal) benzo habit – but to be upfront it took more than this sigil. The sigil supports, gets you through, but it took a whole load of effort all through that person’s life – so many aspects – to get out of it.

      1. Thanks so much Adam and apologies for making you uncomfortable! We and Son2 are aware that it takes a whole lot of work & effort to end an addiction. Our older son did it with Magick and a brief inpatient detox. Younger son, much less responsive, and we are spent financially and emotionally. Not to mention how we feel about our parenting! We view it as our mistakes, overlayed by the 9/11 miasma (location can magnify things).

        Just like it would be wrong to hide what you have (thank you); it would be wrong for me to not bring it up. It is a major part of our life at the moment. But not the only part. Still Stigma hurts, so me and my Mercury in Scorpio feel compelled to bring it up. If it helps one person, it could help many.

        Again thanks so much for all you do. I’ve downloaded free intro for starters.

        *apologies also for what could be construed as an attempt to hijack these responses. Not intended that way at all

        1. Not a hijack at all! Practical questions are why we’re here, and we always want to help with that!!!

  25. Hello! I know you guys are super busy answering non-stop questions, but I didn’t realize I have this problem until I tried to buy the e-book version of your new book
    from Amazon. I’m from Singapore and I think there’s some region restrictions? Is there a way I can buy electronic versions of your books?
    P.S. I have all the GoM books and love them! Just want to have the option of reading them on the go.

    1. Hi, thanks for the consideration – it’s been the longest day! I don’t see the ebooks showing up as selling in Singapore, on the Dashboard sales thing in front of me. Amazon do restrict certain countries. Where did you buy the paperbacks?

    1. Still there. Run by me now, as Damon’s busy with other things. You have to be 18 or over to see it, but it’s still there.

  26. Hi Adam,

    I’m excited about this book! Questions though:

    1. You said that the book doesn’t deal with calling any spirits. So how does it work then? From which “realm” do the sigils draw their assisting powers then?

    2. Are these sigils equally powerful, less, or more powerful than the ones that deal with calling spirits/angels?

    3. I see that some of the sigils have to do with love. If I were to use them to attract the love of a specific person, does it violate their free will? If not, what do the sigils actually do to stimulate natural/sincere love? What’s the mechanism?

    I also have other questions related to your (well, and Damon’s) angel magick books, but I see the FAQ section of those other books are closed, and I can’t find your email address here, so I hope you don’t mind my asking here:

    1. In the blog comments of the following post, Damon mentioned that when we seek the help of angels, in fact the angels often ask demons to perform necessary tasks:

    I’m Catholic, so I’m very familiar with angels, archangels, etc. But I never knew that angels actually get demons to carry out tasks. How risky is it to ask for the angels’ help then? Any risks that the demons might bother us as a result of our asking for the angels’ help?

    In your years of working with the angels, what’s your experience been like?

    2. In the 72 angel magick book, Ariel is listed as one of the angels. But in this webpage, Ariel (and probably some other angels listed in the book) is in fact listed as a fallen angel:

    What are your thoughts about fallen angels? How risky is it to work with them? Any possible dangers (if any) that we should be aware of?


    1. Hi, and thanks for your questions. The first three are answered in the book, but let’s see what I can do.

      1.) It’s a direct magick that calls on a stream of previous magickal successes. Think of it as the human spirit. There’s a long chapter all about this. Some people only like magick with spirits, so not everybody will like this.

      2.) Power is relative. Magick is personal. Some will get best results with this, some with angels. All magick has different qualities. This book has what I call a ‘lightness of touch’, which you’d guess was angelic, but isn’t. Hard to answer, but it’s not weak and useless because it’s not angelic, if you get my point.

      3.) Any time you pick up the last cake at a party, you’re affecting everybody else’s free will because now they can’t have that cake. We dance with the will of others all the time. But all that aside – this magick unlocks potential. So it won’t coerce or change will, but can open opportunity to love. Explained more in the book.

      That theory that Damon mentioned about angels and demons is just a theory, but it is one that’s based on a lot of the old texts – you often see angels ordering demons around. May be wrong, and I think he used it to make the point that excessive fear about demons is maybe misplaced. But, what we say now, mostly, is just steer clear of demons unless they appeal to you. And there’s the theory that demons are trying to regain their angelic status by helping us. And lots of theory about lots of things. In practice, there is ZERO chance that a demon will bother you if you contact an angel. It’s utterly impossible.

      As for fallen angels, some people believe that ALL the angels in our books are fallen. Some say the sigils are demonic. Some say… if you go to the internet, you will find a lot of scaremongering, a lot of rumour and gossip and so I’d say read books, reputable books. Don’t have to be our books. But I have found there to be ZERO risk in working with angels. But you mention danger and safety a lot, so working with spirits might not be for you. (There are a couple of posts about this, and one of them is here:

      But if you don’t like spirit work, then Sigils of Power and Transformation should be great, as there are no spirits involved at all. 😉

      Cheers, Adam

      1. Hi Adam,

        Thanks for the super detailed answers. Such great customer service :).

        You said:

        “In practice, there is ZERO chance that a demon will bother you if you contact an angel. It’s utterly impossible.”

        Why zero chance / utterly impossible? Is it because the angels forbid the demons to bother people? Any other reasons?

        P.S: After comment sections like this are closed, what’s the best way to contact you guys?

        1. Thanks. We try with customer service but we have to close the comments half the time now because we get so many. and when they’re open for weeks they get very weird, off topic and so theoretical. We close them, and then the important questions come back.When they’re closed there’s still the Facebook page, or waiting a couple of weeks. And check out the FAQs – so much of this is touched on there.

          I say Zero chance because demons don’t appear by accident. You might get the idea that if you say one magick word then demons come through the floorboards (I love those movies!) but it isn’t like that. A demon has to be called on purpose, because you want it there. Ok, there are exceptions – there are nasties roaming around the astral world and they can cause trouble. But it’s rare, and actual demons – no. And if you call an angel, that’s the LEAST likely time for a demon to show it’s head. It’s like asking a kitten to come out when the hungry neighbourhood dogs are on the loose. Weird comparison, making the demon sound like a kitten and angels sound like dogs, but that’s how it works between them.

          1. Hi Adam,

            Interesting analogy there about kitten and dogs…funny but so true :).

            Some more questions:

            1. Other than the love sigils in “Sigils of Power” and Zanna’s “Angel of Love”, what other “light energy” GoM books can you recommend other than Sex Magick? (As I understand it, the Sex Magick book deals with spirits…right?)

            2. Silly question: I notice that Hebrew is heavily used when it comes to calling/invoking angels. Why? Being supreme intelligence that they are, surely they understand the latin alphabet equally well? Or is it possible that angels used to be humans that used to live in Israel?

            3. When it comes to stimulating another person’s love, do the love sigils (or love magicks) generate lasting results? Or do we have to keep using magick forever to keep their love?
            I don’t know why, but I came up with this idea that using sigils/love magick is akin to dressing well/wearing sexy perfumes to induce/influence initial attraction on the opposite sex. But then once they fall in love, it’s possible for it to last forever, without us having to wear stunning outfit or nice perfume all the time.

            But not sure if that’s the same concept with magick……is it?

            4. Very interesting… another post, I saw Damon’s following comment:

            “Right before the thank you, you state your desire to the angel, as described in Step 3. And then, you imagine what it would feel like to have your result. Imagine that you have the result. Feel how that feels. It’s not visual imagination. You’re just imagining how good it would feel to have the result. So you can pretend, for a moment, that the result has already come, and is now in your past. How would that feel? Capture that feeling.”

            That sounds *extremely* similar (if not identical), to the very basic principle of the law of attraction.

            Also, I learnt that in magick, “lusting for results” can slow down or hamper the results. That’s akin to the concept of “letting go” in the Law of Attraction.

            Seems that magick and law of attraction are highly connected? Or are they in fact the same thing? How come there are so many (well, at least 2 that I know of) similarities? 🙂

            5. You and other members of GoM have shared so many (hundreds!) of magickal powers in all your books. But there’s the elusive “Book A”…..what’s so special about it compared to your other books? Does it teach superhuman magicks like levitation, flying, being invisible, shapeshifting, teleportation, etc? It’s just that your other books already cover so many different scenarios that it’s very hard to imagine what other “powers” haven’t been covered… 🙂


            1. 1.72 Sigils, 72 Angels and Angels of Alchemy are the ones most people rave about, but scan though the ‘about’ page and read the mini description, or have a look at the longer ones on Amazon if you click the links:

              2. We have Latin and English in the books. The primary sources are often written in Hebrew, is one reason. It works best is the other reason. Trial and error.

              3. The magick in the Seduction book can wear off, but not if it stimulates a true love – does happen. The magick in this book doesn’t wear off. I mean, the relationship might end because they do that all the time, but not because the magick loses power. All it’s doing is waking people up to potential, so it’s not like a mask that falls off.

              4. There are comments like that in nearly every post and book, but the LOA thing works the other way around. Here’s what I said in another post when somebody asked about belief and Law of Attraction:

              ” Magick can work without any belief at all. It shocks people and THEN they believe. But I think it’s best if you believe in magick, the supernatural, if you expect it to work. But you don’t have to have faith and belief in the sense of absolute faith. In loads of our rituals you act as though you do by using emotions – that replaces the need for belief. Imagined emotion, esp when it changes during a ritual, is very powerful. It’s the shift that counts, and the last time I read a LOA book that shifting wasn’t covered.

              Law of Attraction seemed to grow out of the occult rather than the other way around, so I see it as a form of lite magick that’s missing some of the essential bits. It works for some to some extent, but the main impression I get is people go, ‘Crikey, this stuff works. But now I got my parking space and found some money under the bed, but that’s it.’ Mind you, some people would say that about magick.

              But you’ll see that the ‘letting go and allowing’ of LOA also runs through what we do. But there’s a big difference, in that LOA suggests you ATTRACT EVERYTHING through your thoughts and feelings. I’d say it’s the other way around. There is chaos and chance, with other more mystical elements, but mostly it’s chaos, life is chaos – and those who choose to use emotions, magick and other forms of control, exert control over that chaos. And, ironically, of course, only when you let go (more or less) do you actually have any control. So you choose, and then you trust that it will work. This is why working with spirits can be so effective – you can trust that the angel has it under control for you. Easier than LOA in my opinion. But I know many people use LOA alongside what we do, and feel each enhances the other, so I’ve no problem with it, but don’t use it as a world view.”

              Might add that to the FAQ.

              5. Did you read the full post above? maybe I wasn’t clear, but Sigils of Power is part of Book A. We abandoned the idea of a massive Book A and we’re now spreading it’s contents through other books, so it’s palatable, cheaper. So Book A is underway and this is it. There will never be magick in our books about levitation, flying or shapeshifting – indivisibility can work, but not in the Harry Potter way; it’s a way of being less noticed.

              1. Hi Adam,

                Quick question: Sigils of Power does not appear to be available in the Kindle Cloud Reader. Was that done intentionally, or did you forget to make it available there? I can always read it on my iPad or PC reader, but normally I use the cloud reader. Would be great if you made it available there… 🙂

            2. Invisibility is covered in one of Damon’s books, I think Words of Power I or 72 Angels. However, it has more to do with not being noticed. Look through some of the other posts on this site where one woman remained invisible from her ex husband.

              The first iteration of Angels was in Latin, the new one is in Hebrew.

              As for wearing best dress, perfume at all times. Feeling beautiful and feeling loved are very different from will he still love me, am I good enough, what if he finds out these are fake eyelashes. A great view of this in action is Star Trek “Mudd’s Women.”

              I would suggest doing the 33 day magickal protection ritual. The sword banishing is good too.

              Play like a child and you’ll be amazed at your results. Adam’s Chaos book is good too and there are a few key phrases that really help the subconscious let go.

              Good luck and have fun.

  27. I can’t wait to delve into this book, as I am a fan of GoM. I don’t find your books expensive at all, in fact, I think you guys could charge more for what you offer!

    1. Thanks. I hope you like it! Hmmm, maybe we should put the price up! No, not really, but I’m really pleased you think that – because we believe the books are valuable and it’s great when you do too.

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