The Harmony of Magick

There are many ways to make contact with angels, and music is a powerful way to open up communication. Our wonderful author, Zanna Blaise, has uncovered a method for working with angels that brings something completely new to magick.

When Damon Brand set about publishing books that shared our magick, I said that we had to stick to books. If we ever started selling crystals or magickal jewellery or fancy wands or anything like that, I would leave The Gallery of Magick, because our magick’s meant to feel more profound than a trinket or gimmick. I know, I know – there’s nothing wrong with crystals and jewellery if you like those things. But if we sell anything other than knowledge it runs the risk of making us look like a New Age shop, when we actually think of magick as something deeply spiritual and profound and effective. Nobody argued with me. (There’s news of a new book at the end of this post!)

When Zanna first mentioned that she was composing angel music I thought she might be talking about the twinkly, tinkly New Age music that drives me crazy. And I worried that it might make our whole magickal project look a bit crass. I was wrong.

Zanna told me not to hype this up, but I think what she’s done is mind-blowing. By working with angels, she’s created inspired music that sounds vast, universal, personal, deeply emotional and utterly beautiful. You can think of it as a way to connect with angels and use it to enhance your angelic magick. What’s she created is truly an echo of angels.

The most exciting track for Gallery of Magick workers is Raziel. The choir makes a direct call to the archangel, and even chants out one of the divine names used in the ritual you’re familiar with. Powerful stuff.


There are more audio previews on Zanna’s new website. Or you can treat yourself now and preview the whole album and download it instantly at CDBaby or iTunes.

– Adam Blackthorne


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  2. Hi Zanna – I have explored the energetic and vibrational qualities of music in the past and your work here fascinates me, as energy is a kind of cousin to magick. One thing I have not seen here or on your blog is any reference to using Verdi’s tuning, where the A is tuned to 432Hz, rather than standard tuning, where the A is tuned to 440Hz. Music tuned to 432Hz has a different quality to it than other frequencies. It is gaining traction as a healing tuning, and I myself find it to be more… complete? and definitely more relaxing. As small changes in magickal workings can often have profound results, I would encourage you to explore various tuning A frequencies to see if they impact your results.


    1. Hey Jason, I know for a fact that Zanna’s aware of this tuning thing because she’s tried to explain it to me. Not sure if she’s using it or planning to. You could post post on her blog, as she’ll see that – – faster than this site!

      1. Thanks Adam. I posted directly on her blog.

        Zanna, if you do read this, I just reread my post and now it sounds condescending. Sorry about that – it sounded better in my head.

        Thank you both very much for publishing your work – it is the most effective that I have used.


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