The Harmony of Magick

There are many ways to make contact with angels, and music is a powerful way to open up communication. Our wonderful author, Zanna Blaise, has uncovered a method for working with angels that brings something completely new to magick.

When Damon Brand set about publishing books that shared our magick, I said that we had to stick to books. If we ever started selling crystals or magickal jewellery or fancy wands or anything like that, I would leave The Gallery of Magick, because our magick’s meant to feel more profound than a trinket or gimmick. I know, I know – there’s nothing wrong with crystals and jewellery if you like those things. But if we sell anything other than knowledge it runs the risk of making us look like a New Age shop, when we actually think of magick as something deeply spiritual and profound and effective. Nobody argued with me. (There’s news of a new book at the end of this post!)

When Zanna first mentioned that she was composing angel music I thought she might be talking about the twinkly, tinkly New Age music that drives me crazy. And I worried that it might make our whole magickal project look a bit crass. I was wrong.

Zanna told me not to hype this up, but I think what she’s done is mind-blowing. By working with angels, she’s created inspired music that sounds vast, universal, personal, deeply emotional and utterly beautiful. You can think of it as a way to connect with angels and use it to enhance your angelic magick. What’s she created is truly an echo of angels.

The most exciting track for Gallery of Magick workers is Raziel. The choir makes a direct call to the archangel, and even chants out one of the divine names used in the ritual you’re familiar with. Powerful stuff.


There are more audio previews on Zanna’s new website. Or you can treat yourself now and preview the whole album and download it instantly at CDBaby or iTunes.

– Adam Blackthorne


33 thoughts on “The Harmony of Magick

  1. Hi Zanna – I have explored the energetic and vibrational qualities of music in the past and your work here fascinates me, as energy is a kind of cousin to magick. One thing I have not seen here or on your blog is any reference to using Verdi’s tuning, where the A is tuned to 432Hz, rather than standard tuning, where the A is tuned to 440Hz. Music tuned to 432Hz has a different quality to it than other frequencies. It is gaining traction as a healing tuning, and I myself find it to be more… complete? and definitely more relaxing. As small changes in magickal workings can often have profound results, I would encourage you to explore various tuning A frequencies to see if they impact your results.


    1. Hey Jason, I know for a fact that Zanna’s aware of this tuning thing because she’s tried to explain it to me. Not sure if she’s using it or planning to. You could post post on her blog, as she’ll see that – – faster than this site!

      1. Thanks Adam. I posted directly on her blog.

        Zanna, if you do read this, I just reread my post and now it sounds condescending. Sorry about that – it sounded better in my head.

        Thank you both very much for publishing your work – it is the most effective that I have used.


  2. Sometimes what one is looking for (or needing at the moment) comes from the most unlikely source. Thank you for setting aside your personal aversion to allow the promotion of Zanna Blaise’s angel music. Angels are a big part of the magic of the universe and something the world is more in need of now than ever before.

    1. You’re very welcome indeed! I love the music and think it adds to the rituals, but I know people come here for books, so if we enthuse about the music too much it’s going to rile people up. Especially as it came out just before Christmas, it might have looked like we were saying, ‘Here, buy this wonderful Xmas gift for all your family.’ I was being cautious because the books, the practical magick is why we’re here and I’d be sad if such spiritual music came across as just a product.

      I do think the music is a way of contacting angels, and I value it more than I can say. The music’s here, but we won’t go on and on about it on this site. Really pleased it’s appealed to you, and I agree with your final sentence absolutely.

      I spoke with Zanna not ten minutes ago, and the album has hit the Top 20 for MP3 downloads on Amazon. She’s overjoyed. If anybody can find a moment to review it, wherever you bought it, that gives the music a chance to thrive and live. You can review on Amazon even if you bought it elsewhere (so long as you have an active account), but reviews on iTunes are great too. It makes all the difference. (We say this about books all the time. Without reviews from real people like you, nobody knows what the books can do. Same for the music.) Thanks!!!

    1. I’m going to have to put this in an FAQ somewhere as it’s been asked all over the show.

      Here’s what I answered with on FB: “Book A as planned was a system of magick that was mostly unrelated to more familiar magick (hermetic, Kabbalistic etc) and came from a unique source. But chucking it all out in one massive volume looked less and less sensible over time. I can’t say this new book *is* Book A, but what’s in here would have been a part of Book A if it had gone ahead as planned. But the plan changed and so the knowledge dump will now slither its way out, here and there, without fanfare.”

  3. Hi Adam.
    It is said that doubting Magic and lusting for results can cancel magick out. If I have been in a “dark” Place sometimes where i lust and doubt, but manage to let og and belive and let go of lust again, can results still come the way I asked, or should I do the rituals it over again?

    And also when doing love and seduction Magic, do you have any suggestions on what I can contribute With for making it manifest? In my case I find it most appropiate to try and let og of lust for result. But do you have anny other suggestions for me?:)

    I love the books from the gallery of Magic and Zannas Music, cant wait for the New book. Thank you for sharing Your knowledge:)

    1. Sometimes lust and desperation really just stomps all over the magick, like it was never done. How do you feel? Does it feel like that? If so, repeat. If not, trusting that things are happening is the best way forward.

      There are loads of posts on this site about targeting magick: but for love and/or seduction there is always so much you can do. Zanna covers this in her book more than anybody else; in summary it’s ‘get out there’. You know, this is the same basic advice that’s in dating books, but she’s folded it around the angelic magic. But the contribution is that you be your best, feel your best, look your best and do your best to get into places where you meet people without the expectation of love. That works. If it’s pure seduction, same applies; get to places where you can meet people, not just a one off, ongoing – big up your social life. Even without magick this helps. With magick it can be wild!


  4. I purchased Zanna’s music, and love Raziel and Pathways!!! Raziel’s track definitely catches his attention and I will start incorporating it into my practice. I just need a bit more guidance on it.
    I didn’t realize the new book is yours, Adam. That’s so good to hear! I know, we were all expecting Gordon’s book. Many practitioners are hoping for more books on a darker shade of magick. But, I am so happy that you said that next book (yours) is not that dark. It means that I might be able to use a lot of it. Do you, by any chance, have a chapter on health magick? I am hoping beyond hope. I know how Damon feels about health magick, he wrote a blog on it. I am just hoping not everyone shares his opinion on that.

    1. Yes, Zanna’s going to write up more guidance, but it’s great to hear how well liked it is. She’s getting a lot of great comments and reviews. Keep them coming, please!

      Yes, the new book is mine and has been in the works for a long, long time. Hard to explain, but it’s been underway even before we planned to go completely public.

      It is not dark magick, but you’re dead right that llots of people do want the dark stuff. I get that, that it’s a desire for control for completion, for balance. Working with darkness can be a path to the light, and all that. I had a conversation with Gordon not that long ago and he said there’s not really any dark magick at all because if you’re using it to achieve a status that you believe is right, that’s in no way dark – there aren’t many people sitting there working evil for the sake of evil, like Voldemort – it’s mostly just ordinary people using magick to get the life they feel is right. Evil is more about obscene greed, neglect, cruelty and – well, I enjoyed the conversation. It’s not new, we’ve had it a hundred times in one way or another, but it did sort of underline to me that idea that magick is neutral. So-called dark magick has a different quality, feels different, but it’s not really ‘dark’ in the sense of being evil by nature. You know, one theory has it that demons are trying to make amends for their sins, and another is that they are a material manifestation of angels. God knows what’s true, but I don’t think of dark magick as evil. I do know that any magick can be used to do harm, and most magick can be used to do great good. But I’m waffling on and this is probably a subject for another time. The new book is not dark at all, the way I see it.

      And yes, there is health magick in my new book. Damon was right to be negative about putting it in the books. He has personal reasons for that, and I agree that there needs to be caution, restraint, no big promises of instant cures. There are too many medical frauds in the world, from the corporations to fake healers, alongside the good stuff. Magick works a lot of the time – when it fails we get frustrated or even angry. But when health magic fails it can make you despair, lose interest in magick and faith in ever healing. It’s like when the doctor misdiagnoses you for the tenth time, or prescribes the 15th drug that does nothing – it’s more than upsetting. Really difficult subject to approach. We did put some health magick in The 72 Angels, but there is a chapter in the new book on health magick, but it took ages for us to agree on this. I share Damon’s opinion because I’d be sick to my gut if we were selling snake oil, and don’t even want to give hope with a placebo. Hope may heal, but selling false hope is just not on. The deal was, it has to work. Can’t guarantee it will work every time, but it has to be something we know works from experience. A few medical people wrote over the years saying that hope is as good as medicine, and that we should publish to give hope. I get that too, but I cannot bear to think of somebody with a terminal disease buying the book hoping it’s going to cure them. It won’t. Miracles happen, but miracles are different to magick. Magick can work near-miracles. It can have an astounding effect on health. It can also fail, and that can leave you really disillusioned. What’s in the book will be clearly an offer of a possibility. Whatever potential for recovery is there, magick can help get to that potential. Something that’s in the book (unless it gets edited out during the final rewrite) is that not long ago I had two friends with cancer, both quite similar kinds. Both went for conventional therapy – extensive chemo. One friend used magick to support her. It did support her, but she still died after a lot of suffering. The other friend lived, without any magick. It didn’t make me cynical, but put everything in perspective. I don’t want to say that health magick is useless – it can offer an amazing level of comfort, support and healing. Otherwise why put it in the book, right? So let it give you hope. But you can’t get away from the truth being that we live, we die and miracles are rare. But if we have magickal knowledge that can help with pain, discomfort and other illness I think it’s our absolute duty to put it out there. And that’s what I’m going to do. Holding it back would feel wrong.

      1. Adam… are some people more “magical” than others? If so, does this new book share any ways to become more magical?

        1. Some people can run better than others. Some tell better jokes. So yeah, there’s ability. But nobody is unable to do magick. Whereas lots of people can’t tell jokes. The skills you need develop as you do the rituals. The new book sidesteps some areas that people find difficult and has new ways of working, so it might be good if other magick hasn’t worked so well. But overall the advice we plaster all over this site remains true for all magick.

          1. Thanks, Adam. None of the 42 Angels of Alchemy state “improve magical power” as a, well, power. Can none of them cause that change to our physical and/or spiritual makeups?

            1. In the 72 Angels there’s Hariel and Hayiel for power and control with magick, but if you’re sticking with The Angels of Alchemy there’s more than one way to skin a cat. The alchemy work may be indirect, but it’s going to help. Like, Tzadkiel for authority – that can be useful in any ritual where you command a spirit. Oziel, Tofiel and Kevashiel can make it easier for results to manifest, because you’re sweeping away the gunk that stops magick working. Lots in there that can help.

  5. Hi Adam,
    How much do you attribute success or failure in Magick to the power of belief or the Law of Attraction.

    1. Not much. Magick can work without any belief at all. It shocks people and THEN they believe. But I think it’s best if you believe in magick, the supernatural, if you expect it to work. But you don’t have to have faith and belief in the sense of absolute faith. In loads of our rituals you act as though you do by using emotions – that replaces the need for belief. Imagined emotion, esp when it changes during a ritual, is very powerful. It’s the shift that counts, and the last time I read a LOA book that shifting wasn’t covered.

      Law of Attraction seemed to grow out of the occult rather than the other way around, so I see it as a form of lite magick that’s missing some of the essential bits. It works for some to some extent, but the main impression I get is people go, ‘Crikey, this stuff works. But now I got my parking space and found some money under the bed, but that’s it.’ Mind you, some people would say that about magick.

      But you’ll see that the ‘letting go and allowing’ of LOA also runs through what we do. But there’s a big difference, in that LOA suggests you ATTRACT EVERYTHING through your thoughts and feelings. I’d say it’s the other way around. There is chaos and chance, with other more mystical elements, but mostly it’s chaos, life is chaos – and those who choose to use emotions, magick and other forms of control, exert control over that chaos. And, ironically, of course, only when you let go (more or less) do you actually have any control. So you choose, and then you trust that it will work. This is why working with spirits can be so effective – you can trust that the angel has it under control for you. Easier than LOA in my opinion. But I know many people use LOA alongside what we do, and feel each enhances the other, so I’ve no problem with it, but don’t use it as a world view.

      1. This was actually a question that has always run through my mind since I started reading GOM books. I love your answer. Thanks Adam!

  6. I’ve usually used classical, chant (both Christian and Buddhist), and sometimes film soundtrack music and sophisticated Rock (such as Pink Floyd and Fields of the Nephilim) in my rituals. Usually the more elaborate “lodge style” rites I do. I’m sorry, even though I’m a non-dogmatic magician, I believe sacred drama, wands, incense, circles, etc, do have their place in magick, however unnecessary they might be in the big picture. Music in ritual is also unnecessary, but I find it helps. As I am a big believer in the power of music in magick, and a devoted practitioner of the Gallery’s work, I’m excited to try these new compositions by Zanna Blaise in conjunction with Angelic invocation. I am aware of “Rosicrucian” techniques for creating “Hermetic Music.” Did Zanna Blaise use “Esoteric Music Theory” when composing these tracks? Wouldn’t know. The music itself is so beautiful, it may be a go to cd for me when I just need to relax or get introspective. Well, I hope this won’t be the last record she puts out. It’s fantastic.

    1. Yeah, I know we go along with the whole ‘drop the wand’ thing, but that’s for what we’ve published so far. I totally get the sacred drama, esp in chaos magick. But what we’re starting with is a quick, simple, easy way to get into magick – one that works for most people. One day we’ll probably share the weirder, more complicated and grand stuff – and those books will not be popular, but hey, there we go.

      I was using Pink Floyd in magick way back in 1987! I bet we’re not the only ones.

      Zanna’s got lots more music planned, and the next one is already well underway, but sounds pretty different. Only heard one track, unmixed, but it’s different.

    1. Can’t say much yet. It’s not the usual angelic/kabbalah style, but nothing dark either. Should be out in a week or a bit longer than that. Not long.

  7. Thanks for sharing this amazing music. I love it. Coud you tell me the date of publication your new book? I already can not wait 🙂 I love your books. Iwish you a merry christmas.

    1. Thanks. I love it too! The book should be out in the first week of January. Not date set, but sometime around then. Cheers!

  8. The song of Raziel is absolutely beautiful! I really hope this music will help me to bring my emotions and be able to transmute my feelings. I can be all worry and sad about a situation, but once I start the ritual, it is hard for me to imagine the same feelings, and consequently obtain any results. Besides keep trying any other suggestions?

    Thank you, for the knowledge shared to all of us!

    1. Yes – it’s an emotional support. I’ve always used music in magick, but never really the New Age stuff. Zanna’s music does work for me. She’ll be posting lots of ideas about how to use the music over at in the weeks and months to come.

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