The Harmony of Magick

There are many ways to make contact with angels, and music is a powerful way to open up communication. Our wonderful author, Zanna Blaise, has uncovered a method for working with angels that brings something completely new to magick.

When Damon Brand set about publishing books that shared our magick, I said that we had to stick to books. If we ever started selling crystals or magickal jewellery or fancy wands or anything like that, I would leave The Gallery of Magick, because our magick’s meant to feel more profound than a trinket or gimmick. I know, I know – there’s nothing wrong with crystals and jewellery if you like those things. But if we sell anything other than knowledge it runs the risk of making us look like a New Age shop, when we actually think of magick as something deeply spiritual and profound and effective. Nobody argued with me. (There’s news of a new book at the end of this post!)

When Zanna first mentioned that she was composing angel music I thought she might be talking about the twinkly, tinkly New Age music that drives me crazy. And I worried that it might make our whole magickal project look a bit crass. I was wrong.

Zanna told me not to hype this up, but I think what she’s done is mind-blowing. By working with angels, she’s created inspired music that sounds vast, universal, personal, deeply emotional and utterly beautiful. You can think of it as a way to connect with angels and use it to enhance your angelic magick. What’s she created is truly an echo of angels.

The most exciting track for Gallery of Magick workers is Raziel. The choir makes a direct call to the archangel, and even chants out one of the divine names used in the ritual you’re familiar with. Powerful stuff.


There are more audio previews on Zanna’s new website. Or you can treat yourself now and preview the whole album and download it instantly at CDBaby or iTunes.

– Adam Blackthorne


33 Comments on “The Harmony of Magick

  1. Sometimes what one is looking for (or needing at the moment) comes from the most unlikely source. Thank you for setting aside your personal aversion to allow the promotion of Zanna Blaise’s angel music. Angels are a big part of the magic of the universe and something the world is more in need of now than ever before.

    • You’re very welcome indeed! I love the music and think it adds to the rituals, but I know people come here for books, so if we enthuse about the music too much it’s going to rile people up. Especially as it came out just before Christmas, it might have looked like we were saying, ‘Here, buy this wonderful Xmas gift for all your family.’ I was being cautious because the books, the practical magick is why we’re here and I’d be sad if such spiritual music came across as just a product.

      I do think the music is a way of contacting angels, and I value it more than I can say. The music’s here, but we won’t go on and on about it on this site. Really pleased it’s appealed to you, and I agree with your final sentence absolutely.

      I spoke with Zanna not ten minutes ago, and the album has hit the Top 20 for MP3 downloads on Amazon. She’s overjoyed. If anybody can find a moment to review it, wherever you bought it, that gives the music a chance to thrive and live. You can review on Amazon even if you bought it elsewhere (so long as you have an active account), but reviews on iTunes are great too. It makes all the difference. (We say this about books all the time. Without reviews from real people like you, nobody knows what the books can do. Same for the music.) Thanks!!!

  2. The new book isnt the long awaited Book A by any chance , is it ?

    • I’m going to have to put this in an FAQ somewhere as it’s been asked all over the show.

      Here’s what I answered with on FB: “Book A as planned was a system of magick that was mostly unrelated to more familiar magick (hermetic, Kabbalistic etc) and came from a unique source. But chucking it all out in one massive volume looked less and less sensible over time. I can’t say this new book *is* Book A, but what’s in here would have been a part of Book A if it had gone ahead as planned. But the plan changed and so the knowledge dump will now slither its way out, here and there, without fanfare.”

  3. Hi Adam.
    It is said that doubting Magic and lusting for results can cancel magick out. If I have been in a “dark” Place sometimes where i lust and doubt, but manage to let og and belive and let go of lust again, can results still come the way I asked, or should I do the rituals it over again?

    And also when doing love and seduction Magic, do you have any suggestions on what I can contribute With for making it manifest? In my case I find it most appropiate to try and let og of lust for result. But do you have anny other suggestions for me?:)

    I love the books from the gallery of Magic and Zannas Music, cant wait for the New book. Thank you for sharing Your knowledge:)

    • Sometimes lust and desperation really just stomps all over the magick, like it was never done. How do you feel? Does it feel like that? If so, repeat. If not, trusting that things are happening is the best way forward.

      There are loads of posts on this site about targeting magick: but for love and/or seduction there is always so much you can do. Zanna covers this in her book more than anybody else; in summary it’s ‘get out there’. You know, this is the same basic advice that’s in dating books, but she’s folded it around the angelic magic. But the contribution is that you be your best, feel your best, look your best and do your best to get into places where you meet people without the expectation of love. That works. If it’s pure seduction, same applies; get to places where you can meet people, not just a one off, ongoing – big up your social life. Even without magick this helps. With magick it can be wild!


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