Sigils of Power


One hundred and eleven sigils to change and control your life. Introducing Sigils of Power and Transformation by Adam Blackthorne.

Here’s what you can expect:

“There are one hundred and eleven sigils in this book that can help with anything from self-confidence to luck, from healing to protection, and from inspiration and intuition to love.

When you work with the sigils in this book, you throw out all the confusing magickal garbage and get straight to the power of change. Sigils provide you with a visual code that unlocks the essence of magick.

This book does not contain anything to do with witchcraft, spellcasting, kabbalistic ritual, evocation or any other method of magick that you might be familiar with.

A sigil is nothing more than a drawing, but in this case, the drawing is so much more than you can imagine. These drawings bypass the conscious mind and connect you to a stream of pure magick. This is not dark magick, but magick of light. You can do no harm with this magick, to yourself or to others.

The magick works because you have access to one hundred and eleven secret sigils, handed down from ancient times. Every one of them can work wonders in the modern world.

You will discover The Magick of the Mind, Inspiring Others, Extended Perception, Fortune, Love and Friendship, Breakthrough Magick, Spiritual Magick, Personal Strength, Peace Magick, Protection Magick, Personal Healing, Health Magick, Wisdom and Education, Business and Finance and Employment Magick.

The magick presented here is not bound to any religion, and it requires no magick words. You don’t have to learn any difficult pronunciations, or say a single word out loud. The magick requires no visualization and no equipment. You won’t light a candle or wave a wand. All you need is this book, your own strong desire and the will to carry out the instructions.”

A couple of years ago, members of The Gallery of Magick whispered about a secret project known as Book A – this was a text that we wanted to share as our final work. Over time, a few of its secrets slipped into other works, because we couldn’t resist. We also found that Book A was going to be such a massive, multi-volume hardback that it would be unaffordable to most, and so overwhelming that nobody would read it. We treasure this work, so that would never do.

The challenge we faced was this: how can we take the material and make it workable without dumbing it down or missing out the good bits? The challenge continues, but I was given the honour of completing the first volume, based on materials from Book A. Sigils of Power and Transformation was originally the title of just one section of Book A, but it’s available to you now. (The rest of Book A will be revealed gradually, over the years.)

Sigils of Power and Transformation is over 300 pages long, to make room for 111 high-quality sigils that appear throughout. This has pushed up printing costs, and even the cost of the eBook (as we get charged for high-res images), but we’ve kept the price as low as possible.

We’ve been really cautious about publishing any form of Health Magick, because as Damon pointed out years ago, those who sell false hope and fraudulent healing, make us sick. But after much thought, and some gentle bickering, it’s fair to say we all agree that it’s only right to share the healing magick that we do have.

The book is not cheap, so before you buy you might want to have a look through the Look Inside feature on Amazon, or download a preview and check out the contents. Lots of the powers you’ll see in there are already found in others books, so there’s lots of overlap. What’s different about this system is that you don’t call on any spirits. It’s a unique way of connecting to magick. It won’t appeal to everybody, but if you’re drawn to this, it can do so much for you.

-Adam Blackthorne



UPDATE: Here’s a small section of quotes from early Amazon reviews:

“After I read it, I tried one working. I had results in 12 hrs! Wow!”

“Amazing how quickly my wish for some urgent cash worked.”

“I did “Money from out of the Blue” this morning, and I won $500 this afternoon.”

“Getting money out of the blue worked with my first try!!!!!!!. Unreal !!!”

“I worked on two sigils yesterday and I had results today.”

“I used a sigil from this book 2 days ago to pass my CDL driving test and guess what? Exactly that I passed.”

“Very revolutionary technique for performing magick. Every ritual is effective and only takes a couple of minutes.”

“It works if you allow it to work. Amazing how quickly my wish for some urgent cash worked.”

If you have questions, see SIGILS OF POWER FAQ 

86 Comments on “Sigils of Power

  1. Hello, Adam, I have a question regarding your book. when working with this style, and on behalf of somebody else who needs help. I need to pretend that I am that person, or can I picture that person having those feeling? I hope I am explaining myself clearly.

    Thank you!

    • Hi there. The first method is used in lots of magick, but it’s the second method for this one. Please see the chapter called The Flow of Magick – it’s in there.

  2. Hello Mr. Blackthorne – I just wanna say I purchased the ebook version of 111 sigils. Kindly check the section INSPIRING OTHERS because the sigil for this one is missing. I checked both my Ipad & Mac Kindle just to make sure. Now I don’t know about the hardcopy of the book if it’s in there. But pls. check the Kindle version. I also haven’t finished the whole book so I’m not sure about the other sigils (hopefully the INSPIRING OTHERS sigil is the only one missing). Thank you so much for you effort and I appreciate your work. 888.

    • Hi. Thanks for buying the book. I think you’ve misunderstood. Inspiring Others is a section title – so it has no individual sigil. Within the section called ‘Inspiring Others’ there are several chapters, all of which have their sigils. I downloaded the source file and checked the book just now, counting the sigils, and all 111 are there. I hope that clarifies it for you. If in doubt, have a look at the Table of Contents on the Look Inside (top left of Amazon sales page) which sets out the Contents more clearly than they ever look in an ebook.

      • Hello Mr. Blackthorne – oh boy I guess my mind has been so pre-occupied (hence, I already charged the encouraged concentration sigil) & yes you are correct the INSPIRING OTHERS is a section & there are sub-sections *sigh*. Lastly, I really thank you & the other sorcerers in G.O.M this is coming from a graduate student who needs a lot of magick to not hand in the towel — it gets overwhelming. I just wanna add also that the NOT “lusting for results” is my favorite part because I’m so pre-occupied I can’t be obsessed abt the results & what gives me the relief I so badly need? Is that I know somehow, somewhat, somewhere unseen beings + my own energy is taking good care of what I already set forth *whew* DEEP SIGH OF RELIEF. I THANK YOU. IT IS DONE.

        • Ah, great. Thank you, and I known what you mean – I think I say it in the book, that there’s a lot to be gained from learning to avoid lust for result. Not always easy, and pleasant to have an alternative, but when magick says, ‘You can have this if you just stop obsessing,’ it can really help you learn to stop obsessing. That’s what I found.

  3. Hello, as one who was raised in several haunted houses, and watching my Dad wrestle with and throw out a demon from one of our homes, I fear using magik. Sigils sound comforting and safe.

    My question is, can I use these for helping other people? My sister is critically ill and has only been given a short time to live. Which sigil would you suggest I use and how would I use it to her benefit? Thanks kindly

    • Sorry, I should have shared that I bought your new Sigils of Power and it’s from this book I need to know which sigil to use. Thanks again.

    • Hello Helena, and sorry to hear about your sister. Yes, you can use the sigils to help others – see the chapter called The Flow of Magick; it’s the last question listed there. That shows you what to do, and the magick is as safe as magick gets.

      The chapter you then need is called Health Magick, which gives you the overview of how magick works with health and what the limitations are. As you can see I’m at pains to stress that magick can help, but does not work miracles. But I always believe it’s worth trying. If none of the sigils in the following chapters obviously apply, you could try Heal with Loving Light and use that yourself, on her. We are always reluctant to publish health magick because there are impossible situations where it cannot work, and we don’t want to build up false hope, but I do hope there is something in there that will work for you.

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