Doing Magick For Others

Is it possible to perform a ritual to get results for a loved one or friend? It is, and it can be one of the most effective forms of magick. Generosity requires a calm certainty that can improve your magickal power. And when people don’t know that you’re working magick for them, they have no resistance to the results. That can be an extremely potent way to ensure that results will manifest.

On the other hand, if you don’t ask people whether they want help, you might not be giving them what they really want. It’s very difficult to know what you want from magick, never mind what somebody else wants, so proceed with caution. Be sure you know what that person really wants, rather than what they say they want or what you assume they want; put some thought into it.

A simple approach is to do magick for yourself, and mentally ‘donate’ some of the result to another person, whether a friend or stranger. But things are a little more complicated when you want to help a specific person in a specific way.

In some cases, it will be obvious what your friend needs, but in other cases it may take some time to know what’s really needed for that person. Should you ask them about it directly? Should you tell them your plans to perform magick? It depends on the individual. Some people will be skeptical, offended or downright annoyed that you’ve proposed to use the occult to mess with their fate. They may think it’s none of your business to ‘judge’ the state of their life. Others will be curious, and some will be so grateful that they may try to employ your services every week. All these reasons show that you need to be cautious.

Ensure that you really want to help the person in question, and be certain that they will benefit if the chosen result manifests. Whether or not you tell them your plans is a decision you should make carefully. If in doubt, keep quiet about your magick, because then you will not be questioned, quizzed and asked about results. You will simply do the work and see the changes. This is my preferred approach.

Do consider that when you perform magick for others, you are affecting the way that their life unfolds. Some occultists see this as interference and believe it to be wrong, because you are affecting the True Will of the other person. I think that’s nonsense, because you affect the people around you every time you interact with them in a mundane way. Your relationship with a person, and the way you give your time and energy to that person, has a profound effect on the course of their life. True Will never exists in isolation – it is part of a glorious interaction. Using magick does not mean you are meddling with somebody’s fate. It means you are being generous. But do try to consider the person’s actual needs, rather than your judgments, and be wary of sending things to people that they don’t need or may not be able to cope with.

Most of the time, this is not a problem. You know that your friend David is lonely, so that he would benefit from more love. You know that your Uncle Neil is poor, and could do with a handout of cash. You know that your friend Steven is being bullied at work, and could do with a boost in self-esteem as well as some general protection. It can be straightforward.

What if somebody asks you to do magick for them? You can offer to donate some of your own results to them, or you can offer to help them out directly. Be wary of the pitfalls when doing directed work. If it works, they may ask for an increasing number of favors. If it doesn’t work, people can become quite aggressive and spiteful, even though it could be their mindset that is preventing the magick from bringing a result. Equally, people might prematurely assume that the magick hasn’t worked if they don’t get a result within a few days. That can be frustrating. Again, proceed with caution, and if possible, guide people to learn magick for themselves, as leading them on that path gives them a gift that will change them for a lifetime.

With all that said, doing magick for others can be a beautiful gift. There are several ways to approach this. One is to perform the ritual as though you are the other person, and you imagine their feelings and the emotional transformation that they would undergo if they were performing the magick. This does take a good imagination, but it can work wonderfully, and there are many variations on this, depending on the exact form of magick that you’re using.

Another method is to simply make a request that provides the result for the person. This works well with angel magick, because it is request based. The details of these methods will be covered below, in relation to each magickal style.

A third approach, which is already covered in the books to some extent, and mentioned above, is to simply ‘donate’ some of the result you are seeking to others. When working with the angels, for example, you can add to your request; ‘May ten percent of this result go to my friend Michael.’ You can even share the magickal result equally with another, by saying; ‘Share this result with Michael, so that he benefits as much as I do.’ Another way to phrase this is to say, ‘share a fair measure of the result’, leaving it to the angels to decide who gets what. The angels respond well to these requests. You can even ask the angels to donate the magick to a stranger who needs it most, if you don’t have anybody specific in mind. Some people donate magickal results like this every time they work, because they find that sharing magick actually helps to generate stronger results.

When you’ve decided that you want to work the magick to benefit somebody else, the process is as follows for each book:

Words of Power


For this book, imagine that you are the other person, and imagine their emotional transformation as you perform the ritual. If you are experienced with using Words of Power, this is quite easy to do. If you can’t actually imagine being the other person, imagine what they would feel and how they would feel when the result manifests.

Magickal Protection


There is a specific ritual to protect your family and loved ones, but what if you want to use the other methods and rituals to extend the protection to others? When performing The Sword Banishing, you can expand the circle to protect those who are physically near to you (say, within the same house). When performing the Master Protection Ritual, you pause between each spoken line and consider what it would be like to have the named power. When you do this, imagine how you would feel if another person also had this power, and then imagine how they would feel if they had this power. In this way, you can expand the Master Protection Ritual to work for a whole family or group of friends.

For the seven angelic protection rituals, imagine what the other person is going through, and then as you transmute the feeling, imagine how they will feel when the magick works. When you imagine an emotion, you experience it for yourself, so to some degree you are acting as though you are the other person. You feel the emotions as though you are that person. The Workings of Protection are modified in the same way. Instead of working with your own emotions, you substitute them with the imagined emotions of the person you are helping.

The 72 Angels of Magick
(originally published as Magickal Angels and The Greater Magickal Angels)


As described above, modify your request to guide some or all of the result to another person.

Magickal Cashbook


At Step 3., think about the other person receiving money, and know what they will use it for. It works best when you know there is a specific need. If you know that your Aunt Ruth needs money to pay a debt, you can ask for that. The wording does not need to be changed, even though you are asking for money to come to you. If you want, however, you can create a dedicated Cashbook for somebody else with the wording changed so that it works purely to attract money to somebody else. If you merely want to donate a percentage of the magick to somebody else, consider this donation at Step 3. It doesn’t take any major effort or anything more complex than a decision on your part that some of the magick should flow to another.

The Magickal Job Seeker


In practice, I prefer to give this book to people who need it, to ensure it’s used on the jobs they actually want. I’ve known a few people, especially young people who weren’t doing well with their job searches, and I used the rituals to help them along. To do so, you perform the ritual imagining the result for that person, change the wording to include their name.

Magickal Riches


There is so much more to this book than the rituals, and without absorbing that knowledge it is difficult to guarantee that money magick will work for others. The first two rituals are personal and not easily shared, although you can easily share the actual money that comes to you. For other rituals, such as the Ritual To Increase Sales, impose the emotional state of the other person onto the ritual, through imagination. You can also modify The Genius Rituals in a similar way, imagining the emotional state of the person you are helping, but then naming that person instead of saying ‘give me the power to…’ Results will be limited by the individual’s personal response to money.

Magick takes time and energy, so working for others may not appeal to you, and it is not an obligation. If you enjoy sharing or want to help others, you have the ability to do so. The most straightforward way to do this is through making a mental donation, or by making a direct request to an angel. When using the other rituals, you will need a strong imagination to put yourself in the place of the other person. If you can’t do this easily, limit yourself to direct angelic requests.

When you see somebody else’s life improve because of your work, take pleasure in the result, but do not gloat. If you kept the magick secret from the outset, keep it secret when the result manifests. There is nothing more annoying for somebody than to be told that their recent success was down to your secret occult work. When you work in secret, keep it secret, and remember that you are doing this not to obtain praise, but to gain pleasure from seeing your friends and loved ones get a better life.

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