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Magickal Protection by Damon Brand

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I read that this book uses demons. Is this true?

A: No, of course not. It’s mostly angelic magick, but there will always be people who spread disinformation to scare you away from practical magick. Also, the Master Protection ritual calls on the Genius Spirits which are neither angel or demon, and this has confused some people. These genius spirits, which can be thought of as personified virtues, are known as The Genii of the Twelve Hours, and are described in the Nuctemeron, attributed to Apollonius of Tyana from the First Century AD. (This was made known to English readers through a translation by Eliphas Levi in his 1897 book Transcendental Magic.) Some people assume that if it’s not an angel, it must be a demon, but this is far from the truth. People who have actually used the magick report real and lasting results, so don’t let armchair occultists put you off.

Q: Will these banishings frighten off the spirits from my other magick?

A: No. If anything, banishing and protection rituals clear out the spiritual and psychic dross, and make your magick powers more intense. You will get better results from all your magick if you use Magickal Protection.

Q: Should I banish after each ritual I perform?

A: There is no need to, but you are free to do so.

Q: You say that Yohach faces forwards, but what direction does Kalach face?

A: It’s open to interpretation, which is why the book says you can let any image arise. Some people like to picture Kalach facing away from them. For others, it works best if Kalach faces forwards. Rarely, but occasionally, people find Kalach looks off to the left. Rather than making a conscious decision, let the image of the angel arise spontaneously, if you can, and this will give you the best results. It’s fine if the direction changes with each working. If you can’t make the image arise spontaneously, then just picture Kalach facing forwards. For Yohach, always keep the angel facing in the same direction that you are facing.

Q: In the Master Protection Ritual how do I imagine my own immortality?

A:  I like to think of immortality as the continual rebirth we experience as we develop, spiritually and magickally, according to the changes in our lives. This is quite easy to imagine. You can perceive yourself as somebody capable of adaptation and change.

Q: How do I pronounce…?

A: There’s a full section in appendix covering pronunciation. For additional thoughts on this matter see Pronunciation FAQ.

Q: How often should I repeat the Master Protection Ritual?

A: This is covered in the chapter called How To Use This Book.

Q: What do you mean by ignite the talisman? Do I have to set it on fire?

A: No, you need to read the chapter The Workings of Protection, which explains this in full.

Comments are currently closed. Most relevant questions have been asked and answered many times. Please read the FAQs thoroughly, and I am confident that all the important information is already here. 

116 thoughts on “Magickal Protection FAQ

  1. Hi Adam and Damon,
    Thanks for the great work. I have several of the Gallery’s books and have had results with all of them.
    I noticed another customer in these FAQs asked why you bother to share your knowledge with us, Damon replied “As mentioned before, the exact reasons are secret, and based on pacts we have made. There is also an element of generosity, and pleasure in seeing so many succeed.”.
    Your generosity and joy in helping us with our lives is admirable, but “the exact reasons being secret, and based on pacts made” is a bit worrying. As readers/practitioners of your work should we be concerned regarding this, or is it possible to explain it in a clearer way?


    1. Hey there, thanks for letting us know you’ve had results!

      The question has been answered in a bit more detail, here and there, so I’m not giving too much away if I say this. There was no deal with the devil, if that’s what’s concerning you. It was more of an agreement when materials were passed on to us, that the ideas would be shared, to benefit more people. By ‘exact reasons’ that means we won’t be naming names or telling the full story of who did what and when. At least not yet.


      1. Haha I purchased a few books for friends and family for Christmas so yes it was ‘Deal with the devil/entity/some kind of energy exchange’ that I was concerned about. Thanks for clarifying.
        The Gallery’s books have helped my life immensely and I feel a sense of peace I had forgotten possible. I’m very grateful.


  2. Hello Damon,

    Sorry to bother you again… didn’t think I would be asking another question again, but here I am.

    I was in the middle of performing the Master Protection Ritual and was interrupted by a relative where I had to stop half way through. Because of this, I had to start all over and redo the ritual.

    My question is, “do I have to worry about this back-lashing on me since I never did complete it the first time but instead had to stop in the middle of it?

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  3. Could I have your thoughts on the following, please?

    You most likely are aware of what they call the “Shema,” the prayers, meditations before going to sleep as found in the Siddur. I have been re-creating, personalizing, the Shema with the sword-banishing… and have been using it for many months now. I feel very, very good with it. While practicing the Sword-banishing I speak the Hebrew words, know their meaning, could if necessary even write it down.

    Please, Damon, let me know what you think of it. Below you’ll find the words in Hebrew, the IMHO pronunciation, and what it means in English.

    יוהך מימינ
    Yohach to my right

    and to my left


    and in front of me


    and behind me



    1. This looks completely workable. It has more of a feel of the LBRP. It’s not how I’d do it, but I know that experiments and adaptations can work. In music they often say, ‘If it sounds good, it is good,’ regardless of theory, and I think the same is true if something work for you.


  4. Hello Damon, I am a little bit confused on the Master Ritual.

    I know it is stated to scan the symbols from right to left, but when I scan down the outer circle of the sigil the words become upside down and don’t know what is right to left anymore.

    Can you please help clarify my confusion?



  5. Hello Damon, I am a little bit confused on the Master Ritual.

    I know it is stated to scan the symbols from right to left, but when I scan down the outer circle of the sigil the words become upside down and don’t know what is right to left anymore.

    Can you please help clarify my confusion?



    1. If you start at the top, going right to left, then you’re just scanning anti-clockwise all the way around. As the book says, “This means you’ll be scanning your eyes over letters that are upside down when you get to the bottom of the circle, and that is absolutely fine. “

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      1. Wow, Damon, that was fast, thank-you very much!

        Also, I don’t know how you did it man but this stuff is really potent. I am surprised you were even kind enough to release this sort of stuff, most people would have been selfish and kept it all for themselves.

        Anyhow, what you are doing is a very good deed. Thank-you!

        Warm Regards,


  6. Dear Mr. Brand,
    What way do you recommend to protect pets (birds) which are in my household? I know about the ‘protect family and loved ones’. Would that be the most direct, or a servitor to protect them ? I think they are very sensitive to paranormal events.


    1. I recommend using the magick that you feel an affinity to – so if you like the idea of a servitor that can work well, for example. If that magick doesn’t feel right to you, use the other.


  7. Dear Damon,

    thank you for the book. I have begun doing banishings twice a day; but I have a question pertaining to whether I’m doing it right:

    I close my eyes during the entire process – I find it helps me with visualization and entering into a headspace where I can commit to the banishing process; will that be a problem? Or is the visualization supposed to take place in an open-eye state? I almost see myself in third person when I’m doing visualization work…with the two angels standing beside me and the bubble of energy expanding outward – I can almost feel my body tingle when it happens. Will that be a problem? Or will my spatial imagination have to be confined specifically to where I am?

    thank you for much for the very clearly written work! I have bought almost all your books and will probably buy the wealth and chaos ones sooon!



    1. Closed or open eyes are fine, and many people work with third persona visuals. This is all fine.

      Thanks very much for your kind comments.


  8. Dear Damon

    Thank you so much for your reply. I appreciate your patience and guidance. There is just one more question ( very important to me)- what if the person (target of my magickal attack) suspects that I am doing magickal rituals which are aimed at him/her? Will the magickal results be less effective or rendered totally ineffective? I am grateful if you can reply to my question again. I just want to say that your and Gordon’s books have helped and are helping different people including me, deal with their problems. Thank you so much.


    1. In Magickal Attack it says, “The answer comes in the form of will and persistence. If you attack for longer than a person puts up protection, your magick will be effective.” So it’s a war of attrition. This assumes that the other person has effective magick on their side, and remains vigilant. If not, then the attack can make contact with ease.


  9. Dear Damon

    Thanks for answering my last post. I have a few more questions. Hope you don’t mind replying to them. 1) I bought your magickal protection book. In the last 4 days, I’ve performed the sword banishing, MPR and stop known enemy rituals. However, when performing the banishing ritual in the past few days, I made a slight mistake — I thought of the sun as having a golden glow and as such when I said OZEE-ELL, I imagined being inside a sphere of golden yellow light rather than white. My question is that will this affect the effectiveness of all my workings? I am also not sure how correct I did the activation of sword banishing. 2) Relating to your magickal angels rituals, how often do I need to repeat a ritual after the first 11 days? 3) I also used Gordon’s lesser and the silencing rituals. How often do I need to repeat these to ensure that I am protected from harm? 4) With regards to Gordon’s ‘end a relationship’ ritual, what happens if I cannot perform the 33 days ritual consecutively? It can sometimes be tricky to do this, with a lack of privacy. I apologise for the many questions. I just want to make sure that i can get the best results from your and Gordon’s books. I am grateful for all your advices. Thank you


    1. Thanks for buying the books.

      1.) The instructions set out an ideal version, and slight alterations that deviate from this may affect the workings, but often they won’t. It’s probably fine. But most people continue with the Sword Banishing daily, so you have plenty of time to get it right. It only takes a few seconds each day.

      2.) There should be no need to repeat unless circumstances change. If something changes, and the magick need to be repeated, or a variation applied, then you can. Put piling more magick on for improve the power, so to speak, does not really help.

      3.) The same as applies to 2. Be wary of looking for the results, or worrying that the magick is wearing off. This post might be useful:

      4.) Again, this is the ideal. If you can’t do it in an ideal fashion, do what you can – but don’t neglect it merely because it doesn’t appeal that day. And rather than doing it for 21 days out of 33, make sure you perform it for 33 days, even if it takes 50 days to do so.


  10. Hi Damon,
    Will the rituals in this book affect other ongoing rituals? Like the ritual to cancel a curse or an attack, If I use that, will that affect any other ongoing ritual like the cashbook rituals etc.?


    1. The magick in this book will not disrupt your other magick. Indeed, many people find that working with the Sword Banishing can help improve magickal focus.


  11. Damon I have read most of your books and love your approach because it is simple and clean! My question is similar to another on this forum but a little different. I am using the master protection ritual and twice have had terrifying nightmares one of which I felt someone was trying to enter my body! It scared the hell out of me. Any advice?


    1. I doubt that the nightmares are caused by the magick. That is, the magick is not attracting some contrary force. It can be that magick ties nightmares, if you have any guilt or concern about doing magick in the first place. If you are fully at ease with the magick, then some people go through this as the negative energy is being released. I think of it as a real-world processing of the supernatural assistance that you’re receiving. I’d suggest that you keep going, and be confident that the nightmares will ease. If not, feel free to take a break from the magick, but I expect that they will ease.


  12. Hello Damon,
    I started performing the Master Protection ritual nearly two weeks ago now. My main reason for doing it is that I believe that I was cursed a couple years ago- not positive. But the last few years have shown signs among other things I won’t go into detail about…anyways, for some reason I didn’t even see the Cancel a Curse or Supernatural attack Ritual the first few times I flipped through the book. I only saw it the other day. Now I see that I should’ve began the Master Protection Ritual in conjunction with the other ritual. What should I do?

    If someone has already asked this, I apologize


    1. Hello. I hope you get some relief with this magick. You can just add the other two rituals, from now on. When it comes to protection, anything is better than nothing. Sometimes, a small amount of magick goes a long way and you don’t need everything at once. But if you want to tackle it from all angles, to be in the safe side, adding those in now should be fine.


  13. Hi Damon,

    Thank you very much for taking time to answer questions.
    It helps tremendously. I, like everyone else, really appreciate it.

    I have noticed that on the nights I perform magick as the last thing before going to bed,
    I have nightmares. I have wondered if that is because I am leaving myself somehow astrally “open”. Because on those occasions where a ritual is the last thing I do before collapsing in bed, I do not perform a final sword banishing for the day (for the reason that I have just completed a ritual, and don’t want to push the angels/spirits forcefully away).

    The nightmares I get are frightening, but in a clumsy way, like showing me the most obvious phobias I’ve had.

    Do you have any advice?

    Many thanks as always.


    1. It is possible that magick stirs something up for you, but I think it’s often just that magick late at night can be stimulating, and it takes some time to come down from it. Strange dreams are not unusual, but they usually pass. If it bothers you, try to do it earlier in the night, or even first thing in the morning.


  14. I don’t think there should be concern, but I wish to get any feedback from your order please:

    will the Master Protection ritual interfere at all with any existing relationships with spirits,
    including Fallen Angels?

    Thank you in advance.


    1. Please take note of the first question/answer on this page.

      In addition to this Damon has elaborated on that question previously to confirm that there is no negative effect.


  15. Hello Mr.Brand,
    I started to do the sword banishment and holy moly has it helped so thank you very very much however i was wondering if you could translate the 11 angelic names you provide into the english way of saying them like Gabriel or Michael? just so i would have a better understanding of the angels i’m calling on and who are kindly helping me! thank you so very much.


    1. Glad to hear it’s helping you.

      I can elaborate a little, but you may want to see this page: for more background on the names.

      The first two names and the last two names, are transliterated in the first paragraph of the chapter called Preparing For The Sword Banishing. The other seven are based on a particular rendering of the 42 Letter Name of God.


  16. Hi Damon,

    I have a question regarding protecting my child.
    Since an early age, he has suffered from itchy skin, so bad that it would get
    bloody and cause scarring over large parts of his body.

    I have read your reservations about health magick and understand the limitations.
    But I do not believe it is purely a health issue in his case.
    It is one of these conditions doctors don’t really know what causes it, or what will cure it.
    (I have been following their experimental treatment plan for years,
    I am not neglecting medical advice, but it is very much a long the lines of
    “It should disappear at some point….probably.”)

    Personally, I have often felt his condition may the result of some sort of ill-will.
    I am part of a culture where having a male first-born is considered very desirable,
    and may cause ill-feelings in others. I did get many negative “vibes” underneath
    the congratulations when he was born, and unfortunately continue to feel all these years
    later, especially when he is doing well at something. He is in primary school now.

    I have very recently discovered your work and I’m wondering now if I can work
    any magick to make his condition better.
    I have already done the Family Protection ritual. I was wondering if I should look
    at angelic invocation, I know there are some angels in your book who help with health,
    but as I said, I don’t think it is really a health issue at the bottom of it.
    Does this qualify as a “supernatural attack”? I’m just not sure, so any guidance
    you can provide will be much appreciated.

    Thank you very much.


    1. I understand your concern, and the potential ill-will. Hopefully there is not that much ill-will toward your child.

      If this is directed from elsewhere, rather than caused purely by a mundane factor, then yes, you may want to tackle it as a supernatural attack. Protection magick works so well that if you see no improvement after putting magick in place, you can safely assume that there is another cause. Although casual ill will and direct occult attacks do take place, you would see some change in the condition if it was caused by magick.

      Angelic magick may help, but you might want to focus on gaining greater insight into the situation. That is, determine what the root cause may be. Or you could use something more general, such as the power to drive away evil (Cahetel) to ensure that is not a problem.

      These articles may help:


    1. No you don’t. It’s not vital with the SB, either, but is an ideal time. With any of our work you can safely assume that if no time is mentioned, any time is fine. But some people like to get it all done at once. I hope you’re enjoying the book.


            1. Also I’m well into a couple of weeks of doing the Master Protection Ritual along with the SB, but i
              now want to add the Cancel a Curse or Supernatural Attack. Do I have to finish the MPR first, then begin again.


  17. Occasionally at times lately, I will see a flash of a blue/purplish circle around myself stretching about six or seven feet out on all sides. I do the sword banishing daily and am curious if this is related. Do you ever have visions as such?


  18. Hi Damon,

    For the Sword Banishing Ritual, I was wondering what would happen if you imagine looking at the moon, and having that energy collapse into your heart instead of the sun? I didn’t want to try it without your thoughts. Thank you.


    1. The angels employed in that working have an affinity to certain imagery and archetypes, which is why the ritual uses a visualisation of the sun. You are, of course, free to experiment. The worst that can happen is nothing. However, as written, the ritual has been very successful for a great many people, so there may be no need to experiment. If you do want to experiment, you can ignore all that, but you might want to read The Master Works of Chaos magick, because that is all about adapting rituals to your own tastes. I should add, however, that even that book would suggest using what works unless there’s a good or necessary reason to do otherwise.


  19. Dear Damon and GOM,

    I’ve been a believer in magic since my earliest memories, not really a practitioner much because all the Wiccan etc.trappings seemed too religious..but the discovery of GOM books and your dedication to practicality has made me want to practice. Your works are simply the best. I already had strong results using “Words of Power”.

    So I have started my first “72 Angels of Magick” ritual, calling Hayiel, and started out before dawn on a Thursday as suggested. Six days into the eleven, I am feeling the effects of waking before dawn every day! I am not usually a morning person. I wonder if I could change the time of day at this point, or should I remain consistent for the remainder of the ritual? In the future, can Angel rituals be done during the day or at night? I personally feel the strongest in late afternoon, but if it should be before dawn, could it be between midnight and dawn?

    Thanks again for your great work. I’ll continue the before dawn ritual for now.


    1. It is quite adaptable. My most recent angelic ritual was performed at different times on each day, and never before dawn. I have been doing this for a long time, and feel very confident with it. The method in the book is more exacting to ensure that you have the best possible chance of making contact and getting a result. But it can be adapted, and it’s probably better to have you feeling clear headed than tired, or worse still, wishing you didn’t have to do the magick. It should be something you can look forward to rather than something that gets in the way. So feel free to adapt.


      1. Dear Damon and GOM,

        Thank you for your speedy reply. I know that others have said the same, but your level of dedication and caring for your readers is such a kindness! And I’m happy to know Angel workings are adaptable.

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  20. Dear Damon,

    I have previously performed simple kinds of magick, such as candle magick and the like. Today I have received two of your books , the protection one and the 72 Angels one, and I can sense that this is so much more powerful.

    My question relates to the feeling of worthiness. It’s like I don’t feel “worthy” to perform this type of magick. I don’t know if that is common, but I want to overcome these feelings. I guess it’s got a lot to do with my personality. (I have ordered Zanna’s 72 names of God book to help me work on myself)

    I have done the sword banishing for the first time, and it left me emotional. It felt “hard” to ask for angelic help in this way. Honestly, I think I am more used to supplication.

    Any advice/comments you have would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for all your work.


    1. Thanks for buying the books, and it’s good to know you can feel their power. Your question is very unusual, but I think you have done the right thing by using Zanna’s book. It should help.

      Without getting into the theory – because there will always debates about every single detail – I think it’s safe to say that if we are able to command angels and get a response, then it is because we are meant/allowed/otherwise permitted to do so. You have free will. You also have needs and desires which you will try to fulfil with or without magick.

      Also, I truly believe that magick – even magic performed for quite base, materials and selfish desires – ultimately illuminates us spiritually. Not everyone agrees, of course, but that’s what I observe. When your reality is moved by angelic magick, it’s difficult to remain the same person you were before.


      1. Thank you, Damon, for your quick reply.

        It is most strange, so far I have done nothing except the activation for the sword banishing, and the banishing itself, but I feel so different. Doing the activation did make me cry. After the ritual last night, and waking up this morning, I have felt a very strong sensation in my chest area (where the heart chakra is understood to be situated), and it’s like it’s shining outward (out of my chest), and backward (out of my back). I think I really understand what you mean when you say magick changes us personally.

        I want to start the Master Protection ritual tonight, but during the next 33 days I’ll be travelling.
        This means I would have to interrupt the daily ritual for 4 or 5 days.
        Should I wait until I’m back? I know you said it doesn’t matter if there’s a break as long as we do 33 days altogether, but I’m concerned about losing the momentum if that break is longer than just a day or two.

        In this context, is it ok to take pictures of a ritual on a mobile phone, and perform a long-term ritual from the photos while away?

        Thank you very much for all the guidance.


  21. Hello, Damon.

    I have worked a bit of your magick, having bought and consumed every book of the GOM with exception of Wealth Magick at this point. Stuff is potent! Thanks for releasing them.

    When I first did the Sword Banishing I was a little skeptical, having worked and been familiar with the LBRP for some time. However, I have embraced it as I felt an immediate kind of connection with Yohach and Kalach. I am a serviceman who served a very very combat intensive deployment in Afghanistan in 2011. Our Platoon suffered through 2 IEDs, and 23 firefight over a 5-6 month period. The statistics had our platoon and company as having the most instances of Troops in Contact in the entire Brigade, yet, unlike other companies and Platoons, we lost no one.

    Every day we before we left the wire, a group of us would recite Psalm 91. We had bandanas that had it written on it that we carried with us everywhere. After having done some research on Yohach and Kalach, I came to understand that they are angels whose names are encoded in none other than Psalm 91! This has increased my connection with them and I would really like to know them and their energies better. They feel very personal to me and the resonance seems to be asking for more contact.

    Can I petition these Angels and use the processes in the 72 Angels of Magick to contact and interact with them further. They have a real militant soldier vibe to them that I feel very connected to as I said. But strangely, the chief psychic taste they leave in my mouth is that of the presence of loyalty. Might you have opinions on whether they can be further contacted and what sorts of things they might be used for? I’d like to make comrades of these Angels.

    Thanks, Damon!


    1. You’re very welcome. It’s really good to hear your story of protection, and I can completely understand why you would want to get in touch with this angels more directly. The Master Works of Chaos Magick will be published this weekend – it’s written by Adam Blackthorne – and that gives a method for contacting spirits. It requires some research and imagination, but from what you say, I would imagine that you’d be able to develop a method that works for you. Chaos Magick is not for everybody, but it just might give you what you want.


  22. For the past week I’ve been practicing the sword banishing before work and it seems to put me in a better mood with a more positive outlook, I’m wondering if this is typical? Also, what is GOM’s stance on the headless rite? From what I’ve read on the internet, I’m bringing demons into my home to it will keep them away. Any direction that you can provide is greatly appreciated.


    1. It’s not typical, but reasonably common. Quite a lot of people have said it’s helped with anxiety as well.

      I can’t really talk about subjects beyond those in our books, I’m afraid, so can’t comment on the headless rite.


  23. I completed the Master Protection and Remove parasite ritual. The parasite didn’t clear (or at least go away) and the sword banishing might not have activated. I’m thinking about trying to command it directly to leave. What do you recommend? I wasn’t sure to ask for help, but since I’m beginning it’s probably beneficial if I do.


    1. Can you let me know how this manifests, how you know it’s a parasite, and whether or not you know the source or cause. I will then be able to give a better answer.


  24. I believe there MAY be an entity in my house. I live with 5 other people including myself. I’ve had anxiety that I haven’t been able to place at times lately. I had already owned the book for some time and finished the master ritual, but i did it again the other day, because I felt compelled to do so out of the blue. It helped me.

    However, I thought I was the only one that had experienced anything, but I got to talking to my roommates today, and they have been having some paranormal experiences. They feel the entity is demonic. One of the girls had a dream a demon was drawing symbols on the wall of their room and said it was very vivid, and another different woman claimed last night she was awoken out of her sleep startled, thinking someone touched her and didn’t feel alone. She woke up the next morning and saw a strange bruise on her body, where she said she was touched.

    The people I live with are all from a different country than I, and they believe in folk magick (it is deeply rooted in tradition where they are from) albeit, they do not practice, nor know that I practice magick. We had another woman from their country come stay with us for a short while, believed that she was cursed in her time here, and left to go home to try to see someone who could help her reverse her curse.

    My questions for you good sir are:

    #1: When I performed the cleansing of the space ritual, I thought about my room being the most cleansed (at the time I didn’t believe we had an entity), for my magickal purposes, and to just feel at peace in my room. Is it possible that if there were an entity, it may be within the house, but unable to come into my room due to it being cleansed?

    #2 Would it be possible that if the woman did indeed have a curse placed on her by a person who knew she lived here in our house, that even though the woman the curse was intended for has left, that any entity/hex/etc. could remain here? I imagine that does happen from time to time?

    The folk magick that is practiced where they come from is Obeah, so if someone had indeed placed a curse on anyone, it would have been done in that tradition, which I’m not familiar with.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for your time and wisdom.


    1. Glad to hear that the Master Ritual help.

      1. Yes, that can happen. Cleansing, or banishing, often respects limits that we impose on the banishing. That may be a small area around yourself, the outline of your room, your house or your property. It’s possible to banish your house, walk out the door and feel the presence that you were trying to get rid of. Unpleasant, but thankfully rare. I have also encountered entities that have houses themselves in a single room, and their effect is not felt beyond that space. So yes.

      2. Curses are aimed at people rather than places, but what you suggest can happen due to lack of precision, and because the curse may have been aimed at opening up unpleasant doorways in that space. That is quite possible.

      The solution may be to consider the whole house, and those wishing it, when you banish or perform any magick related to this.

      It might also be worth just waiting a day or two. For some reason my intuition tells me that this might fade away all by itself.


  25. Thank you, Damon, for your books on magic. I have had very beneficial results in applying your techniques. For example, I did the protection working for my home sometime in January and a couple of months later, there was a severe ice storm in my area. There was so much damage to trees everywhere, causing damage to many cars and homes and the electrical power was out for days due to downed trees on power lines, but my home and property seemed minimally affected. I was impacted by the power outage, but the damage occurred elsewhere to power lines.

    My one question right now has to do with how you define demons and angels. You have said that “demons can be gentle and angels can be devastating”. If a demon is gentle and non-harmful, what makes that being a demon at all? How is it different from an angel, which we usually think of as benevolent in intent and effect.

    Thank you again for sharing your experience and knowledge of magick. I am finding it very fascinating and helpful.


    1. Thank you.

      The traditional view of angels and demons is well known, but possibly exaggerated by books and movies. The experience of angels and demons is often different to that. I don’t have the time to go into the theory in detail, so this is why I encourage an experiential approach. When you experience the power of a demon, you understand that its energy is different to that of an angel, but that evil is relative – you can get a demon to do many good things, and impart wisdom. It’s very difficult to define what’s what and how they differ, because the minute you do, there are exceptions. There will be more published on this when we have more demonic work available.


    1. When you ask the spirit to grant you the power to see beauty, this may seem academic as you already see beauty, but this is a way of ensuring that you don’t take the world for granted or see it as mundane. When you appreciate the beauty that is around you, in people and places and things, you are more responsive to magick. And that works to build the overall protection.


  26. I have a question for you. I didn’t really know where to post it, but I am going to ask it here, as it seems most appropriate… I was recently reading that some people believe that marijuana use can allow windows for lower level entities to attach themselves to you. As a occasional user of said substance, I would like to know if you feel there is any truth to that? I trust your opinion and don’t have anyone locally I trust to answer the question without bias. Many thanks for your reply in advance.


  27. Hi , it might be a question already asked, but normally when i work i cast a circle and ask the guardians of each direction for protection. would you suggest this is needed for any of your work?


  28. Hi Damon,

    About the Ritual of Protection against Influence, is it something we can do when we practice self-hypnosis, or consult a hypnotherapist, without altering this hypnotic effect on oneself? I suppose it’s perfectly compatible?

    Thank you,



    1. Yes, it’s compatible because you are accepting and welcoming that influence. The ritual guards against those who deliberately over-influence, as well as offering protection for those who feel susceptible to the thoughts and feelings of others.


  29. I asked a question about removing a person or banishing them instead of harming. Although I did not find this among the protection rituals, I found exactly what I wanted on pp.97 of Mr. Winterfield’s book.

    I must say, that your work which you are presenting is very formidable. It is clean, on target, straight to the point, and very powerful. I also appreciate your non-judgemental, amoral perspective– leaving the ideology or morality to the individual.

    I still don’t know what motivates your Coven to share this knowledge.
    I must admit, I myself would never have shared it.
    This tells me that your Coven must have an arsenal of far more powerful secrets which you have not revealed.
    Good for you!

    But why reveal any of this?

    best regards


  30. The protection workings seem to favour disabling or disempowering the unwanted person(s), but not removing them.

    Is my only other option to harm them?

    I want to send an annoying, intrusive individual away from my domain.
    I don’t want to harm them, as they simply behave according to their culture.
    But I need to send them away, one way or another.

    Is there a working which sends people FAR AWAY which I have overlooked?

    I am aware that I can use שם המפוראש Angels, but thought there might be a simple working to do this. You get the idea — send the person away not to return.


    1. The ritual from Magickal Attack works, but you can also use Angelic Magick. It may take a multi-faceted approach – soften the will, encourage change and so on. Often it is easy, but for some it takes more effort.


  31. Hi Damon

    About a month ago I purchased Magickal Servitors, and in this last week I’ve purchased my second GOM book, Magickal Protection.
    My question is does the increased ability in magickal strength that comes from the Sword Banishing, and Master Protection Ritual, work retrospectively on magick that I have already done? In this particular case the three servitors I have already activated.

    Thank you for your brilliant books, and thank you for your time in replying to this question -and all of the other questions people post on here!


    1. Thanks you. Magick does work retrospectively, but the strength it gives you now will only affect the magick you perform from now on. Having said that, many people find that the protection magick makes all magick become more successful, and that could apply to your servitors.


  32. Hi Damon, I want to buy your book but I have a doubt, in this book would I be working only with angels of light ? I have never worked with another energy and don´t want do it, I think there is nothing that could create a conflict with my beliefs but you can tell me better, and by the way, I admire your work. Thank you.


    1. Thank you, but I don’t really know what you mean by ‘angels of light’. Angels are capable of terrifying power that brings justice. If you have any concerns, I would advise you to steer clear, but if you want reassurance, the book only uses angels that are generally thought of as benevolent. There are no demons.


  33. I’m so grateful for your books! ! I love them and have encouraged others to get them too.

    I have already finished the master protection ritual about 2 months ago. I know I don’t need to do it again however strangely I long for it. It made me feel happy because I felt protection and confidence.

    My question is can I do the ritual even if not needed? How many days if so? Should I follow my intuition as to how many days? I don’t want it to feel like a chore.

    Thank you for your time.


  34. I am new to this stuff but my first experience was very amazing. the first time I used Sword banishing I heard women’s voice screaming out of nowhere on ears while performing the ritual, this happened immediately after calling Yohach. not sure what was really happening.. any advise on this?


  35. Hi Damon. Thank you for taking the time to answer – so could you please elaborate – what kind of protection does this effect? Any why would it not work from being found out??


  36. hi Damon. i have performed the Master protection ritual completing it last year May. I also do the sword banishing ritual every morning – is this enough to protect me from getting caught having an affair? Thank you.


    1. It’s not really that kind of protection. You could use Become Less Conspicuous or Stop Gossip and Rumors, if it’s applicable. There’s also angelic magick in The 72 Angels that can help keep secrets. But the general protection probably won’t help with this, I’m afraid.


      1. Damon, Thank you for taking the time to answer – could you explain what type of protection this does effect – and why it would not help with this?


        1. Well, as the book says, “This book aims to protect you from real-world danger, such as robbery and car accidents, but it is also aimed at stopping curses, hexes, psychic attacks and crossed conditions.” Hiding an aspect of your life does not really fall under the remit of protection from danger. Yes, being discovered could put you in all kinds of emotional and physical danger – and if you end up being caught, then you may be protected from the worst. But actually concealing your actions, that requires concealment magick of some kind, as described above.


  37. Hi Damon,
    Just began performing the master protection ritual. I recognized the seven Hebrew names around the first circle is from Ana’bko’ack. As such I think the second Hebrew letter of the fourth name (reading counter clockwise) seems to be wrong. It should be a Tet instead of a Heh.. Please confirm if this is a typo. Thanks


    1. You’re on the right track, but it’s not a mistake. This is from the FAQ:

      Q: Some of the Hebrew letters appear to be wrong. Did you make a mistake?

      A: No, this is intentional. It’s called smudging, and it appears in a lot of our work. It is one of the fundamental secrets that empowers our magick. If you look at Gordon Winterfield’s book, for example, the same word appears in a sigil twice – and one spelling is correct, the other isn’t. There are many other examples across the books. The theory behind smudging is mostly secret – but one aspect that we’ve mentioned before is that if we deliberately reproduce a typo from an effective text (that was widely used at one time), or from a significant ancient talisman, that ‘error’ has power. In part it’s an egregoric effect.


      1. Egregoric Effect. This seems to come from the principle of Egregon or Egregons, having to do with collective entities. Can you point me to a or some good information sources re this ‘concept’ including its role in workings? Please.

        Thanks in advance.

        This idea and word has been with me for many decades and was the chosen name for our ‘family.’


        1. Unfortunately, I can’t. The term was used widely in chaos magick – because collective belief helped empower certain workings. The term, and similar descriptions, appear throughout the occult corpus, but there’s no one book that covers it extensively.


  38. I’m a beginner of reading this book. So far, no results are there. But, the question that I want to ask you is: ” In the ritual of removing parasitic begins, how do you scan the words?”.


    1. You need to read the chapter called Angelic Protections which explains the process in full. You’ll get the best results from the book if you read it fully. Skipping ahead to a chapter means you’ll have missed the important background information. All the rituals work best if you’ve also used the Master Protection Ritual and The Sword Banishing.


  39. Hi Damon,
    I want to work with the Angels as precisely as possible. In doing the “Stop A Known Enemy” ritual, in the hardcopy I have, it says it uses the Angel “Yolach”. I am wondering if that was a misprint and it is the Angel “Yohach”? or is it another Angel named “Yolach”?

    This ritual works amazing well, by the way. It seems to resolve any ill-will that people have towards you.


  40. I’m new to magick and beginning with sword banishing and master protection. My question is, since I’m still learning what to say while performing the ritual, do I need to be looking at the talisman while saying the lines such as “Haven genius of dignity…” Or just in the beginning as I activate it then I can look at the section with the lines? I feel I can’t wait to memorize all of the lines before beginning the ritual as I have a strong entity effecting my family and myself in particular. Thank you


    1. Welcome to magick!

      Looking at the talisman at the beginning can be enough, but many people glance at the image during each pause – at the moment where you actually feel the power being described.

      I hope that helps.


  41. I tried the banishing ritual for the first time today, and I tried to visualize Kalach as a glowing winged angel figure, but Kalach ended up being a dark shadowy figure. Yohach ends up being a glowing winged angel figure which is what I was trying to visualize both of them as. And the darkness from Kalach ends up swirling in with the sphere of light. I tried to change the visualization so that Kalach would be a glowing winged angel figure and the sphere wouldn’t contain any darkness, but it just didn’t work. Should I be concerned about this?

    I also noticed when I first said Yohach out loud to practice saying the names before attempting the banishing, my cat, who was sitting in front of me staring at me at the time, turned her head around and looked up at the corner of the room. It seemed just like what she does to look at the door to see who is coming in when the door to the room opens, but it wasn’t the door she was looking at and nobody had opened the door. I put the cat out of the room before I started the banishing so that I would be alone with no distractions.


    1. Lots of people report a similar experience. Remember, the book says, “Whatever image comes to mind for you is the right image, so long as the angel is standing on your right and facing in the same direction that you are.” You don’t need to force the visualisation, and indeed letting it go its own way can lead to some spectacular changes. So this should all be OK.

      Some people see nothing, others see light, some see darkness and for many it changes. The most common image is more like an armoured warrior, so it’s often quite distant from the winged angels we are led to expect.

      Cats are like that. I have quite a few stories about cats and the occult, but that will have to wait for another time. It may have been coincidence, but in my experience some cats are very responsive to this sort of thing.


    2. When I do this ritual I have the same experience in which Yohach is light while Kalach is dark, and they are both warriors (their armour is similarly colored bright pearlescent white or dark gun-metal gray). Sometimes it’s just their hair color that’s light or dark, sometimes it’s their skin complexion, sometimes it’s their race (was always fascinated by how this changes). The very first week I practiced the ritual, they showed up as old-school arcade-like warriors from the video game Street Fighter (but still one light and one dark). Fascinated to hear your similar experience.


  42. Dear Damon, I have several of your books and I love all of them. And I am a huge fan of your protection book, I experience incredible benefit from doing the Sword Banishing and the Master Protection Ritual. Thank you so much for sharing those powerful tools with us.

    Today I have a question concerning doing protection magick for others. A very close friend of mine finds herself in a very bad divorcing situation. Her husband fights against her with extremly good lawyers. I would love to help her against him with some spells and I found already some inside the Protection book that sound great for her situation.

    But somehow I don´t really get how to perform them for a friend. At what moment do I inform the Spirits for whom I do the Ritual and against what person it should work? No matter what ritual, is it always at the same moment that I make clear for whom I do it?
    If I perform the “Stop a known enemy” Ritual I should feel all of my hurt or angry emotions and then ease them on the following day. How do I do this for my friend? Do I remember all the pain she is going through and ease them on the following day?
    Can I do the Sword Banishing also for another person? If yes, how does that work?
    Sorry for asking so many questions, I read your book very carefully but didn´t find the answers. It might be my fault because English is not my mother tongue. I am very grateful if you could answer my questions. Thank you very much!


    1. Thank you. It’s always good to hear when people have connected well with the magick.

      There are full details on this here:

      I hope that gives you what you need. The description is short, but it should give you the steps required. Depending on your moral viewpoint you may also want to use Gordon Winterfield’s Magickal Attack – if not to harm, then to bind the person in question. That can be more useful than protection when there’s a difficult antagonist.


      1. Thank you so much for your reply. Sorry for not having found the page describing doing Magick for others by myself. Great information, yes, all my questions are answered. Gordon´s book is the next one on my list but I must admit there is still some hesitation on my side to work with it. I will try first the protection Magick and some Magick from Words of Power. If all of that should fail then I will take a binding spell in consideration. Thank you for your good advice. Have a great day, Damon!


  43. Hello

    I would like to know if there is a way to reverse the effects of the Become less Conspicuous spell? I am noticing the effects but I am now realizing that it was not necessary and may be working against me.


    1. Yes there is. When you initially ignited the sigil you would have specified a length of time, so all you need to do is repeat the ritual, but set a very short length of time, such as an hour. That way, the magick will last that long and then cease, effectively cancelling the original work.


  44. Dear Damon,
    I’m new to Magick and I’m short on money. I’ve been having a problem with negative spirits getting into my apartment and I need a way to defend my living space. I’m afraid to do any further magick because I’m worried about attracting more spirits and my home isn’t protected. I’m still learning my basics (meditation, shielding) and trying to find a teacher nice enough to guide me through the beginning stages.

    I bought your book and saw you had a home protection ritual but only from thieves. Is there a way to accomplish this?


    1. Thanks for buying the book. Perform the Sword Banishing Daily, add in the Master Protection Ritual and also Cleanse Any Space. You could also Cancel A Curse or Supernatural Attack, if appropriate.


    2. I would add to this that I’ve found the Master Protection Ritual to be tremendously expansive and empowering beyond any expectation I’d had. It is clearly arranged to provide protection though it does this by empowering the attentive Mage in so many ways.

      I’ve had occasion to really put it to test. Not so much for the purpose of testing its worth but because I had need to traverse a highly dangerous area several times…over an extended period. With the exception of a slight self-consciousness I found that I moved about not only without fear but with a great sense of interest in my general surroundings. I didn’t use my usual approach to become inconspicuous.

      People were often actually courteous; and I can tell you…that ain’t necessarily so.


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