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Questions are moderated and may take a few hours or more to appear. If yours doesn’t appear, it may be because it’s already been answered in the book or in this FAQ. Questions that speculate about theory won’t be posted as the focus has to remain on practical magick.

This page will be open to new questions from time to time. A thorough reading of the book and some patient contemplation will answer almost any question you have. Please read this FAQ and also read the main Gallery of Magick FAQ before asking a question.

Q: A cruel bully has told me he can beat the protection in this book with his amazing powers. Is it possible?

A: People like this have one great weapon and that is fear. They make you afraid by shouting loudly, but such people are usually very tame and quiet bad at magick. If they were using powerful magick, they wouldn’t need to boast or threaten. Any claim to have broken through this protection is meant to undermine you with fear. The protection is entirely sound, but do make sure you add in the ritual that deals with bullies directly. You’ll be safe.

Q: I read that this book uses demons. Is this true?

A: No, of course not, but there will always be people who spread disinformation to scare you away from practical magick. The Master Protection ritual calls on the Genius Spirits which are neither angel or demon, and this has confused some people. These genius spirits, which can be thought of as ‘personified virtues’, are known as The Genii of the Twelve Hours, and are described in the Nuctemeron, attributed to Apollonius of Tyana from the First Century AD. (This was made known to English readers through a translation by Eliphas Levi in his 1897 book Transcendental Magic.) Some people assume that if it’s not an angel, it must be a demon, but this is far from the truth. It is all too easy to assume that that ‘genius’ is the same as ‘genie’ because it sounds similar; genies are also known as ‘djinn’ or ‘jinn’, and can be evil. If you’re paranoid, you see the phrase ‘genius spirit’ and assume it’s an evil djinn. When you actually look at the texts referencing these spirits, and work with good translations, their nature is clear; what you get in Magickal Protection is safe. Genius Spirits are not angels, but we believe they are an embodiment or expression of angelic power; they personify the virtues of angels in the form of unique spirits, and these spirits have specific natures and powers that are not always obvious. In this book, the combined powers of the Genius Spirits are used to pass angelic power into the working. People who have actually used the magick report real and lasting results, so don’t let armchair occultists put you off.

Q: Will these banishings frighten off the spirits from my other magick?

A: No. If anything, banishing and protection rituals clear out the spiritual and psychic dross, and make your magick powers more intense. You will get better results from all your magick if you use Magickal Protection.

Q: Things got worse after I started the magick? Did it go wrong?

A: Probably not. This is very powerful magick, but if you were trying to stop a particular individual, or even a group, from harming you, there can sometimes be resistance, and the resistance can manifest as more insults, attacks, worse tempers and other displays of inner turmoil. This isn’t usually the case – most of the time the magick just works -but when there is a particularly stubborn, evil or wilful person who is intent on keeping power or control over you, they may sense the magick weakening them (without knowing it’s magick) and retaliate or resist. Although it’s difficult to see this as a good sign, it can genuinely be a sign that the magick is working well. If this type of worsening happens within a few days of your ritual, take it as a good sign, and either repeat or continue the magick, knowing that when people react in this way it means they are closed to having their oppressive power taken away from them. Your magick will win.

Q: Does this protection work against hexes, curses and forms of magick from other countries and cultures.

A: Yes it does.

Q: Should I banish after each ritual I perform?

A: There is no need to, but you are free to do so.

Q: You say that Yohach faces forwards, but what direction does Kalach face?

A: It’s open to interpretation, which is why the book says you can let any image arise. Some people like to picture Kalach facing away from them. For others, it works best if Kalach faces forwards. Rarely, but occasionally, people find Kalach looks off to the left. Rather than making a conscious decision, let the image of the angel arise spontaneously, if you can, and this will give you the best results. It’s fine if the direction changes with each working. If you can’t make the image arise spontaneously, then just picture Kalach facing forwards. For Yohach, always keep the angel facing in the same direction that you are facing.

Q: In the Master Protection Ritual how do I imagine my own immortality?

A:  I like to think of immortality as the continual rebirth we experience as we develop, spiritually and magickally, according to the changes in our lives. This is quite easy to imagine. You can perceive yourself as somebody capable of adaptation and change.

Q: How do I pronounce…?

A: There’s a full section in appendix covering pronunciation. For additional thoughts on this matter and a video showing how to say the words, see Pronunciation FAQ.

Q: How often should I repeat the Master Protection Ritual?

A: This is covered in the chapter called How To Use This Book.

Q: What do you mean by ignite the talisman? Do I have to set it on fire?

A: No, you need to read the chapter The Workings of Protection, which explains this in full.

Q: I couldn’t see the sigil to activate the Sword Banishing in my ebook. Why?

A: Every test we’ve done indicates that the sigil is in the book, and is visible, but two readers have said they can’t see it. While we continue to look into this, if you need to, you can get a copy of the sigil by clicking here.

Q: The cover changed slightly in late 2017. Is the book any different?

A: No, the content is the same.



218 thoughts on “Magickal Protection FAQ

  1. Hi Adam, how do you use the magick in this book for others? I’m afraid that a relative has been cursed, she casually talked about someone putting a curse on he. Her health has been deteriorating lately, she lost a lot of weight and the doctors don’t know what’s wrong so I’m afraid of the possibility that she has been cursed. Hope you can see this so I can start the workings immediately

  2. Hi Adam. A magick has been done on me which makes me look 41yr when am actually 31yr. Please which magic would you suggest to reverse this Evil. Thank you Damon

    1. Do you have the book? If so, it should be obvious. Also, how do you know this has definitively been done to you?

  3. Damon, I’ve performed the Master Protection Ritual for the 33 days as required, but I would like to know if it’s ok to continue with it once or twice a week since I enjoy doing the ritual? Also, if someone gets a hold of one of your books and tries to place a curse or use angel magic on me, will I still be protected from this?

    1. Hi. Adam B here as Damon’s not run the site for a year or so now. There’s no harm in repeating, if it’s because you like it – just avoid doing it out of a fear that it ‘needs’ strengthening.

      As for attacks vs protection, I’ll probably move the answer to this page, but this is from Angels of Wrath FAQ:

      Q: Which is more powerful, attack or protection? How can I protect myself against magick like this?

      Imagine if somebody tried to sell you an impenetrable shield and a sword that could break through anything. It’s clear that neither could actually work as described, unless operated by the warrior in a specific way. We’ve often said that with attack, it’s a war of attrition, and that holds true; if excellent defences are in place, attacks will have to persist until the defences are down. For most of the population, there are never any defences, which is why attack magick works so well. With this book, the extent of effect is also down to the level of your sincere desire – that can break through many defences. But the debate about which is stronger, protection or attack, ignores that so much is not about which side you’re on and what magick you’re using, but about how well you read the book, performed the magick, choose the right magick for the situation, learned to allow results and worked with all those subtle aspects of magick that are revealed in the books . You can see that some people get saved from car crashes with magickal protection, and others call it useless, and this is not because of any objective power in the magick, but how it has been employed. Magick isn’t so simple that there can ever be an ultimate weapon or perfect defence. We shift and move with the circumstances. If you want to use this magick, you can see how it would work. If you genuinely believe somebody might use it against you, the defence is persistent use of Magickal Protection. It’s never a case of an immovable object and an unstoppable force, because personality and human expression affects the interpretation and expression of your personal magick.

  4. I read the Ebook version early in the day and put the Magick into action as directed. Felt a sense of relief, like genuine good stuff being put into motion and felt so relaxed afterward that I fell asleep for about TEN hours. Woke up around 8 pm with a sense of serenity and feeling refreshed and at ease.

  5. Hi Adam, was reading all your responses and so grateful for your insight…loved the reply re the dog may be doing so with thought and that you have ‘some weird cat stories’…might you share? This is all so fascinating~ Cheers and Much Thanks

  6. Thanks for your time to reply, Adam…I tend to stay out of forums as well bc it’s the old saying of ‘everyone will have an opinion’….I was just surprised to see two commentors say that they stopped the MPR bc they felt it was dangerous and causing harm to them….I don’t see how the MPR could open one up to more harm…perhaps just disgruntled individuals?
    Thanks to the GOM, Nitika and the angels/demons of the Master Curse for much needed help~

    1. Sometimes it’s that. We do get a lot of fakes on here, asking the weirder questions and spreading scare stories – it’s possible to spot patterns after a while. But I think that was a genuine question from somebody who’d felt a bit more than expected – sometimes people find ‘tuning up’ to magick is quite alarming.

  7. Hello Adam B,
    Just started using Protection Magick and I am very pleased with the results. I am very glad that I read earlier comments about post-ritual fatigue ( after using sword ritual) indicating need to use “light from darkness” ritual in Money Magick. Does light from Darkness have other applications? I did my first spell using a chant from a children’s book when I was 8 years old and it worked. I later used the same book to banish a bully when I was 12. However I have I always been unsure about : Why did I pick up the book in the first place? How does magick fit into my life? I don’t expect you to answer this question, but is there an Angel- maybe in one of Zanna Blaise’s books that might be good to consult?
    Thanks very much for the wealth of information and such good quality books,

  8. Hi Adam, in the protection book it says that I should banish twice a day. Is there any negative effects from doing that? I’ve been told that by banishing we clear out negative energies and positive energies, would banishing too frequently remove the effects I can gain from other rituals making them useless? Also I’ve read testimonies from others saying that by banishing too much it removes the desire for material gain, as well as the luck required to have it: I’ve read that people who banish too much lose money,friends,women but become more spiritual, is there any truth to this?

    1. Hi there. No, if there were negative effects we wouldn’t put it in. It’s not a banishing like some that clears out everything and leaves the space empty – it’s much more focussed on protection and ensuring that not harm makes its way to you. Some banishing can have the sort of effects you’re talking about, but we see magick as being about making choices, not having things happen to you without your intention. People find a lot of peace with it. And most people find it makes their magick work better – material magick too.

  9. I was perusing the groups on FB discussing MPR and there were 2 individuals who stated this: Any info re this to enlighten?
    Each of the Angels mentioned in the ritual is not written on the seal. But what’s more is that each one of those Angels is not From the Kabbalah but are djinn that rule over particular hours of the day from a work called the Nuctemeron which was channeled by Apollonius of Tyana, a Greek Philosopher apparently alive during the time of Christ. He was also apparently the first to expose Muslims to Hermetic teachings. So It also doesn’t make any sense why the seal would even be written in Hebrew to begin with.

    1. Yes, the first question on this page acknowledges the Nuctemeron as a source, but all labels aside, these spirits can be seen as personifications of virtue, and they can be evoked directly. We don’t get involved with occult groups or forums, because we have to keep the focus on the practical, and we try to avoid the debates because it’s more fun to do more magick!

  10. Seven years ago I started seeing black reverse negatives in my line of vision accompanied with migraines . At first I thought it was a medical issue so ignored it . Did my medical check ups nothing showed up . The negatives would blur my vision and sometimes I wouldn’t be able to see at all. After a while I became depressive.After a year of absence yesterday the negatives showed up again . For the first time I was suspicious it wasn’t a medical issue. Although the black thing followed my line of sight when i tried to grasp it it moved away .I immediately did a sword banishing and after a minute it left my vision .After that i heard a mental noise like humming which lasted until i got to sleep ( I believe it was one of the four angels) . I have the following questions : Can I capture it and question it next time ? I have almost all your books . How can i learn who sent it ? It had the shape of a scythe but other than that it was completely silent. To be honest I would like to give the guy who have been sending me those for seven long years a little payback or at least to know who it is.

    Thanks a lot

    1. Great to hear that it worked. Persistence with the magic should get rid of it. If you want to find the source and send something back, you might want to use Magickal Attack or Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield as both have rituals that would help with that.

  11. Hello, i will like to ask questions because of what i am experiencing, being a sale person after using the MPR, i feel as if i am invicible to my environment, my friend has a gift of clairvoyance and he is telling me that he can not see my spiritual. Does is that the effect of the MPR to render someone invicible because i know that too much protection means invicibility?

    1. It doesn’t;t make anybody invincible, and Damon actually goes on a bit about making sure you keep your feet on the ground and remain cautious. If you feel invincible, that’s a misinterpretation of the confidence it’s given you.

  12. Hi Adam,
    Thank you for opening up the forums! I am going to get back into a couple of the GOM books including the Cashbook (and I can include a testimonial that it does work!) Your work and the work of Mr. Brand is appreciated and many, many blessings to all of you.

    I was interested in this book for protection and have read reviews that others have found situations to resolve, become easier while anxiety, etc. is reduced. I am wondering if any of these protection rituals would work for a situation involving a tenant who is not paying rent (and they may need to just be given notice to get out) and then probably help lead to the sale of home, being able to get close to breaking even possibly?

    1. Thanks and great to hear the Cashbook’s worked for you. The protection magick can have a general blessing effect in that it can remove blockages and get magick moving, but it won’t actually work that sort of problem for you. Magickal Riches as a ritual to get somebody to pay up, and Sigils of Power has some stuff that can make people more generous – these could work. But in situations like the one you mention the mundane option of getting rid of the person (backed up by magick if you need to), makes the most sense, and then if you sell the home there’s lots of magick that can help you get a good price/deal etc.

      1. Thanks Adam. Would the Sigils of Power have selections that can help with the good price/deal or do you recommend another book?

  13. I am currently doing 7 rituals a day 3 are from Magickal Protection
    2 from The 72 Angels Of Magic, and Magickal Cashbook, I will do the protection ones back to back then take a 20 minute break then do the others. They all are different rituals (for different results) so I don’t think its a rush of power as written in your blog post, but is this ok or should I spread them out during the day?

    In Magickal Protection, am I looking at the Sigil while I am saying the words for the Master Protection Ritual, or do I look at it and then read the ritual asking for the different powers. I am just saying its hard to keep my eyes on the Sigil and read it, so I don’t know if its to be memorized.

    I ask the same question about the Shem Talisman in
    72 Angels Of Magick Book while imagining walking through the field, feeling the sun, water etc.

    Thanks so much for answering my previous question, and I thank you in advance for answering these as well!

    1. That sounds like you might be taking on too much, but it’s for you to judge. If you’re not trying to force results or getting desperate it can be OK. But make sure you have the focus and energy, and a willingness to ba patient or it can hamper the results. Did you see this post:

      With Protection – no, just follow it as written, scan first and then the spoken words. No need to complicate it.

      With the 72 Angels it says, ‘The talisman can stay within sight, but you do not need to keep looking at it now.’

  14. First I want to say thanks to the whole team of GOM books and website, we really appreciate this! I do have several questions:

    1. While doing Sword Banishing at the end (in order to protect family within household) do I imagine them next to me the whole time, or when the while light is to be imagined at the end, or do I extend the white bubble of light around the whole house and imagine them in their rooms?

    2. Is there physical effects of these spells? I did Magical Cashbook with no issues for the entire length of days. But then I started doing the Magical Cashbook, Sword Banishing, Master Protection Ritual, Protection For Loved Ones, 72 Angels for psychic powers enhanced, 72 Angles for Magical Powers to grow over the next years. Anyways the first day I dd all of these, I felt horrible, like panic attack or something with other effects for several hours it lasted. Everyday since I have been doing these 6 rituals I feel like my ears are full of water, I have headaches, which is unusual for me, and my body feels funny almost like sore in some places or cold coming on, it could have nothing to do with this but its weird how this started happening now. I feel weak as well sometimes and super sleepy. I do not want to stop the rituals though as I know they have certain length of days.

    3. I started sungazing awhile back and I noticed that after several months, when I stand up a powerful force would push and pull me back and forth but it gets super strong when I am sungazing. Now when I do these rituals the powerful force happens super strong in certain parts of the ritual do you know what this is?

    4. I read your blog post on doing rituals for others but I am still unclear, for the most part when doing these rituals am I looking at the person like I am in 3rd person watching them with that end result and feel an emotion for them, or am I pretending I am them (1st person) and carry on the ritual? I just wonder how does the ritual know who you are doing it for and whom to effect.

    5. Last question, When transmuting this emotions, well how to do it. I feel like I want something but I am not an emotional person in general, I am one that was brought up to not express emotions and so its hard for me even though I want to feel a certain result like I see you guys say gratitude, thankfulness, love, or even the emotions of you have the powers of the Master Protection Ritual of all those things. Like I don’t know how to explain it, but I am thankful for things I have for example, but to feel it is another thing, I love for example but to feel it is another thing, its crazy I guess, I guess I want to know how to pull these emotions out of me and then transmute them, I hate to be doing all this work and for nothing.

    Thank you so much for your time in advance.

    1. Hello, and thank you.

      1.) You can also use the ritual Protect Family and Loved ones for a direct effect, but in terms of the Sword Banishing, on this page it says, ‘When performing The Sword Banishing, you can expand the circle to protect those who are physically near to you (say, within the same house).’ So the third of your suggestions! Open to experimentation, but that’s a method we like!

      2.) Mild side effect can occur, and are usually a sort of tired feeling. If there’s any anxiety, and you’re new to magick, it’s most likely to do with the newness. Magick itself, although stimulating, is a calming influence and will not be the cause. If you do feel too stirred, though, take a break. There’s more on this here;

      3.) No, I’m afraid I have no idea what that might be.

      4.) You can use any approach. You can imagine being that person, actually feel as though you are them, and that you are doing the ritual for yourself (as them). So you pretend to be John Smith for the ten minutes it takes to do the ritual. Or, you say, ‘I want John Smith to make more money. That’s the result I want.’ So you do the result to get what *you* want, which is for John Smith to make more money, and so your feelings are about your own satisfaction and your own pleasure when the result comes about.

      5.)The emotion doesn’t have to be big, it only has to change. Can you imagine what it feels like to find a bundle of cash on the sidewalk? That imagined feeling would be enough. Can you imagine how great it would be to drag your family from in front of speeding car? That feeling would work. If you can’t imagine at all, use memory. Remember times when things went well. Even a glimmer of change in the emotion will work.

  15. Hi Adam,

    First of all thank you for another great post of yours. It’s always good to open the GOM site and see a new posting!
    I did the ritual to ‘Cleanse any space’ for the first day but then I stopped because something came to my mind: Do I clean the space from all kinds of energies? Good/protective ones too?
    I hardly believe that spirits judge between ‘good’ and ‘negative’ energies.

    1. Thanks! It is a cleansing rather than a banishing, so when it talks about things not feeling right, or hauntings or other unwanted energies, that’s exactly what it’s doing – getting rid of those things that make it feel bad. It’s a cleansing rather than a sterilisation.

  16. Dear Adam, sorry if you have answered this before, for the sword banishing and or master protection ritual, can i also visualize my lived ones?
    Thank you so much!!

    1. Dear Adam, since i asked you this, ive gone to bed and woke up. Im have started my banishing 3 times ( in am, before rituals and before sleep) master protection of which last night was night 3, and intuition led me to start cancel a curse or supernatural attack, of which last night was night 2. (I had shared on a different post i knew i was under attack- aunt who stole my entire family inheritance). Last night in my sleep i several times heard “be catious” after this my sleep was lighter and i woke up earlier than usual and thus has been heavy on my mind.

      As what exactly this means?
      Whats it refering to?

      I realize you dont have the entire picture, peaces, and you probably message so many people that you dont remember me specifically, but im trying to understand this message and how to proceed. Your guidance would be much appreciated. I wish you all had a way to be accessed for more detailed/ directed work, even if for fee! Just a thought!

      I keep wishing i had a mentor to help so obe day i can shed the light onto others also.

      Love light and blessings 😉

      1. Be guided by your intuition, or take it at face value, because I am not a mentor and the idea is that the books will guide you to work this out for yourself. Otherwise they wouldn’t be much use. There are rituals in some of the books to help find mentors, though, which can really help some people.

  17. Hi Adam,

    Can I use the ritual to ‘Cleanse any space’ in advance, even though I don’t sense any energies (e.g. moving into a new apartment and cleanse just to be safe) or is there a better ritual for that?
    Is there a ritual to cleanse your place from energies that can be used on a regular basis? I know that a lot of people use incense for that.

    And is there a ritual to cleanse objects? I like to collect objects/artefacts from all over the world and I’d like to cleanse them from any (negative) energy they might come with. Or second hand jewelry.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi. yes you can when. When going through the steps, you don’t have to imagine problems that aren’t there, just see the ‘problem’ as any residual energy that may be there, and that you want to get rid of. And for objects one way is to have them in the space when you do that, but also you can adapt the ritual for Magickal Chaos Energy in my book, Master Works of Chaos Magick – that energy can be guided to remove that sort of trace. Cheer. Adam B.

  18. If i have one advice to give you it will be to use again one of the 72 Angels of God and enter a spiritual convenant with God. Through that alliance determing the conditions of it, if you feel to pass it on to the next generation great. Thanks

  19. I’m in a dire situation. Lately I’ve been feeling exhausted, no sex drive, and it’s harder to think. I think I’m under attack, but from more experienced people or things beyond my experience. These feelings came directly after I talked to a witch I knew. I also have a difficult to remove, malevolent entity attached to me. He’s been attached for nearly 2 years. I have no money and I’m trying to reach out for help. I’ve been doing the master protection ritual but whatever it is still hit me. I don’t know if its the entity attached to me (that’s visible to me btw) or the witch who may be deceiving me or an older practitioner who cursed me years ago. I did cancel curse from Sigils of Power today and I’m afraid to do Banish Negative Energy because I dont want this entity to go bothering the people I live with. I will do it if I have to because I feel somethings on me spiritually and it’s becoming more difficult to think and do rituals. I have no herbs to fight with and I cant set anything up due to my living conditions, so I stick to your books.

    I have all your books luckily and I need to know what to do and how often to do it. So I don’t overdo and break the magick of course. I will continue to do master protection and I summoned Cahetel from 72 Angels, and I did Cancel Curse from Sigils of Power this morning.

    I don’t think I connect well with the cancel attack sigil in Magickal Protection. I have not mastered the sword banishing either as I’m unsure of it and see nothing… or maybes its the attached entity fooling my thought process with banishing.

    I’m trying to maintain myself here and I need your guidance. I shall pull through this.

    1. I’ve calmed down. Collected myself. I don’t know what to really think. I’m just handling this the best I can and this shamanism thing feels quite lonely at times. Will continue with my rituals.

        1. Things turned out great and I feel better now! I’ve successfully defended myself from an active threat. I’m quite proud of myself. Does the sword banishing work on evoked entities that aren’t attached? I’m weighing my future options for evokation or wandering spirits.

    2. I would suggest doing the Master Protection Ritual, Sword Banishing, and Ritual to cancel a curse everyday. Plus use Nithahiah in Magical Angels to give more power to your ritual and to remove all blocks to your rituals. Do this for 11 days. Master Sword banishing and Mater protection ritual first. Take your time in learning this, read then practice. Ask questions if you feel stuck.

        1. That angel’s name is rendered as Nitel in The 72 Angels of Magick. The names can have an IAH or EL ending. Damon went with EL for the later version. It’s the same angel.

  20. Hello Adam and Damon, thank you for your time. After staring with your sigils and words of power, which were mindblowingly effective, I tried the sword banishing and the Master Protection Ritual for the past 33 days. However last night, on the last of the 33 days (hours after I did the last ritual), I woke up feeling my bed sheets being pulled down. Usually my dog does this during the day to get me to take him outside, but this time the pulling was coming from the foot of the bed, and my dog wasn’t there. I didn’t feel afraid; I suppose it’s the protection I’ve felt since I started the rituals, but I was curious. It happened 2 more times about a minute later each, a total of three times. Until I invoked Archangel Michael and then thought “If this is a spirit, go in peace.” Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. My home is a brand new construction with no previous owners, and I have no deceased family members who died tragically or anything at all. I am also not currently in the middle of any “magic” – only these two protection spells. Do I need to do the master protection ritual again? Thank you so much for your time!!!

    1. That’s a weird one. Normally, I would say to ignore anything that seems unusual as its just a side effect, blah blah, but this indicates that maybe something else was either giving a departing wave (let’s hope so), or showing that it was still trying to be present. That’s where the other rituals may come in handy. Depends how you feel, but you may want to do stuff to remove a curse or protect the home, depending upon your intuition. No need to repeat the main ritual, unless you absolutely sense that something is amiss. Glad you’re feeling the protection. And the other thing is; did it feel similar in quality to your dog? I’ve herd some people say their pets are able to do this, and when you’re magically open, or lit up, its easier for them to do so; so your dog might have been doing it from thought. I know that sounds far fetched, but, well, I have some great weird cat stories… So a jumbled answer, but I hope you can get something out of that.

    1. Yes, but as I said with another question, you should read that article on The Abundance of Magick, because you may be trying to force the issue. Once is enough.

      1. Hi Adamblackthorne i just read this passage in the Book Magickal Protection#When scanning the ring of words, picture the person and think of their name, but do not say it out loud. Apart from that, carry out the ritual exactly as described earlier. If you are performing this to get rid of a supernatural being, simply be aware of the feeling it creates in you and hold that feeling as you scan the ring of words. Perform the ritual for five days. Can this ritual be performed without been specific, meaning calling the person’s name, but done in a general sense just for unwanted entities spiritual and material please?

        1. No, it’s not general. That’s what the Master Protection Ritual is for. This is for a specific person, or when you feel a specific entity or entities that create a feeling in you, a sensation that they are there. That’s what you focus on. If there’s no feeling of something being present, tire’s nothing to direct this at.

  21. Hello, I have a question:

    Re: The Sword Banishing. I’m calling on four angels for protection. The instructions simply say to “say the name….”. But looking at the instructions in 72 Angels of Magick, it is stressed that it is important to SING Angel names, and to visualize a lightning strike.

    I’m curious if this matters, or if it’s due to One book being written earlier than the other? Intuitively, it feels as though using at least the singing of names would be more effective??

    Thank you for all your work, and your willingness to share it.

    1. Hi. It’s not to do with when the books were written – sometimes the timing of our development of the magick affects which words and tech we use, but the content of each book is more about what’s required for each book. The idea is that each book is a self-contained tome that gives you what you need in the easiest, shortest form for that particular style – so singing isn’t required here, and is therefore left out. BUT, you can mix magick from the various books. If you once learn that singing helps for one ritual, then it might help in others. It’s different for everybody, but if your intuition takes you there, go for it.

  22. Hello. I´m new in this website. I bought last week this book and already used it. I know I´m stalked by a group who have been payed for this but I don´t know who payed. I try to reveal my enemy. But something is not working.. How many times can I used that spell?? How could I detect if is someone who I don´t know? I mean this is running for years even could be something that start on my parents and now they are working on me. Sorry for my english. Thanks a lot. 🙂

    1. Hi there – and thanks for writing in English!

      If somebody really has been working at this for years – and that is so rare, I have to say, so rare that usually it turns out to be a misperception – then the best you can do is put the master protection ritual in place and use the sword banishing daily. That will be more effective than trying to find the culprits. If somebody cuts your arms, the first thing you do is stitch it up and then protect it from further injury; you worry about who did it later. I hope that makes sense.

      1. First thanks for you quick answer….Well…. I´m newbie magician… Should I start from where? give me advices please.. Thanks a lot.

        1. Just follow the instructions in the book for The Master Protection Ritual and The Sword Banishing. As you read the rest of the book you may find more that appeals to you, but starting with those is the best way.

        1. This gets asked quite a lot, strangely. You know, back in the old books there were rituals for so many weird things, from weather to… I don’t know… maybe I have seen this, but can’t remember. Anyway, nothing to share I’m afraid – we’ve published nothing on this, and if I ever have seen this, it was somewhere really obscure.

  23. Ps
    Also in the same book on Protect Your Home Ritual.
    Can I perform this for my house, and also go to a parent house who I’m very close with (without them knowing that I’ll be doing a ritual for their house ) and performing this for their home protection as well?
    Can I do this during same 3 days or should I do this separately.
    Or will it be to mixed up?
    Also I don’t seem to find in the book how to ignite this sigil?
    Thanks again

    1. It looks like you might have missed the chapter called The Workings of Protection – that’s where the igniting techniques is described.

      If you want to do two houses at once, you could try. Personally, I’d do the ritual separately for each, and within each house. But if that’s impossible, no harm and trying to do it all with your imagination. I’d still do one ritual for one house and one for the other.

  24. Hello Adam,
    My question is from Magical Protection book regarding the Sword Banishing.
    When I get to the part where the star expands and I am inside a huge spear of light, and let’s say I want this sphere to get large and enclose my whole small size house when I am inside my house,with me inside it,so obviously this sphere will be enclosing me and the Angels on both of my sides that have already been called on?
    So when I imagine the sphere expanding am I still keeping in mind and imagining Angels on both sides with swords?
    Or do I not think of them next to me any longer?
    Thank you in advance

    1. For most people, awareness of the angels just goes at this point. You don’t need to force it either way. If they stay in any way, not a problem. Usually, the sphere replaces them. If it encloses them, that’s fine too.

  25. I’ve been doing the Sword Banishing every day for the last 33 days before doing the ritual to end a relationship in Magickal Attack. At first, I didn’t feel much but last night when I did it before the final day of the Ritual to end a relationship, after I’d imagined the sun in my heart as a star and before calling on Yohach, I quite clearly saw the figure of a pentagram in yellow light in front of me. This was with my eyes closed. I was so surprised I opened my eyes, and shut them again and it was still there for a few seconds, then faded away. I was really amazed because I often had trouble visualising certain things, e.g KYohach and Kalach – or the image is fuzzy, but this was very clear. Do you have any idea what seeing a pentagram in this context might mean? Or am I going nuts?! Thanks.

    1. Not going nuts! The pentagram symbolism – wow, we could talk for days. There are so many things it can mean. (So long as you bought the book and didn’t pirate it you’ve nothing to worry about; a small handful of people who stole the book said they felt the anti-piracy curse kicking in at the same time as seeing spontaneous pentagrams.But I’ll happily assume you’re one of the people who paid for the book!!!) So I’d say that spontaneous images like this are usually just a sign of magick breaking through to your awareness – the symbol is (my best guess here) humanity overlaid on magickal energy and vice versa. I’d take it as a good sign. Also, if you’re not that strong with the visual stuff, you can get better just through doing magick all the time – lots of people find that after a while the visual things start happening. Doesn’t really matter or help, but it can be a good feeling. But at first, it can feel a bit out of your control, like images just come up from nowhere. Might be that.

      1. Thanks so much! I appreciate so much this blog where we are able to ask questions and you and the others taking the time to answer them. Yes, I did buy the book – I am glad I did now! 🙂 I do feel that my visualising is starting to get better the more I do, yes. Sometimes I think you can stress yourself about the image not coming that you block it. I’ve found that when I relax more, the images float up more freely in my mind. I tend to ‘hear’ things more I think. I also had things I heard quite clearly in my mind when doing the Ritual to end a relationship, but will post on that thread.

  26. Hi Adam, I have talismans made according to the Salomonic tradition (“Keys of Salomon”), and I would want to know if I can still practice the Sword Banishing without harming my talismans? I plan to put them in another room when I am practicing the ritual. I asked the talisman maker, and he told me there is no problem. Do you agree too?
    Kind regards,

  27. Hi Adam,

    I’ve just purchased the book and did the Sword Banishing. The odd thing is, when I imagined the angel to my right, he was a very tall version of a good friend and the angel to my right, started off as a squid :/ This then changed into a big light elongated ellipse. Are these okay? Thank you!

    1. Hi. Thought I’d answered this… Its been a strange month! Yes, such images are find, and it depends on the person. Some people see nothing much at all, others see images they weren’t expecting and for a lot of people it morphs and changes according to imagination. If you’re following the instructions and aim for the amigo as described, whatever comes up us usually just psychological clearing or the imagination going over the top – so no problem.

  28. I just started the Sword banishing ritual last night and the MPR and feel the power already! When I was doing both rituals, a couple of things happened. During the Sword banishing ritual, as I said the name of OZEE-ELL, and visualised the star expanding, as I closed my eyes, I saw what seemed to be the vision of a face – blazing in white light. Only for a split second. It was just a face with no hair but I felt it was an Angel being. I could just about make out eyes, nose and mouth, but it was all blazing with bright white light. It didnt frighten me though – it made me feel sort of powerful and peaceful at the same time. I’ve not worked with these angels before – is this a sign of contact?
    Also, when doing the Master protection ritual, when calling on Save us and saying the words to grant me power to see beauty – when I paused to think about it, I heard a male voice say very clearly into my head ‘You will be, but you must first see your own.’ Again, I wondered if this could be the Angel really speaking to me? I am a bit clairaudient and have had this happen a few times with people who have passed on, but never an Angel before. It did make me smile inwardly though because it’s as if this Angel knew what some of my struggles are. I’m having trouble with self confidence over the way I think I look to others – particularly a man I am currently seeing. And generally. So the advice makes total sense But it’s strange as I was doing the ritual for general protection and to try and shift my energy as it’s been a low period for me lately, with a lot going on and a family bereavement recently. But it’s like this Angel saw a lot of what has been going on inside me lately regarding my own sense of self. I’m so grateful to have discovered the Gallery of Magick books – they are truly remarkable! I’m also working with the Greater Words of Power and will start the 72 Angels of Magick also. Thanks to you all for making this knowledge available.

    1. Sorry that Angel name should read ‘Sabrus’ not ‘Save us’ – my phone corrected what it thought was a wrong spelling!

    2. Oh yeah, that’s a big sign of contact. You can work for years and feel nothing – absolutely nothing, and get results. That’s the way it is for a lot of people who’d love some more noticeable effects. But if you’re open to this sort of thing, then yes, that’s contact. But, you get contact even if there’s no obvious response. If you do it again and seen nothing, always assume the contact is certain.

      When you’re given a message so directly during a protection ritual, I’d say take heed – how and when, and how you work out exactly what it means, well, that might take time. But it’s potent. Sabrus is defined as a genius spirit rather than an angel, and this is to do with the idea that these spirits have a little more ‘personality’ I suppose, than most angels. But they are ‘personified virtues’, and as such have the same presence as angels, the same style and quality of power as angels. The classifications are just that – classes imposed by lots of thinkers. The experience of the genius spirits, when it happens, is like the presence of an angel, and so with the theory aside I think it’s fair to think of them as angelic. But, yes, for some their additional personality can lead to more direct messages.

      1. Thank you so much for your thoughts and advice – it is very much appreciated. While I am not new to magic per se, I am new to this style of it and of calling on these beings. I’ve worked with Hoodoo style magic for a few years and have some success, but I have become more interested in all different forms of Magick. I feel this way of working is taking me to a higher level. I am so far really enjoying the process of learning this style of working. For a long time the idea of traditional ceremonial magick seemed so complicated and fussy that it didn’t appeal to me. I started off with Hoodoo as it’s relatively simple but effective. Now it’s great to find the GOM texts as they have made this type of magic simpler also.

        1. I get that! I have a love/hate with ceremonial – the full on rituals can be a real thrill. But, hey, it’s like putting on a performance at the local theatre – lots of costumes and prep and then maybe you don’t even get an audience. What we try to do now, in the books, is the same level of result, of contact, but without needing too many of the complications. Glad it’s working out for you.

  29. Hello Adam , I have a concerned. I have been performing the master ritual for 19 days. I admit poor planning from my part, I went out with my hubby and returned home pass midnight. Do I need to start again? What do you recommend me to do? Thank you for your guidance.

  30. To the great genius Mastho thanks for making me see the TRUTH (too personal to put here). Just writing it down here as an act of gratitude to the spiritual beings I call upon.

    Made me realize, money sometimes is secondary & TRUTH can be a matter of life & death, betrayal & integrity. What good does it do if you have all the money in the world but living a lie (worst living a lie with someone trying to deceive you?!). *applies to romantic, business relationships & ESP. “friendships”* remember Jesus was betrayed by a “friend”.

    Mr. AB 😀 If I wasn’t able to reply to the other messages from you – be patient 🙂 I’m dealing with a lot things right now. I though magick is just about hocus pocus & broomsticks & dancing naked under the moonlight hahahaha. Never thought one day I wouldn’t even recognize myself in the mirror (alchemical process) – but the caveat is: I like my new me, with much gratitude. S.M.888

    1. Good to hear!

      Don’t worry about replies – I barely get time to get to this site at the moment. Busy days! But I found your message about the copyright issue (buried in the spam folder). Thanks. Dealt with.

      1. Oh Mr.AB I’m pretty sure you have an idea of how powerful the words we use on all the G.O.M’s books & all the spiritual beings (multiplied by intent etc). Case in point? How would I even stumble upon that copyright infringement on Magickal Cashbook?! :O I can’t barely go to the gym lately because I’m buried in Grad school work, much alone – find a person riding on D.Brand’s coattail & profiting from it (just way too much : highway robbery). Mastho has been making me see things, sometimes things I won’t even ask for, or things that won’t even cross my mind from the get go – then after pondering on things I would see the relevance of it the genius of it.

        Some TRUTHS are devastating though: I went back home in NJ for a visit after living here in EU for 5 years ( a lil “voice” told me : check your husband’s email.) In my rational head “WHY? – his emails?! , for what?” after all universities are good at numbing out intuition & sometimes almost successful making a person “intellectual”. At that time it didn’t make intellectual sense. LO & BEHOLD, that Judas has been cheating. THANKS MASTHO 😀 I was devastated, affected my school temporarily BUT at that point I was already armed with the G.O.M masters’ wisdom & skills.

        Be careful what you wish for (as they say), but at this point in my life – I’d rather take a risk than be sorry 😀 hahahahaha, with much gratitude, S.M.888

  31. The very first time I use the sword banishing and the grand protection ritual, I feel so in peace and some kind of confidence arise from nowhere. I have been practicing Magik from other magical orders, but now, I feel more powerful when I start using this book, ” MAGICKAL PROTECTION” I feel my consciousness change dramatically.

  32. My shared art studio space keeps getting broken into – probably by teenagers. There has been theft and now a big broken window. I’m wondering if I should use the “Protect Your Business” or “Protect Your Home”? The reason I ask is that it’s not completely a business….but not a primary home either. I guess there needs to be a “Protect Your Art Studio” section!

  33. Adam, I have to share this with you and the GOM. Today, 1-24-17. My sister called me to let me know that the lady who’s giving her hard time at work approached her very serene and friendly, to let her now that she will do her best to make this work/relationship with her workout. For me, this is MIND BLOWING! I have no words. This is officially my FIRST…first working that I can actually say IT WORKED!!!! it worked guys!!

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