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This page is for questions relating to Magickal Protection.

Q: A cruel bully has told me he can beat the protection in this book with his amazing powers. Is it possible?

A: People like this have one great weapon and that is fear. They make you afraid by shouting loudly, but such people are usually very tame and quiet bad at magick. If they were using powerful magick, they wouldn’t need to boast or threaten. Any claim to have broken through this protection is meant to undermine you with fear. The protection is entirely sound, but do make sure you add in the ritual that deals with bullies directly. You’ll be safe.

Q: I read that this book uses demons. Is this true?

A: No, of course not, but there will always be people who spread disinformation to scare you away from practical magick. The Master Protection ritual calls on the Genius Spirits which are neither angel or demon, and this has confused some people. These genius spirits, which can be thought of as ‘personified virtues’, are known as The Genii of the Twelve Hours, and are described in the Nuctemeron, attributed to Apollonius of Tyana from the First Century AD. (This was made known to European readers through a French translation by Eliphas Levi in his 1897 book Transcendental Magic, which was eventually translated to English by A.E. Waite.) Some people assume that if it’s not an angel, it must be a demon, but this is far from the truth. It is all too easy to assume that that ‘genius’ is the same as ‘genie’ because it sounds similar; genies are also known as ‘djinn’ or ‘jinn’, and can be evil. If you’re paranoid, you see the phrase ‘genius spirit’ and assume it’s an evil djinn. When you actually look at the texts referencing these spirits, and work with good translations, their nature is clear; what you get in Magickal Protection is safe. Genius Spirits are not angels, but we believe they are an embodiment or expression of angelic power; they personify the virtues of angels in the form of unique spirits, and these spirits have specific natures and powers that are not always obvious. In this book, the combined powers of the Genius Spirits are used to pass angelic power into the working. People who have actually used the magick report real and lasting results, so don’t let armchair occultists put you off.

Q: Will these banishings frighten off the spirits from my other magick?

A: No. If anything, banishing and protection rituals clear out the spiritual and psychic dross, and make your magick powers more intense. You will get better results from all your magick if you use Magickal Protection.

Q: Things got worse after I started the magick? Did it go wrong?

A: Probably not. This is very powerful magick, but if you were trying to stop a particular individual, or even a group, from harming you, there can sometimes be resistance, and the resistance can manifest as more insults, attacks, worse tempers and other displays of inner turmoil. This isn’t usually the case – most of the time the magick just works -but when there is a particularly stubborn, evil or wilful person who is intent on keeping power or control over you, they may sense the magick weakening them (without knowing it’s magick) and retaliate or resist. Although it’s difficult to see this as a good sign, it can genuinely be a sign that the magick is working well. If this type of worsening happens within a few days of your ritual, take it as a good sign, and either repeat or continue the magick, knowing that when people react in this way it means they are closed to having their oppressive power taken away from them. Your magick will win.

Q: Does this protection work against hexes, curses and forms of magick from other countries and cultures.

A: Yes it does.

Q: Should I banish after each ritual I perform?

A: There is no need to, but you are free to do so.

Q: You say that Yohach faces forwards, but what direction does Kalach face?

A: It’s open to interpretation, which is why the book says you can let any image arise. Some people like to picture Kalach facing away from them. For others, it works best if Kalach faces forwards. Rarely, but occasionally, people find Kalach looks off to the left. Rather than making a conscious decision, let the image of the angel arise spontaneously, if you can, and this will give you the best results. It’s fine if the direction changes with each working. If you can’t make the image arise spontaneously, then just picture Kalach facing forwards. For Yohach, always keep the angel facing in the same direction that you are facing.

Q: In the Master Protection Ritual how do I imagine my own immortality?

A:  I like to think of immortality as the continual rebirth we experience as we develop, spiritually and magickally, according to the changes in our lives. This is quite easy to imagine. You can perceive yourself as somebody capable of adaptation and change.

Q: In the Master Protection Ritual, do I have to look at the talisman as I say all the names?

A: No, just follow the instructions as written and keep it within your field of view for the rest of the ritual.

Q: How do I pronounce…?

A: There’s a full section in appendix covering pronunciation. For additional thoughts on this matter and a video showing how to say the words, see Pronunciation FAQ.

Q: How often should I repeat the Master Protection Ritual?

A: This is covered in the chapter called How To Use This Book.

Q: What do you mean by ignite the talisman? Do I have to set it on fire?

A: No, you need to read the chapter The Workings of Protection, which explains this in full.

Q: I couldn’t see the sigil to activate the Sword Banishing in my ebook. Why?

A: Every test we’ve done indicates that the sigil is in the book, and is visible, but two readers have said they can’t see it. While we continue to look into this, if you need to, you can get a copy of the sigil by clicking here.

Q: The cover changed slightly in late 2017. Is the book any different?

A: No, the content is the same.

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224 Comments on “Magickal Protection FAQ

  1. Hi Adam, how do you use the magick in this book for others? I’m afraid that a relative has been cursed, she casually talked about someone putting a curse on he. Her health has been deteriorating lately, she lost a lot of weight and the doctors don’t know what’s wrong so I’m afraid of the possibility that she has been cursed. Hope you can see this so I can start the workings immediately

  2. Hi Adam. A magick has been done on me which makes me look 41yr when am actually 31yr. Please which magic would you suggest to reverse this Evil. Thank you Damon

    • Do you have the book? If so, it should be obvious. Also, how do you know this has definitively been done to you?

  3. Damon, I’ve performed the Master Protection Ritual for the 33 days as required, but I would like to know if it’s ok to continue with it once or twice a week since I enjoy doing the ritual? Also, if someone gets a hold of one of your books and tries to place a curse or use angel magic on me, will I still be protected from this?

    • Hi. Adam B here as Damon’s not run the site for a year or so now. There’s no harm in repeating, if it’s because you like it – just avoid doing it out of a fear that it ‘needs’ strengthening.

      As for attacks vs protection, I’ll probably move the answer to this page, but this is from Angels of Wrath FAQ:

      Q: Which is more powerful, attack or protection? How can I protect myself against magick like this?

      Imagine if somebody tried to sell you an impenetrable shield and a sword that could break through anything. It’s clear that neither could actually work as described, unless operated by the warrior in a specific way. We’ve often said that with attack, it’s a war of attrition, and that holds true; if excellent defences are in place, attacks will have to persist until the defences are down. For most of the population, there are never any defences, which is why attack magick works so well. With this book, the extent of effect is also down to the level of your sincere desire – that can break through many defences. But the debate about which is stronger, protection or attack, ignores that so much is not about which side you’re on and what magick you’re using, but about how well you read the book, performed the magick, choose the right magick for the situation, learned to allow results and worked with all those subtle aspects of magick that are revealed in the books . You can see that some people get saved from car crashes with magickal protection, and others call it useless, and this is not because of any objective power in the magick, but how it has been employed. Magick isn’t so simple that there can ever be an ultimate weapon or perfect defence. We shift and move with the circumstances. If you want to use this magick, you can see how it would work. If you genuinely believe somebody might use it against you, the defence is persistent use of Magickal Protection. It’s never a case of an immovable object and an unstoppable force, because personality and human expression affects the interpretation and expression of your personal magick.

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